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089: Controlling your frequency & Raising Your vibration


On today’s show I talk about the chemicals in our brain when we have a though, how that creates a emotion and can create a feedback loop that may or may not support us and our vision of how we want to live our lives.

As we allow our thoughts to do anything they want, is it possible we are giving out a frequency that doesn’t match our ideal life? Is there a way to shift this and start to create a life that we really want?

Is it possible that creating our dream life (or our ‘big life’ as I like to say) isn’t just about the actions we take every day but more about the thoughts we think?  Could those thoughts be directing our actions and what we even see as available to us?

This episode is great for anyone who wants to cause a change in their daily lives, in how they think or just who they find in their experience. Could it all go back to our thoughts and the brain waves we are sending out?  Listen in for more!

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Welcome to the art of living day. I’m your host, Betsy Pake, and this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hey, everybody, welcome to the show. Today we’re going to talk about controlling your frequency and raising your vibration. Now, we’ve talked a little bit bits and pieces of this on some of the other shows Episode 86, we talked about alignment over hustle, and we talked a lot about vibration and sort of how that worked. But today, I want to talk a little bit more about controlling your frequency. And actually what that really means what is my frequency and like my like a radio station. And so let’s get into that, because you may have heard that before. And so you are curious. And so let’s break it down. So, yeah, you are just like a radio tower, you are emitting a frequency, and the earth is emitting a frequency, all things that have matter are actually emitting a frequency that could be measured. So scientifically measured, this isn’t something on the woowoo scale, that’s not real, you actually are emitting a frequency. And so what happens in our brain is that our thoughts actually create a biochemical reaction in our brain. So when you think of something, when you put your jeans on in the morning, and your jeans are too tight, you go, Oh, my gosh, and you say something crappy about yourself, and actually creates a biochemical reaction in your brain. Now, as we’ve talked about, before, your brain and your body are biologically designed to talk to each other, right, so your body listens to what your brain says. So your brain feels like your jeans are too tight, and that you are a loser. And so your brain sends a chemical signal down to your body, and then you get an emotion where you feel like crap, right? And then that actually creates another chemical response in my brain, because the brain is constantly evaluating my body and what the chemical reactions are in my body. And then they’re talking back and forth. And so then the brain generates a thought that will match the way my body feels, do you see the loop here. So my brain creates, I have a thought it creates a chemical goes into my body, which creates the emotion, my brain is checking my body and going, oh, we’re having that emotion, those chemicals are happening in there, I’m going to create a reaction so that it continues to create this loop. Which is why in the morning, if you’re really in a really good mood, you can kind of stay in a loop that’s really good. And if you’re in a really bad mood, you have to kind of kick yourself out to get into a good mood loop. Right? We’re going to talk a little bit more about that. But our brains, you know, they make, especially if we’re happy, right? So let’s say we’re really happy. Our brains create this neurotransmitter dopamine, right? And then I feel really excited. Right? So we you know, that feeling you know, that process inherently you kind of know how that works. But let’s say that you have a mood on a particular day. That’s a bad mood. Okay, so I have a bad mood. Oh, what’s wrong with Betsy today? Well, she’s just in a mood. All right? Well, we’ll remember any of my neurons that fire together, they kind of wire together. So things that are happening, that loop that’s happening. Every time it gets reinforced, reinforced, reinforced, it’s wiring together stronger and stronger and stronger, and it’s becoming my reality. So now, let’s say I have this bad mood for three or four days, what’s wrong with Betsy and she’s in a season of life, that’s hard, or she’s struggling right now. She’s in a phase, right? So I went from a mood to more of a phase, after you have that happen, and you have that loop happen for a certain amount of time, then what is it, then it’s just your personality. Ah, Betsy certain negative for Betsy, sort of, she’s always hard on herself. That’s just who she is, right? But it doesn’t have to be like that, that is totally optional. And all you’ve done is you’ve become in a habit with this loop. So this is why I always say it’s so crazy important for you to monitor what you’re telling yourself every day, and I have to do it too. I still have so much work to do. But when I noticed that I say something about myself, that’s crappy. I immediately am alarmed then immediately sends off red flags and triggers and bells and all kinds of stuff in my body because I don’t want to start a loop. I know on days where I get up and I feel really good and I will feel good most of the day. But if I get up and I’m in a bad mood, because some days I do some days just things seemed kind of crappy, or I’m focused on something or maybe I was thinking about something all night I didn’t sleep well. I will force myself to change my frequency to change what I’m thinking about to change my vibration. Because I will not go through my whole day feeling like crap, I won’t go through the day having a crappy day. So some people are like, that’s you, you must have crappy days, like everybody, I have crappy mornings, but I don’t keep it, I let it go. And so I want to talk a little bit about that. So let’s say I’m having this loop. And now it’s no longer a day, it’s no longer a mood, it’s no longer a phase. Now, this is my personality, right. And so if I want to break free from that, I have to be able to change that feedback loop. Now I’m going to talk about how to actually change that feedback loop. But one thing I want to point out, is that when we are in a loop, and we are used to having a certain feeling, and I’m going to use an example of many years ago, when I had a crappy boyfriend, he was crappy. I always felt stress, I always had a lot of anxiety, like drama, right? You know, the people in your lives that kind of just always have this like ongoing drama, it is a loop, they become addicted to the loop. And so they seek out other people that help fulfill the need for the loop. So when I dumped this boyfriend, and we dated a couple years when I dumped him, when we broke up, I had I actually caught myself, and I think my sister said something to me, she said, I said, I told her a story. And that was so true and terrible. And she said, Betsy, I think the you might be looking for drama, this was like maybe 10 years ago or so you might be looking for drama. And I remember being like, Oh my god, I’m addicted to drama, I’m addicted to that feeling. And so when I didn’t have it, I was searching for it. So this is what I mean, when I say like negative