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Ready For A Totally Different Experience In Your Body?

Don’t struggle alone any longer.
Get a body you love with expert nutrition coaching and the one thing that’s always been missing….. a mindset shift.


Are you sick of...


Feeling overwhelmed and not in control of your body


Beating yourself up over everything you eat.


Feeling self conscious around others when making food choices in public


Not feeling like yourself any more


Feeling self conscious about your body and struggling with lack of confidence

There is a different way to live...

Have you lost weight only to gain it back again, but realize that worse than the weight is how disappointed you are in yourself?

Time to shift

And you know that feeling when....

You feel like all you do is think about how bad you feel in your body or how mad you are at what you ate for lunch?


You feel like there is nothing in your closet that makes you feel good.


You realize how much more you could be doing with your life if you weren’t constantly thinking about your weight and what you “should” be doing.

There is a different way to live...

I have helped thousands of people shift their weight story and I discovered that it’s never about the food.

The reason people fail isn’t because they don’t know what to do. (a quick google search will give you loads of information on that!)
The solution to long lasting change is in your identity.

Why me?

Years ago I owned a CrossFit gym and worked as a nutrition coach helping athletes create their best, most effective bodies. What I quickly realized was that making “good choices” with food isn’t about knowledge of food. It’s about what you think about yourself in relation to eating and activity.


People fail not because they don’t know what to eat, or because they lack discipline or motivation, they fail because they don’t have the mindset to support them. 


We make unconscious decisions all day long and these are based on our identity, values and beliefs. 

When we can shift those to support you in a higher way, along with easy tools to lighten your mental load around food and weight, everything shifts.


It was then that helping people change their lives using the power of their unconscious minds became the overarching mission in my business.

If you’ve failed before, it’s not your fault.
You’ve been taught the wrong way to approach how you *think* about food.
I can teach you how to reset that now.

Join me for

Create changes that stick, using the power of your subconscious mind.

Here's what's included...


Coaching Q & A

Every week you’ll get group coaching from a PN1 certified nutrition and mindset coach. Learn more about your subconscious, ask questions and begin to shift. 


Monthly Subliminal Audios

Each month you’ll get a new theme with subliminal audios to help you support the change we are working on each day.  Subliminal audios help you to create lasting results even faster.


Daily actions

Each day you’ll get new lessons focused on changing the habits around your eating, giving you heightened awareness and teaching you the skills you need to learn so you never have to “diet” ever again.


Weekly Hypnosis

Each week you’ll get new hypnosis audio that creates change in your patterns on a subconscious level, making the daily actions simple and easy to adopt.

Hear from some of my clients


"I've lost 5 or 6 pounds. I don't snack or even think about food between meals....
the stress around food went away and I got creative with my food, which felt fun.
I felt more in alignment with the next version of me that is trying to come forward."

"I can’t explain to you what Betsy does, but I can wholeheartedly tell you that it’s the best kind of magic."

"In 2 months of working with Betsy, I was able to bust through blocks,
heal stories and wounds, create more momentum and action than I had in years"


We’ve got a curated selection of bonuses to help you shift quicker and get the support you need

Mini Facilitated Shifters: Five minutes of listening to overcome emotional eating, connect to your vision and relax into the upleveled version of you!

Facebook Community to connect and share daily experiences guided by certified coaches in both nutrition and mindset!

Are you ready for 12 weeks of transformation?

Let’s spend the next twelve weeks reprogramming your subconscious, embedding new habits and up-leveling your identity. These are just some of the areas we’ll be touching on.

making "change" a habit

shifting identity

triggered eating

desiring healthy foods

releasing emotional eating

tapping back into the future

craving exercise

releasing the sugar addict

understanding your patterns

You will be

Meet your coaches

Hey I’m Betsy Pake!

I’m a subconscious change expert known for creating such substantial shifts clients say their lives have never been the same. With a focus in NLP and hypnotherapy, I help you expand the limits of your potential and finally step into the greatness you’ve only seen glimpses of before!

I’ve helped thousands with my books, Become a Nutrition Ninja and Start Small Live Big.  

I’m a precision nutrition coach and have competed internationally in Olympic style weight lifting.

With the help of my certified coaches, we want our clients to feel the line in the sand. There was the before they worked with us and the after.  I want them to design their “after” using the tools we share to make it happen easily and effortlessly.

Welcome to your new reality. Let’s do this! 

Hey I’m  Brenda Steger!

I’ve been in the fitness/wellness profession for over 20 years. I have a degree in exercise science/kinesiology from the University of Minnesota and am a graduate of the institute for integrative nutrition. I’m also Precision Nutrition certified and I’ll be using all this training to help you with small actions every day so you can create the vision of your upgraded life and bring it into reality.

I believe that wellness is about finding balance rather than perfection and I can’t wait to help you feel good in your skin again!

I’ll be your ride or die during this journey, always believing in you! 

If you’ve failed in the past, now is your opportunity to try in a totally new way and have a completely different outcome that changes your life forever.

Subconscious Mindset Shifts

Build Intuitive Food Habits

Condition a New Identity

Begin today

The Mindful Body Method

12 week transformation

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    If you've read this far, you are probably ready to shift. You know, deep down that this is a new way of approaching something that perhaps, you are sick of "approaching" at all. I get it. Use your intuition to tell you if this is the right time. If it is, and you want this year to mean something, you want to hit 2021 ready to fly... then now is your time. If not, we may run this again in 2021 and you can join us then.
    If your intuition tells you to go now, then trust yourself and let's do this!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You go in and out of hypnosis all day long! It’s how your brain naturally rests. Hypnosis isn’t some magical state, it’s a normal brain wave state and everyone can get there.

    We guarantee we will show up for you and give you all the tools you need to shift! If you do the work, you will create change for yourself. If you don’t think you’re ready, now may not be your time. If you are just nervous, that’s normal.

    You will have access to the mindset component of the course and all hypnosis and subliminal audios. 
    The daily nutrition habits will be emailed to you and you can save the emails, but the nutrition portal will be completed at the end of the 12 week course.

    This program doesn’t diagnose or treat any disease. I believe hypnosis can help anyone on their journey but if you are actively struggling we would say this isn’t for you. 

    Right now there isn’t an option to add on mindset calls that are one on one. This is an incredible opportunity because Betsy typically charges thousands of dollars to work with her in this way.

    We’ve had people reach out who are doing another program that counts points or has some control mechanism on what you eat. The problem with these is that if you have not changed your identity you will fall back into the old patterns that brought you to where needed to change in the first place. So yes, you can absolutely use this program in conjunction with one of those other programs but you will also find, very quickly, that you don’t need the other program any more. 

    Have a question?

    Email us at support@Betsypake.com and we’ll help out