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095: Changing Your Energetic Relationship to Money


This week on the show, we’re talking about money!

Money…. currency… is just that, a current. An energy. And if you are struggling with money there are some things you could do today to clean up that relationship and start to forge a new energetic relationship with money.

Your past doesn’t have to equal your future. I hope this episode helps you clarify some things you could do to change your future.

This episode is great for anyone who has struggled with money, has wished they had made different financial decisions in their life or who wishes they could feel better about the abundance already in their life.

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Welcome to the art of living day. I’m your host, Betsy Pake, and this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hey, everybody, welcome to the show. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about the energy of money, and specifically, currency and increasing that current. So I’m gonna explain a little bit more about what I mean. But I wanted to bring you in on this conversation about a month ago, I did a meetup if you’re here in the Atlanta area, once a month, I do a live event. And I did this particular event on money. And it was really interesting, because I could tell that it really shifted the way people were thinking. And afterwards, I got more emails and messages from people asking for clarification on stuff, and even a couple people who had heard about it and weren’t able to attend, and wanted to get the information.

So I thought, you know what, I’m gonna do it

this way, I’m going to do it on the show, and share a little bit about what I shared that day when I did did it live. So money can be a really sensitive topic, and it can be sensitive for us, because we tend to have really specific views about what money is, and how it affects our lives. So maybe we’re aware of what we think about it. Or you might even be one of those people that totally avoids it, like do you avoid, like thinking about money, figuring out what you owe on money, listening, maybe it’s even hard to listen to this podcast about money or reading books. Or you could be totally on the other end where you want to absorb and understand and really get a good relationship with money. So let me ask you, what do you think about money? Have you always thought about it that way? Do you know what situation or thought pattern actually helped you create that view? Do you know? And is the view you have? does it serve you? Does the way you think about money help you? Or does it hold you back and cause you anxiety? And would you like to think about it differently? So I’m going to just take a leap and say that money is something that you wish you had more of? Maybe you have the idea that when it comes to money, there’s just never enough? So let’s get started here. Is there enough money? You know, when I was little I used to hear people say things like getting your piece of the pie. I remember that like being a little kid. And I always would kind of wonder what kind of pie they were talking about. Because I knew for sure that I would want to make sure I got my piece. Because if I didn’t get a piece fast enough, then what would happen,

then it would all be gone.

So there’s only so much pie to go around. Right? So if someone else has got a piece of the pie, then that means there’s less for me. And I want to switch that a little bit. You know, another way to think about that is about the ship coming in? Have you ever heard that one? You got to make sure you’re there when your ship comes in? Or what about this one? Have you ever seen somebody else go on like a really amazing vacation? Like maybe you’re on Facebook or social media, or one of your neighbors, you see packing up their car and you know they’re going to the airport? Or maybe they buy a fancy new car. Maybe it’s that maybe you see somebody with a really amazing handbag? And you’re like, Oh, I could never have that. Right? That’s just not for me, I wouldn’t be able to go, oh, aren’t they lucky must be nice. That’s when I hear a lot must be nice. Which basically what you’re saying is, it’s really great for them. It must be really nice for people that can do that. But I can’t. It’s not for me. And maybe they’ve got the piece of the pie. And now I don’t. Maybe their ship came in and I missed my ship. And maybe you feel a little panic or a little bit that you’re going too slow or you’re not running fast enough and all the pie will be gone in the ship will never come and you’ve missed it and it came six weeks ago. Well, let me just tell you that hundreds of years ago, that’s sort of how it was right? That’s how wealth was divided up sort of like a pie but it was land. People who were

the Landover owners had the most money.

And if you would get

some land, that would mean that somebody else wouldn’t have the land. Right? And so if you got something it did mean that somebody else had something less now, I happen to think that we are all souls that deep down, we probably don’t want to hurt anybody. I believe that deep down we are all really kind. And I bet when you see that friend with the fancy new car The fancy handbag, you don’t wish that they didn’t have it, you just wish that you did too. So the thought that if you when someone else loses some car subconsciously might be really screwing you up. But that’s not the case anymore, because this is how money actually works. So in the 1930s, FDR did away with the gold standard. So that used to mean that every time $1 was printed, there would be gold to back it up. So did you know that’s not the way it works anymore, so I don’t have to go dig up gold equivalent to get my dollar bill anymore. When you get

money. And money flows to you,

nobody else has to be losing money can actually be created.

