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I’m Betsy Pake, I’m on a mission to help you turn your struggle into your greatest transformation.  There is a lot of joy ahead for you… come with me and lets go live big!

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Setting an intention for the week can give you guidance for the week ahead.
It’s a practice I’ve been focused on bringing into my life more often and so this season in The Art Of Living Big I have been rolling out a very quick Monday episode to share the weeks intention and help you kick off life with purpose!
This week we talk about presence and how I found this to be so important to me over the past few weeks.
Did you give it a listen? What do you think? Do you find this type of centering helps you too? 👇🏼 .
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On today's show, we talk about the mindshifts that need to happen in 2020 for you to reach your goals and have an incredible year.
When we have a level of awareness around the things we think it helps us gain a level of control so we can push past obstacles and create something new in our lives.
On today's show, I talk about an upper limit problem I was having in December and some ways to deal with that if it happens to you!
What are your big goals for 2020? Do they scare you into retreating back?
#livebigwithbetsy #nlpcoach #getunstuck #livebig #manifestthis #manifestationgoals #speaker #motivateandinspire #selfhelpgraphic #upperlimitproblem #selfhealers #selfgrowth

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On Monday's episode of #LiveBigWithBetsy we set the intention to have awareness around the version of ourselves that we have chosen. WHO do we want to be?
Once we make this choice and are clear on who that version is, it makes all decisions that come after, that much easier to make.
Who you have been does not matter.

What you did 'wrong' or 'cringy' in the past does not matter.

What you thought about who you were, does not matter.
What matters the choice you make today to become that upgraded vision of you.
I like to think of her as the version of me that comes out in my car when I'm alone and my favorite jam comes on the radio. You know how you act when that happens! Not a care, no worrying about what anyone else thinks and living in joy!
So, did you listen to this weeks episode and did you make the decision to get in touch with who that version of you is?
The link to the show is in my bio (It's under 5 minutes long!) Make the choice. Get there and figure out how to stay there.
Start today.
What does your chosen version of yourself do, be and have? Let me know!
#livebigwithbetsy #nlpcoach #getunstuck #livebig #manifestthis #manifestationgoals #speaker #motivateandinspire

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Every single time I work with someone and they are struggling it always comes back to beliefs; the stories we tell ourselves.
It may be at one time these stories helped us cope or protected us in some way but now they are holding us back and making us feeling limited and miserable.
Shifting beliefs always starts with awareness and this process can help you gain awareness and look at all sides of the situation that needs to shift.
1. Write it out. What is the thoughts you have around this situation. Get them all out.
2. Figure out the story here that’s keeping you stuck.
3. You are benefiting in some way... what is it. How is it helping you to think this way?(you may have to dig deep here)
4. Is there any part of this that could be untrue? All you need is a tiny grain of question here to allow your brain to release its hold on this thought.
5. If you didn’t think this way... who would you be? How does this impact your identity?
6. Make a decision. Which story do you want? The limiting one or something new?
7. Create the new belief. Write it down. Talk about it. Condition your mind to make this new belief ordinary!
We can all grow and change, no matter the situation there is always another way to see things.
What’s a belief you need to shift? 👇🏼 Let me know and let’s noodle through it together!
#livebigwithbetsy #nlpcoach #getunstuck #livebig #manifestthis #manifestationgoals #speaker #motivateandinspire

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