122: Removing your heart wall with emotion code with Audrey Wentz - Betsy Pake

122: Removing your heart wall with emotion code with Audrey Wentz


Episode 122: About a year ago, I watched a movie on Gaia called The Emotion Code. The idea of it fascinated me and rung so true.

Our emotions are simply chemicals from our brain circulating around our body, and if we don’t discharge those emotions, they can become trapped in our tissues and cause dis-ease.

The Emotion Code offered a way to clear this with intention and energy.

Which also makes sense, since it’s my brain telling my body to do something. That’s how the whole thing started, right?

But I didn’t really explore it too much after that until a few months ago a friend came to me and told me that she had her ‘heart wall’ released and what an impact it had on her life.

Heart wall?

I felt like we were treading into the “woo territory” and although I love a good woo, I also love when it can be explained in science. I looked up the information and decided to try it before I knocked it.

And so it began.

I interview Audrey, who worked with me and share my results on the show today.

Audrey supports others as a Well-Being Coach, Energy Practitioner and an expert in The Mind-Body Connection. For the past 6 years, she has committed her life to the practice of Spirituality, Health, and the Mind-Body connection, studying extensively the work of Dr. David Hawkins on Human Consciousness and assisting others with raising their awareness. She is Certified in both The Emotion Code and Body Code along with completing a one-year mentorship with the founder Dr. Bradley Nelson and his team. She is a gifted Intuitive who through her compassion and love empowers others to reclaim and transform their lives by identifying what is causing their issues and then supporting and helping them to let go of those barriers. Her clients have experienced the elimination of both various physical and emotional pain along with a greater satisfaction in marriages and relationships, reduced stress and a sense of well-being in their lives. Serving clients Worldwide by Phone, you can find her at www.infinitewellnessforyou.com Today she is sharing her knowledge about opening your Heart center to allow you to live a life filled with ultimate health, happiness, and endless possibilities.


You’re listening to Episode 122 of The Art of Living big. Today I have my friend Audrey Wentz on the show. Audrey supports others as a well being coach and energy practitioner and she’s an expert in the mind body connection. For the past six years, she’s studied extensively the work of Dr. David Hawkins on human consciousness and assisting others with raising their awareness. She’s certified in both the emotion code which you may have seen that movie on Gaia, the emotion code, if you haven’t yet, it’s worth the Gaia 99 cent trial membership to watch it, or, and she’s also certified in the body code, along with completing a one year mentorship with the founder, Dr. Bradley Nelson in his team. She’s a gifted intuitive, she’s amazing, you guys, I’m excited for you to hear this. But she’s a gifted intuitive, who, through her compassion and love empowers others to reclaim and transform their lives by identifying what’s causing their issues. And and then supporting them, and helping them to let go of those barriers. Now, I hired her to help me remove my heart wall, and we’re going to talk about that she’s going to explain to you what the emotion code is, and sort of what we did and tell you my results. So she’s really a just a wonderful being. And I’m so excited to have her on the show, and to be able to share her with you guys. Now, on with the show. Welcome to the art of living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake, and this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hey, Audrey, thanks for being on the show.

Hey, Betsy, thanks for having me.

Well, I’m so excited that you’re here because I’ve worked with you recently. And it was like pretty magical stuff. So tell everybody what the emotion code is, if you can kind of describe that.

Well, you know, the emotion code is just kind of tackling and eliminating, identifying what our emotional baggage is, you know, so Dr. Nelson, founder of this work discovered that during times of stress and trauma, we don’t fully process our emotions, and we tend to suppress them. And because they don’t feel good, and we think they’re gone, we ignore them. But instead, they remain in the body as emotional baggage. Trapped emotions, is the term that he’s coined to call them. And they block the flow of energy in the body and eventually manifest into pain or symptom. So, um,

to really like,

when I think of dis ease disease, that’s what I think of is like dis ease in the body. And it’s sort of mapped to emotions that you’ve held in, right, is that,

yeah, I mean, it our body’s own electrical system, and these energies become trapped. And so it’s kind of like the wiring in your house, you know, what happens when the current doesn’t go through? It trips the breaker. And it’s kind of the same type of thing that, you know, we we all suddenly get this symptom. It’s like a warning light to us of something going wrong. And Dr. Nelson’s found that working in his practice for 20 years working on some of the sickest people in the world, that there were deeper reasons for those issues that they were having that we’re having difficulty resolving. And it was emotional baggage, you know, from the past that we carry with us. Yeah, and we do

all have like this. But let me tell you a story. Back in the day when I was single, and I was on match.com. I always said, Everybody has baggage, like I used to I had that in my like, What a weirdo. But I had that in my bio, but my baggage comes in Louis Vuitton. If yours comes in a tractor trailer truck,

don’t hit me up, you know.

