138: Navigating Holiday Emotion with Laura Lea - Betsy Pake

138: Navigating Holiday Emotion with Laura Lea


Episode 138:

Today I talk about holiday emotion and how to handle the good, the uncomfortable and moving forward into 2019

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You’re listening to Episode 138 of The Art of Living big. I had to look I wasn’t sure when 37 138 Okay, so I know I wasn’t gonna do a podcast this week. But I had thoughts and ideas. And anytime that I’m going through stuff, I like to bring it to y’all. So I did something a little bit different today. So I hope that you like it.

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And it’s pretty incredible. So if you look for my group, you can find it by going to my business website, which is high altitude, success, calm, I’m gonna put a link to it inside the show notes. But if you go to that, and then you go to the Explore tab, there’ll be a link for the Facebook group. I just feel like that would be the easiest way to get there.

Although you could just search for high altitude sales in side Facebook. Okay, so come and find me there. I think that it could be Excuse me, I think it could be a really incredible community. And I would like to pack it with tons of like minded, like, intention focused, folks. So all right. Happy Holidays, and on with the show. Welcome to the art of living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake. And this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big.

Hey, everybody, welcome to the show today.

Okay, so it’s, it’s Christmas Eve

day. And I wasn’t going to do a podcast this week. But I am a creature of habit, I suppose. And so I started thinking, like, sort of like what I do at the beginning of the week as I start thinking, like, what am I going to share? What could I tell? And I realized, like, as I’m like, making my coffee, I’m explaining it to myself in my head, like in my, in the podcast voice.

So anyway, I’m still not totally sure what I’m going to talk about, but I have a really good friend named Laura. And I’m gonna get her on the phone. I’m gonna see if she’s there. Because I feel like sometimes we have conversations and I’m like, oh, man, I wish I was recording this. Do you know what I’m saying? Like I, she has really good thoughts.

And when we talk together, we come up with really good thoughts. And there’s some things I want to talk about, but I just think it would be easier if I was just having a conversation. Okay, so here, I’m gonna just see if she’s around.

Hello. Hey, Hey, it’s me. Hey, Betsy. Good morning. Hey, good morning.

Okay, so I’m recording you. Oh, is that okay? Hello, hello.

Okay, so here’s what I was thinking. Hi, you’re on the podcast. So I am drinking my coffee. And I am recording a show. And there’s some stuff that I thought would be good to talk about. Because there’s a lot of feelings, right with Christmas and holidays and all of that crap. And so I was like, I wanted it. I know that.

I’m not totally sure what has to come out. But there’s something that has to come out and things typically come out easier with you around. So if you’re Okay, can we talk and we’re let’s do

it. I love talking about the feelings.

Okay, so let’s give some people some context.

Yeah, sure.

Yeah. So tell people who you are.

Yep. So my name is Laura Lee. I am an RTT practitioner, bio energy healer and an intuitive coach. I just launched my own business, which is super exciting. But I’ve been helping people for months and months now, release the emotional support for disease so that they can finally heal their bodies. And typically I work with people who suffer from chronic illnesses like Fibromyalgia or sjogrens syndrome, or, um, you know, things like that. So, so that’s what I do.

So I love that and you and I met, what was it like meeting March? Was it?

I think it was around March. Yeah.

So Laura and I were on a zoom call, which if you’ve never been on zoom, it’s like a room that you go in right electronically and you see pictures of everybody else in the room. So there was like, I don’t know, nine to a dozen people on the call. So if you think of it, I think of it like one of those games show. What was that game show with all the little squares? Oh,

yeah, we’re in the know you’re talking about I have no idea what the name of it is

the name either but you know, all the little squares. And then like, the people are sitting in the squares, you know? And it’s like celebrities. So that’s what I imagined it like. So there’s all these people on the call. And all the people on the call were really wonderful, beautiful people. But I kept looking at Laura.

And I don’t know, I mean, it wasn’t like we were dressed up or anything. It’s not like I was like, Oh my god, like, I love her outfit. Like I could only see your head but it was her energy. Right? And so after the call, like literally, I don’t even know what kind of weirdo I am. But I messaged you, and I was like, I think we should be friends. And you were like, Okay, and then we talk every day ever since.

Exactly. We fell in love. It was like love at first sight. Yeah. Which was miraculous, since on that call. I believe I was just freshly showered with no makeup on. So it must have really shone through.

