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Self Paced Courses To Help You Uplevel

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so that you can create your own change with what you need right now. 

All of Betsy’s courses give you a chance to learn more about yourself and create change at your own pace.

Get a deep level of change at your own pace.

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by leveraging your subconscious with our Hypnosis Library.


More than a dozen (and more added almost monthly!) self paced hypnosis audios to help you eat healthy, transform beliefs, connect to your spirit guides and more…. listen at your own pace. Keep access forever.  

Listen to a beliefs hypnosis now:


The Infinite Soul Project


 is designed to help shift your beliefs,

 open your eyes to possibility and use the science of your brain (Not just the woo-woo of the universe!) so you can change your life and start manifesting what you truly desire.

No more having life “just happen” to you. No more feeling out of control of your experience.  Start to enjoy the ride and have an incredible experience with your life!