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Isn't now a good time to create change? Let's learn more!


It's Time For You To Rise

Join the exclusive coaching program for women who want to stop playing small and finally embrace the path they're meant to follow.

question for you...

What changes do you need to make today so you are really living a full expression of yourself?

If you suffer from stagnation….feeling like you can’t do yet ANOTHER year in the same place….. or you are just ready to bust out of the old mold…. then keep reading…..

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

If you've had enough of empty promises (to yourself!) , then I need you to hear this...

If you ignore that small voice inside, it will soon be harder to hear.

Have you been thinking this...

Have you decided (Once and for all) that. you want to do something (actually SOMETHING BIG) about that dream of yours?

Are you ready to commit to exploring the possibilities for your life, in a way you have never done before?

Are you sick of your dreams being left behind?

the bottom line?

If the life you're living isn't the life you've imagined, and you know (in a 'without a doubt" kind of way) that you have the power to do so much more.... then The Rise is for you.

  1. The Rise is my annual group coaching program where we take an exclusive group of like-minded women who are ready to take the rest of their lives by storm.

This group will give you the resources and support your need to discover how you can turn the possibilities you’ve always dreamed of into realities.

Build confidence. Learn to steady yourself to make big changes.

Get clear on the things you really want.

Forgive the past and let go of things that have been holding you back.

If you’re ready to ACTIVELY PURSUE the life you know you’re supposed to be living, PLEASE STAY WITH ME.

Because the truth is....

If you begin another year waiting for "someday", or if you start the year with intention yet no plan.... Chances are you'll be in the same spot next year.

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Because spinning your wheels is not a good use of your precious time on this earth.

Isn't it time to take action once and for all?

The Rise Program is your chance to take control and explore possibilities for your life!

An 8-week coaching experience where individuals stop playing small and finally embrace the path they’re meant to follow.

Don't take it from me....

Hear what my clients have to say...

As we’ve heard many times, “there’s no such thing as coincidences”!  I found Betsy exactly when I needed her!  
Betsy understands and listens to all my concerns, worries, problems with compassion and empathy! 
She has an amazing way of making me feel at ease, when talking about challenging situations!  
I trust her completely, and recommend Betsy to anyone looking for changes or shifts in their lives! 

Gina M.

Betsy listens, she validates, she challenges people in the most supportive way I have ever seen. Then she helps guide you to whatever it is needed, such as tools or challenge the mindset and then explains what is going on in an easy to understand manner. 
Betsy has personally helped me overcome several limiting beliefs.  Betsy is truly amazing and has a unique gift!  I highly recommend Betsy!

Chris B.

Betsy leads with love in her coaching. I can feel how she genuinely cares about everyone she works with. She has a way of asking the tough questions with such kindness; she leads you to find the answers within. I have learned so many techniques in my short time working with Betsy. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with her! 

Laura S.

I enrolled in her coaching class in March 2020 to focus on making the changes I needed in my life, and I can truly say that I am not the same person.  I’m a technical person by trade and very new to the ‘Woo” concept, but she opened my eyes to an entire world around me that I was not aware of.  Working with her and her community of followers with common, professional, and focused interests has helped me expand beyond my world and see the synergies in others.  Learning and growing with this group makes it easy to laugh at and appreciate the things in life that I thought were so heavy so I can focus on moving forward to create my BIG life.

Kari G.

Ready to do this together?

let's dig into the details

Here's how it all shakes out...


During our time together, you'll get access to my exclusive content "The Rise".

Inside these 8 weeks of modules you will learn more about yourself, understand why you do the things you do and you’ll begin to feel like you FINALLY understand how to make yourself move forward where you always felt stuck in the past.

Modules include:

  •  Understanding your subconscious mind and how to work with it.
  • Gaining confidence (and take control of what you’re saying to yourself!)
  • Creating a vision for your life, leveraging your subconscious all along the way.
  • Shift your belief patterns and how to rewire for joy.
  • Uncovering blocks and heal what is raw and exposed.
  • We dive into relationships with each other and the reflection of our inner selves, creating boundaries and saying no.

1-1 Coaching

Kick it off

Kick off your time inside The Rise with a one-on-one session to clear old junk and realign yourself with where you’re going! This session with Betsy is designed to help you lease old patterns and will leave you feeling light and ready for what’s next, instead of looking over your shoulder at all the “woulda, coulda, shoulda’s”.

Group Coaching

Weekly Coaching intensive with Betsy

  • Each month the entire group will meet up on zoom each week, creating change, shifting beliefs and diving into where you feel stuck. 
  • We will use Neuro-linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Deep Streaming  and other modalities to get you to the other side.  *Check FAQ’s for dates

Bonus Sessions

Four Special Hypnosis Sessions

  • Two times a month you’ll get a group hypnosis session led by Betsy or one of her trained, board certified coaches. You’ll up-level through the power of your subconscious mind advancing your confidence, listening to your inner voice and feeling steady to take leaps.

