095: Changing Your Energetic Relationship to Money - Betsy Pake

095: Changing Your Energetic Relationship to Money


This week on the show, we’re talking about money!

Money…. currency… is just that, a current. An energy. And if you are struggling with money there are some things you could do today to clean up that relationship and start to forge a new energetic relationship with money.

Your past doesn’t have to equal your future. I hope this episode helps you clarify some things you could do to change your future.

This episode is great for anyone who has struggled with money, has wished they had made different financial decisions in their life or who wishes they could feel better about the abundance already in their life.

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If you would like more information the Increasing the Current, my new 5-day course that teaches you how to energetically shift your relationship with money into something new, head here:  https://betsypake.com/increasing-the-current/


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