098: The Five Steps To Manifest Magic Now! - Betsy Pake

098: The Five Steps To Manifest Magic Now!


In today’s episode, I talk all about manifesting magic and how to create a life you love by using the power of the Law of Attraction. I share some stories from my own experience and share how I think is the best way to use this law to your advantage.

I talk about the five manifesting steps from Abraham Hicks:

  1. Ask
  2. It is given
  3. Allow
  4. Uncondition
  5. Welcome Contrast

I share some pretty fun stories of manifesting from my own life and share some things I do to create more meaningful experiences in my life.

This episode is great for anyone who wants to create more experiences of joy in their life or anyone who wants more clarification on the steps to manifesting.

I’d love to hear what you think! Find me on IG at @Betsypake and let me know what you think!


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