Right. Okay, but let’s tell the story because this is okay. So this is good. So, okay, so then, so we became friends. And then this is a weird little story. I’m going to tell the Mayflower story.

Oh, good. I like this. Okay,

so, um, I was it maybe a month ago, we were talking. It was like a Saturday morning. And Laura mentioned that her grandmother was on the Mayflower. And so are you know, great, great, great. Great, how many great, so you go back. So I was like, Oh my God, my great, great, great, great, great grandmother was on the Mayflower.

And my dad did like a ton of research to get it like certified or whatever, you know. So like, we know exactly who our relatives are. Now, my husband, for some reason, doesn’t think this is that big of a deal. But I do. I feel like it’s important.

He is not a New Englander. When you’re in New England, or I feel like that’s a much bigger deal.

Yes. Okay. So yeah, cuz I grew up in Vermont, and Laura lives outside Massachusetts. Yeah, yes. Okay. So anyway, long story short, because we’re gonna get to the point of something that will actually help you.

But so she says this, I tell her, I tell her the name of my great great grandmother. I think I took like a screenshot of like the certificate or something incentive to you because we thought that was cool. Laura ends up going online and doing some research, right?

Yeah. So I texted my grandmother, because on my mother’s side, my grandmother had always sort of brought up. Not always, but every now and again, she would bring up the fact that her relatives came over on the Mayflower.

And then that became a thing. Well, her family came over on the Mayflower. So I texted my grandmother and I asked her and it turns out that there were a couple of families that did in fact, come over on the Mayflower and I looked up the one that had been the family name, and I found when she got married, that that C’s relative was witness to the wedding.

So I think they were best friends. That’s what

I believe. So yeah, so they needed to do so that we think here,

right? I think it’s kind of wild. So I’m in Atlanta, now you’re in Boston, our relatives were friends and even in each other’s weddings. So I think that’s pretty cool. Okay, so let’s, let’s talk about links. Okay, so this time a year, I feel like is it you know, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it also can be like the most painful,

right? Like, absolutely, absolutely. This time of year is really hard. And I think it’s a fascinating time, because we’re the holidays are here, and it allows us to be surrounded by so many people.

And to theoretically celebrate so many things, it’s supposed to feel really happy and joyous. But you know, we kind of forget that it’s also cold and dark, and the sun disappears for a while. And December is typically a month where we all want to cocoon up and just sort of go into ourselves and ourselves in a blanket and binge on Netflix, and really not deal with all of our families.

You know, and that doesn’t even take into account going shopping for the holidays at the mall with all of the people who are having all of the same feelings that you are and are probably very stressed about getting the perfect gift. And there are so many different factors to that. Right.

So that’s a good point, because I hadn’t thought of that. But like when you’re going out to the mall, like and you’re interacting with all of the energies, which are stressed out energies, right? That’s you sort of absorb that even if you’re not talking to those people, right, aren’t you? Absolutely.

You say you’re

absorbing stuff like even as you’re walking around? What do you think?

Oh, yeah, absolutely are absorbing that energy. It’s not totally different from going to a major sporting event. It’s a different kind of ramped up energy. But it’s definitely something that you absorb. And second, I mean, and you know, that’s a I know, you’ve talked about football and how you weren’t always a big football fan.

But I’m sure that when you went to the games originally, you started getting all like jazzed up and juiced up because of all the people around you and how excited they were. And it’s, it’s really easy to get caught up in that. And I think that when we take our own feelings, which some people really love shopping, it doesn’t stress them out at all, it gives them great joy, this may be a different experience for them.

Personally, I don’t like shopping. And it gives me anxiety, even if I’m shopping for myself. So when I’m at law, and I’m around all that energy, and some people are very stressed and nervous, and there are a lot of people, that’s a lot to take in a lot to take in.

You know, it’s funny, because right before you said, which you guys this is what Laura does is she kind of knows what I’m thinking. And it’s kind of weird. But so right before she said that about football, I was thinking about football, which is probably why she said it, and she just doesn’t know. So I’m gonna pause.

I’m going to tell you something about football. But I want to pause for just one second. I’m I want to go back to how Laura does RTT for a second. No, here’s what we’re going to do at the end. I’m going to talk a little bit about that, because she does this intuitive thing. And I think it’s really important.

