100: Understanding How Your Mind Works With NLP - Betsy Pake

100: Understanding How Your Mind Works With NLP


In today’s episode, we talk about NLP and how powerful your mind can be in creating a reality that you need to accomplish new things.

I walk you through an exercise to help anchor feelings of joy, confidence, and ease in your life.

This episode is great for anyone who has an interest in learning more about how their mind works or has an interest in changing something about how they think. This is also great for anyone who has heard about NLP but wanted clarity on what it is and how it could help them.

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Hi I’m Betsy and I’m a subconscious change expert.
By day you can find me digging deep into the unconscious beliefs and identity of my clients so they can move past self-sabotage and lack of confidence and gain traction in their career and life.

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