Breakthrough - Betsy Pake

Experience a breakthrough

Dedicated, intensive, full day transformation.

A Breakthrough Coaching Day is an immersive experience with private coaching to focus for full day on any specific area that you want.

During our time together we will dive in and get a better understanding of the current state of your situation and where you want to be. From there we’ll hone in on your beliefs, systems and processes that are holding you back. When we have a clear idea of the direction that would bring these areas lightness & ease, we’ll build systems within your subconscious mind to create the life that you want.


Ready to release the limiting patterns & create something new?

What the sessions includes:


Defining your goals:  No more setting goals and experiencing self sabotage or unmet expectations; we will create goals with your subconscious in mind so the goals are achievable and exciting.

Eliminating obstacles with NLP:  We will sift out any negative emotions, limiting decisions or beliefs that have held you back in your past.  We will quickly shift these blocks so you no longer experience them in your life.

Solving inner conflict: Many times people are internally conflicted about the amount of success, wealth, happiness, love and abundance they are allowed to and able to receive. These conflicts create a push and pull between getting what you want and staying where you are, creating roller coaster effect of achieving and then backsliding.  I will help you discover these inner conflicts, and using advanced NLP and Time Techniques we will abolish them so you are free to finally experience what it’s like to reach your full potential.

Discovering what’s important: Internal conflicts prevent us from truly reach our goals.  We will shift out what your deepest values are so that we can match those to the goals you have in mind so you are fully aligned with your mission.

Clearing any unprocessed emotions: As we experience emotion or heightened experiences in our past, the emotion can become trapped in our tissues and our spiritual body. We use Emotion Code to clear those emotions, giving you energy back and releasing any future drain that may be robbing you of precious energy.

A Breakthrough Day is done via Zoom Video conference or if you’d rather have it live, let’s talk about what works best.


My qualifications

  • I am a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and Master Hypnotherapist.
  • NLP is a program designed to impact the 3 most influential components in the human experience: Neurology, communication, and programming.
  • I am a Master certified success and life coach, Master Time Techniques Practitioner, I am certified in EFT and The Emotion Code.
  • Additionally, I hold a degree is psychology from Castleton University. I’m the author of several books and programs and I have helped thousands of people make substantial changes in their lives and begin to live more fully and aligned.
  • I host the popular podcast The Art of Living Big.
  • I’ve started, bought and sold several brick & mortar, as well as online businesses, and worked with others to help them achieve their goals in business as well.