And I want you guys to know about it if that’s okay, Laura. Yeah, of course. So that’s what just happened was the football thing. So I was totally thinking I’m a football, football, football. And then she said, Betsy, I know you. So this is what happens with Laura. So if you get a chance to work with her, you really should, because it’s sort of an amazing experience. So, so what I was going to say is typically, I try in my life.

And this hasn’t been my whole life, just like the past few years to get in my body, right. So like, I feel totally in my body and aware. But I remember when we went to the LSU football game, which was just a couple months ago, and my husband and I went down to New Orleans, I think I might have talked about it on the show.

But I wasn’t I didn’t do that we were busy. And we went to this bar first. And it was crazy. And we got to the game and it was hectic. And there was a ton of people and I didn’t get in my body. And the energy from that place I had, I literally had physical reaction, like I had, like a hives all over my neck, and my chest, which is what I get when I get really amped up.

And, um, it was like a weird moment because I was so like feeling the energies of everybody. And it was uncomfortable, like it felt very out of control. And like I couldn’t get myself back. Right. And so I think that that’s probably happening to a lot of people when they go to the mall, or they go out where all of these things are happening.

But but it’s on a much larger, a much smaller scale, right? Because you’re not like in a stadium and 90,000 people screaming the same thing. But it’s sort of the same thing on a smaller scale where you’re absorbing all that.

Yes, absolutely. And as you can see, when you have that kind of stress and those hormones running through your body, it does indeed create a physical reaction. So a lot of people will come away from the model and feel like they need a long nap.

Some people in the

drink, like

to get a drink, right? Yeah.

100% 100% Yeah, I mean, it’s, it’s intense. And so when you when you add that into everything else that you might have going on, and then, um, you know, there are the if you’re an office worker, you have the, you know, the office holiday party. And sometimes that brings you around people that perhaps you don’t usually spend time with and feeling all of their energy.

You know, and it can be a really positive thing, there can be a lot of really positive things going on. But, you know, if you’ve got some less positive things happening for you, because this time of year is really hard for a lot of people, especially where, you know, family is at the front and center or relationships are at the front and center. And it can be really hard and sad and difficult time for people

yet, you know, and that’s what I’m finding, and I’ll share a little bit about me like I, I typically think I’m a really happy person. And like, even when things are bad, I’m sort of like, Can I can find the good in it, right? Yes, but I’m suffering. Like I’m suffering right now you and I have texted back and forth. And we’ve talked about it.

And I think that this happens to people a lot. So I want to talk about that in case you are going through this because you’re totally not alone. I am with you in this. But you know, Christmas time is a time for families, right? Like that’s what we’ve been saying it’s time for families and shopping for families and doing all those things, but my family’s very disjointed. I guess you’d say like, you know, my my sister lives across the ocean. country and we’re not super close.

And my dad lives, you know, Florida and Vermont back and forth. And we’re not very close. You know, I, I’ve seen my sister maybe two times in the past 10 years. And I’ve seen my dad, you know, I see my dad once a year for lunch, maybe when we go down for a football game. So like that it’s sad. It’s sort of a sad time, because it brings all of that to the surface, right.

And it’s not that we all don’t like each other. It’s just when my mom died, I feel like my whole family sort of just kind of shifted right in this weird way. Now, I have come to believe that it shifted for a purpose, and that there’s something that’s it has to happen that way in order to support each of us in a new way so that we could do something else in the world, right?

Absolutely. But it’s still sad. And this year, my daughter’s at our dads, right. So if anybody’s listening that’s divorced, and they go through that, like my kids, not home. So it feels weird. It’s totally different than any other year. And so like, I got the empty nest, things are going on. I’ve got like, I don’t really have a close family thing. And so it’s like a lot of we like feelings that we typically think of as negative like, I don’t want to feel bad. Yeah.


yeah. Well, yeah. That I mean, so that’s the I don’t think that your story is really very uncommon. In itself, it’s this year was interesting, and in a lot of ways, very challenging for me, too. It’s not my first Christmas away from my nuclear family. So my dad, my stepmom, and my two sisters, and my brother, but it’s the first year that I really felt like, all of the traditions are kind of gone.

And my family on my dad’s side used to get together every Christmas Eve to celebrate with his siblings, and my grandparents. And when my grandmother finally passed away, that tradition really struggled to stay alive. And this year, we went and saw it’s a wonderful life together and had pizza after and that was nice. And it was different.