Not only is

nobody else losing, but you don’t have to dig up a gold equivalent, which might become hard to come by if you don’t have a gold mine. So let’s decide together that your ship is always coming in, the pie is never ending. And you don’t have to make a decision to take something away from somebody else, even subconsciously if you’re doing that. So now, we decide what things are worth. So if you had a friend that got a new car, and it was $50,000, and then they tried to sell it the next week, and someone else decided it was only worth $40,000 at that point, then that’s what it’s worth. If I have to go to the grocery store and buy avocados, and they’re $1 29, then if I want the avocado, I can choose to pay that amount. if everybody’s in an uproar about dollar 29 avocados, and they say we’re only gonna pay 75 cents, and nobody will buy an avocado unless it’s 75 cents, guess what happens? It becomes 75 cents, they lower the price because the demand will only pay 75 cents. So we don’t have to have the gold anymore to match it. You don’t have to take the land from somebody else it is in a totally different world, where now you can create money. So wealth can actually be Unlimited, I really want you to hear me, you make money yourself, you sell maybe your services or your time at a job, right, you can create something new and you could sell it, you could go on Etsy, and you could make a beaded necklace, and you could sell it or you could become a consultant to a company. Or you could go to work every day and share your sell your time. Sell your expertise. If you can think and you can share your thoughts and someone else can pay you for it, then you can have unlimited wealth. Now, someone can go into their garage and design a product that solves a problem. And then they can go onto Instagram and they can sell it and they can create their own money. So money is abundant. It is never ending, it’s overflowing. And it’s there for you to take and the only thing that’s holding you back. The only thing that’s holding you back from taking it is what you’re thinking about it. Now, I’m gonna guess it’s not what you’re thinking about on the surface. Because probably on the surface, you’re like, Okay, I want a lot of money. I’ve been saying I want a lot of money. But perhaps it’s what you’re thinking about in your subconscious, because it’s your subconscious that’s really serving up the order. I talk with my coaching clients about this all the time, because it’s something that comes up. I asked them, What is it that you really want when it comes to money and they say more money. But really what they want is what money can provide them that can provide think about it in your own life. It’s not the paper pieces of paper that you want. It’s the energy that’s attached to those pieces of paper. It’s what those pieces of paper could give you. It could give you ease. It could give you adventure with vacations. It could give you security. What is it that you really want? Why do you want more money? Alright, so now that we understand that money is abundant, and we have the power to create it for ourselves, except for those stories, you’re telling yourself, let’s talk about what else money is. It’s an energy. It’s a current. That’s why we call it currency. It doesn’t love you or hate you. It just wants to move around because that’s what energy does. So imagine you’re standing over the sink in your kitchen and you reach over and you turn on the faucet and the water pours out. So you reach out and you put your hands under it. Now that water is coming out full force it is abundant every time you turn on your faucet, there is tons of water that comes pouring out. You can even change the temperature of it can be hot or cold. You can have specific needs and wants with your water and it can come out exactly the way you want. You just have to think about what you want and then do the action that creates that Push the handle to the right for the cold and to the left for the hot. So you turn on that water and you reach out and you put your hands under it because you want to take a sip of cold water. And you can see your hands and they’re clenched, tight, like fists. So the water pours down on top of your hands down around your knuckles, and on to the sink below and down the drain. You’re clenched so tight that you can’t catch any of it. Even though it’s abundant. Even though you get to pick the specifics about what kind of money you want, what kind of water you want. But if you could just relax your hands, release them a little bit, unclench those fists, open them up,

