011 How to heal ourselves with a mindset shift- Interview with Susan Adhikar - Betsy Pake

011 How to heal ourselves with a mindset shift- Interview with Susan Adhikar


Susan Adhikari is a self-love and health educator for busy females. She helps busy women lose weight and become confident in who they are by changing their mindset so they can take charge of their health and happiness.

She was diagnosed with the rare condition of joint pain and numbness and was able to reverse her condition through wholesome food and exercise. She believes that if we put in the work we have the power to change our health and wellbeing. 

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You’re listening to episode number nine.

My guest today is a self love and health educator. Now she works mainly with females, but the information she shares today, of course can be applicable to anybody. But she works mainly with your mindset and losing weight. Now, we all know that food isn’t just fuel, it’s emotional, too. And so she shares some really great tips today to help us focus on the inside so that we get the results we’re seeking on the outside. I’m excited to share more with you and to have you put this information into action. Now remember, she’s going to be in our online community, and that’s at SS lB community.com. That stands for start small, live big community.com. That’s our free Facebook group. And she’ll be in there sharing more information. She’ll have some good downloads and some extra activities for you guys, so be sure to jump in there and get in on the conversation and join us. So are you ready? Here we go. Welcome to the art of living big. My name is Betsy Pake entrepreneur, author and personal success coach. This is the show that brings you stories and small ideas to help you live a big life. I hope this once a week podcast will inspire you, motivate you and encourage you to think differently about what could be possible for your life. Thanks for spending some time with me today. Now let’s go live big.

All right. I’m excited today because I have Susan Adhikari, Did I say that right. I know we act as

Welcome to the show.

Thank you so much for having me.

Tell me

and tell the audience a little bit about yourself and what you do.

Hi, everyone, I’m Susan and I focus on helping busy females get to their optimal health by changing their mindset and daily activities. So that’s what I basically focus on. So gaining your health back by changing your mentality and mental.

So I think mindset is such an important part of every area of our life. I’m really curious how you do that. And what kind Can you share with us some of the things that you do with your clients?

Yeah, definitely. So what I believe is this is from my personal experience as well. I have gone from being a little overweight to being the healthiest self to be an underweight as well and it was all just about outside appearance because I never believe that from within me that it has to be your health your health had to come first. So right now I focus on just being okay with who you are and accepting yourself good. When you accept yourself then you realize the process itself becomes so much easier because you already love yourself for who you are and you’re just trying to be a better individual. So I focus on being who you are right now accepting yourself and I do this by making females realize that their body is so much more than how they think it is or how it looks I focus on while you’re you can get a daily activities done without feeling tired and you should feel appreciated, and you should feel very grateful for that. So that way it’s a little mental sift daily to think come from background up while I’m doing this because my body is so so much more than how it just looks at how it appears on the outside so that way they make a daily habit change with that mindset.

I think that the media screws us up so much from the time that we’re really little kids even you know, watching Disney movies and seeing how we’re supposed to look or or you know, in Hollywood how we’re supposed to be it comes at us from all different angles and so it’s really hard to maintain a mindset that’s focusing on your positives right?

Exactly and even not even those movies but right now I’m pretty sure you know that trend in Instagram being healthy and it’s all Photoshop images and all of us specifically a lot of us female we feel victim to how well see looks like this. See Luke he see looks like this. He has six pack abs and everything but we don’t think about how they got there. Are they healthiest? Do you know anything about their journey and they compare themselves with this already? crucial individual like To be honest, that person might not even adjust. And it just, it’s so difficult in that sense. And that’s why I believe that like our, it has to come from our mind set up, we have to put our health before trying to lose weight before trying to be fed before trying to look sexy or anything.

Yeah, I think that’s a good point what you were saying about Instagram, and I believe I just read a study about that about people that are comparing themselves to people on Instagram and sort of how everything shifts for them because of that comparison. Like it’s, it’s not healthy for your for your mind.

I know. Exactly. And I know for myself,

when I have focused on seeing the good parts of my body, it makes me want to be healthier, because I appreciate the good parts.