And I’m in a home where my partner has two children. And they have their traditions that I came into, and I’ve been in their lives for several years now. But it’s learning how to make sure that we’re honoring their traditions, but that they also don’t lose mine has been really hard. And I don’t think it needed to be as hard because it’s often hard to talk about when you’re feeling this way, right? When you’re feeling sad, or you’re feeling

like sort of selfish, like it’s not that I like my husband’s Mom always comes. And it’s not that I want her to come like I want him to have that. But I also don’t know how I fit into all that especially wisly.

All have gone.

Yep, it’s a huge change. And it’s an adjustment. And I think that it’s an opportunity for us to stop and take a look at it in a different way. Right. So it is important to feel the bad feelings. It’s important to honor that and it but it’s also important not to dwell on them. Right. So acknowledge how long are them? How long is

gone into dwelling?

Like really a great question. I think it’s different for everyone. I think that I think that you if you’re being really honest with yourself, can check in with your body and with your inner higher being and self and know that Okay, come on. Now. It’s time to pick yourself up by the bootstraps. I really think that you’ll know.

And for me, I think it kind of happened when I realized like, you know, my stepdaughter has said she wants to create a new tradition. So why am I sending her being all mopey about, you know, not having Christmas Eve with my family? Like it’s it was completely ridiculous to a certain point. So I finally said, okay, like I’ve licked my wounds long enough.

And I think for me, I mean, Betsy, you and I started talking about this a couple of weeks ago, when I first started really struggling with it. And it ebbs and flows, right? Like you don’t always just sit in the negative feeling it pops up every now and again. And, and at some point

yesterday, I thought I was having a really good day, and then all of a sudden, I was like, bawling my head off, right? Yeah. It’s like, and I’m like, I don’t know. Like, I’m just gonna let it come out. I’ll see what you

know. All the beauty of the holidays, right?

And the thing that sucks about the whole thing is really that there’s so many cookies around like, Oh, those eat a cookie. You know what I mean? What she was like dad worse because you eat like a half a dozen like chocolate sugar cookies.

Yeah, well, and delicious. You know, and the truth, by the way, became my new family tradition with my stepdaughter. So she and I last night, so I saw this. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So we can go to Instagram and follow you and see that but yes, yeah,

it’s in my stories. And we made fun. She Gather and it was awesome because it was the perfect melding of family traditions. My auntie Cathy used to make us fudge and I couldn’t tell you like I don’t think it was for our holiday necessarily, but I just remember her always making fudge and loving it so much.

And keeps mother used to make fudge as well when he was growing up. So it and she’s since passed. And so it’s kind of a nice way for Val and I about oh my gosh, the way she eats fudge that kid, she loves that she just loves it. And it was a great way for me to bring both of our families together and for Val and I used to have a new tradition together.

And it I don’t know, I don’t know how to describe it. I appreciate that, you know, fudge isn’t necessarily the most physically healing food you could eat. But I would say that emotionally, it was a really healing activity for me. And it brought us closer together. And I think it made Keith really happy. So, um, yeah, yeah. So it’s so

Okay, so what I’m taking from this is like, right now things are, like, just sort of sad and uncomfortable. And that may be coming up with the new tradition. Oh, which brings me to tonight, really, which is New Year’s Eve. And so I’m particularly Christmas Eve. Sorry, I keep saying that. Because

if I Eve It feels like it should be. I know, we’re ready for the new year, right. But

we’re gonna talk about that in

a second. But I’m picking up all of and we’re going out to dinner to the melting pot, because I thought that would be like an experience, right? And like, something different and something new. She wants to be at her dad’s on Christmas morning, which is the first time ever and so it just feels so weird. So I was like, I have to have something new. So when and I have felt like I am

What have I felt I felt like,

Oh, I’m just bringing her out to dinner on Christmas Eve. But it’s it’s like the the booby prize. Do you know what I mean? Like it’s like this. But when you just described it, it made me feel like no, maybe this could actually be like something really positive and good. And like a totally new twist and a new way to look at it. So instead of going like this is all I get, instead going this is something new that we’re creating together.

Yes, exactly. And life

is all about how you’re looking at it, right?


It shows up all the dang time. Okay, amazing. Yeah, this is making me happier. Because now I can see it as like, something really cool. And every year we can try something new. Because you know, the melting pot is like the fondue place. Do you guys have those up there?

Yes, we do. And it just made me think that you and I must have a real thing for chocolate.

