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106: Faith and Magic


Let’s talk about faith and if you need it, have or don’t believe it. I can show you how you don’t need blind faith, but you in fact already have lots of proof that you can manifest the things you want in a whole new way.

I share my process for imagining and vision boards (Not the way you may be thinking) and how to create a way for you to find aligned action each morning.

If you’d like to learn more, you can join me in www.betsypake.com/soul and the Infinite Soul Project.

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Welcome to the art of living day.

I’m your host, Betsy Pake, and this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hey, everybody, welcome to the show.

Today I want

to talk to you about faith. Faith in the magical universe. And faith, I think is one of the things that we struggle a lot with when we’re trying to make changes in our life, or when we want to manifest something in our life, and it just doesn’t seem like it’s coming it is that, that that faith like, is it possible. When I was at the beach over spring break a month or so ago, I got up every single morning and I watched the sunrise,

it was one of the most

delicious things I love being able to be at the ocean, hearing the waves smelling the ocean and seeing that sunrise, and even seeing the sunset. And honestly, there’s a whole lot more people out there watching the sunset, and the sunrise. So the sunrise was sort of peaceful, because it was pretty quiet. Not a lot of people out there. But I’ll tell you that when I was watching the sunset, nobody was crying, oh my god, the sun is going down. Like we’re never gonna see light again. Nobody was worried because they had faith. They had faith that in the morning, the sun was gonna rise. In fact, I had so much faith, I had a app on my phone that I trusted that told me exactly when so that I could get up in time to hightail it downstairs and watch the sunrise right by the ocean. And so when we think about faith, sometimes we think about blind faith, we think that there has to be no clues or nothing that’s going to tell us and we just have to believe. But you might be surprised how many things in your life, you don’t have to go by blind faith, you actually can go by faith because you’ve experienced something, right? You’ve had it happen. And you can grasp that this thing could happen again, or this thing could happen in a totally new way. So having faith really means having confidence in something that you can’t see, like I couldn’t see the sun rotating, I couldn’t see anything happening in the cosmos. When I went to bed, I went to bed, and I just knew that it was going to be there when I woke up. And you know, I see this in my life every single day. I’m a plant person, I’m actually a pretty new plant person, I was a flower person for a long time. And now I’ve shifted a little bit to become a plant person. But I have one plant that I’ve had forever and ever. I mean, I’ve probably had Robert like 16 years, his name’s Robert Plant, 16 years probably. And I noticed that he had a couple leaves that were starting to fall off. And so just probably about three or four weeks ago, I clipped those leaves, and I put them in a little jar of water on my window sill in my office, and I’m looking at them right now. And they’ve got all these roots there, they’re ready to be planted. Total faith, I couldn’t see the roots, I couldn’t see that the roots were going to come. But I knew from past experience, because I’ve done this before, that that’s what would happen, you know, I knew the sun was gonna rise. Because I had this experience. I’ve seen the sun rise over and over and over again, I have an app that said it would come right if it’s on the internet, it’s got to be true. So just because we have to have faith in something, you have to have faith that your dreams will come true. Or you have to have faith that what it is you want to manifest could really happen. It doesn’t mean you have to have blind faith. But what you do need to do is remind yourself of the clues that this could happen again. Now, in Episode 98, I talked about that trip to the beach and how I manifested this free trip to the beach. So I have to tell you that I write to my intuition every day. And one of the things I was writing recently was about how I really want to be able to travel. And I heard back that I just have to have faith that that’s coming. And like I do with my intuition. It’s sort of a back and forth. You can learn

