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If you would like to apply please do these few steps:

1. Please send a 1-2 minute video telling me why you would be awesome (you can upload this to YouTube, mark as private and send us the link in the application in the next step)

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Thanks so much for taking the time to explore how we may work together.

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Customer Experience Manager: 

This is an opportunity for a part time Customer experience manager/ Virtual Assistant. 

Is this you?

– No one has ever needed to micromanage you, you get things done and understand how to balance different tasks.

-You’re a fast learner and enjoy figuring things out.

-You have an eye for aesthetics. You like designing things on Canva or something similar, and you’re awesome at it. 

– You’ve been told you are very detail-oriented and notice all the things that no one else would notice

-You love social media and know what works and gets lots of engagement.

-Friends say you are ‘loyal’ and ‘trustworthy’.

-You understand (or are willing to learn quickly) how to use WordPress.

-You are excited about trying new things and not afraid to fail.

-You are a helper and understand how to communicate with people via email so they feel supported and can quickly take care of their needs.

-You enjoy brainstorming and seeing the bigger picture and feeling that you are part of an impact on the world!

If you answered yes, then keep reading!

This is a part time position starting at around 10 hours a week but will grow and could move into many different areas depending upon what you’re excited about.

The job will include help with managing email support for a membership community, working within Convertkit for broadcast and email management, assistance with the online experience of my clients,  planning for online events, some calendar management, replying to support tickets via email, helping admin a Facebook group,  brainstorming, and other needs as they arise.

Who this isn’t for:

-If you are in the middle of a personal crisis and desperate for money, this probably isn’t a good fit.

-If you are a life coach trying to get your business running, and thinking of doing this in the mean time, this probably isn’t a good fit.

-If you hate being virtual and aren’t a good communicator, this probably isn’t a fit.

I am really looking for someone who is excited to take ownership of their job so I can focus on other areas of my business. Someone who anticipates what’s next and is happy to be working with me.

About me: I help women up-level using the power of their subconscious.   

I need someone to help me clear my time so I can have a greater impact on the world.  


** You don’t need to know anything about coaching or the subconscious. I will teach you what you need to know.

Clients describe working with Betsy as “life Changing” and “extraordinary”.