Right? Yeah, they have like the best desserts, right? Because it’s so good thing the cheese. So it could be cool. Because we could do like something new every year or have our thing you know, and so maybe we can make that. Like one thing instead of this thing where I’m feeling sort of sad about it. How sad it is that I have to go do this

right? Yeah, it’s um, it’s so interesting because families typically grow and change and do their own thing at a certain point too. So you know, all of was inevitably going to grow up right and go like it was going to happen. So it’s just the first year is is really hard. I’m sure that for my parents the first year I wasn’t there for Christmas Eve even though I was like in my 20s was really hard for them.

And I think it’s so interesting because I would be curious if your listeners have any thoughts on this because we are New Englanders. And we New Englanders don’t really like to leave our families and we don’t really like when things change. And I’m sure there are New Englanders who are listening to this who really don’t like hearing me say that they disagree completely.

But I that has been my experience as a New Englander and I with another New England family who is a little bit similar. And some of them have also branched off and you know, my partner’s sister lives in Texas now. So she has Christmas with her little family in Texas, right and in it, it changed you know everything changes, but you’re right. That’s a it’s how you look at it and it’s creating something new and beautiful and, and being comfortable with the fact that everything changes all the time constantly.

Yeah, yeah, everything changes all the time constantly. And it just never ends. Ah, I would like an afternoon with no change. That would be one day, but one day Sweet Baby Jesus no changes. Okay, so I want to talk about the new year. I also am going to ask you to move your hair. You’re pretty hair. Yeah,

I’m sorry guys away from your microphone. Yeah. Yeah, cuz you all want to listen to my hair hitting the microphone.

thickest prettiest hair. So, um, yeah, so it was like, really attack just wrestling.

I guess that right.

Okay, so let’s talk because I have big plans for 2019. And here’s what I think. I think that 2018 there was so much dang shuffling in my life in 2018, like amazing things and awful things and transitions of things. And I feel like things were shuffling to bring everything to the spot where it had to be for 2019 to like, take over.

And here’s the other thing that I think and then I’m gonna let you talk. But I don’t think it’s going to be like January 1, like all of the sudden, I think I feel it in March. Yeah, and it’s weird, because last year, I had feelings about September and September is when, like, huge, amazing, it just started happening for me. So I feel it in March. So Oh, I love that. Because it doesn’t just start automatically because it’s a new year, right? Or does it?

No, no.

It’s, I mean, it can for some people, I’m sure, absolutely. But I hear you with March because we’re talking about spring. Right? That’s when everything comes back to life and everything the seeds get planted. Or I suppose that might happen a little bit later, the ground is frozen, but the seeds get planted theoretically right for springtime, so that we can really blossom and nurture ourselves and grow.

I feel like all of 2018 was the shuffling of like at getting the crops ready, right? Yeah. Like

you’re tilling the soil. Yes. That’s the thing. I feel

I feel like the beach coming this year. Oh, yeah. Right. And I don’t even know. I have no idea how, like, if you said to me, like, Okay, how could I would go like, Oh my god, that’ll never happen. But even saying that felt wrong. I feel it’s coming. I don’t know how. But it’s coming.

Laura, remember the time that you manifested the free beach trip?

Yes. You didn’t know how that was gonna happen. You just roll the universe. It’s what you wanted. And yet another little you follow the seeds, you follow the little like breadcrumbs. Right. Right. So I feel like that’s happening. Yeah. When that happens, I’m gonna do a celebration episode recording from the balcony at the beach.

Oh, I love it. I love it. Oh, what

do we need to know? Do you think what do we need to do to be ready for all of the transition? I think.

So practicing compassion.

And I say that because like, we just talked about how painful this time is. I think as you’re getting ready to grow, or as you’re growing, because you’re constantly growing, it comes with a lot of pains and allowing yourself to not beat yourself up about it, but just allowing yourself to feel the things that you’re feeling, acknowledging them, and then asking yourself, how can I feel better, and allowing the thing that makes you to feel better come from a place that is of growth?

So, um, you know, so Betsy, if you’re feeling like, I don’t know, like somebody that you’re coaching is really struggling, and you’re trying to figure out the best way to phrase something for them. And you’re feeling that internal struggle, and allowing yourself the grace to take a step back, take a breath, get still and let the wisdom come to you to share with them.

And it will allow everything to unfold in a way that’s really purposeful and intentful. Rather than, you know, I could go down to my fridge and eat the whole batch of fudge to make myself feel better. Do you know what I mean? Yeah, make sense. Yeah. Yeah. So just being intentional with everything that’s happening.