more about that in Episode

94 if you want to, but I said but I but I but I need to see it. I need to have that happen. I don’t feel like the trip is and the travel is coming. And I heard we’ve already shown it to you once Do we have what more do you need? And it reminded me that I have been thinking I have to have blind faith. I have to just have this faith. That’s baseless. But I but I don’t, I don’t have to have blind faith, I can have faith that is already proven to me. I can have faith by looking at all of the other things that have manifested in my life. I can look at all the other things that have been accomplished and you can too. So let me ask you, what are a couple dreams think of like three dreams that you have already had in your life that have come true. Maybe it’s things that you really focused on. Maybe it was focusing on, you know, completing college, or maybe it was focused on getting a new career or maybe it was focused on like helping your child go off to school. Like, what are the three goals that you had, that you were actually able to create and manifest in your life? And now, what are three that you want to have happen? So what are three new things that you’d really like to have happen? Now, when you think of those three new things, remember, you don’t have to live on blind faith, you can actually live on the faith that you know, you’ve done stuff before, you know, you’ve done hard things before, you know, you’ve accomplished things before that may have seemed outside the realm of possibility. But you were able to get it done, you were able to figure it out. And so of course, of course, you’ll be able to figure it out for these new things too. And these new things don’t have to seem so far fetched when you can change the way you look at it. Now, if you’ve been listening to the show for some time, you’ve probably learned a lot of things about how to do this. You know, like I mentioned, if you want to learn how to listen to your intuition, it’s Episode 94. One of the big things that I use is scripting, and I talked about that in Episode 82. And it’s really about creating a future vision as if it’s already happened in a really fun, easy way to do that. So remember, blind faith can really become much more real, when you’re putting things in place that help your brain understand and comprehend what’s happening, right, because it’s really our subconscious that’s going to be holding us back, or giving us that feeling that I don’t think this can really happen. But if we can start to introduce more ways to our brain, telling it that it’s already taken place, this is already something that’s, that’s happened that’s available to me, and actually can help calm that down, and help you quick in that manifestation process. So you could listen to Episode 82, to kind of help understand some of that, and you’ve learned a lot about alignment before hustle, we talked about that in Episode 86. And even in Episode 27, we talked about creating habits that serve you. Now, I mentioned all these episodes, only because, well, if you’re new here, you may not have listened to them. But there are so many things you already have in place that can help you create this life that you want on real faith, not just blind faith, but on faith that you know is true. Just like when you wake up in the morning and you’ve had a dream, it you don’t think like I wonder if I really had that trick, like you know, you had the dream. It’s not, you don’t have to be blind about it, you just because you can’t touch it or feel it or see it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, you know, it happened because you experienced it.


keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be a tangible thing you can create and support all of the ideas and visions and manifestations you want to have in your life by using the tools and using your brain to help support that.

Now, here’s a little way that I

that I use a little trick that I use. My our brains really like it when we tell it something true. And then we tell it the new thing. So we’re much more apt to believe the new thing, when we hear the thing we already know is true first. Now, you may have heard about this, because many times this is used. In fact, there was a study that was done, who I should see if I could find it and put it in the show notes. But where they try to convince people that they had done something that they had never done.

So they brought people in

as part of this study, and they and they had done research on them. And they started to talk about the things that they knew were already true. And when they talked about the things that were already true first, that people were much more apt to believe the new thing that really wasn’t true was totally made up. But by the end of the conversations, people were totally remembering it as if it was an actual experience and actual memory that they had. So remember, if I can get my brain to think I’ve already done this, it’s going to come to me so much easier. So what do I do I know that if I tell my brain something I already know is true. It’s going to believe the next thing I tell it. So I put post it notes, I have them right here in my office by my light switch. And it’s just to remind me when I switch on my light, I say the thing on the post it note so I say I’m able to turn on the light because my brain knows that’s true. I turn on the lights every day right?

I’m able to turn on the light

I’m also able to create a podcast that’s listened to buy millions so my brain goes oh, I can create a podcast is listened to by millions like so I want you to think about that. What is it that you want to train your brain to be able to believe Yeah, like maybe it’s that I can make healthy I make healthy choices every time I eat. So put it on a post it note put it by your light switch. When you flick on your light say first the thing your brain knows is true. And that is I can turn on the light. And then the next thing I make a really healthy choices every single time I eat So your brain is going to start to remember that stuff as if it’s truth. And when you go to take an action, and when I go to take an action when I go to create something for my podcast, or you think of ideas of things I want to talk about, like, I’m much more in tune with, how could this really help people? What would people really want to hear? What would make them want to share it? Right? So instead of just doing like a journal where I could get on here, talk about, like, any kind of chaos, that wouldn’t really help anybody, right? So I want you to just think about that, what can you start to attach to something that’s already real, turn, put it on a post it and put it on your light switch, put it in by your toothbrush, I’m able to brush my teeth, like whatever it is, it can be something silly. So the other thing that I asked myself throughout the day, is, how does it get any better than this? Now, it doesn’t matter to me, if I am doing something that’s really great, or I’m doing something that’s not so great. When something happens, I try to remember in fact, I have a big post it note person, apparently, but I have a post it note right here on my little pen holder on my desk so that I see that throughout the day. How does it get any better than this? So when I make dinner, and I’m like, how does it get any better than this? Like I made a healthy dinner? Because what my brain is then doing is going oh my god, how does it get any better than this? And it begins to search. Remember, our brains like a it’s like a trellis like I want to plant a trellis, my brain will figure out how to crawl up the trellis like Ivy. Okay, so I want to say to myself, how does it get any better than this? And my brain goes, Oh, my God, I don’t know, I’m gonna find out. And then it starts to show me all these things that I may not have noticed before. Now, remember, there are 4 billion things happening around me every second, but I only see about 2000 of the things I’m able to take in, right. So my brain is deleting if you listen to the episode on NLP Episode 100, my brain is constantly deleting and weeding stuff out, it doesn’t think I need to know. Right? Think about your left elbow right now. You weren’t thinking about your left elbow before, right? Because you didn’t need to. So your brain was weeding it out. So when I asked myself, how does it get any better than this? Now my brain is going Wait, there’s something I’m not seeing. I got to be looking.