Bonus community

Access to our online commuity

  • Inside the learning platform, you’ve got special access to a community and more. No need for Facebook groups, we’ve got it all on one, easy to use platform.

Pretty incredible (just like you) isn't it?

But don't take my word for it...

If you’re reading this, you just might be walking the path I’ve been on for years…the seeker’s path, the quest for self-betterment, the search for a way out of a life that feels stagnant and short on hope. If that’s true for you, congratulations! Your search ends here.

You are in the very best hands with Betsy.

What a relief, right?! You can finally shelve the self-help books, ditch the planners that promised to change your life, and rip up that elaborate plan for totally restructuring your life in the next 30 days. We both know how empty and pointless that stuff left us feeling after the initial shine wore off, anyway. Instead, get ready to meet yourself. Get ready to become more fully you.

Embark on a journey that lets you come at your same old problems from an entirely different angle, in a way that doesn’t even feel like work.

Karen H.

Betsy is truly a gift and I feel so blessed to have gotten to know her and work with her. I’m a functional wellness coach and met Betsy through the world of online coaches. I was immediately drawn to her & knew she was someone I needed to follow & get to know and I’m so glad I followed that instinct.

Betsy is so incredibly knowledgable and yet so down to earth & real at the same time.

Like all of us, I’ve been through some difficult things in my life including my own health issues, losing my best friend to cancer, multiple miscarriages and then giving birth to micro-preemie triplets & leaving my career to stay home & care for them with very little help or support. And after I started my coaching business there was still some “stuff” getting in the way & keeping me stuck. Betsy gently & lovingly helped me identify & remove some pretty big blocks that were holding me back from being the person & coach I want to be and in growing the business and life that I want to have. I’m so grateful for her! If you’re feeling stuck in any area of your life, reach out & talk with Betsy. She’s amazing, the work she does is life-changing & she will feel like the incredibly wise, incredibly intuitive, supportive friend & guide you’ve always needed.


let's wrap it all up

Here's what you get when you join.

Weekly Group Coaching Session

Monthly 1-1 Coaching with a master coach

Lifetime Access To The Rise Content

Bonus #1: Special Hypnosis session 2x a month

Bonus #2: Private invitation to the online community

The Rise is offered to make it a no brainer for you to step

into the greatness that is your legacy.


Hey there, I'm Betsy.

Hi, I’m Betsy. I’m a board certified trainer of:

  • NLP
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Success coaching
  • Time Techniques
  • Deep Streaming Facilitation

I am also an Emotion Code Practioner and breathwork facilitator.

I not only have all the training but I have a high level of intuitive instinct to help you uncover the blocks that are standing in your way to the next level of success. 

I’ve helped thousands with my books, podcast, and coaching over the past decade and I’m excited to help you too.

What is meant for you in this life?

It's time to figure that out and bring your dreams to life.

Now, I know you can try to bring your dreams to life on your own.

Maybe you’ve been trying.

But lets be honest, it’s SO much easier with a guide and a community.

The women who will join this program are serious about creating new paths in their lives.

In fact, this group is serious business. By joining it, you’ll be making a solid commitment to yourself to create a new reality and start living the life you’ve imagined.

It’s simple. When we do something, something happens.

When we do nothing… that’s right, nothing happens.

Isn’t it time to explore the possibilities and finally get results?


Frequently Asked Questions

Group Intensive are held on Tuesdays at noon est.beginning September 13th.


  • Sept 13, 20, 27
  • Oct 4, 11, 18, 25
  • Nov 1st

Bonus calls are on Thursdays at 7pm EST (You’ve never slept as good as you will after these calls!)

  • September 15th
  • September 29th
  • October 13th
  • October 27

It is a 8-week coaching program and you keep access to The Rise material.

Yes! Please email us at support @ Betsypake.com and we’ll get a calendar link right out to you.

My clients are ready to show up fully and I expect you to be “all in” when you SAY YES!
I have a no refund policy for a very specific reason, it gives you an out.

It allows you to say “I’m not worth it” or “I can’t trust my decisions“.

The best coaching experiences I’ve ever had is because I was “all in”.  I want you to be too. You deserve it.

This may sound a little harsh (but look at my testimonials, you can’t deny that this works!) but I promise it’s done with love.

If you have questions, reach out!  We want to make sure you feel super excited for the possibility ahead!

No questions, I'm ready for this!

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What if this IS the thing?

What if allowing yourself this gift of exploring what is possible within you is THE thing that you look back on and think….. THAT was the turning point.
So let me ask you, what’s one thing you’d shift over the course of our time together, if you could?

ready to get started?

Book a call and apply for The Rise...

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