And I really like writing. I think that writing out all of your feelings and all of your thoughts and taking a look at where you can shift the perspective is super important. And your goal setting talk about your goal setting. mode, by the way that you do that. How do I do it? You have lots of ways of goal setting. Yeah. And they’re really intentional.

Okay, so one thing is like when you were saying that, I use an app called day one, and I open that app, sometimes it’s funny, because I was talking to my intuition the other day, and I kept hearing, write it out, write it out. And once I started writing it out, like total clarity came to me. So I use the day one app, I like it, I think it’s sort of expensive, but I have it on my Mac. I mean, I think it was maybe like 25 bucks or something which for an app, you know, but I’ve used it for years.

And I find it so helpful. And I can just write write, write, write, write. And it’s weird because I’ve sent you screenshots I think before of my writing, so It starts out as me, right? And then all of a sudden it shifts to this like, you know, my inner voice I’m sure still me but like, smarter, wiser, and the words that come are so true and it makes me go Oh my God, why didn’t I think of that? But I needed to have that like catalyst right, that thing to write it all down and get it all out. Um, the other thing I was gonna say is Have I ever sent you the Lee Harris ENERGY UPDATE? Ever? Yes.

So you guys need to look up Lee Harris energy on YouTube and he’s on Instagram too. But every month he does this energy update and I actually last night watched December’s again because now that December is sort of like gone past to see and it was like, it’s always so good. And so spot on. We need to get him on the show.

Yeah, you do every that would be amazing.

Get this is what we need. Okay, you guys need to help me because he’s sort of a big deal. I don’t know if we could get him on. So everybody needs to go. Graham. And put you need to be on Betsy show. Right? Like put just at me and say you need to be on Betsy Pake podcast. Oh my god, do that, because that would be amazing. If we could get him on and ask him all the questions. Yeah. So um, anyway, so yeah, so check out him because he’s always got good energy updates.

And then we’ll or two that Betsy is. I am sending you this podcast. But the Tarot for the wild soul podcast with Lindsey Mac, every month she does. She does an intuitive, like download about what is what the energy is for the month. And I think that one is it’s similar. But she obviously uses tarot cards as her, you know, tool, and then she’s an intuitive channel. So she brings that energy and those messages down.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, hers are good, too. That is, yeah. I’ll, I’ll try to link that in the show notes so people can find it. Thanks. So um, yeah. So you know, for me, one of the things that I’m trying to do for next year, and I’m a big planner, like, I like to plan and map all the things out. And one of the things for me is to I this year, and some years I go, like, I’m gonna just focus on a word, you know, like, I’ve done all the things. But this year, I actually took really big things that I had no earthly idea how it was going to happen.

And I put those on my list, like big, big, big things, big things that I wouldn’t probably tell anybody. But you like when we’re not recording? You know what I mean? Because, because there’s something scary about telling people and then having them watch you and not actually happening, right. But I put some big stuff on there. And it felt like writing it out. Felt like real, like that was a real intention. So that’s really more of what it was, it was like the intention of I am going to follow this.

Now. I’m a big fan of the subconscious, right. So I do a lot of things with my subconscious at night. And when I’m meditating, and when I did that list, I just kept saying, subconscious. I know that you I don’t have to worry about this, because I know that you know, the path. So I’m just going to be looking for the looking for the breadcrumbs, looking for the breadcrumbs.

Right. And I already have started to see. But I think that the big huge shift, like the biggest shift in all of that, and one of the things is obviously my beach condo, right? When I’ve already told you that. So I’ll tell you, but the biggest shift was that I believe it. Yes. Right. And you know, it’s the whole ask, and you shall receive, you know, like, we’ve heard this, but it’s when you actually believe it, that it starts to happen.

And so if you’re wondering, what do I really believe, like, what do I really believe is possible for my life, then look around your life, right? So I was laying in bed this morning, actually. And I was like, look around my life. And I was in that like lowly sleep when you’re just starting to wake up. And I really like that time so that I can start to implant all the things I want.

And I was thinking, like, look around your life. And I was like, there’s a lot of things I could shift. There’s a lot I need to work on with my, with my mindset, right with how I’m seeing things because I want to uplevel like, I want this next thing to be, like way bigger. And I think going from where you were your whole life, like how you were brought up to jump to something bigger. I think it’s really,

I think it’s really hard for people.