And so I want you to just add that to your vocabulary, maybe put

it on an alarm on your phone and ask yourself, like, how does it get any better than this? I don’t know, like, ding and then it reminds you How does it get any better than what I’m experiencing right now. So there’s an app that I use called chime. It’s so simple. It’s like a little green app. It there are no bells and whistles, the only thing it does is it does a little teeny tiny chime, any kind of interval that you set up. So I really like it, because it’s not intrusive. So if you’re with somebody, they might not even hear it. But because you’re kind of listening for it, you’ll you’ll notice it. And then I just asked myself

like how does it get better than this moment?

So Alright, the last little thing I want to share with you, because this might help you and you may have done vision boards before and if you’re like a vision boards, just hear me out. Okay. So vision boards, I think are used totally wrong.

So here’s what I think we typically do.

Or at least in my experience, this is what I’ve seen people do is they get some magazines, and then they cut out a whole bunch of pictures, maybe like some words, right? And then they create this board that sits in their office or their bedroom or whatever it is. And then they see it constantly. And then they think like, at least if you’re like I was like six months in, I would get like, Oh my god, I’m so tired of seeing that none of this is coming true. I’ve had this vision board. So so it gets to be, I used to call like my downer board. Like this sucks. Every time I look at this as all this crap I wanted that will never come true, right? So here’s how to actually do a vision board a little bit differently. And I’m going to tell you where you can learn some more about this too. So there’s different kinds of vision boards as I see it. So one would be I know exactly what I want vision board. And so with that, what I suggest is that you do something for me, I do it on Evernote, and the reason I do that is because it’s electronic. And then every day I can scan through it. Now I don’t have it in front of me in my office, I do have one and I’m going to tell you how I did that. But for me that works better because it’s part of my regular programming of what I do in the morning. And I’ll just scan through and it’s also easily changed and it’s also really easily made because I can just cut and paste images off the internet. Now if you like to have one in front of you. What I really like to do is save the pictures to my phone and then I go to Target and there is a codec app that lets me just Send the photos right to the kiosk at Target and print them out. The reason that I do it this way is because I don’t want to spend, like $900 on magazines to cut up when I can’t even find the images that really helped me, okay? Because what I really want to do is I want to find images that give me the feeling that will give me what I want. So for my first vision board, I know exactly what I want. Like, I know, I want to have a million listeners on my podcast. So what are the images that give me the feeling that I’ll have when I get a million listeners on the podcast? Well, like, that’s probably not like the word podcast, like, it’s probably, you know, it could be, it could be a picture of another podcaster that I admire that has, you know, that has a lot of listeners and, and so I could imagine being on their show. So, like, I want to find the images on the internet, and I add them to my Evernote in a in a document that shows me how I want to feel. Okay, I’m gonna go through the other couple types of vision boards, and then I’m going to tell you what you do with it. Okay, so the other one that you could do, if you’re like, I don’t even really know exactly what I want, like, you know, you want a million listeners on your podcast. But like, I don’t know what I want. And so the second vision board is called an opening and allowing vision board. So this is, I think this is really helpful if you’ve gone through a huge transition, or like you are beginning a transition, or maybe you’re grieving something that’s that has a, you know, a chapter that has closed in your life. Or maybe you have some ideas, but they’re still really super cloudy. So the opening and allowing vision board is simply where I go through. And I just find images that give me joy, it doesn’t even have to make sense. Like if somebody came and looked at my vision board, they would be like, how does that relate to podcasting? Like, right, so but it to me, it brings me joy, it makes me happy, it gives me a feeling that I’d like to feel. So again, I’m going on emotion, as opposed to what the actual images is that the image makes me feel this emotion. And it’s your vision board. So find the thing that makes you feel that way. And then the last one is a theme vision board. So maybe you have a specific theme where you’re like, I’m going to set an intention that I really want to have this specific thing. It’s a significant event that’s happening, maybe it’s my birthday, or New Years, or just a new month, like maybe you do monthly vision boards, and you set intentions for the month. And then you find the images that make you feel like that. Okay, so those are sort of the three and there are a million others, you could do vision boards, however you want. But

