THESE SPOTS GO FAST (so if there is one available, grab it!)

During this workshop you'll learn.... scratch that...
you'll EXPERIENCE....

Letting go of the top emotional anchors!
We’re talking about the big five: anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt. These emotions keep us grounded when we’re ready to soar. During the experience you’ll break these chains and make room for lighter and brighter emotions that help us ascend. 

Peeling back the curtain on the subconscious mind!

We’ll be deep diving into how your mind- your fascinating, intricate and sometimes baffling mind- processes emotions. 
This is truly your golden ticket to understanding the world beneath your conscious thoughts and really grasp what’s happening with your emotional responses.

Wholeheartedly RECEIVING what you’ve been denying yourself all along.

By sweeping clean the pathways in your unconscious mind, you’re carving out space for brand new experiences in your relationships, your work and even your health. Think of this experience as a deep cleanse for your mind!

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This is a live event with limited spots!

If you have a mental health diagnosis please message us for more information on next steps so you have a safe experience!

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This is a LIVE event friends! Even though we’ll be meeting up on zoom think of it just like snagging tickets to a Taytay concert (without the ticket master fees!) you’ve got to be there in real time to soak up the magic! 

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