It’s a huge shift. It’s a huge shift. And that’s why it’s so important to do the things that you do with the day one app with all of the writing because you really have to understand all of the thoughts that you have and how how those thoughts are making you feel because that’s where it all comes From, if you don’t think you can do it, you’re not going to have the right vibration.

So even if you set the intention or use the affirmation, if you don’t understand your true underlying thoughts and what feelings those thoughts are creating, then you are not going to take the correct actions to create the results that you really want, right? So you’re at this place where you have been, you know, downloading all of your thoughts for so long about all this stuff now that you’re incredibly clear on what you think and what you believe is really possible.

And that is why you believe it and feel it in your body now, because you know, you’ve created big things before. I mean, you can create even bigger things. And that’s really very clear for you now,

it feels like and I’ve been, you know, dissecting my thoughts now for probably about five years, like hot, high tech, like every day, like, Why do what do I believe? What’s happening? Why am I thinking that? What was the belief behind that? Why did I believe that? When did I start believing that? Right?

And to the point where I was telling you the other day, like, my joints have been hurting in the morning. And then I was like, when did I decide to have my joints hurt in the morning? Yes. And, um, and you know, when it was, by the way, and it was when you and I were talking, and you were saying how you were going to do the Medical Medium thing. And I said, I wish I had something to do for the Medical Medium.

Remember that conference, I do remember that,

I think I decided I needed something to have to heal. I know, that’s so weird to somebody listening, but I totally believe that. So anyway. But as I’m like dissecting things, I almost feel like, you know, if you laid out a deck of cards in front of you, like every card individually laid out in front of you, and you were looking down on them, and those were all your thoughts and beliefs.

And I feel like that’s where I am like looking down and I can flip over the cards I want. And I can move stuff around. And like, I’m, I’m at the point where I’m like, do I dare to move it? Do you know what I’m saying? I love that’d be a huge thing is gonna happen?

Yes, that’s beautiful.

And next year, when I get to the beach, I’m going to explain all of this. But a lot of things have happened this year, that have shifted to put me in a position where I could do things that I always wanted to do, but I couldn’t before. And it’s it’s sort of hard to explain, but the, like, things that I never would have thought would have worked out, right, have just worked out in a way that is really good. Um, and allowed me the space to be able to make changes and to do things. So I’m so messy.

Yeah. Can I ask you a question? Yeah. As those things were shifting for you. They were hard, right? Oh, it was terrible. Yeah, it was it was but look at even the bad things when you’re trying to experience them. And you can’t possibly understand how this could be good. It will always present itself later down the line. Because look, you’re now in that place.

Yeah. And it’s almost like if you’re in the middle of you’re listening, and you’re in the middle of like, freaking turmoil. It’s got to you, it has to be freaking turmoil to rearrange, especially if it’s something big. Yeah, right. So like, all of that rearranging is not easy. It’s like, it’s a lie.

It’s a lot. It’s a lot. And it’s hard. And like seriously, sending everybody going through something really hard, the most positive healing energy I possibly can. Because sitting here saying someday it’s going to be for your higher good, I’m sure doesn’t make you feel any better. But I mean, it can really make magical things happen. And if you can kind of keep that in the back of your mind. It might help make things a little bit easier.

Yeah, yeah, I think so even now, like as I go through this little season here at Christmas time, and I feel the you know, the twisting of like, this is all new, and I don’t like this and this isn’t what I wanted. Really. Like maybe this is really setting something up really incredible. You know, maybe even the little things that are uncomfortable are a transition into something bigger.

Yeah, I bet. I fully believe Oh, I’m ready. I love it.

Oh, thank you for coming on my show. Oh, and they were just letting me like call you and be like, so like, text her and be like, Hey, can you talk? She’s like, sure. I’m like, Okay, so I’m recording. So, um, okay, so let’s, I want to just talk really briefly and I know you talked about what you do, but I just want to say like you did this thing called RTT which is hypno you can correct me but it’s like hypnosis and then she does a regression so like, you know, when you have a For a thought about something or something’s happening in your life, but you don’t understand why, then it like, it helps you to go back and understand why.

And the thing is, is that as you and I have done, you’ve done RTT with me three times. Yeah, we’ve done it three times. And every time is like, freaking magical. And then the weird thing is, is that I start becoming aware of things like after we’re on the, off the phone, right? So like, for weeks after, it’s almost like I’m having these, like, RTI, say it’s like, but my whole, like, I’ll have these moments where I’m like, Oh, my God, I never even thought of that.

