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143: How to Get More Money With LOA


Episode 143: This is from a listener question about making more money!

Here’s the question:
I recently began working with the LOA (maybe 2 or 3 months) but I’ve known about the principle for years. I’ve always been more into the woo-woo side of things, but for some reason, this never resonated with me until now.

The thing is.. I’m trying to make more money, of course. For all the awesome reasons we all want money: freedom,  security, travel, charity work, buying pretty things, and I’ve been trying to focus on what money will bring rather than the money itself. And trying to clear money blocks, and using forgiveness and improving my relationship with money.

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But I’ve been reading so much about this and sometimes contradictory thing (or maybe I just don’t get it yet?). Should I focus on what I want or just tell the universe I want it and forget about it? I hear about writing my goals and what I want, and scripting, and to-do lists for the universe, but then I hear that if you release and forget it then it will come to you.. I don’t want to get discouraged but I don’t know how to proceed.

Should I work harder at it? Or work less?
I need help!

Thanks for emailing in your question!

x, Betsy


You’re listening to Episode 143 of The Art of Living big. Alright, so today I’m gonna be answering a viewers question. Is it a viewer? No, a listener, a listeners question. And I think that this I, I’ve gotten, I’ve gotten a few questions in my email, which by the way, I love that because then I know what it is you want me to talk about.

But this particular one, I think, might take up the whole episode. So if we have extra time, then I’ll go to one of the other ones. But this one is about money. And I feel like this is something that comes up and it’s something I know that I teach specifically on inside platform to profit, my my program that I work with entrepreneurs, because manifesting money or having that, like mindset shift from, like, I live in a world of scarcity to I live in a world of abundance is not as easy as just like saying it and deciding it right.

So I got a really good question with like, lots of layers of questions. So I’m gonna read that question. And then we’re gonna get into that. All right. And if you are an entrepreneur and you want to join my free Facebook group, then please join me it’s called platform to profit.

And you can find me on you can find me on Facebook, probably just by searching that, or you can go to my website, Betsy Pake calm, and then you can just click on the option that says for entrepreneurs, and it will bring you to it. Alright, enough of that.

Let’s go to the show.

Welcome to the art of living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake. And this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. All right. Hey, everybody, welcome to the show. Okay. So I got this viewer question. No, it’s a listener question. I got this listener question.

First of all, they say they listen to my podcast all the time. And I have an amazing voice. And if you’ve met, which I love, Hi, thank you. I love you. Because if you’ve ever heard my story about how I almost got fired from a job, because they didn’t like my voice, then I so I extra love it when I get messages that say they love my voice.

Okay, so here’s the question is, alright, I’ve recently been working with ello, a, maybe two or three months, and I’ve known about the principle for years, I’ve always been more into the woowoo side of things. But for some reason, this never really resonated with me until now. The thing is, I’m trying to make more money, of course, for all the awesome reasons, we all want more money, freedom, security, travelled, charity work, buying pretty things.

And I’ve been trying to focus on what money will bring, rather than the money itself, and trying to clear money blocks, and using forgiveness and improving my relationship with money. But I’ve been reading so much about this and sometimes contradictory things. Or maybe I just don’t get it yet.

Should I focus on what I want, or just tell the universe I want, what I want and forget about it. I hear about writing goals, and what I want and scripting and to do lists for the universe. But then I hear that you just need to release it and forget it, and it’ll come to you. I don’t want to get discouraged, but I don’t know how to proceed.

Should I work harder? Or work less? I need help? This is such a good question. Because you’re right, it is all of the confusing things. So if you’re new here, the law of attraction is simply like, attracts like. So if you want to bring things into your life, then you do so by using this law of attraction, but you use it. You know, you use it just like you use gravity, right? You’re not aware. It’s just is there and it just happens. So sometimes when I start working with people, they’ll say like, I really need to be better at the law of attraction. I’m not good at it.

And I’m like, Oh, no, you’re really good. Like, you can’t be anything but good at it. You can’t trip and fall down and not have gravity work. And that’s the same as the law of attraction. So it’s just working all the time. And everything that you have been thinking about is what you’ve been manifesting, and that’s what has come into your life.

