Next Level - Betsy Pake


Work with your subconscious to access the next level of success.

This is what you've been waiting for.

Finally understand who you are, why you do the things you do,
and how to consciously create the success you really want.

  Are you frustrated by your dedication to hustle and action, yet still not having the success you want?

  Are you tired of working so hard to up-level, yet feeling like everyone else is constantly
getting ahead so much faster? How do they do it?

 Are you interested in understanding more about your subconscious and how to finally use it to give you an edge? 

 Are you making decisions based on fear instead of the inner knowing of how you can have
more control over your direction in your daily life?

You've always known things shouldn't be so hard.....
this is your time to experience the change
you've been searching for!

So let me guess… You’ve been working on shifting things in your life for a while now.

You’ve read a lot of books, listened to podcasts, and feel like you understand more about beliefs and how your mindset is playing a part in your reality.

You can almost see the things that have been holding you back….
but you know there is something you’re missing.

Some days it feels like one step forward, two steps back.

You KNOW that it’s not just simply strategy. 

It’s got to be something deeper. 

Something YOU are doing to hold yourself back.

And honestly… you’re tired of it.

You’re ready for the next level and more than that, you’re ready to understand what is happening in the background that created this to begin with.

You’re ready to shed who you are and step into who you are to become.

You're ready for the Next Level

NEXT LEVEL is a 4-week online course to help you identify patterns in your behavior that may be keeping you from that next level of success. 

In Next Level, Betsy helps you create what you want from the ground up.

This course has been created to give you the important steps that have been missing in your previous study of mindset and creating shifts that lead you to the success you’ve been reaching for.
 Each week we’ll have a new live class with Q& A time, that will be available for you to rewatch inside a portal anytime. 
Betsy teaches you what has been missing in the subconscious wiring that is really running the programs in your life underneath the surface. 
Betsy teaches you how to identify and change those programs so your outside world starts to resemble your inside desires.
Betsy will help you zero in on specific processes that will make changes deep within your own unconscious mind.

The Weekly Breakdown

Week One: Vivid Vision

In week one we will discuss your vivid vision for success and how your subconscious can help you create what you want. 

  • Getting clear on your vivid vision and what you really want.
  • What is my subconscious and how does it work? 
  • How does my subconscious impact my reality?
  • 5 Levels of change and how to leverage it for yourself
  • How to get your subconscious to follow the path to your goals.  

Week Two: The Recoding

In week two we will dive into recoding past and future for success. 

  • How to get clear answers from your subconscious, even if you’ve never been able to hear it before.
  • Making choices with your highest vision in mind.
  • Identifying self-sabotage and break the pattern
  • Tapping into your power zone to move toward your goals faster

Week Three: Empower and Align

In week three we will discuss reprogramming in the now.

  • Releasing resistance to what you are calling in

  • Shifting your state for immediate results.  

  • Installing inner confidence that you can access any time during the day.  

  • Create a format for you to use to supercharge your days and continue to rewire.

Week Four: Upgrading Your Identity

In week four we dive into updating who you are on an unconscious level.

  • Release resistance to your goals.
  •  Identity the building blocks of your identity so you can decide who you want to be instead of “being” by default.
  • Speeding up your success.
  • Rewire habits that support your goals.


Learn how to use Alpha conditioning to shift your experience and create something new from the level of your unconscious mind.

Learn how to use NLP to reprogram your mind into something new. No Limits if 4 classes that have been recorded live to go through the steps Betsy has used to design her life, from setting up a goal to shifting beliefs and clearing her past for something new.

Meet Betsy

Hi, I’m Betsy. I’m a certified Master NLP coach, board-certified Master Hypnotherapist, Emotional Freedom Technique Practioner, Emotion Code Practioner,  Master of Time Techniques, and a Master Success Coach. 

I not only have all the training but I have a high level of intuitive instinct to help you uncover the blocks that are standing in your way to the next level of success. 

I’ve helped thousands with my books, podcast, and coaching over the past decade and I’m excited to help you too.


My superpower is being able to identify patterns that are holding you back and link these together to help you create swift change.

(I also make a beautiful poached egg!)

Betsy and her team are committed to a high level of continuing education, expansion and growth in their own lives, which helps them understand the power and specific needs of this work from a personal experience on a deep level. 



〉Someone who is excited about learning something new

〉Someone who is ready to think in a new way and get different results.

〉Someone who has BIG dreams and goals!

〉Someone who is taking responsibility for their life.

〉Someone who invests in themselves.


〉Someone who is a ‘tire kicker’ and not really ready for a change. 

〉Someone who has a negative attitude.  

〉Someone who wants a quick fix.  

〉Someone that doesn’t believe they can control their destiny at all.



Subliminal Success Audio: Get an audio download to listen to at anytime to support your shifts and rewire for ease and success. All you need to do is play these in the background while you do other things or drift off to sleep. Your subconscious will hear the embedded commands and act on them in your every day life. ($197 value)

Tapping for Success Masterclass: In this class I teach you more deeply about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and how to use it take your success temperature to the next level. As a certified EFT Practioner, I will show you the BEST ways to shift doubt and fear from your body so you can take strategic risks to increase your success. This is the technique I use daily for lots of areas in my life! ($297 value)

Subconscious Pendulum Masterclass: Inside this masterclass, I'll teach you how to use a pendulum the proper way, the science behind the communication you can have with a pendulum and how to use it to relax your mind surrounding scarcity and lack when it comes to building success in any area of your life. The techniques I'll teach you can be used for any area of your life and can become a fast way for you to connect to your intuition and get answers for anything you are working on. ($297 Value)

SO HEY....

If you’ve read this far, you are probably considering joining us for Next Level.  

You might be wondering if this is just another course that you’ll take but not really have the transformation that you want. You may also wonder if this information is something that will be new.

One thing I can promise is that this information has not all been shared on the podcast, The Art of Living Big, and I have never had a course when I go into this much depth about how to cause the change in your life on this level. This is juicy stuff I save for my signature programs and elite coaching clients. 

In this course, I am bringing you new ideas and ways for you to be imprinting your subconscious as we go as well as give you the skills to adjust and imprint on your own after we are done. 

Let me ask you this…  

Are you living the life you want right now?  

Because if you are, then this course probably isn’t for you and that’s okay! 

But if you can’t figure out why things aren’t going in the way that you want in the speed that you want it, this course will give you totally new ways to think about your power and how you manifest in your life.

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always get….  maybe it’s time to try something different. 

I can teach you to get to the Next Level.

One Payment Option
Get started today


2-Payment Option
Simple payments that make it easy to start now and stop delaying your future.

$237 mo.


When does the course start? 
Next Level is a recorded class that is available for you to start anytime you are ready.
Do you give refunds? 
Because the content is digital, I don’t offer refunds. Please be sure the course is right for you before you purchase it!    If you are unsure and have questions you can email us before you purchase.
Do you guarantee my results? 
I can tell you that if you do the work and are committed to change, you will see change but since I can not control your commitment level or desire to transform, I would not be the one to guarantee your results. You would be.
Are there payment plans available? 
Yes! See the buy now area for the payment plan options.
I’d like to join but right now I don’t know where I’d get the money. 
If you could find the money, where would it come from?  Ask your subconscious a more empowering question. This course will teach you how to train your subconscious to find things you don’t think are there right now.