palms up, and receive the water that’s already flowing so freely out of the faucet. Doesn’t that feel better? Doesn’t that feel better just thinking about that less stress, less strain, it’s easy to catch it. And it can be fun to feel the water flowing all throughout your hands. When some of it passes through, I bet you don’t even notice because you’re so focused on the new water that’s endlessly coming out of the spicket. So money is just like that. It’s energy, it’s a tool, it is indifferent. But your subconscious thoughts are creating tight fists that aren’t allowing you to catch it. So the key then, is to shift that to shift your thoughts. So that your brain opens up into open palms, and you’re able to catch all the money that you want. So first, we need to understand what you really actually think about it. So I’ve got a couple exercises here. But let me ask you, do you consider money a friend? Think about it. If you had a party right now, would money want to come? Knowing all the things you’ve thought about it? Or you’ve said about it? Would it really want to come to that party? Or would it feel even welcoming your home at all because it is an energy and remember, as we talk about over and over on this show, like attracts like, and so would the energy of money, want to party with you, and be attracted to your vibration, based on what you’ve already said and thought and done about it? You know, inherently, that money wouldn’t want to hang out with you, then you have to fix that relationship. So if that’s you, your homework is to write a letter to money and ask it for forgiveness. Explain why you were so frustrated and tell it what you’d really like out of the relationship. Now. Think about it. If it was a person in front of you, and all of this had happened? What would you say? What would you tell it to try to mend the relationship to try to make things better? You want to heal that relationship with money, just like you’d heal a relationship with a friend, or with somebody that you love, though, move forward in that same space energetically? How can you become more welcoming? So how can you shift now you’ve written your letter and you’ve apologized, and you’re ready to make things better? How are you going to make things better? What’s going to shift energetically so that you’re more open, so that you start to notice when you say things that are boxing money out, or giving you a peek into what you really think. So recently, my daughter had an experience at a coffee shop, where people were talking in a group and saying ugly things, just unkind things. And it really upset all of us. And so we talked about it. And we talked about how to handle that in it. But the point is in that conversation that I was having with her, I found myself saying, if that shop is going to let people talk like that, then they aren’t going to get any of my hard earned money. hard earned money. My money is hard to earn. I was shocked when I heard myself say that because I was like, Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I just said that I must still have an underlying belief that all of this stuff around money has to be pretty hard. Now, that was about a month ago. And since then I have taken action. I’ve hired somebody to work with me to help me clear that block. I’ve downloaded several meditations that I’ve been listening to. And I’ve been watching what I say. And I’ve been apologizing. I’ve been taking action because when I when I heard myself say that it was shocking to me because I’ve done so much money work and had just just such a huge shift in my life. But also because it was a glimpse into what’s still happening in my subconscious and I want to shift that. I don’t want to think like that anymore. No way. So I want to think that money is fun, and it’s easy. It’s easy to have money. It’s easy to spend money. It’s easy to get more money, I feel really good about money. And I love when it comes to me, I love to share it, and I love to shower it on others. And because I’m so wonderful at attracting it, I can show others how to attract it too. So I work on this and loads of other things every single day. So when I say things like that, I want to become aware, I want to become aware. So start to notice start to become aware of what you do. So I’ve got some homework, some places there for you to start, I want you to start noticing your words, because that’s going to really be a big clue into your subconscious.

If you notice, or if you know just by looking at your checkbook that you have a negative relationship with money, I want you to write that letter, write that letter and ask for forgiveness, and start to become a better friend. And one of the ways you can do that is just to start practicing gratitude towards money. So every time you get money, let me ask you like, what does your wallet look like, clean out your wallet and take your dollar bills. And I like to put them all so that they are flat, there’s no creases in them, the corners aren’t creased, I give them my money, a lot of respect, right? Because it’s important, and I want it to come to me and to feel welcome. And people feel welcome when they’re respected. So I want my energy around money to be respect. And so I take all my dollar bills, and I make sure all of the corners are, you know, not bent and it’s flat and it looks good. I always put it on the in God, we trust that side up. And I put the highest bill on top so that when I look, I see the 50 before I see the dollar bill, right, so I want to see the most abundance right on top and clean out your wallet, like get rid of all the extra receipts and extra junk. You know, maybe you have old coupons in there that you don’t need anymore, that have expired, I want you to start treating the areas where you deal with money with a lot more respect. So the first one would be your wallet. And then the second one would be where you pay your bills. So if that is just like a corner where you throw all your bills every time you get them in the mail, and in like a stack and a pile, and your checkbook is like thrown in there. And it’s just like a basket or a bucket or whatever it is you’re doing corner of your desk, I want you to clear that area out, make it organized, make it feel really clean, make sure that the energy around it is welcoming. And maybe you create like a folder system for your money, where it’s pretty and you’re using folders that make you feel happy and have like a fun saying on it or whatever it is that energetically appeals to you. But start to make the areas where you deal with money, feel a little bit more welcoming. Remember, this is an energy like attracts like, and you want to have the energy, that this is a wonderful thing in your life. This is something that brings you ease and adventure and stability and security. And it allows you to shower people with money. You know, one of the things I hear a lot about money and and I’m not sure if our new jet, like I’m not sure if my kids will have this? I hope not. So I’m not sure if it’s a generational thing like my parents had this, where it was sort of like a greed, there was an idea that if you had money, you were greedy, and that you only needed as much money as you needed. You didn’t need extra. And I always think that if you think money is the root of all evil, then you just haven’t had the opportunity to give enough away. And so that’s the next thing I want to talk about. And there’s something if I’m not mistaken, this was in t harv eker. It’s book. And it’s the 10 1010 rule. Now, you’ll notice that I have my living give 10% to charity. So 10% of all my coaching all my income goes to charity. And there’s a reason for that. The reason is because when I can give away, I’m sending the energy to the universe that I have so much that I can give it away. And when I am in the energy of having so much what does that mean? like attracts like so I have so much so I keep getting so much so I have so much if you’re in the opposite, if you’re in that I cannot give anything away. I can’t it’s I’m so constricted. my fists are so tight, because I’m scared. What’s going to happen? What’s the energy there? I’m scared. I don’t have enough. Okay, that’s what you’re going to continue to get. So if this freaks you out the 10% I want you to just just sit on it for a little bit. And what would happen if you gave 10% I typically do it every Monday. So if I get money every Monday, I’ll give out my 10%. Because if I wait until the end of the month, it seems like such a big number that it feels different energetically to me. Plus, then I’m getting the opportunity to give more away more often. Does that make sense? So, if I just want you to sit with that doesn’t mean you have to do it. But what else could you start giving away today? Could you start giving away smiles?