Exactly. That’s the mindset that I want a lot of people to realize, you know, cuz I want people to realize that, while you are able to, like, Don’t look at your arm being or flabby or anything, your arm can do so much more. What would you be if you didn’t have that? Like, how would you go about your day, your daily activities that you do that you take advantage right now, like you would be there’s so many people in this earth who, with what we have right now. So I want people to make sure that looking at themselves, like even when you look yourself in the mirror, realize that, well, I’m so beautiful, like I have everything that I need to go about in my daily basis. And I want to because I have everything. That’s why I need to be better.

Yeah. And so how do you help people make that shift? Like what somebody that’s listening? How could they begin to shift their mindset in that way?

I think from my personal experience, I think the number one thing is you have to lead with your why if you’re trying to lose weight and try know get to certain found, why do you want to get that it has to be your y has to be so strong that like every day that you feel like you’re giving up or you don’t want it because if your why it does about oh, I want to fit in that dress, then it comes to the point where you’re just gonna be like, you know what, screw it, because it did not come from underneath you. And I also believe that when you try to make that mental shift, it’s amazing and so much important to keep a gratitude journal where you’re grateful of what you’re doing in daily basis. So when you’re going through, because we’re all humans, and we’re gonna go through negative mental search, from time to time, we’re gonna be hard on ourselves. And that’s where you have your gratitude journal, and you can take a look at it. And you can instantly switch your mind from being negative toward your body to being positive looking at like your past experience, or what you’re grateful for within like you being a individual with your body and with your health with your family, what you’re so grateful for and what do you hope to accomplish that will make you even better make you feel even better? So that way, it moves from going to lose weight from our spot outside perspective to trying to be your healthiest because you love yourself?

Yeah, so if the if,

if your goal is just changing your outside without having a deeper why it makes it more difficult. Really?


One thing I remember, when I was in college, I had a girlfriend that loved Volkswagen buses and make them anymore, it was the early early 90s. And she would find them no matter where we went, she would spot one even if it was on somebody’s t shirt, or if it was on TV or on that showed find them. And I always think gratitude is like that too. Once you’re into it, and you find it then it pops up all over the place and you train your your brain right you can train your brain to be able to identify things to be grateful for

exactly because I feel like we’re not just like you just said that. If you’re so focused on finding our red car that’s passing by when you’re driving it no matter how many other ello cars are passing through you, you’re not gonna see them because your mindset is so focused on one thing. So it’s the same thing with gratitude. Like if you’re not focusing on your positive self and having everything positive in your life. And being grateful for that, and just focusing on how things are not working for you, then that’s the only thing that you’ll see. Yeah,

yeah, I know, music plays a big part too. It’s a big anchor for me if I want to change my mindset to put on some different music, and I have different playlists for, you know, for working out, or for working or for date night, you know,


Whatever it is, music can really help shift your mindset to

it. Sure. does. It sure does. And also listening to personal development, podcasts or books. They help a lot as well.

Yeah, just to kind of expose you to something new.


So what are some

success stories that you can share people that have made some changes or something that you’ve helped people do?

Um, absolutely. So there’s this one of my client, but she one of my good friend as well. And it was when I was back in Iowa, we used to work together and see used to always talk about how c wants to be hundred and 13 pounds. That was her goal, like, I want to be hundred and 13 pounds. And I asked her, why do you want to be 113 fine, why 113 pounds is so important to you. And then she was to be like, because I used to be skinny and I want to be skinny again. And then it came from the perspective of how c would want to look rather than our health and well being. And I told her like we talk through and everything and I told her that How about keep that hundred and 13 pound aside for now, you will definitely get there but come from a point why you want to get there because like if your why is not strong enough, then you’re gonna end up giving up, you’re gonna end up quitting after like a month or two. And I also told her, it’s all about balancing and changing lifestyle. So don’t focus on short term goals, like I know a lot. And a lot of us especially as females, we’re so focused on gaining certain goal within a given timeframe. And sometimes they’re just not visible. So I helped her make that set and see went from wanting to be hundred and 13 pounds in certain timeframe. And then that’s it after that she had no goals, she was like after I read hundred and 35 pounds, I’ve reached my goal to now see exercises in a daily basis because he wants to be out the now see exercises in daily basis and use good food because eventually she just got married and eventually she wants to be a mom and she wants to be a role model for her kids. And to be role models, you have to lead by an example. So I have made her make that step. And similar to with like other guy friends that I was working with, like I have helped them make the shift from wanting to just lose weight to becoming their healthier self and not having like an goal of being, you know, the goal of like, your health should have a certain deadline to be healthy, like moving that removing that mindset to like, how this is the lifestyle stuff and lifestyle change.

