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This is your invitation
to new possibility.

Make expansion a weekly practice.

You’ve read all the books and listened to all the podcast episodes but you want fresh insight and timely points of view on things in life you’re experiencing.


You’re open to expansion and you’d love a weekly date dedicated to your personal development to ground you in a practice of growth.


You crave some simple principles and reflection on your journey.


If you’re nodding your head…you’re in the right place!

Are you searching for...

If you’ve been looking for growth, but you’re limited on time…

The Collective was designed for you.

Because here's what I know for sure...

We need consistency in our practice.

When we have consistency in our personal growth journey we can flow through hard times with so much more ease. It’s not that hard things don’t happen, they still do, it’s just that they don’t throw us off course.
Because we are connected in.
We have a practice of questioning and exploring beliefs and ideas.
So we are ready for those hard things and we even find the things that once threw us off kilter are no longer even a blip.

When you have a weekly growth practice...


to this:

Feeling imposter syndrome and uncertainty.


Understanding how to finally ALLOW yourself to shine without fear.

Seeing everyone else and feeling jealous or “less than”.

Stepping into the full authenticity of yourself because you connect to your inner knower.

Lack of confidence in your goals and desires.

Fully allowing yourself to BE the next version of yourself who HAS attained those goals.

Sound good?
Here's what you get...

Betsy Pake

A weekly date with your subconscious mind.

Each week you’ll receive a 30 minute expansion for your subconscious to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. (usually live!) and RECORDED each week.

Listen in and ..

Previous weekly topics include:

Feed your mind what you choose so you aren’t being fed by everything else that comes into your awareness.

You'll have immediate access to our existing (and always growing) library of courses!

There's even a quiz inside so you start with the perfect course for you!

course ONE

The Hypnosis Library

Remove barriers that are holding you back with the specially designed Hypnosis in the Library. We have everything from subliminal behind ocean sounds (play it in the background while you work for BIG shifts!) to specific adventures to dive deep into your unconscious mind and create shifts that make things easy!


You’ll get life changing hypnosis like:

Value: $497


course TWO

The Infinite Soul Project

Is designed to shift your life in THE  most magical way!

Open your eyes to possibility and use the science of your brain (Not just the woo-woo of the universe!) so you can change your life and start manifesting what you truly desire.

No more having life “just happen” to you… now you’ll fully understand WHY things happen which empowers you to be in a different level of control!


No more feeling victim of your experience.

Start to enjoy the ride and have an incredible experience of life!

*One of my best loved courses!

In The Infinite Soul Project, you’re going to learn:


Value: $997


Course THREE

Next Level

Work with your subconscious to access the next level of success.

*One of my best loved courses!


In this course you’ll learn…

Value: $697


course FOUR

No Limits

Learn how to use “Alpha conditioning”, my re-patterning system,  to shift your experience and create something new from the level of your unconscious mind.

This course isn’t about theories or ideas, it’s practical “How to” make deep changes on the go!


In this course, you’ll learn…

Value: $697


course FIVE

Increasing The Current

This is a 5-day money mindset workshop that walks you through a money mindset journey sure to shift how you’ve be thinking about money all your life!


*along with a special bonus at the end that will get you singing along with your new vibration around money!

In this course, you’ll learn…

Value: $97


course SIX

Deep Streaming

Learn how to listen in to your own deeper knowing by using a combination of self hypnosis/ meditation and automatic writing. This is the process Betsy uses to send out her “Deep Streaming Text messages” and connect into the source energy we are all part of.


In this course, you’ll learn…

Value: $1997


The Collective is different
because we have...

Weekly date with your subconscious mind

30-minutes each week focused on a topic or idea that will help you shift what you think is possible for your life. RECORDED each week!


I know time is limited. The courses will all be available for you when you are ready and in whatever area you want to expand your learning and there's a quiz inside to help you know where to get started!

weekly Collective guidepost

You get some thoughts, a link to the previous weeks event, a journal prompt for the week ahead...and more, right in your inbox.

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BONUS call

one-one phone call with Betsy

Get a 15 minute welcome call with Betsy. Share where your growth is focused and get recommendations on where to start in the course work.

($197 value)

Have we met?

I'm Betsy Pake.

I’m a Master Mindset Coach, Host of The Art of Living Big podcast, Founder of The Alchemy Institute and board certified trainer of Neurolinguistic programming, Hypnotherapy and creator of Deep Streaming Facilitation.

I speak to corporations and non profits all over the country to help them think differently about what could be possible for their organization (that may be where you found me!)

I combine brain science and spirit to shift your thinking and change your experience.

I live in Atlanta, love a good tailgate and will race you to the beach any day of the week!

Aren't you worth investing in yourself?

One of the most important things I’ve ever done for myself was to take the risk to invest in myself.
When I was first starting out on my path, I couldn’t invest much, but every time I had an extra $100 I would hire someone to help me heal. (I did so many emotion code sessions during that time.)
Then as I grew and changed, I invested more.
I hired my first “real” business coach for 11k and that started an avalanche of change and growth.
Now I have coaches (I call them my “pit crew”!) for many areas of my life that I want support with.
It’s not always been comfortable, but I continue to stretch myself and trust that I am the very best bet I could take.
Over and over again, I will always bet on myself first.
You deserve to bet on yourself too.

I can't wait to welcome you into The Collective!

If you're ready to become magnetic...


When you are fully activated as the authentic person you are, you know what you believe and stand for and you are aligned, both consciously and unconsciously with what you desire, anything is possible!

If you're still reading, there's something holding you back.

You may be asking yourself...

Grab your lunch and spend 30 minutes with Betsy to recharge your week.
It’s when we try to dedicate hours and hours that we get lost.

With that said… sometimes our schedule isn’t our own and for those days, we’ve got you! Everything is recorded and can be watched at a time that works best for you!

We simply offer a yearly membership option. Growth takes commitment and we don’t want this to be something you have to evaluate each month. It’s less than a cup of coffee a day (the kind you make at home!)

Anything personal growth related or an idea, similar to what Betsy shares on the podcast or in her texts. If you like those things, or heard her speak live and enjoyed it, this content is for you!

Each week, we’ll share on Thursdays at noon EST. I record it all in case you can’t make it live!

As long as you’re in the collective, you’ll have unlimited access!

Absolutely NOT. It’s just the women are my typical audience so I used some pink and pictures of women on this page but back in the 18th century pink was considered a masculine color so…  Everyone is welcome! We love men that want to grow and expand too.

Join The Collective now!

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