Could you start giving away a little bit of your time? Could you feel so abundant? Could you share some could What if you made cookies tonight at home, and then you brought them into the office tomorrow. So start with these little things, because the energy of this that I’m so abundant, I have enough food to share, I have enough smiles and energy to share. So think about this concept in your life of where else you could start doing it and then see, you know, it can be you can make it into something really fun. My daughter and I have done stuff where we’ve just gone and gotten a bunch of dollar bills from the bank. And then we went to the dollar store with the dollar bills and we put them in the kids, we hid them all throughout the kid’s toy section, put them in the books, you know, inside the coloring books, like it doesn’t have to be a lot where you could really be reaping these amazing benefits of getting the opportunity to share and to feel really abundant. Alright, so that’s your next homework. And then your last piece of little homework is I want you to just think about what kinds of things you already do in your life that make you feel abundant, you know, maybe, maybe you have a ton of shoes. And when you go into your closet and you see all your shoes, it makes you feel really abundant. So maybe you go in and you organize your shoes, maybe every day you go spend a couple minutes with your shoes, looking at them remembering where you bought them, trying them on anything that you do in your regular life that makes you feel abundant, because even if you’re broke, even if you’re struggling, even if you’ve got a pile of bills on your desk that now you’ve organized and is clean, even if you have that, if you have something in your life, I promise you where you feel abundant, turn on your sink, look outside, and all the leaves on the trees. Listen, now it’s springtime, listen for the birds, there is a abundance everywhere, I bet you could not even count the blades of grass on your front lawn. abundance is everywhere. It’s a law of nature. And so you don’t have to worry about getting a piece of the pie. It is abundance. You don’t have to worry about your ship coming in. It’s coming in every moment, you can continue to get your ship, you haven’t missed out on anything. You’re not behind. You’re just right. And this is where you’re supposed to be to take this next part in the journey. So don’t be afraid. Don’t be worried. Don’t think that anything about what’s happened to you in the past you have to carry with you in the future because you don’t. right this moment, you could be totally new. What if right now you’re totally new. And so moving forward, nothing looks like it did in the past,

you have that opportunity. So there are a lot more ways that we can dive into your subconscious and start to shift your thinking and your interaction with money. And I want to share those with you on something that I call increasing the current. Now if you go to my website, if you go to Betsy Pake calm and you go to Tools, you’ll see it right there, increasing the current. And it’s five days to change your energetic relationship to money. There is five lessons there for you with homework, as well as a meditation hypnotic NLP session for you. So that we can really start to dig in to that subconscious and start shifting those beliefs. Because you may be thinking right now on the surface, like I know, this is what I want, I know I want money, I know. But if underneath inside your programming, your programming is I don’t have enough, I didn’t get my piece of the pie, I missed the boat. I this isn’t gonna work, I’m always broke, I can make money I’ll never but I’ll never be able to keep it, whatever your programming is, we want to, we want to shift it, we want to get in there and dig in. And we need to do it in a place where your nervous system is calm enough so that it’s not interfering so that that ego voice, the voice that you hear in your head right now is not butting in, and it’ll just let us get in there and start to change that inner programming. So we’ve talked before on the show about our fast thinking brain and our slow thinking brain. And so thinking the good thoughts and shifting the way we’re thinking absolutely can help. Because it’s changing that fast thinking brain, our ego brain, the brain you think of as you it is telling the slow thinking brain, which is your subconscious. It’s the thing that does everything automatically. It’s telling it what to think. And so that is super powerful, but it can take some time. So if we want to jumpstart that if we want to change that and make it quicker, the easiest way to do that is to just go right to the slow thinking brain, right? Just get right into the subconscious. And so that’s what we do in this program as well. So I’ll be looking forward to hearing how you like increasing the current and I hope that this served you I hope that it gave you a little bit different way to think about money and maybe your energetic relationship with it. So thanks so much for listening and don’t forget,

you deserve to live

abundantly and big. Thanks so much for listening. Remember, you can find me

all over social media

at Betsy Pake and, as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

That’s it.

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