Now, here’s the little Dinger to it is that our conscious brain is only about 5% of everything. Everything else is about 95%. And so if I am thinking, I really want such and such, but in the back of my brain, I’m thinking I don’t want that. Then my subconscious is 95%. It’s going to be what takes over. So let me explain that in a different way. I want money. Okay. But maybe when you were five years old, your dad said you Got to work really hard for money.

Right? If you want to make a good living, you’re gonna have to go out and you’re gonna have to work hard. Okay, so you got that one thing going. And then you heard your mother say, you know, there’s some she’s watching the news, right? You’re four years old playing on the floor, she’s watching the news. And she says, you know, there are some rotten people out there, while those rotten people that run this world, you know, somebody should do something about that.

And so you have this thought now in your conscious brain in your 5%, that you want money. But every time you go to get money, and every time you think about money, and every time, you want to create more money in your life, or you get money, and then what happens? You blow it, right. So money will come into your life, and then it quickly leaves your life.

Well, your 95%, you’re the part of your brain that is really creating the actions that you take every single day, are telling you that you’re not going to be a good person, if you have the money. Or you’re you’re not working hard enough to have that. So we’ve got these like, conflicting things

going on.

So everything that you said, although it’s contradictory is is right. So yes, do you tell the universe what you want? And then you just don’t think

about it?

Yes? Do I tell the universe what I want? And then I think about it, yes. So here’s the thing is that, what I want is I want to tell the universe what it is I want, and I don’t want to worry about it. So I don’t want to, I don’t want to be fretting about it. Because when I’m fretting about it, I’m thinking about the opposite of it, which is actually creating the opposite, because that’s attracting. So what I want to do is I want to tell the universe, what it is that I want.

And then I want to stick it in the cosmic crock pot and let it happen. But here’s the thing, if I haven’t fixed my subconscious patterns, then I might stick it in the cosmic crock pot, but it’s not percolating, what I want, it’s percolating, what I’m thinking about in the background, which is I don’t work hard enough for money. I’m a good person, and I can’t have money.

Okay. So let’s go back to your question here. It is contradictory, but it’s only because of the depth that you’ve gone into it. So you should focus on what it is you want. And you should tell the universe that you want it. And you should stick it in the cosmic crock pot and forget about it. And you should write your goals and write about what you want and script about it, like get excited about it. Because excitement is emotion. And emotion is one of the things that’s going to impact the 95%.

So I’m consciously sticking it in the crock pot. And then I’m working with my subconscious to override any head trash that I have. So scripting is great. I have a podcast on scripting, it’s it’s like last October or something that I did it. scripting, to do lists to the universe, yes, all of these things. And, and then you’re starting to reprogram your subconscious. So your subconscious is going to get reprogrammed three different ways. One is with repetition. The second is with feeling with emotions.

And then the third is with visualization, but in a different way. So I’m going to go over each of those three things. So the first one is repetition. And that’s where that scripting can really come in. So it was Episode 82 scripting to design your big life that I did a podcast on scripting. Now scripting is something that I really found powerful for a long time.

And that’s simply like, writing out what it is I want, what it would be like and how it would feel. So writing the act of writing, I have this weird thing with pens that I really like pens. And so I’ll write you know, and that feels good to me. So it gets me in this high vibration place. And then I am writing out what it is I really want and what it’ll be like and what it’ll look like.

So, for example, if you’re new here, I really want to live at the beach. And so I would write about that, like what the sunset would look like what it would be like to wake up every day to hear my alarm go off so that I could go out and watch the sunrise every single day and get my coffee and sit on the balcony and see it and what the breeze would feel like and what my eyes would see.

Right And so how it would feel any sounds that I heard inside the house what my coffee tasted like because you know it tastes different when you’re sitting on a balcony overlooking the ocean that coffee is delicious when you have it like that. So that is how I would do my scripting. So repetition is doing it every single day. So if you can get in the habit now.

