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Lynda Bunnell is the Director of the International Human Design School. Working closely with Ra Uru Hu since 1999, she was one of the first to begin teaching the public about Human Design and training Human Design professional Analysts and Teachers world-wide, including the first class of analysts under the new educational program re-structured by Ra in 2003. In 2005, she and Ra were among the first to teach Human Design on-line creating a virtual space where students from all over the world could meet and study together. In 2006 at his request, she re-introduced the Living Your Design Guide training program. Lynda has pioneered many of the training methods and modalities used in the online training programs today, and is the author of the Student and Teacher Editions of the Living Your Design books and co-author with Ra Uru Hu of the Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation (click here).

Ra asked her to become the Dean of the International Human Design School in 2006, and in June of 2010 turned the school over to her completely, entrusting her with his educational programs as well as maintaining the global standards for education within The Human Design System. Lynda is a fervent pioneer in moving Human Design out into the world and works full time to support and expand the community of students and professionals throughout the world, dedicating herself to preserving The Human Design System as taught by Ra.

“For the 12 years that I worked closely with Ra, I had the profound good fortune to be in effect his private student as we corresponded almost daily about the details of The Human Design System knowledge, and his vision for it. He taught me how important it is to maintain the authenticity of the knowledge he was given, and he confided to me his dreams, wishes, and overall vision for The Human Design System. In the process, he transformed my life and the way I view the world around me. And he instilled in me the tools I need to continue to bring this knowledge to all who can use it, and for this, I am eternally grateful.”

“I love teaching and working with people and being a witness to their transformation. This is one of the most important steps for people and I am humbled and grateful that I get to be involved in this work. It is very important to me that the knowledge is communicated clearly and correctly. Each time I teach Human Design I am in awe of its magic and the mutation it brings to the lives it touches. I look forward to the next experience and meeting your uniqueness.”

Lynda’s background includes thirty plus years as a successful businesswoman and a passion for spiritual and metaphysical studies. She was raised and still resides in Southern California, and is the mother of two and grandmother of four.

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You’re listening to Episode 115 of The Art of Living big. I have a special guest with us today on the show her name is Linda. But now, Linda is the director of the International Human Design School. Now, if you’ve never heard about human design, we’re going to talk about it and get into it and tell you where you can find your own human design chart. But Linda actually worked really closely with route guru who, in 1999, she was one of the first to begin teaching the public about human design and training Human Design professional analysts and teachers all over the world. In 2005, she and ra were among the very first to teach Human Design online, and they created a virtual space where students could come from all over the world to meet and study together, she co wrote a book with Ra. And she’s going to talk with us today about understanding the basics of human design, and where you can go so that you can leverage this technology so that you can live your life with a little bit more ease and flow instead of pushing against how you are naturally designed to be. It’s fascinating. And once I talked with her On this episode, I began really much more interested in this and interested in learning a little bit more, going even deeper. So I hope that this serves you. Let’s go to the show. Welcome to the art of living day. I’m your host, Betsy Pake, and this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hey, everybody, welcome to the show. Today I have my friend, Linda. But now with us, hey, Linda.


I’m excited to be here. Yeah, I’m psyched. I’m excited that you’re here. And I think that a lot of the listeners are going to be excited, you’re here too. So tell us a little bit about what you do. And sort of how you came to find this idea of Human Design. Oh, boy, well, that can be a long story. But I’m going to try to shut up but uh, try to shorten it up a little bit. Back in 1999, a friend of mine introduced me to something called the Human Design System. And at the time, it wasn’t all that interested. But after sort of repeating her invitation to me, I finally developed an interest in it. And one thing led to another, and I decided to sell it like, you know, gosh, I really want to know more about this. So I started to look into it just fell in love with it. Because I felt like that there was really nothing else out there like it in terms of personal development, spiritual growth. And just that whole self discovery dynamic that, you know, that happens with a lot of modalities out there that just didn’t seem like there was anything like human design, it really captured my attention. So I met the founder, who lived in Sedona at the time, and then he moved to Germany and then a visa after that, but met with him talk to him about it, had a few sessions with him took two classes with him. And just, I mean, I was just amazed by the depth and accuracy of the human design system. So I was hooked. And I just got involved. I became a teacher, I worked closely with the founder. And over over the years, he had a past school called the International Human Design School. And over the years, he made me a dean of the school and then he turned the school over to me completely. We wrote a book together the definitive book of Human Design. And just before the book was was published, and I could hand it to him, he died of a massive heart attack. So he’s been gone now for about six years. And yeah, so I felt like okay, I’m holding the bag now. So

