079: Cutting Cords of Attachment


Have you ever had a time where you felt like you couldn’t move on? You closed a chapter in your life, but signs of it kept popping up everywhere you went. 

  • You left a bad relationship but then you find you keep recreating that same bad energy with new partners.
  • Or you work on yourself but find you keep slipping back into old patterns and ways. 
  • Or maybe you just are ready to release and forgive and move on from an old situation and you want to start the new year fresh.

In this episode, I talk about these energetic cords that can attach to us and I explain how to release these cords. I close out the show with a short meditation you can do for yourself to use to release these cords and free yourself to live the life you are meant to live. 

This show is great for anyone who wants new things in the new year, or anyone who wants to release some hurt from the past and knows there are greater things in store for you.

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Thanks for listening, now let’s go Live Big!


Welcome to The Art of Living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake, and this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hey, everybody, welcome to the show and Happy New Year. I for one and ready for 2018 I really got a good vibe about this you guys, I, I really believe this is going to be an incredible year for all of us, I think there’s going to be a lot of change in the right direction and a lot of relief for things that we’ve been struggling with. To help you on your path. This year, I wanted to share with you a practice that I’ve been doing regularly, and it’s really helped me, it’s called cord cutting, I wanted to explain to you really what that is, it might sound a little crazy to you, if you’ve never heard of it. explain to you what it isn’t and, and why it’s helpful for you to do and then at the end, I’m going to close out the podcast by actually walking you through the process, so that you can experience the freedom of cutting cords for yourself. Now, let me sort of explain what this is. And I was having, I have used cord cutting meditation, off and on. But a few weeks ago, one of

my girlfriends

called me

and this particular girlfriend, it’s it’s sort of funny, she’s a psychic. But I knew her for several years before she told me that I just always thought she was like super intuitive and had like the best advice ever. But she called me and you know, I talked about in one of my episodes about how I was struggling with some stuff with my teenager. And she said you have a lot of cords attached. And I think it might really help you if you could start clearing those. And she said I can see them and I can see you have, you know, where he kind of told me where they were and what she was feeling. And so I started doing this every single day. And within two to three days, I could feel a difference. I felt like my energy wasn’t being drained. And I felt like I was able to protect my energy. Okay, so maybe that intrigues you let me explain a little bit more. So at our core, we’re energetic beings. And when we spend time with people, there can be an energetic cord that attaches between us. So this is normal to have this happen. And you know, it happens with coworkers, it happens with, you know, significant others with our kids or, or anybody that we might meet along the way, you might have these cords of attachment and not even realize it. But these energetic chords can be a huge drain on us, they can affect our health, our relationships, our wealth, and our ability to complete and walk on the paths. That’s part of our mission, right. So I always think it like holds me up from being able to walk down that path, because I’m being pulled back energetically to where I was at the time that this cord was attached. So just like we talked about in the episodes on law of attraction, where you can only attract what your vibration is, remember, we talked about that. So like, if you’re vibrating at a certain vibration, that’s the kind of thing that you’ll bring into your environment. And if your vibration is being compromised by these energetic drains, then you’ll start to notice some changes in how you feel and what kind of things you’re able to attract to you. Alright, so we all have these cords, and we can have multiple cords to just one person. So depending on the type of relationship and the vibration of that relationship. So like if it was stressful or a bad breakup, or if it was a attachment to a family member, or even if it was somebody that you just met all

of that can play a role in the

types of attachment that you form with somebody, you know, we have these energetic realms around us. And when we spend time with somebody, we are overlapping that energy. You know, when we get into bed, we always hear like people that have been married forever. They talk about like never going to bed to bed mad. Because when you get into a space like that with somebody with your spouse or with your partner, and you’re sharing this energetic space, it overlaps and if there’s a negative dream, you could pick up on that energy. And that’s also why I say don’t sleep with random strangers for a variety of other reasons as well. But as well as because you’re sharing an energy with these people, and there can be a cord attached so if you’re wondering like do I have any cords attached? Yes, we all do we all get these cords but If they are a negative cord, like if it’s something that’s draining on you, you’ll know. Because things will happen, like, you’ll keep thinking of the person. So

somebody might come up in your thoughts, even if

you haven’t thought about them for a long, long time.

Or maybe they start to show up in your dreams, maybe it’s somebody you haven’t, like even talked to in years. But every once in a while they come into your mind. Or if you find yourself in a loop, right, so you had a bad relationship once and now you feel like you keep finding more and more people who have the similar qualities that compromised your integrity or the strength of who you believe in. And so this loop sort of continues,

it’s might be a

different person, but it’s the same relationship over and over again, you know what I’m saying? So just with different people, or maybe you’re having a really hard time forgiving, if you’re having a really hard time forgiving, and you find yourself becoming angry about things that that person Did that hurt you, then you probably have an energetic cord that you could cut, and it would make you feel better. Have you ever gotten to where you start, like rehashing arguments or discussions that you had with a person and then you you think like, Oh, I wish I’d said that. Or I could say this instead, or even you start making up the conversations you’d have with this person. And it might be somebody that you haven’t seen in years, that’s an energetic chord. So that’s a sign that you have an energetic chord. So just if the person keeps coming up for you, you know, even if you start seeing them in places, like you’re like, Oh, my God, I can’t I keep running into them, energetic chord, or if you find yourself unable to get out of a loop of recreating your own experience, so maybe the attachment isn’t to somebody else that you need to cut, but maybe you have made some huge life changes, maybe you have lost a lot of weight, or changed your career, or gotten divorced, just worked on yourself and become somebody different. But you still have an attachment to who you

used to be.