What I do now is I write down my goals. So I have two or three little goals and every day I write them down Now they say the difference between a millionaire and a billionaire is that millionaires only write their goals once a day, billionaires write them twice a day. So this is the repetition. So this is actually creating that 95% and re programming it.

So I’ve taken the goal told the universe what I want, I’ve stuck it in the cosmic crock pot, my conscious brain is not worrying about it, my unconscious brain is being reprogrammed. So the first is the repetition, just doing the same thing. I write those goals every single day. And the second is feeling so it’s emotion if you could bring the emotion up. So another thing that I love to do is to turn on really high energy music. And maybe you have a playlist, I have a playlist, a couple playlists on Spotify that I created.

And I literally will put on song and put my hands over my head that changes the chemistry in my body. And I’ll jump up and down. And the times I do this, I have done this this week, when I have not felt like it. And so I purposely was like, Oh my gosh, I have been like in a little bit of a funk. It’s freezing, it’s cold. I live outside Atlanta. And it’s too cold for Atlanta. And it’s too cold for a woman that wants to be at the beach. And so I realized

that I think it’s making me look a little down, you know, like maybe even a little like, seasonal depression situation going on. So I’ve done some things, I moved my desk. So I was right in front of the window. So I get as much light as I can all these things. But I have made myself turn on music and jump up and down. And it immediately made me feel better.

Now, you know, when I looked out the window and realized I wasn’t at the beach, it kind of made me back down in the dumps. But you can physically you can change, you know, emotion, it’s optional. So you can change your emotion. And it really can be as simple as putting on great music. Think about like,

think about times where you’ve really wanted to cry,

or like times where like you had a bad breakup. And you’re like, I just need to cry and just get it out or whatever. What did you do, like you put on really sad music, right? Totally would make you cry.

Because music can help you access emotion so deeply. So if I want to reprogram my subconscious, I want to put on music that’s going to make me feel and I want to get into an emotion, that’s really good. And then the third thing is visualization. Now I remember even being a little kid and doing this, but I would create my own videos in my head, like a video in my brain. So I would turn on music, and I shut my eyes. And I put my hands over my head because it changes my chemistry.

And I would imagine winning. So what it feels like to be winning. So that feels totally different than it feels to like sit at my desk and like be in the dark, right? So that the idea of winning the idea of loving who I am. And the idea of like to me winning and success is going to be different than yours. So you fill in the blanks with whatever that means for you.

But if you can get into that and have a I would have a movie running in my head. So you know how, what does that look like for you? What are you doing? What are you smelling? What are you tasting, try to bring in all of your different senses. Now, if that whole concept is new to you, you can listen to Episode 100, which is on neuro linguistic programming on NLP. And that describes how your brain works and why bringing in all those sub modalities, bringing in the hearing,

bringing in the tasting, bringing in the feeling,

bringing in the emotion, why all of that helps to create your experience.

So your brain doesn’t know the difference

if you’re actually experiencing something, or if you just think you’re experiencing something. So use that to your advantage. If you can already be there in the moment. If I can already be at the beach, in my brain, on the patio on the balcony, drinking my coffee. Looking at the sunrise, it’s going to be way easier for that crock pot to percolate and bring me what it is I want because my body knows exactly what it is that that feels like.

So I do this with lots of different things and lots of different ways. Right now I’m working on I’m working on a specific goal and it sounds like you are to write so you’re working on a specific goal where you want to manifest some more money. So pick out the exact amount of money that you want. Tell the universe This is exactly what I want.

Now one thing that I have done is I’ve taken a shoe box, and I use like a Tory Burch shoe box because they make very pretty boxes, but it’s just a pretty box, like so this isn’t costing you any money, it’s just take a box. And I write my goal on a piece of paper. Inside the box, I put a couple coffee beans, because to me having my coffee on the patio watching, that’s like significant to me, I put a little crystal and I put, what else do I put in there? Little whatever it is, that means something to me in regards to the goal.