So I think the idea that we like, carry emotions, even though at that time in my life, I didn’t put it all together, but I just inherently knew that, like, we all carry stuff. And that’s how come we’re triggered by different things. Right? Would you say that that’s true because of these emotions in our body that if something happens, and we’re triggered, is it like sort of bringing up this old emotion that we’ve never really processed?

Yeah. So when we suppress them, and they, you know, they’re, they’re held in our body. We experience other events throughout Our lives that retrigger them. similar events, it’s, it’s, it’s a, it’s a similar event where the same emotion is felt that’s already held, and it’s resonating with it. And that’s why it really triggers so it recycles over and over. And these, these emotions are just like messengers, they’re trying to, you know, get a message to us of something that needs to be healed. So it keeps surfacing, but we keep stuffing it down, because it’s too painful to feel. So we keep running from it, ignoring it and be busy in our lives and, and whatnot. And until, you know, it just gets so big, and it just holds us back. You know?

Yeah. And, you know, I often say like, if you have a memory that keeps coming back into your consciousness, that’s like a bad memory. You know, like, sometimes I’ll think, like, I’ll remember some, like, stupid thing I said, like, in fifth grade. And I’m like, Oh, my God, I can’t believe I said that. It was like, 40 years ago, and I’m still like, Holy moly. But I think when that happens, it’s because it’s my consciousness, my unconscious, his way of presenting it to me and say, Are you ready to deal with that now?

Like, are you? Like, that’s exactly how it is. It’s so our, you know, our, we’re like a computer system. So our physical bodies the the hard drive and the computer and the Yeah, the subconscious is like a software, you know, is what’s running at the our subconscious is where this information is held. And it’s just, like, programs, cellular memory of your past experiences. And it’s running the show, it’s running the, you know, the things that are manifesting in your life and in your physical body and, and such.

Yeah, yeah. So

one of the things over the past few years, and I’ve talked about this on the show is that I had have really worked on a lot of, like forgiveness stuff, and just healing and, and noticing and processing and not running away from negative feelings that were either coming up from my past, or that were happening in my life right now. So you know, if I’ve been going through a stressful thing, like I was freely feeling my emotion and like allowing myself to cry, or do whatever it was that needed to happen. But I still felt like I there was something almost like a barrier, I felt

like there was still like a

barrier between me and people that I wanted to be close to almost if that that’s the only way I can really describe it. And that’s when I hired you. And you did something on me to release my heart wall. Now, will you explain to people what the Hartwell is?

Well, what Dr. Nelson found was during times of stress and trauma, we use these trapped emotions that we were talking about. And we put a protective layer around our heart, okay, to protect it from the pain that we’re feeling at the time. And, you know, such as it, you know, sometimes things are so intense, you feel like your heart is breaking, you know, you have such heart ache on something. And it’s the those times that we nest these emotions throughout our life, and, and it just builds bigger and bigger, okay, until they’re dealt with and, and our heart is like one of the most important organs in the body, it’s, you know, it’s, it’s really our heart that we are meant to operate from and, and live and be open to receiving and giving love. It is, you know, like our second brain, it’s more powerful electromagnetically energetically than our brain. And that’s how we are meant to receive our intuition, our gut, those gut feelings. And it is connecting that heart and brain together. So they’re working, you know, one on one with each other. totally open. So we’re not totally in our head, and then our thoughts that we’re feeling, yeah, what is going on? We’re connecting on a deep level, we don’t feel separate or isolated or looking on the outside in to our life and our, our world, you know?


so when we did that we met we, I guess it took us three different sessions. But we did a lot the last session, so really, to kind of give people an idea of what it was like, like from my end is we just were on the phone on the telephone. And I just sat someplace comfortable. Like the first time we did it. I think I just was in my office like chillin in my chair in the office. And then like the other two times, I was I was just sitting on my bed, you know, just like listening to you. And now from your end, what were you doing?