Right, so you’re trying to change, but you keep finding yourself coming back to old

habits, then

probably there’s an energetic cord to who you used to be, and breaking that cord would really be helpful to you. So clearing chords, doesn’t mean you stop a relationship to that person. So I talked about how I’ve been clearing chords with my daughter, I’m not stopping my relationship to her, it’s actually making our relationship much better. Because I’m clearer, I’m more in control of my own energy, and then I can help guide her with her energy. So doing this can actually help you keep relationships that you have with yourself or with other people really healthy and


If you have certain dynamics that repeat in your relationships that you’re both trying to get over, this clearing can actually help you stop that pattern. And you can also use this to help you to heal and to forgive, I have used it last summer, I used it for a extended period of time to work on some forgiveness and removing negative energy that may be surrounding you. And I had some negative energy around me that I really wanted to release. So that’s what an energetic chord is and sort of how it gets attached. And how you can how you would know if you had these which you have them, but if you know if they’re negative or draining, and if your energy could be cleared up if you removed this,

okay, so how do you actually remove

a cord of attachment. And if you’ve done any visualization or guided meditations, then this whole idea won’t be new to you at all. But really to clear and attachment, you you relax, you get in a meditative state, you identify the cord that you’re trying to break. So you say like I want to break this cord to my previous self, or I want to break this cord to my boss or my spouse or whatever it is, right? So you identify who that cord is that you’re trying to break. And then you actually visualize the cord. And I like to imagine it like a thick black cable that’s coming off my body. Because then I feel like I can actually feel the release, right. So like this big huge cable is stuck to me. And when that cord is broken, I can feel a lightness. And I asked arch Archangel Michael, because you know, you know, I love him. He’s my homeboy. So I ask him to come down and to use his saber to cut the cord and release me from the emotional bondage that I’ve been experiencing. It’s very powerful. If you’ve done a guided meditation and you’ve really allowed yourself to get into it can be really transformative. And it can allow you to release and move on from any kind of training or negative energy that’s been surrounding you. Now I’ve been doing this meditation every single day after my girlfriend told me that I had all these cords on me and within about three days I felt like a surge of energy back in my body, I felt like I could really help my daughter without getting frustrated, or drained like I had been. So I think if you try it, you’ll really like it. And you’ll find that it helps you release things and start to live your life again. Now, with the new year, I think it’s really nice to be able to break all the bonds from the previous year or anybody that may have hurt you or wounded you or, you know, that you felt was unfair, or even if it’s some forgiveness, you need to give to yourself to just release that and cut the cord to what’s holding you back. Now, you can do this simply by inviting Archangel Michael. And so if you’re a meditator on the regular Anyway, you can just like imagine this invite Archangel Michael and ask him to release you from the cords now. But at the end of this show, I’m going to wrap it up with including a meditation for you. This isn’t really a typical meditation, and it’s pretty short. But it can be a powerful way to shift your energy and takes, take some of that power back that’s been draining you maybe without even your knowledge. So please be in a quiet place where you can commit to the visualization that’s necessary for you to be successful in this meditation.

I hope that it serves you.

Sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed, open your senses, and become aware of the sounds around you. The smells, the energy in the space that you’re in, take a deep breath in through your nose and hold and release allowing all the stress and tension of the day to be released from your body. Take one more deep breath, breathing in love and possibility and blowing out all the days negativity and stress. As we walk along our path in our daily life, we attach with people that we interact with, we attach to old versions of ourselves. These attachments hook into our energy being and may begin to wear us down. And so we embark on this process today. To clear this and to allow us to feel free, allow us to feel ready to choose another way. It allows us to remove the attachment to who we thought we were and allows us to release the old attachments to energy that we thought we needed to have in our lives in some way. We are ready to choose a new way of being today. Think of the attachments you may have attachments to people or situations. old versions of yourself or circumstances you may have found yourself in that you would like to let go. You look down now. And you can see this attachment, the black cable hanging from you dragging you down. And you see it is attached to something that you’re ready to let go. You see it is attached to a situation that you’re ready to let go so that you can be free from the stress and the strain that this has been causing you. You see this cord attached now. With your commitment to change this, we ask that this cord be cut. We call on the presence of Archangel Michael to join us now and to use his power, his love for us and his joyful connection to the universe to help us break this cord and allow us to be free forever. You feel his presence like a warm light that surrounds you. You ask him to help you cut this cord and to allow you to be released from the burden that this cord has held for you. You see him now he raises his sort of light high above his head and with all of his strength and power he comes down on the cord and slices through the court falls to the ground in your free you feel gratitude for the weight that has been lifted now and you are easily able to move into the being that you are meant to be. Without this cord. You are light you are ready to move into the next part of your life and who you’re meant to be now, you watch the cord as it becomes absorbed into the ground. transmuted into love and gratitude. Take a few minutes now and notice the other cords which are weighing you down and request that Archangel Michael uses his power to release you from all the cords that surround you. Imagine the cord in front of you and ask him to step in and cut that cord. Continue to imagine his sword of light coming down and cutting the cords and clearing your energy now, preparing you for what’s next on your path in this journey. Allow the cords to be cut now.

When you’re ready, come back into your body. Wiggle your hands and toes. Take a deep breath and release. connect back to your presence and who you are now Now that you have been released. Take one more deep breath hold

and release.

Allow yourself time to open your eyes whenever you are ready.

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