The Infinite Soul Project - Betsy Pake

Because you’re ready to

Live Abundantly

The Infinite Soul Project is designed to help shift your beliefs, open your eyes to possibility and use the science of your brain (Not just the woo-woo of the universe!) so you can change your life and start manifesting what you truly desire.

No more having life ‘just happen’ to you. No more feeling out of control of your experience.

Start to enjoy the ride and have an incredible experience with your life!

You’re Tired Of Feeling Like You Aren’t In Control of Your Life

And Sick Of Feeling Like…..​

  • Every day is a roller coaster (but not in a good way!)
  • You are tired of feeling broke, stressed and behind the eight ball.
  • You wish you knew how some people have it so easy.
  • You’ve had the same resolutions for YEARS because…. life. It’s hard.
  • You find yourself complaining a lot, or focusing on the things that went wrong. You know there are good things too, but it feels better to vent.

And you know that feeling when…..

  • You scroll through Facebook, seeing everyone else going on amazing vacations and posing with their perfect lives and think, “Must be nice.”
  • You have the Sunday dread, just like you have for years but you have no idea what else you would do for work… or even what you’d want to do, so you just keep going, thinking you’ll make changes ‘some day’.
  • You have an idea for a better life but every time you try, you feel beat down and like it will never work.

You feel like this is just the life you are destined to have and so, for the most part, you’ve just thrown in the towel and figure this is just how life is supposed to be, right?

Things that go through your mind daily….

Same crap, different day.

Must be nice!

Life is just ‘hard’. It just IS.

I need to {workout/look for a new job/do something different} but I’m not motivated!

It’s not that you don’t have fun, friends or good things. It’s just that life seems HARD. Like you are stuck in mud and can’t move.

It’s time to get in alignment and start manifesting the life you want!

(Wait… what does that say? Don’t worry, I’ll show you!)

→ You just KNOW there’s got to be an easier way and you’re ready to find it!

→ You want to be able to ‘see the signs’ and know what is the right decision to make along the way.

→ You are ready to figure out your beliefs about this world so you can adjust or adopt new ones that make life more fun!

→ You are ready to start dreaming again and get excited about life!

→ You are done letting negativity get you down and you are pumped to find a new way!

Here you come, life that you love! You are SO ready to do this…. and once you do, life will NEVER be the same!

I’ve been there… and I get it!

A few years ago, I was stuck and struggling. I’d left a career I’d built over 20 years to open a business that wasn’t what I expected.

When I sold that business, I was lost. Life seemed hard and I was focused on all the ways that things didn’t go how I expected.

How everyone was against me. How life just wasn’t what I thought it was going to be.


I started wondering, how did I get HERE?


I’d seen The Secret, and thought that was all there was to manifesting…. and it didn’t work! I liked the idea, but couldn’t see how a vision board could translate into what I wanted in my life.


Then something changed. 


I learned the real key to manifesting a life you love and the shift in my life was enormous. It’s why I wanted to share what I found with you and show you a new way to experience your life.

Inside the Infinite Soul Project you get:

8 Video Modules are broken down into easy to understand lessons to help you understand and start creating for yourself
Workbooks for each module so you do the work while we go! You don’t just listen… you take action and get a plan in place during the course.
Bonus videos and curated content to lead you on a path to great discovery after the course is completed.
24/7 access to all the content so you can learn on your schedule.
Learn a new view of the world, not just from the Law of Attraction ‘woo-woo’ side, but learning how your brain interprets and evaluates everything you experience too.
Instant access. No wait… you enroll and you are in!

Wait… What is The Infinite Soul Project EXACTLY?

The Missing Manual For Your Brain!

This module dives right into what your brain sees and what is reality (it’s SO different than what you think, and I can prove it!) I teach you how to program your brain by choice and not by accident and how to ‘undo’ things that were programmed when you were a kid that are screwing you up!i

Thoughts Become Things!

Do you even know what you are thinking? I teach you how to become aware, deal with negativity and get beyond your current vision for your life!

Beliefs Shape Your Life!

Why do you see the world this way? Is it true? I show you how to see past what you think you see, by discovering a new world with your words and actions. I’ll show you specifically how to determine what is holding you back and how to create the shift you need.

How to Gauge Your Emotions!

What do your emotions really mean? Is it tinted by your beliefs and how you see the world? I’ll show you how to adjust your perceptions of this world so you can create a new reality for yourself.

Taking Action!

Do you know what kind of action you need to take? Have you ever heard of ‘inspired action’? What if you learned a new way to listen to your intuition and started making choices that sped up your momentum toward your dreams?

Instincts and Hunches!

What do you already know to be true? Did you know that you have special gifts that no one else has? You can use this to your favor. I share a special way to jump into the future and check in with your future self, the one who has already accomplished everything you ever wanted, and learn from them so you know what action to take now!

Faith & The Magical Universe!

What is ‘faith’ and why do you need to have it? I share with you how to get it and how to use it to help increase your momentum toward manifesting the life you desire. I teach you about validation and all things ‘magical universe’.

The Meaning of Life!

What IS the meaning of life? We talk about it and I share some ways you can know for yourself and we finalize some lessons on the power of your thoughts.

Join us!


I’m Betsy, your guide through The Infinite Soul Project!


Yep, I’ll be helping you understand, answer questions and be here for you as you go about the business of shifting your focus and manifesting some greatness!

I didn’t always ‘get’ the Law of Attraction, or how our brains play such a big role, but once I did, everything shifted. Now, life is pretty sweet and on days when it isn’t, I get really grateful and excited for the contrast!

Nothing teaches you what you really want like having a bunch of stuff that you don’t want!

I am a speaker, author, success coach and I’m certified in the material I share with you in the course. I was certified by Mike Dooley in ‘Infinite Possibilities’. You may remember Mike from the movie The Secret!

I’m excited you’re here with me and I can not WAIT for you to start manifesting YOUR Big Life too!