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Facilitate Life Changing Transformation That Inspires Your Clients To Tell The World About You.

Let me ask you...

What's the difference between you and wildly successful coaches you see every day online?

What if you felt SO confident in your abilities that you could relax and know that anyone who worked with you would share you with everyone?


So confident that you knew, without a doubt, you could give people the edge and help them build the life they really dreamed of?


Because when you doubt yourself and your abilities as a coach it comes through in how you work, how you talk about yourself, and what you’re able to charge.


If you want to create real transformation in people’s lives and not just talk about it, this is for you.

Do you ask yourself things like...

if that sounds about right, then keep on reading.

You know things need to change...

… you know you need to understand the deeper layers of change to create impact in the world.

… you’re staying small because you’re afraid you’re not an expert.

… your clients don’t refer you out because they are just ho-hum with your results.

this is what happens....

when you keep playing small and don't step out as the powerful coach you are meant to be...

Maybe you’ve been at this a while. Maybe you desire more, want better results and most of all want to feel completely sure of yourself and what results you can provide.



You aren’t talking with confidence, asking to be a guest on shows or even responding to peoples comments on social media because you have a fear of not being totally sure of the answers.



Maybe you’ve been wanting to be a coach for years but never knew exactly how to get started in the right way. 


You don’t want to be another coach out there who doesn’t know what they are doing. 


You want to be seen as an expert and honestly, not knowing how to do that is holding you back.



If you knew the steps, you would take them but up until this moment, you weren’t quite sure.



The last thing you want is for years to pass and then start wondering why you didn’t just take the leap! 


There is a simple fix to these problems.

Imagine how it would feel to...

… know EXACT steps on how to create change, no matter what area of life the client is struggling with.

… have both you AND your clients know that working with you was a WAY underpriced… even if they paid high ticket.

… spend less time trying to “figure it out” and more time having your clients sharing their breakthroughs with friends.

kira-auf-der-heide-HU1pjVyVdXI-unsplash (1)

You believe in divine timing and you know you're ready for this step in your development.


A six-certification experience where you’ll learn how to be a life changing coach, grow your business and uplevel your life in every way.

the testimonials are a glimpse into your future

I will show you how to get results like ...

I can’t explain to you what Betsy does, but I can wholeheartedly tell you that it’s the best kind of magic.

I can’t begin to describe what has happened in my life in the few short weeks we’ve been working together, but it has been utterly amazing. There have been dramatic shifts in my business, finances, family life, and of course, within me. I have been stuck in some of my problematic areas for years, and in the last two weeks I’ve been able to experience freedom and hope as those issues have crumbled and drifted away.

In 2 months of working with Betsy, I was able to bust through blocks, heal stories and wounds, create more momentum and action than I had in years, and KNOW in my soul where I am headed.”

Ready to add PNLP, CHt after your name?

let's dig into the details

These are the certifications you get...

First Certification

Hypnosis Practioner

You’ll learn the history of hypnotherapy, why it’s so powerful, and the specific techniques to use hypnosis to help people in a clinical setting.

As a hypnotherapist, you’ll be able to help people shift limiting beliefs, lose weight, stop smoking, and more.

Second Certification

Success & Life Coach

Get an understanding of how to coach a client through this simple seven-step method.

These basic principles lay the foundation for successful transformations and enable you the structure to begin your coaching practice immediately with confidence and success.

third certification

Deep Streaming Facilitator (DSF)

Techniques are necessary when embarking on a coaching journey yet the one thing most coaches skip over is the deep understanding of the energetic messages being sent between client and coach.


When you, as a coach, can learn to intercept these messages you bypass the unnecessary and bring your clients to freedom faster.

Fourth certification

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Become an NLP coach-based coach and learn all the NLP Level tools that go along with it. Learning NLP puts you in a position to not only help others but to uplevel yourself as well.


You’ll learn about the conscious and the unconscious mind and become an expert in helping people shift from the inside out.

fifth certification

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT (sometimes referred to as “Tapping”) is designed to balance the energy system, calm the nervous system and remove negative emotions from becoming lodged in the body.

EFT is based on the science of acupuncture and acupressure and is a tool you can use in sessions with a client and teach the client to use it on their own.

sixth Certification

TIME Techniques Practitioner

TIME Techniques (Time Integrations for Maximum Empowerment) is used to instantly eliminate all negative emotions, release limiting beliefs, undo past decisions, let go of fears and delete the emotions of guilt and anxiety.


