122: Removing your heart wall with emotion code with Audrey Wentz - Betsy Pake

122: Removing your heart wall with emotion code with Audrey Wentz


Episode 122: About a year ago, I watched a movie on Gaia called The Emotion Code. The idea of it fascinated me and rung so true.

Our emotions are simply chemicals from our brain circulating around our body, and if we don’t discharge those emotions, they can become trapped in our tissues and cause dis-ease.

The Emotion Code offered a way to clear this with intention and energy.

Which also makes sense, since it’s my brain telling my body to do something. That’s how the whole thing started, right?

But I didn’t really explore it too much after that until a few months ago a friend came to me and told me that she had her ‘heart wall’ released and what an impact it had on her life.

Heart wall?

I felt like we were treading into the “woo territory” and although I love a good woo, I also love when it can be explained in science. I looked up the information and decided to try it before I knocked it.

And so it began.

I interview Audrey, who worked with me and share my results on the show today.

Audrey supports others as a Well-Being Coach, Energy Practitioner and an expert in The Mind-Body Connection. For the past 6 years, she has committed her life to the practice of Spirituality, Health, and the Mind-Body connection, studying extensively the work of Dr. David Hawkins on Human Consciousness and assisting others with raising their awareness. She is Certified in both The Emotion Code and Body Code along with completing a one-year mentorship with the founder Dr. Bradley Nelson and his team. She is a gifted Intuitive who through her compassion and love empowers others to reclaim and transform their lives by identifying what is causing their issues and then supporting and helping them to let go of those barriers. Her clients have experienced the elimination of both various physical and emotional pain along with a greater satisfaction in marriages and relationships, reduced stress and a sense of well-being in their lives. Serving clients Worldwide by Phone, you can find her at www.infinitewellnessforyou.com Today she is sharing her knowledge about opening your Heart center to allow you to live a life filled with ultimate health, happiness, and endless possibilities.


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