And then I put the goal inside the box. And on the the box top, I have a little saying, and it says this is my alchemy box, and all my wish is that I put into the box or being surrendered to spirit, I will do the work as it comes into my awareness.

And no, it is all being done for me and the good of others. So I put my little note of what it is I want inside the box, I put the top on the box, and I put it on the shelf, it is my cosmic crock pot, I don’t have to worry about it. Now, having that moment where I write it down, I put it in a place that is like, you know, my cosmic crock pot or my offering and I shut the top and I put it

away, I go, I’m giving it up to you,

spirit, God, whatever it is, you want to say, I’m giving it up to you, I don’t have to worry about it now. So I don’t have to consciously worry about it. But all I’ve got to do is when the when I noticed the actions that need to be taken, I’m going to take those actions. And how do I see the actions? How do I know what’s aligned action. So let’s pause for just a second.

And let’s talk about that. So my subconscious sees way more than my conscious sees. As I go about my day, I am learning and I am viewing way more than I’m aware of, we dive deep into this into in my course called no limits. But just a high level overview is that there are opportunities and things all around me that I don’t see.

Because my brain my subconscious does not think it’s important. It’s only going to focus on what’s important. Right? my subconscious wants to serve me. And if it showed me every single thing happening around me, I would be so overwhelmed, I wouldn’t be able to process it. So it narrows it all down it deletes distorts and generalizes so that I only see a certain amount of stuff.

Well, I just wrote down what I wanted. And I put it in a box. And I handed it over to the universe. And so now my subconscious is going to go. Okay, she told me she wanted that she wanted that. Well, that’s what she wanted. That’s what she wanted. She wanted more money. She wants more money. Oh, there’s something on sale.

I know you were shopping for spaghetti sauce. But did you notice way down here in the corner? This is on sale. We might not have noticed that before. But you noticed it because your subconscious thought that might be important for what she’s trying to do. And it alerted you. So my subconscious is going to be important in me letting it know what it is that it is that that it is that it is that I want. Okay, so then back to aligned action, how do I know what is aligned action.

So remember, all these things are probably happening around me. But I’m not really aware of them. Because I wasn’t clear on what it is I really wanted to have happen in my life. And so now that I know, now that I’ve sent it out into the universe, my subconscious is going to work and all of a sudden, it’s going to show me stuff.

All of a sudden, I’ll go Oh, wow, I never even thought of that I should send an email that says that or I should mention no limits on the show in case somebody wants to get on the waitlist for that I should reach out and send a proposal to that company or whatever it is for you. So the aligned action will start to come now you’ve got to take action.

So you can’t put I want money and stick it into the crock pot and then not do anything because we live on a physical plane. So you’ve got to be taking action. And the bigger the action, the bigger the result. So what you want to do is you want to find action that’s big enough that it makes an impact, but not so big that it makes your subconscious freak out because you’re going against what it is you who you really are. Okay, so we want to be doing those three things those the visualisation, the repetition, the feelings so that we’re bringing all that into our awareness and starting to reprogram

our subconscious.

Alright, so I hope that that helps clear it up. Everything that you said is right, even though it seems contradictory, we have to think about our two brains. And we’re going to work with each of those brains in a different way.

So I hope that that serves you. I hope that that helps. If you have any questions, something you want me to answer specifically On the show, please shoot me an email you can go to my website Betsy Pake calm and just go to the contact me page and I will get it. And I might not reply right off but I will reply as soon as I can.

And I will be sure to answer your question either in the email or on the show. So, before we go, I want to remind you one more time to jump into my facebook group, platform to profit. I know but I don’t have any sponsors on the show y’all. So let me do this one moment. If you’re an entrepreneur, jump in there, I’m coaching I mean I feel like I’m if I was going to do videos once a week, but I feel like it’s like three or four times a week but it’s really a good group and we’re just growing and I think it could be like a good supportive community.

So if you are an entrepreneur, please join us in there on Facebook. If you go to my Instagram Betsy Pake there is a link in my bio for it. Alright, y’all. Now, you know what’s next. Here’s the little message from my husband. See you guys next week.

That’s it.


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