You're also going to get access to:


4 months of bi- weekly group technique & mindset calls.

Value = $2000

Ready to snag over $2,000 in bonuses?

let's wrap it all up

Here's what you get when you join.

Online Access To The Entire Alchemy Practitioner Certification program
(value = $4997)

Lifetime updates
(value = $1997)

Early adopter pricing discounts 


(value = $2,000)

Bonus: Bi-Weekly Coaching



(value = $2,000)



One Payment



Six Monthly Payments

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    MEET YOUR trainer

    Betsy Pake.

    Betsy Pake MNLP, MTT, MHt,  is the main instructor inside this certification program.

    Betsy is a professional hypnotherapist, coach, and trainer of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) TIME Techniques, Emotional Freedom Techniques, and Coaching.  She’s had specialized training in Emotion Code and is a certified Infinite Possibilities coach.


    Betsy is a best-selling author and a speaker with clients all over the world. She has helped thousands of people make substantial changes in their lives. Her podcast The Art of Living Big has close to 200,000 downloads with listeners in countries from the US to Singapore and everywhere in between.


    The tools she teaches you inside this certification are the tools that made a sweeping difference not only in her client’s lives but in her own life as well.


    Good, because there's something I need to tell you.

    We are excited about The Alchemy Practioner Certification.  When you jump in during the month of June, you’ll see the certifications being rolled out all month.

    Because of that, your tempo may be subject to our productivity. We are dedicated to getting you all access to the certifications ASAP …. and we think we may beat you to the finish line! 

    But because you may be hanging out on the corner, waiting for us… we’re making it a super no-brainer! 

    Super low cost.

    All the benefits.

    So join now and take advantage of the excitement of what’s to come! 

    have a question?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    All classwork is recorded and is available 24/7 so you can obtain all six certifications while safe at home. 

    The support coaching  calls with Betsy are a virtual-live experience using Zoom.

    The Alchemy Practitioner Certification is rolled out each week. Since we’ll be creating it as we go, there is a discount and a rollout time. The truth is, you wouldn’t be able to consume all the material at once anyway, so this way of receiving it will help in your assimilation of the information. It’s a win for everyone!The

    Yes! All hours are required and are monitored by the coaches. The great news is, since it’s online, you can do it anytime that fits your schedule. 

    There are 120 hours required for NLP training.

    The truth is, you’re here because you know there is something in your coaching mix that’s missing.

    We have had lots of different kinds of training in our development as coaches, but nothing has been as impactful and life-changing for our clients as the things we teach in this course. You could ONLY have these certificates and build a thriving and thrilling coaching practice! Or you could add these to what you already know and use.

    Yes, we’ll have a space to search for all Alchemy Practitioners online as well as an opportunity to refer you clients as the need arrises.

    Yes, there will be a test for each section of the certification.

    Yes! All the training is online and you’ll get your manuals via mail.

    The bi-weekly coaching starts in June in order to enable you time to get into the material.  June 7th at 2pm EST we’ll kick off. The coaching will focus on technique and mindset. The training will be available as it’s created so you will see new lessons show up weekly.

    If you own your business, chances are good that you can.  You’ll want to check with a tax professional though but in my personal experience I have been able to write off much of my training.

    None will be required. You can still learn new things to add to your coaching arsenal but none will be required.

    This is self paced so you can spend as much time as you have. Some people may be able to focus hours daily and others maybe working full time with other responsibilities and can only get to 2-3 hours a week. Either way, you can be successful and it’s all here for you when you’re ready. I’ve laid the training out in easy to consume chunks.

    No questions, I'm ready for this!

    sharon-mccutcheon-uXS73PNgYTc-unsplash (1)

    You are so ready for this journey.

    Here are your next steps:

    1. Sign up as an early adopter of this training and get the discounted price with all the benefits of lifetime access to the material.
    2. Learn new lessons each week, obtaining your certificates along the way.
    3. Begin coaching and doing hypnotherapy as you continue to learn NLP.
    4. Get plugged into the live coaching to practice, ask questions and create more personal growth.
    5. Start offering coaching (and making income!) by sharing your gifts!

    ready to get started?

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      One Payment



      Six Monthly Payments