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On-Demand Courses

These are Betsy’s most popular digital courses, available on-demand, anywhere you have internet access.


Get a deep level of change at your own pace.

So that you can create your own change with what you need right now.

All of Betsy’s courses give you a chance to learn more about yourself and create change at your own pace.

Remove barriers…

by leveraging your subconscious with our Hypnosis Library.


A variety of hypnosis recordings from eating well, abundance, Ocean sounds positive subliminal recordings, Meeting your spirit guides, confidence builders, healing the past and more.
The library includes hypnosis and re-coding from The Alchemy Collective.

Student Favorite

is designed to help shift your beliefs,

 open your eyes to possibility and use the science of your brain (Not just the woo-woo of the universe!) so you can change your life and start manifesting what you truly desire.

No more having life “just happen” to you. No more feeling out of control of your experience.  Start to enjoy the ride and have an incredible experience with your life!

Two Course Bundle

Get the bundle of my two subconscious courses: Next Level and No Limits.


Next Level:  Work with your subconscious to access the next level of success.


No Limits: Learn how to use Alpha conditioning to shift your experience and create something new from the level of your unconscious mind.

Become a coach

Facilitate life changing transformation that makes your clients tell the world about you.

Become a board certified coach learning:
  1. Neuro-linguistic Programming
  2. Emotional Freedom Technique
  3. T.I.M.E. Techniques
  4. Success Coaching
  5. Hypnotherapy
  6. Deep Streaming Facilitation

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Increasing The Current:   My 5-day money mindset workshop.


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