You know, basically, on my end, so we’re using kinesiology, muscle testing, you find out what these are just with our intention tapping into your subconscious and asking it, what these emotions are, that you’re holding around the heart area. And, and identifying them we have the emotion code is a chart of 60 emotions that Dr. Nelson has found that the most, probably the most powerful emotions that we hold in our as emotional baggage. And we use muscle testing to identify what they are, you know, at a distance. So, um, energy has no boundaries with our intention. We can connect somehow, we don’t know, totally understand how it works. But, you know, energy’s invisible, but it’s powerful. You know, how to read text messages get around the world in one second, you know, invisibly, right? Yeah, you know, you don’t have our thoughts in. Yeah, and our intentions are kind of the same way. Somehow this works, we don’t totally understand how it works. We just know that it works. And it changes people’s lives every day. It’s so powerful. And it’s so amazing.

Yeah, it was it. So it was crazy, kind of crazy to me. So I was sitting there just relaxing. And I just tried really hard to just be open, right, like to feel myself feeling like kind of open and expansive. And then you connected to me, and you use your fingers right to muscle test. So you would actually be a proxy for me. So it was almost like as if you were at acting as me as you went through the chart of emotion to find out what things were blocked.

Exactly. So once we have that intention of connecting, I always connect with the higher power use of a prayer to ask for, for help to do this. And, and then we set that intention. And somehow when we set that attention, my body sets aside its needs. And it’s connected with you and and operating as your energy field. And anything that I muscle test is muscle testing on you anything I release with intention is is releasing on you. And, and fats somehow how it works.

Yeah, it’s almost like it’s what I would hear you say like, Is it this? Is it this like, as you were muscle testing? But then you would say like, okay, so there was two parts of it. One is that there were times where you would really get the emotion. Right, like what felt really right to me at the right age, like you would say a lot of grief at 16. And when I was 16, when my mom died, you know, one of the other part of that, is that you put there were so many emotions on that page, right? So there are 60, what did you say 63.

emotions, it’s charged with columns and rows and more muscle testing and just combining the conscious and say, yeah, your body will show us what it’s ready to heal, when it heals. So, um, as one surfacing? So we put the intent out there, do you have you know, heartwell motion, we can release, one start surfacing, the energy starts rising in your energy field. And by muscle testing, well, I can identify what it is. And okay, yeah. And then we’ll ask your subconscious, if we need to know more about it. You know, if it’s not ready to quite release it, it wants to bring something to your awareness. it’ll, it’ll have us ask more and how I know that is what I’m asking. With the muscle testing. The muscle testing is like the greatest tool there ever was. Yeah. It’s like it’s almost like a lie detector test. It’s meaning that you can get answers to questions on your body responds in an energetic way telling you yes or no to different things. And I mean, it doesn’t really work for predicting future things or playing the lottery, but it works for, you know, assisting others in you know, doing good things in the world, yelping and using it for healing for yourself and for others. You can get answers. I think

like muscle testing, or like I just did a video today on my YouTube channel about using a pendulum. It’s the same thing, right? It’s just a another way to access your intuition, which is your subconscious which is Is all knowing it knows what I’m hanging on to. And so you’re connecting to that, and then helping me release the emotion.

So it’s like communicating. Yeah, it’s like a communication system. beyond your thoughts. Yeah. On what you’re thinking, you know, your thought. It’s, it’s, it’s more, you know, connecting with that universal intelligence that’s here to direct us to help us. Great.

So the two things I thought were interesting is one is that you were really able to access emotions that made sense to me logically, and an age that made sense. But also you gave words because you had 60 different emotions. And many times when we’re talking about our emotions, you know, we use like six to 10 different emotions in our words and our language. We don’t not often go to so you used words, like longing. And that’s just not a word I would normally use to describe an emotion that I have. But you naming the emotion was so I’m, like, when you said it, I was like, Oh, my God, that’s it felt


oh my god, yes. And it felt like I was being seen if that makes sense. So it felt like not only like, like, yes, naming it made it, okay, or real or okay to go. It is that is real. somebody sees it, it’s okay to let it go.

That’s how it felt to me.

So having you just name the emotions was powerful part of the process. So the whole thing with the heartwell. So here’s another part of this, you guys that are listening. So with the heart wall, it’s sort of like this wall that’s between you really and connecting to other people.

Right? As part of it. Am I right? so far?

Yeah. Everything really your higher power, your everything. I mean, it’s like being in a bunker. You just separate a shelter?


And I had a friend that introduced me to this. And she said that her heart wall was like five miles. And I was like, oh, five mile hard wall. And she said, I had a friend and her friend, my friends was 15 miles. And I was like, whoo. And in my head, I’m like, whoo, she must be really screwed up.

