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Hey There,

I’m Betsy Pake, I’m on a mission to help you turn your struggle into your greatest transformation.  There is a lot of joy ahead for you… come with me and lets go live big!

Let’s Be Friends:

I believe the difference between wildly successful people and less successful people, regardless of how you define success, is that successful people can get in a resourceful state.
It is the defining factor and being in resourcefulness, like all states, can be learned.
This tweet shares one way to start training your subconscious to resist limitations with money.
Listen to episode 95 of The Art of Living Big ✨for more ideas on changing your energetic relationship to money.
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The idea that if you’re doing things ‘right’ in your life means you have no problems is a flawed premise.
Contrast serves to show me more of what I DO want.
Sometimes it’s easier to see how you can learn from things after the fact (amiright?!) but if you are in the midst of a struggle use it as a tool to help you really hone in on what you DO want.
Get clear on that vision of what you like and expand on that in your brain. (You can listen to episode 82 of the podcast to learn specifically how to do that) 🎧
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It’s the perfect day to be stared at in the sunshine! ☀️ ...

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