But that’s totally what it is. So you walk people through this process, and once they go through it, then it’s like, then then it’s like, oh, I know how I know how what this feels like. And then yeah, just recreate?

Yes, exactly. Yeah. So it’s the RTT was created by Marissa here and for after, I think it was something like 30 years of being a hypnotist, and she perfected this method so that it includes NLP, which I know is something that you do, and you do very well. But have done, I’ve done it on you. You have Oh, yeah. That is magic.

If you guys haven’t done that, you need to, um, but yes, so you go into regression to understand the emotional triggers for whatever is happening in your life. And so it’s not so much that you’re creating something in yourself, but perhaps that something is triggered for you emotionally in your body that manifests physically, for example.

So you know, we talked about chronic illness, and for me, it was it was clearing Fibromyalgia through RTT. But it can be anything from you know, your money mindset to weight gain, or, you know, maybe you’re like losing a ton of weight, which, you know, I mean, who doesn’t want that problem? But um, yeah, somebody could be anything. Yeah,

yeah, I know. Exactly. Maybe we need to do some RTT. For me on that. Okay. Well,

but yeah, so I mean, it can, it can be absolutely anything, but just taking a look at where the where the belief started, and where the triggers started. So that you can understand the different patterns that you’ve created, and why those patterns were created and help you to finally, really, it’s talking about feeling all the feelings we always come full circle, don’t we?

But it’s so you can feel all of those feelings, and you’re feeling them as an adult, because usually the stuff happens when you’re a kid. And you know, it can be something really benign, like, right, so tickled and being a kid who didn’t like being tickled and that can.

Yes, I can, like puts it whoops. We’re like, Oh, no, go ahead. So we have like, it puts it in a different perspective, right? Because when you’re five, and you experience something, and then you’re an adult, and you experience the same thing, it’s totally different, right?

totally differently. So it reframes it.

Yeah, I’m gonna give an example when you did one for me, and I don’t even remember, this might have been the first one. But one of the images that came back to me was this image of me asking my mom for an orange and she said, No, it’s almost dinnertime. So I went and asked my dad, and he said, Sure, cuz dads don’t know.

And then my mom was mad because I went nasty, my dad. And so in that as a five year old, I felt really misunderstood because I wasn’t doing that to be a bad kid. I was doing it cuz I was really hungry. And I was asking for damn orange. It’s not like I was asking. Again, I’m a cookie. Right? So in that I got this fear of being misunderstood.

That was holding me back. So as an adult viewing that I go, Oh, well, I totally get my mom just didn’t want me to eat before dinner. And so it changed every Yes, yes, having the recollection and viewing it through different eyeballs made me be able to go Oh, that’s not true. Like I’m an adult. Now I don’t have to live that way.

Right? I can. Exactly. That’s exactly right. And to your point where then you have all these little like RTT moments after it’s that’s exactly at your subconscious is bubbling forward, all of the things that helps to compound to create the results that you have now, so it allows you to continue to further understand and release and feel and change, which is so it’s amazing. It’s I mean, I’ll put your I’ll put your fancy pants new website links. Oh, hey,

so but it’s your name is Laura Lee is Laura lead die? Oh, is that right? Yes. Yep.

Die. Oh, what is that? What is that? I Oh, I mean, I know a lot of people are.io. Now I kind of Yeah.

So the Enders on I don’t know what they’re called for some reason right now, which is scary because my other life is in like, in security, but it’s actually different countries.

So if you went to a website that’s based in Canada It would be it would be like.ca Yeah, so this I think is like Indonesia or something like that, but it was what was available when I was reading a URL so yeah, yeah, I like the I Oh, yeah, it’s very um, but it’s very hip and popular. So I say here I should be hip and popular to

be hip and popular. Like I’m not.

Oh, well to also are.

There’s a belief there’s a leaf in there somewhere. Work on that next.

Yes. All right. Well, thanks so much. Thank you, Betsy. Let me record our conversation.

Oh, my love. This was so fun. Hey, everybody, thank you for listening to the show. Don’t forget to find me over on Instagram at Betsy Pake, and let me know what you think of the show. If you like this kind of thing. If you want to have Laura on, I feel like it should be a regular thing that we do it like every quarter or something. I don’t know. Maybe more. Tell me what you think. And, as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

That’s it.


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