And then I got with you. And I said, as far as my heart, well, and you were like, 1000.

I mean, it was like, insane. But that was like, really, like, my subconscious is how much it felt it had to protect me.

Right? Yeah. Yeah, it’s, it’s a, it’s a protection. It’s it’s perception of protection. You know, it’s an invisible wall. Yeah. You know, but it’s real. And it affects us, you know, but it’s symbolic of the protection, we can ask and muscle test how significant it is for you. And it’s different for everyone. And some people’s might be inches or feet, or miles or, you know, thousands or hundreds of thousands of miles, it doesn’t mean they have more baggage than someone else. But their perception is that it’s pretty powerful, you know, that it’s affecting them greatly. And, you know, it just, it holds us back, you know, it holds us back from so many things in our life, and not even, you know, manifestation of things or abundance, but also physical things, it can suppress the immune system. Yeah. It can create, you know, pain in the heart, the neck, different symptoms, besides not being able to, you know, express oneself or receive or take in love, or, you know, manifest the relationships that one desires. Yeah, you know, so,

so my husband is very logical. And so when I was telling him about this, like, on the days, I would say, I’m getting my heart wall removed today at one, you know, he would be like, Oh, my God, I mean, he loves me, so he would smile and kind of on his face, but what I said to him was like, to pacify his, like, beliefs, right? Is that even if it’s a placebo effect, even if which I don’t think it is, even if it’s still real, placebo effect is real. So if it makes me feel like I’m having a change, then I am having a change.

So it doesn’t really matter

what you actually believe it you don’t have to believe it to have it work is my point.

Yeah, it sounds so.

It does. It does sound like how could that possibly affect me that much, you know, but, you know, I was probably more like your husband, throughout my life. So very analytical, business oriented type person. I was going through life, you know, life was okay. I, you know, bad things happen. And, you know, I’m strong I go on, because that’s what we’re supposed to do, right? So eventually, I spiral downward into a tailspin and a big crash, immune system crash, physical symptoms, were manifesting conventional medicine, integrative medicine didn’t help me. I never thought I had any emotional issues. I didn’t I wasn’t an emotional type person.

But, um,

one day

I heard Dr. Nelson speak about the emotion code, and it just made sense. You know, he’s just said, Why don’t we ask the subconscious? What’s causing the symptoms? And that’s what I did. Yeah, working practitioner doing muscle testing. found out I did have a big cow Hartwall, um, you know, and other trapped energies in the body that were manifesting into symptoms, anxiety and such, such as that, and, and anxiety that I had no idea where it was coming from, it wasn’t like mental thoughts. But the cellular memory was operating on the past. Okay, yeah. And so these are the things that we find in release, they released just by identifying them and with intention, and we stimulate the governing meridian with our hand or with the magnet to pull those energies away. And we can generally feel them shifting, we can feel the energy, if you’re sensitive to energy.

as a practitioner,

I can sense up, you know, I’ve done this work for five more than five years. So, you know, I got a feeling so I can feel some of those things that you say, well, they, you know, how do you how do you know this? Or how do you know, what age or, or what this meaning is, or, symbolically what what was happening at the time. And it kind of comes as you increase your intuition, and you do this work. And so just connecting and, and getting the information we need to help you to heal and, and that’s our goal is to change lives, and to help help others to, you know, just become who they were intended to be, you know, you’re connecting with their truer self, or who, who God created them to be.

So you and I have talked a little bit about this, but I want to share with everybody listening sort of what happened to me as we did this. So the very first time that we did it, we got rid of like 650 miles, like what I thought was 650 miles. So when you muscle tested me at the end to find out what how big my heart wall was, at that point, it had gone down, like in half. And the next two days, I felt like a lot of anxiety. Like it was weird, because I don’t, I don’t feel anxiety, typically. But it was the kind of thing where like, I felt like something bad was gonna happen, almost like I wanted to, like, check Facebook and make sure nobody was saying anything about me. It was weird, you know, like, where I was, like, That’s weird. And then it kind of went away. And I had a really bad headache, which I don’t typically get headaches either. And then, um, and then I felt like really good. I felt like, I wanted to hug a lot. Like, that’s what I felt like, I just wanted to hug like, I wanted to hug like, head on, like, face forward. Do you know what I mean? Like with my kid and my husband, and,