you’re like carrying on the legacy.

Yeah, exactly. And so Hillary, his name was, you say it so I don’t say it rah, rah, rah, whoo hoo. Okay. And he came up, he came upon that name during his, his experiences and coming into you know, you know, becoming the founder of Human Design for that name. His original name was Robert Krakauer from a Canadian man, Canadian businessman, actually, yeah. And, and his name changed over over a period of time. It was sort of like an I want you to explain in a second what human design really is. But the whole, the, the little bit that I’ve read about it was that he sort of had a, like a spiritual event where this whole idea of human design was sort of downloaded to him. Would you say? That’s?

Absolutely, absolutely he had a

about a week where he was have had this encounter with the voice as he would call it, the, again, the his encounter with the boys, where he was given a tremendous amount of information about the Human Design System, and about many things. And then after that, that was in 1987. After that, he started to sort of piece his life back together again, that was such a huge event for him, that was quite something to try to reorganize yourself, if you know what I mean. And to think, think about going out in the world and talking about this was not something that he, you know, relished. Right, so it must feel a little funny, right? Because most people don’t have an experience like that. And then to say, like, Yeah, he was my idea. He never, he never wanted to be a guru or, you know, a messenger of something like this. So the whole thing was very new to him. So it took him a while to come to terms with it. And then he he couldn’t, he couldn’t not do it, he was told by the voice that he was going to be the messenger of Human Design. And after a period of time, he got comfortable in his skin doing this. And for 25 years, he travelled around the world talking about the Human Design System. And so so what is it for someone that’s listening that’s never heard of this before? Well, um, it is a synthesis of four ancient esoteric systems with modern science. So it combines the eaching hexagrams, asked astrology, the Kabbalah and our genetic 64 code on some of our genetic code, and science behind all of that combines all of these things together, as, as a synthesis, and what it does is it just gives us a very precise map of who we are, at the DNA level and who, you know, what we are here to do, and not to do, what we’re designed for what our purposes? And how to access that. I mean, you know, that’s a critical part of anything is, it’s one thing for somebody to tell you what your purpose is, it’s another thing for you to access that and, and develop it and know how to develop it. And it uses so you can go on to the Human Design site right at which is is it that I HD school calm? Yeah, where they can get at work.

You can get a free chart.

Yeah, no, I’ve done that. I’ve gone on, and I’ve gotten my chart. And so there are different types, right? So like, if you go there, and you get your free chart, it’ll, it gives put you in one of four types. Am I right about that? Yeah, there, there are four basic types, but each type has its own complexities, but it’s broken down into four. And there’s the manifester the generator, projector, and reflector. And but within, like I said, within each type it gets, it gets complex, right? Because it’s kind of confusing, even the very simple like basic chart that you download. And so you put in your birth date, and the actual time that you were born, and they time and location and location. Okay, so that’s okay, so I did that. And I was very pleased with myself that I was able to locate the time

that I was born.

