05 How To Go From FearFULL to FearLESS with Holly G - Betsy Pake

05 How To Go From FearFULL to FearLESS with Holly G


Holly G is visiting us today from Holly G Studios. Holly empowers online entrepreneurs to go from confused to confident on both sides of the camera & teaches them the skills they need to create not just video but Business Cinema™. 

The best part (I think!) of my talk with Holly is that I realized the skills and ideas she shares can be used to HELP you figure out what you have to offer to the world and how to best bring it forward. I know so many of you want to Live a Big Life with your career but are struggling with the HOW?  Listen in while Holly shares how one risk led to the next and how she found her path to help you find yours!   You can find her website here.

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