Black Friday Coaching Special - Betsy Pake


Two hour deep dive to repattern and uplevel your experience

You feel like you've been spinning your wheels and you want to experience sustainable change in your life.

Maybe you’ve tried a lot of things (therapy, books, podcasts) but nothing has had a lasting shift.

▪️Do you feel like you replay the same scenario out in your life, just the people are different?

▪️Do you feel uninspired with life currently and want to get your ‘edge’ back?

▪️Are you exhausted from so many times and feeling like you aren’t making any real progress?

Here's the problem

You are unclear about your subconscious blocks and how everything going on in the background of your awareness is keeping you stuck.

To get around this you usually need specialized skills in identifying and removing what’s holding you back….
skills that even some of the biggest mindset junkies don’t have!

So what happens?

▪️You feel stagnant and frustrated.

▪️You feel anxious about the future and the direction of your life.

▪️You lose self confidence, so you stop taking risks and leaps in your life.

It's time for a change.

Shift With A 2-Hr
Deep Dive Coaching Experience

This special coaching event is limited availability.

We will only sell 5 sessions during this black Friday event.

This includes:

-2-hrs deep dive NLP coaching session / Hypnotherapy session with Betsy Pake via Zoom

-Clearing the past from the top negative emotions so that you can clear your future for what you really want.

-Clarity on what the future holds with a clear identification of patterns that may be holding you back.

-Understanding yourself at a deeper level and why you do the things you do so you can feel confident to take calculated risks toward your dreams.

-Setting your goals with your subconscious in mind so it understands and you feel more flow with less hustle.

Meet Betsy

Hi, I’m Betsy. I’m a certified Master NLP coach, board-certified Master Hypnotherapist, Emotional Freedom Technique Practioner, Emotion Code Practioner,  Master of Time Techniques, and a Master Success Coach. 

I not only have all the training but I have a high level of intuitive instinct to help you uncover the blocks that are standing in your way to the next level of success. 

I’ve helped thousands with my books, podcast, and coaching over the past decade and I’m excited to help you too.


My superpower is being able to identify patterns that are holding you back and link these together to help you create swift change.

(I also make a beautiful poached egg!)

Betsy and her team are committed to a high level of continuing education, expansion and growth in their own lives, which helps them understand the power and specific needs of this work from a personal experience on a deep level. 


Don't take my word for it...


My session with Betsy was incredibly powerful! I was able to release so many limiting beliefs that have kept me stuck in my life. I feel free, powerful, and unstoppable right now. It was a life changing experience!


Working with Betsy lightened my life load. I can't believe I feel so much better about myself, my life ....everything.


Betsy has a unique way of helping her clients move through blocks. When I felt stuck she helped me move through the beliefs that kept me stuck.

Ready to get started?

Deep Dive Experience

Here’s how it works:

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If I do the gift card, how long is it good for? 
The coaching session is good for 6 months, or June 30
Do I need to do the session all at once?
Yes, this is for a 2-hr session that is a deep dive and meant to be used at one time. You will get much better results this way because of the structure of the work we are doing together!
If I like the coaching can I buy another session?
I don’t typically do one off sessions like this. This is a special for Black Friday. 
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