And so it can be challenging,

right, so it gives me this type. Can you kind of, can you briefly describe the different types? Like I’m a generator, like, what does that mean? And what are the like, briefly the kind of types Yeah, so the generator is there really two main types of generators, there’s the the what we call pure generator, and a manifesting generator. So but generally, they’re both here to learn what it is that they love to do, and do it you know, and, and really, their workers there are the they are the workers of the planet. And they are designed to have the capacity, the wherewithal to work, I mean, really work put out a lot like a, you know, a big strong steam engine or something like that to really work hard and they love when they’re, when they’re in the work that they love, then they feel a sense of satisfaction, and they really can They’ll be very happy and satisfied with their life. But they have to love their work in order for that to happen. So they have a built in sort of built in radar, if you will, or a built in mechanism for them to understand what work it is that they love, they have to respond to it. And so something really important that Human Design teaches us is how to get in touch with our innate body’s intelligence, versus trying to figure out what we’re supposed to do with our life through our minds, and generators. Intelligence come from a sacral sacral center within the body, and it operates through response, it’s not an initiating mechanism, it’s a responding mechanism. So they have to learn and get in touch with that particular tool in order to getting gauge with the the work that is going to be the most fulfilling for them. And so Human Design teachers generators, how to do that. Okay, interesting. So it’s really like you identify what you are, and I want you to briefly go over the other types too. But if you identify what you are, and then the work of Human Design is really helping me learn how to leverage that. Because like, when you say worker, like that really resonates with me, because I always, like if I’m into something like I can, I can write a book, I can do 36 podcasts. Yeah. And Coach 29 people, like, I can do all of that, like, you know, you know, I mean, like that is sort of yeah, oh, yeah. Yeah, they’re workers and builders. And if they respond to something and really get their juices flowing about it, they really can be quite impressive in in the work that they’re doing. But, of course, they have to have that body response in order to fully not, if you’re not in the flow of whatever, then you’re like, probably AQL there’s a couple of signposts. So, for a generator to know if they’re really loving the work, they feel a sense of satisfaction, especially at night, when you hit the sack and you go, oh, man, I had such a good day to day I feel satisfied, I got so much done. The other side of that is frustration. If you’re not feeling satisfied with your work, you’re going to feel frustrated, and all generators can identify with that feeling of frustration when you’re really trying hard to get something done or pushing against something and you can feel this, you know, intense frustration, and I’m a manifesting generator. And I know that feeling really well. Things just don’t move fast enough for me. So I can get frustrated and and and so these are signposts and so if you, if you have the signpost in your life of satisfaction, you know, you’re on the right track, if you have the signpost in your life of frustration, you know, there’s something that’s not flowing. So I like to think of Human Design in terms of our flow with life. Like every human being is designed to flow in life in a certain particular way. And generators flow with response, and doing things that are satisfying. And when you hit a frustration that means that you need to take a take a step back and take a look at what you’re doing, where am I pushing? Where am I trying to make something happen? And where am I not surrendered to my own response? So, you know, there’s, there’s ways that you can work with it to really see how life is see how you are doing and the flow of life. Right, right. Okay, so the generators, one type, what are the other types?