people can only affect you, if you’re on the same frequency. Because I would be wanting drama, that would be the frequency that might have a true frequency that could be measured that I would be sending out. And so people that would come to me would be people that also were on that frequency and also liked the drama. So if you’re listening, and I say it with kindness, and you always have drama, take a moment because maybe it’s a frequency you’re emitting. And then if you could change yourself, and you could change that frequency, then you could change what you’re bringing to you now, no matter what it is, no matter what it is, maybe it’s not a drama filled relationship, or it could be anything. If you’re always bringing happy bosses to you keep on that frequency, you’re doing great. You know, if you’re always having relationships, where you always are the one that is the one that drives the car, whatever it is, you see, we get in these habits of the loops. And it’s because we’re used to this chemical reaction that’s happening in our body. And so that’s what feels good. Now, let’s say you don’t have any big overarching issue like that, but you have a moment where you are in a bad mood, or something happened and somebody did something that you felt like was against you or you know, made you angry, you want to talk about it, right? You want to keep rehashing it, you probably think about it a lot in your head. Right? It’s because it feels really good. Because you’re giving your brain and your body and the brain and the body and it’s this loop and it feels good. And you’re in the loop. So even though you might go like it doesn’t feel good to be worried and stressed about stuff. Well, you know, it feels normal is probably what it feels. And so you get caught in that loop. So how do we change it? So really, like all that’s great, Betsy, but okay, I want to change the loop. So I want you to start getting really, really attentive to the things that you’re thinking. And many times when I’m working with clients, and we’ll we’ll have something specific that we’re working on with this, I’ll say pay close attention to your thoughts. You know, and I’ve talked about before set a timer, there’s an app called chime, it is a super simple app, it’s free, and it will ding at intervals that you set up. When I’m doing this for myself, when I noticed I’m getting like, Oh, I keep rethinking these negative thoughts. I will set that timer for every 15 minutes. And I will evaluate and what I do is I say what have I just been thinking about for the past 15 minutes. And if you don’t want to go that far, when you have an emotion, pay attention to your emotions, say, you know what, for the next three days, I’m going to just pay really close attention to my emotions and how I feel because those emotions, again is the chemical reaction, right? So it’s going to tell me what I’m actually thinking it’s going to be a clue to what’s actually happening in my head. And so if I can pay really close attention to what I’m feeling, then I can start to observe it a little bit more objectively, then I can go Ah, you know what I just had I just put on my jeans. And I had this like image in my head of like me gaining 30 pounds or being as fat as I was right after I had my daughter or whatever it is right there is going to be something that comes in your head. And I can look at that then objectively and say, You know what, My pants are a little tight today, but I ate a bunch of carbs yesterday, and so I’m probably retaining some water. So it’s probably not, if I’m looking at it objectively, it’s probably not that I’m gaining 50 pounds, it’s probably just that I got a little water weight, and it’ll be gone by this afternoon. Now, when I can do that, when I can pay attention to my thoughts or my feelings, I can look at them be objective, then many times I find that it’s just not even true. And then my brain just lets it go. And then I can keep moving on. Now, when I want to jump, and I want to jump tracks, and I want to raise my frequency, so I don’t want to be in this loop, I don’t want to be on this frequency, I want to raise my frequency, so that I bring a higher level of vibration of activities, people situations to me during the day. One way to do that is to imagine so when we have a mental rehearsal inside our brain, it stimulates our neuro neural networks. And when that happens, it actually starts to fire together. So even though the thing has not happened, my brain doesn’t know that it hasn’t happened. You’ve probably heard those experiments people did where one group of people focused and did free throw basketball shots, two hours a day for weeks. And one group just thought about doing the free throw basketball group basketball shots. And one group didn’t do anything, right, they were the control group. And what they found was that the control group didn’t get any better or worse at basketball free throws, the group that practiced had the biggest jump in in getting better at them. But the group this thought about it had a jump in getting better at it, too. They’d never touched a basketball. All they did was Think about it. Okay, so when you wake up in the morning, what are you thinking about? What are you thinking about? Are you thinking this is going to be really great, my trip to work is going to be fun and easy. And I’ll listen to some great music and I’m going to feel so good. When I get to work. I’d be excited to see everybody like what are you thinking about? What’s going to happen? Are you on your day? Are you thinking like, ah, I have that report to do and my boss has been such a jerk, because that’s what’s going to start to create the chemical in your body. And that’s going to create your frequency. So it’s all energy, that’s all it is. and energy vibrates. Vibration attracts, right? So remember, when you start to feel yuck, when you start to feel your head saying things that you don’t think are really supporting, you’re supporting your goals, then stop, be objective. See if there’s a different thing you can think about and see if maybe you can just imagine what could be great. So use these tools start to shift. And now when you go and you are around people that are really negative, you’ll find you’re just either not attracted to them. Like you don’t want to spend time with them because you’re just on a different plane altogether. Or those people don’t even come into your existence, because you don’t even notice them because you’re vibrating at a different level. It’s funny because sometimes they’ll talk to people and they’ll be like, in jobs where I’ve had before and they’re like they’re so everybody’s so negative here. And I’m like who’s negative? I haven’t ever noticed anybody that’s negative because I don’t even notice those people it it kind of like falls off the wayside because I’m not that’s not where I’m vibrating. It’s not what I’m focused on. Yes, they might be around me and yes, I might notice them in a meeting. But it kind of is like a water on a duck’s back right and it rolls right off your back because you’re not worried about it. So try that this week. Negative people can only affect you if you’re on the same frequency and start to raise your vibration. I hope that that serves you this week. Remember, you deserve to live a big life.

Thanks so much for listening. Remember, you can find me all over social media at Betsy Pake and, as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

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