you know, random,

Can I hug you, but I just felt like love, you know, it was kind of weird. And then after the second time, I noticed I had the anxiety, but it wasn’t as bad at all. And I also noticed, I started smelling different things, which seemed really weird to me, because I remember when I was pregnant, was the only other time that I really smelled a lot of smells. And that’s a common thing for pregnant people, right? But I felt like I was smelling stuff and more drawn to smells that I wouldn’t have liked before, like musky stuff, you know, like I


pumpkin spice stuff. And I don’t think it was the time of year like it was like I wanted that. And so that was sort of interesting. The most odd thing for me, I think, was I have always felt like I really like people. And I like to interact with people, but I’m a introvert in terms of I fill up by being alone and reading and that kind of thing. But I always like I’m interested in people and I like people, but I had the final one like on a Thursday, and on a Friday I went to a three day class. And so I was in class all day long. And I felt first of all I was in I have been in the like I have felt joy like I’m laughing Which is weird, because I’ve always been a joyful, happy person. But it way more intense to where my kids said, like, what is going on with you, you know. And when I went to this class, I was happy. Like, I mean, 95% of the time, right? It was hot, I was bent over writing notes on my I didn’t matter, I was happy. But I wanted to connect with everybody. Like I made an intention at the beginning of the class, I want to have a meaningful conversation with every single person in this room, there’s 32 people there. And I was trying to figure out how can I connect with every single person, which I’ve always liked people, and I always want to meet who’s near me. But I felt a need to like, I want to meet everybody. I want to talk to everybody and find out what makes them tick. And so it was much more of like an opening, feeling like I wasn’t afraid to get close to anybody. Whereas before, I didn’t even realize it that I would want to meet you if you are nearby, and I am interested in you. But I’m going to kind of keep my space, you know. And so it’s been really profound. And I think that it has opened up a lot of the way that I talk and the things that I say are different. And I’m finding, like more people are drawn to me and into even to my work, because I’m coming from a different place is how it feels to me. Do you find that do

people? Yeah, yeah, I think so. You know, we do.

We do subconsciously communicate with others. without speaking. We’re sending out vibes, they’re sending out vibes. And so if your energy is clear, and you’re open, people are going to be more attracted to you things are going to be more attracted to you. You know, yeah. I’m into your life. The good things. Yeah, yes, things to come in. Because if we have that block and that wall, it’s it’s a barrier. Because just like you said, I didn’t realize I had I didn’t realize I was responding differently. But it was because we want to be protected and sheltered. We don’t want anybody to go there touch that spot that sensitive from that pain that we’ve experienced, right? past and such like that. So it can open so many things. So, yes, yeah. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So some, some people experience a big shift quickly, like you did. And before on my subtle over two to six months that they find that they kind of move into it.

Yes. And you

You and I were talking about this, that maybe it’s because I had been doing so much work that I felt like this final release. But if somebody hires you that it might not happen quite like that, it might be, like you were saying over so

they might feel lighter. Usually, most people say they feel lighter, clear, happier, things just kind of that used to trigger them don’t trigger them as often or as much or, you know, they’re not triggered by the same things that they were in the past. That’s most of really What most people notice. And, you know, things it allows, mostly, I think, it allows people to make decisions and move to other areas of their life that they never even thought they would, you know, like, you know, being so indecisive and then all sudden, it just like, opens this up and all sudden, you realize that I’m doing something that I’ve never done before. You know, I’m making decisions or or moving into a place people that maybe I haven’t heard from from for a long time friends all sudden call, it’s your it just opens up the vibes and things happen. And we start to notice synchronicities things kind of flowing and coming together, you know, that were obstacles in the past. So yeah,

so tell people where they can find you.

They can find me at infinite wellness for you. So website, www dot infinite wellness, fo r y o u.com.

And I’ll put a link inside the show notes too for people. And and what we did together was the heart well, but you offer other services too. And it’s all on your website, right?

Yes, emotion code and a more advanced version of the emotion code, the body code that looks for other underlying reasons for physical and symptoms. So awesome.

Well, thank you so much for coming on the show. Thank you for helping me and just for being you. You’re awesome. And I just want to hug you not just because I not just because I’m clear.

I love you. Thank you so much. Thank you.

Ah, how awesome is she right you guys. So thank you so much for listening. If you liked the show, please share it with your friends and don’t forget to head over to iTunes and leave me a review because It makes me really happy and it also helps us bump up so other people can find the show which is pretty cool too. Now, I’d love to know what you think if you could head to Instagram that’s where I am most of the time. You can find me at Betsy Pake and let me know what you think about today’s show. And as always, here’s a little message from my husband. That’s it.

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