Well, there’s a manifester, and manifest stirs are designed to initiate to get things started, there are the innovators, they begin things and they’re a smaller percentage of the population. They’re only about 7% of the population. And they, you know, if things aren’t going well for them, they feel anger. If things are going well for them, they feel a sense of peace. So manifestos get the ball rolling and get things started. And they feel a sense, ah, this is really working. Well. This is very peaceful. And this is something I want to do. Let me get this going. Let me get this started. Let me innovate this. And then you have a projector and their job, or job selling the right term, but their role is to guide to guide others, they are the guiding light. For the rest of us, they see things from, I don’t know, a bigger picture. And they’re good problem solvers. And they’re, they really know energy because they read it and so they know where energy is needed and where it can be useful. So they’re really good at guiding others and they Watch, they need to be invited into things because if a projector inserts themselves into something, the other person can feel like they’re being violated in a way, you know, oh, you’re just inserting yourself here, I didn’t ask you, I did invite you. But you’re here telling me what to do. And so projectors can feel a sense of bitterness when they’re not invited. And that’s that’s their signpost is, if they feel successful, they know that they’re in life flowing correctly for them. If they feel bitter, they’re not really flowing correctly for them. So they need to hang back. And basically all of us need to just kind of hang back and let our energy do the work. We all have an aura, but generators or is opening and enveloping that Manchester’s aura is kind of closed, I mean, they’re just cut they off, right in their own aura. And projectors, aura is penetrating, it’s going into the other person to sort of read that energy they make great energy readers protectors do. And then the fourth one is a reflector. And that’s only 1% of the population. So it’s very few reflectors. They are the canary in the coal mine, they tell us, you know, if things are going well or not, you know, that thing about canary in the coal mine, if the camera is ill, or dies or whatever, you know that there’s no oxygen, right? Yeah, yeah. So reflectors tell us if there’s enough oxygen. Yeah. So they play a very unique role. No, as I’m hearing you talk about these, and I’m sure, yeah, that are listening or having this too, like, I can see myself in all of those things is that normal, but your link dominant one is the one that aligns, like, based on your birth date, and the time you are born? Yeah, and I get that comment. And now and then, and we’re all living in the soup of humanity. So we can identify with each other. You know, I mean, just, we just do we just identify with each other, because we’re all living in the same in the same suit. So but yeah, you’ll have your particular strategy, which is what I’m talking about, when I talked about generators, responding and projectors waiting to be invited in, this is a strategy in life. And then there’s something else called an authority. And the authority is really how you make a decision. And, and both of these things are based on the body’s intelligence. And it’s how you know, to Human Design teaches you how to get in touch with that body intelligence, so that you can make decisions that are correct for you. So you can be in the flow of life. And not only that, that the detail of a human design chart will show you know, your gifts, traits, talents, you know, all the all the little things that you’re good at, or designed to do in life, so much more than then strategy and authority or type. So that’s about it. There’s just a tremendous amount of detail in someone’s design. Yeah, it’s interesting, when you get the free report, it gives you just like the basics, right? Like your type, and then the signature and the theme, that strategy, the inner authority that you’re talking about.

And it also gives

you like a profile number. If somebody wants their, their thing, and they look at that, what is the profile number? Well, a profile represents, it’s a very interesting, it’s a very strong signature in your human design. So in other words, you might be somebody that is a two, four profile as an example. And that means that the the two represents the fact that you have very special and unique, innate talents within you that have to be called out by the other before is this energy or this quality about you that meets other people and these other people will call you out, they’ll knock on the door and say, hey, you’re really good at this. You should do this or try this or whatever. So two fours are always getting a calling. For sixes, very people oriented, but they also have a big view of things. There’s tremendous amount of detail and the profiles, the definitive book of Human Design describes each one and in pretty good detail, and so does the report. I think we’re going to talk about those things at the end. Yes, but profile is is very significant. Once you start learning about people’s profiles and getting the profile of your mother, sister, children, husband, wife, whatever. You begin to watch everybody’s profiles on. You know, these are these are qualities these are. This is a role that you play in life, you know, this particular profile is your role in life. And how you? It’s interesting to see because, and I guess the thing that’s really fascinating to me is it’s not like a personality test. It’s not like I’m going through answering questions. So my questions, no answers could be different at a different point in my life, it’s always going to have this like, even if I went back today and refilled it out, it would be exactly the same.

So what

if I, if I’ve got like twins?

