079: Cutting Cords of Attachment - Betsy Pake

079: Cutting Cords of Attachment


Have you ever had a time where you felt like you couldn’t move on? You closed a chapter in your life, but signs of it kept popping up everywhere you went. 

  • You left a bad relationship but then you find you keep recreating that same bad energy with new partners.
  • Or you work on yourself but find you keep slipping back into old patterns and ways. 
  • Or maybe you just are ready to release and forgive and move on from an old situation and you want to start the new year fresh.

In this episode, I talk about these energetic cords that can attach to us and I explain how to release these cords. I close out the show with a short meditation you can do for yourself to use to release these cords and free yourself to live the life you are meant to live. 

This show is great for anyone who wants new things in the new year, or anyone who wants to release some hurt from the past and knows there are greater things in store for you.

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