those are kind of

the three that I work around when I work with my clients. And it’s what I teach inside my course, the infinite soul project. So with those three, here’s how I want you to do it. So you have created these vision boards. And if you’ve done it on Evernote, or you have it on a piece of cardboard in your office, whatever, every morning, or every day, at some point in your day, I want you to not just look at it. So it’s not about looking at every single picture. There are some days where I only get through like three pictures. What I want you to do is I want you to get in it and we’re going to use some NLP here. I want you to get in it with all your senses. So this is a really weird thing, but I’m going to share it with you because it’ll kind of make sense. If you looked at my vision board. For podcasting. One of the images I have on there is a woman dressed in white. And it is her hands and she has a gold cuff bracelet on. Okay, so you can’t it’s almost like if the picture was taken from her eyeballs like looking down on her lap in that gold bracelet. So that seems like a really weird thing like how does that relate to podcasting at all, but to me, it feels really abundant. And when I think about all those people listening to my podcast, abundance is what that feels like. So when I look at that, that’s the the feeling that I get. And so that’s what kind of I put it on my board. Now, when I look down, and I really like it because it’s like I’m looking through my own eyeballs, right? So that’s another thing. So when I start looking at each of these images, I look at that one. I imagine that I’m in it. I’m not looking at this from the outside looking in. It’s not like a movie. It’s as if I’m looking through every single picture through my own eyeballs. Okay, I imagine the sounds around me. So what are the sounds that I hear? Now? You’re probably thinking like it’s a woman dressed in white with a bracelet like what’s the sound? The sound can be anything I want. The sound could be the ocean. The sound could be The hustle sounds of a podcast, conference or seminar, like I’m at the convention and I’m looking down at my lap during when someone’s speaking, right? So it can be whatever it is I want and it could change from day to day. So I want the sounds I want the feeling, I actually imagine what the feeling would be like, like actual feeling on my skin on my arm, that bracelet on my arm, like, what does that actually feel like? And it feels really heavy, because it looks like a heavy piece of jewelry, which means it’s really nice. It’s not just like a flimsy plated gold bracelet. Right? So I think about that, I think about the the sight of it, the sounds of it, the feeling of it, also the emotion of it, if there’s any smells in the room, right, so I really try to make sure I’m hitting all my senses. And then I always try to also check my my sixth sense of my, my intuition. What’s my intuition telling me now this is where I think it can be really powerful. Because now I’m in the space, I’ve got all of the feelings, the sounds, the sights, the smells, all of that. Now, what’s my intuition telling me? Now this is where I can really go, Wait a second, you know, what I should do is now That, my friends is where we can begin to find aligned action. That’s where you get the action where you go, what is it that I should do? That’s what I should do. And it’s aligned, because it’s totally in the feeling of the thing that I wanted. At the end, you see what I’m saying? So now, when I’m when I am creating, when I’m creating my life, when I’m creating these podcasts, when I’m sharing or thinking about what to share, I get right in the feeling of the end

result, which is having a million people listen to it, and what is it happening, they want to listen to it, they want to understand what may be my process, right. So that’s why I’m sharing this with you. So get to the end result, find the images that bring you there so that everyday you can be reminded, walk through, get all your five senses, tap into your six cents. Listen to your intuition. If you don’t know how to do that you can listen to Episode 94. get super clear. And then move forward with faith not blind faith at all total faith, because you’ve accomplished great things before you know what the end result is going to feel like. And you already know. That’s how the universe works. And so everything, everything can be within your reach. Now if you want to learn a little bit more about this, I do have a program called the infinite soul project. You can find it by going to my website Betsy Pake comm backslash soul, it’s typically $197. And I’m going to chop it down. So go and check it out there, you can get a really good deal on that for the next week. I’d love to have you in that it’s so fun and we go through it’s actually from some of the teachings that I learned from Mike Dooley. Now, if you have ever seen the movie, The Secret, Mike Dooley is in the secret, he is the bald guy that says thoughts become things right, you know that, if you watch it again, you’ll notice him. So Mike actually is the one that trained me on his process. And I share all of that inside the infinite soul project. So we go through all the stuff, all the things we go through, like the actual missing manual for your brain, how your brain works, we talk about how thoughts become things and how to identify your thoughts, how to deal with negativity, how to actually get really great at visualization. We go into beliefs and how they shape your life, about how when we say we can’t, and maybe there’s some underlying stuff involved in you saying you can’t, and understanding really why you see the world the way you do. And we talk about emotions, how to actually gauge your emotions, and adjusting your perception so that you can have a new reality. And then in module five, we talk about taking small steps, right? So how to start moving towards your goals, how to get in aligned action, how to really move towards something that makes you happy. We talked about instincts and hunches, how to actually understand when those hunches and that gut feeling so important. We get into the faith in the magical universe and we go a little bit deeper there. We talk about the meaning of life and then there’s a lot of curated content just so you can learn more on your own. So I’d love to have you join me in there it is Betsy Pake comm backslash soul and in the meantime, don’t forget you deserve to live a big life. See you guys next week. Thanks so much for listening. Remember, you can find me all over social media at Betsy Pake and, as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

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