Would they be exactly the same? Well, yeah, that that they’re the same. It’s at a level but underneath, you know, you get down to, you know, usually twin one comes out first, and then you have Xavier four or five or 10 minutes between birth. Yeah, you’ll have a different time. And that’s true. They’ll be they’ll be different quality. Yeah. Did did. Ruth, did he think that we chose our design? So do we choose before we’re born, like, what time we’re going to be born? And that corresponds with the design? Or are we given the design because we’re born at a certain time? And we have our design, because we have our design? Because we’re born at a certain time? That’s the best way that I could answer that. Yeah, whether we’re on the other side, choosing that I won’t know till I get there, right. But I do know that we have it because of the moment of birth. And so is there anything that you can do like what if Okay, so mind, like I was saying, I’m a generator? And so my strategy is to respond. But yeah, and me not knowing a whole lot about it. I’m gonna buy your book, because now I’m really fascinated just hearing you talk. But as I as I, as I think like it, my strategy is to respond, that feels sort of disempowering to me. Like, yeah, yeah. Especially especially for us women that were born in Western society, you know, everybody’s taught to go out and get it, make it happen and data. And so that’s, to me what one of the most fascinating things about human design is that we, we’ve been doing things backwards, you know, we we actually become more successful. By following our strategy and authority are more empowered, I should say, I probably shouldn’t use the word successful. Just we can become more empowered to because we know ourselves. Yeah. But you know, you have something inside of you that you can rely on that, that no one else can take away from you. Yeah, so really, it could change the way that I deal with certain situations or go about things in my work, if I know that this is kind of how I’m designed. And so instead of, if I’m not responding, if I’m trying to push things, then I probably will have more frustration, right, which is my theme. But if I’m allowing, and then just responding to what’s coming, then my life could be more flowy. Is that a good way to describe it? Would you say? Well, yeah, your life will be more satisfying that way. And it’s really about trusting the process of life and trusting your own design. Once you learn about your design and learn how your aura operates. It’s an open and enveloping aura it posed to you the people, places and things that you do. in this lifetime, you’re on a trajectory in life, you’re moving along, and all the people, places and things are pulled into your aura. It’s not about you going out and aggressively making things happen or mind. Thanks, it is we’ve been conditioned to believe that, right? But really, what’s happening is that you have a particular design a particular trajectory, and your aura works in a particular way. And you’ll always have things coming at you to respond to always generate yours do it’s just their it’s their nature. Mm hmm. So sometimes when we’re out there initiating stuff, as generators or missing the things that could more naturally come to us. Right, so if I was, if I could learn a little bit more about this and how to work within it in my life, also, Ben? Well, a lot of the things that I struggle with right now or that feel like I’m pushing could more naturally develop and unfold in a way that supports me and gives me success, or what I feel like is Yeah, yeah, I mean, most generators feel success through the feeling of satisfaction, right? Yeah. Yeah. So when you get the chart, um, and so Okay, so I’m in give everybody the website again. But I want to keep talking for just a minute. So they could go to I Hd school.com. And that you can get a free chart. But then once you get the free chart, which will give you the stuff that I just talked about, then you can dive deeper. And there’s an a chart you can purchase. Right? So it goes into everything and more. Yeah. Tell me more about that. Yeah, there’s, like there’s a, there’s like these arrows. And like other stuff I didn’t really understand on my free chart.

Yeah, yeah, they, I think the best thing to do is to get the personal report, which is on the website, you found the home page, so you can’t miss it. Yep, you click on that, and you enter your birth information. And it’s about 55 pages long, and it’s emailed to you as a PDF. And then you just sit with that I, you know, I would print it out and just sit with it and absorb it over the next week or so taking it in slowly digesting it. But the thing about human design, because it hits us on such a cellular level, because it’s that deep in our DNA, we have these moments as we’re even if you don’t understand it completely as you’re reading it. And as you’re taking it in, you’re going, ah, you’re you’re having chills your body, your body’s responding and reacting to it and recognizing the truth of it. That’s what happened to me when I was very first introduced. You know, I started, I had somebody read my chart to me, but you can also do that. Have there’s there’s a listing of professional on the website, and you can go and have somebody just read your chart to you. Do you

remember, is that something people

buy? I don’t do that anymore, because I just don’t have time. But I have people that I can refer I can send you an email after this. And you can send it out to your people in

