On today’s show, I talk with the author of ‘UnClobber’, Colby Martin.

Colby and his wife, Kate, live in San Diego where they co-pastor Sojourn Grace Collective, a progressive Christian church they planted 2 years ago.

Recently, Colby’s first book was published, titled, “UnClobber: Rethinking Our Misuse of the Bible on Homosexuality.” He is currently on Tour, speaking at churches and colleges about how the Bible does not condemn LGBTQ people like we have been led to believe.  You can read more of what Colby has to share at his blog at at www.colbymartinonline.com

or on social media @colbymartin (both Twit and Instagram); or his www.Facebook.com/colbymartinauthor

His book is incredible, and you can find it at www.unclobber.com on Amazon right HERE.  Listen to sermons and learn more about his church at www.sojourngrace.com


music by bensound. com


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