the show notes. Yeah. Yeah,

yeah. Um, but I remember having a cellular reaction to it. And that’s what hooked me. I mean, I was like, Oh, my God, I don’t really understand what this is saying to me, but I’m recognizing it, I feel it. I know it’s true. I know that I have it. And it was the first time a, you know, a system like that I had studied other things. And it was first time the system like that had hit me at that level. So you know, take it in slowly, just freeze and read and absorb it, or get a reading with somebody and have them walk you through it. And see if it works for you. You know, if it is something that you want to learn more about, yeah, it’s more into something that you want to practice in your life, you know, really strategy and authority becomes sort of a spiritual practice. In my opinion, I know what it is for me. And it’s amazing. Yeah, it’s super interesting. I’m fascinated. So now you also have a book that you wrote with Rob, whoo hoo. And tell me the name of that book again. And I’ll link it in the show notes for everybody as well. Yeah, it’s, it’s called the definitive book of Human Design, the science of differentiation. And you can find it on Amazon. And it’s been translated into about 10 different languages. If you have any international viewers, they could find it in their own language, okay. And that means that they’ll be able to decipher, much more clearly and understand about human design, and really what it’s meant, because this is fascinating, just in terms of, you know, so many times we take, like those tests, right to ourselves and to learn, but this feels like it’s much more about who I am at the core, as opposed to who I have developed into over the course of my life and experiences that I’ve had. Absolutely. Yeah, fascinating. Absolutely. Yeah. There’s no tests involved at all. It really is giving you a printout of your DNA basic boy. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you so much for coming on. This was really fascinating gives us a good rundown of Human Design kind of at its basic level. I hope everybody explores a little bit more, I would love to hear what people come up with and what they find out about it. I do have one last question for you. I ran my daughter’s also. And I’ve heard from a couple people that have also run their children’s to see how they are and it was weird because my kid and my mine are like exactly the same. Except for our infant incarnation cross is different. Uh huh.

Normal or is that like a?

Like? Do you find like, family members are many of the same things or is that we all shall do find? Yeah, we often do find that there are great similarities between family members. And it really has to do with the inheritance of the DNA. Like my daughter and my designer. Very, very similar. And, you know, and then you have the conditioning. So you also have, you know, the, the, your environment that you grew up in. And so you can look at, say, your mother and father’s chart. And then you can look at your husband’s chart and see that you married your father, you know, or you’re having a relationship with your mother. That was something that was really fascinating to me. So, yeah, I remember one class, one class that was taking with well, and I had my entire family’s charts laid out on a big table, and I was like, Oh, my gosh, I you know, I’ve always had a relationship with my dad I replacement, you know?

Yeah, really fascinate. Yeah, super fascinating.

What happens if somebody doesn’t

know what time they were born? Like it? Can you is that the only way you get it? Or is there? I would try to do some some deeper research. If it’s not right there on your birth certificate, call the County Recorder. Yep, the hospital that you were born, and really see what you can find out. I’ve had amazing things happen where I call the hospital, they go oh, yeah, hold on a second. Let me look it up. And they just give it to me on the phone. Yeah. Or if you really can’t find it, if you were born, you know, in at home or something, and they never recorded the time. You can get a chart rectification done and Vedic astrologers are really good at that. So you know, that’s, that’s something that I know people that have done that and it’s worked out well forum. They take all the important moments in your life and then just narrow it down to the moment of your birth. Oh, okay. Yeah. And, you know, mine wasn’t on my birth certificate, but my mother had recorded it, like in the announcement, you know, and so that’s, yeah, that’s where I found mine was by digging up the announcement. So awesome. Thank you, again, so much for being here. Fascinating. And I’ll make sure to put the links to your book, and to how people can find your show notes. But I’d love it got a little more involved in learned a little bit and see if they can use this to help them leverage their life to live a little bit more with ease. And like I like to say to live a big life. Yeah. Being here. Yeah. And thank you. Thank you for this opportunity to talk about human design with your listeners. I really appreciate it. Thanks so much for listening. Remember, you can find me all over social media at Betsy Pake. And, as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

That’s it.


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