So how does somebody find their Why?

I think you have to dig deeper. So you have to like when you’re starting, for example, when I started my health and wellness journey, I had gone through a process of health condition that I had to overcome and something that has to be so strong that you realize if you don’t do this right now, then it’s gonna affect you like one day at a time. So I think to finding your why you have to dig deep and figure out why in the past triggered you to want to lose weight maybe Did you have a family history of diabetes that you don’t want to continue to have? Or did you have a health condition that you don’t want to feel like that again? Or maybe because you went through being anorexic or anything of that matter of being underweight and you don’t want to feel that ever again. So everybody has that within like to be healthy. Like I understand that everybody has that. Underneath like power of why they want to change besides us looking good outside and a lot of the times it’s about feeling the best they want to feel and it is you have to do Deep and you have to do some soul soul searching, I think, yeah, it takes time. It takes time. It’s not like one day thing, you know?

Yeah. And I think even just asking yourself the question, why? And yeah, answer it. And then you ask yourself, Well, why? And I, and I think that that process, I think Henry Ford said to do five, five, why’s he had a lead? It’s called the five why’s. But I do think if you ask yourself five times, you really do start to dig down to the bottom of what your real reasons are for things. And, and many times, you know, I believe that it’s confidence, people are seeking confidence so that they can do other things. And that is that because of our society is rooted in how we look.

That’s for sure. And I also think that when you ask yourself why. And then if you ask yourself, while this is my why, what am I going to get out of this at the end? Is that getting out of what your end goal will be from this? Why would you be able to sustain it through such a hard time when you’re going through, like days where you feel like, really down, you don’t wanna exercise, you don’t want to go to eat healthy, or do anything active or you just don’t care in that point is your y gonna push you push you past through is gonna drag you to do the right thing? Right? Right, exactly.

Many times to reach our goals, it takes much longer than we think it’s going to or that or it takes longer than we wish it would.


how can people stay focused over the long term? Like how do they stay balanced and have a long, longer term goals and in stay connected to that goal?

You can do that by setting one big milestone that you have, and then breaking it down to kinda like reverse engineering that we talk about a lot. So have an goal. So let’s say you might have a goal of losing 50 pounds, I’m just throwing out numbers. Yeah. But you might have a goal of losing 50 pounds, don’t focus on that 50 pound, because you’re going to get so overwhelmed. And you just like even before you start, you’re gonna give up. So I would further keep that have that goal and try to see it at this once a week. But then break that goal down to weekly goals in a week. How much do you hope to lose? How What do you want to feel every day. And if you have felt that if you have achieved your goal in like, put a reasonable goal, of course, don’t be like I want to lose 10 pounds in a week, because that’s not gonna happen. But if you have something sustainable and reasonable goal and just focus on that small goal at a time, just like compound effect, everything is going to add up, right. So just focus on one simple thing, one simple step at a time. And when you make that shift, and you celebrate that win. So for example, if you lose three pounds in a week or two pounds in a week, first couple weeks, you might be losing a lot because of water weight, but you may be losing two pounds in a week, then you are celebrating that with anything, it doesn’t have to be related to food, maybe buying a gym gear gear that you really wanted to buy, or maybe just going out and visiting places with your friends and family just to put it in the mindset where you’re like, yes, I’m achieving these goals, and I’m celebrating my wins. So that way, the whole process becomes easier. And next thing you know, you have already climbed the mountain and you’re already even pushing past through and you don’t even realize that you’re already there.

Yeah, I think chunking down is such a good idea. Well, I mean, that’s my whole start small to live big thing is just yeah, chunk stuff down. I also think having goals that are action oriented goals instead of, you know, the end result goal. Yeah. Because you can control that you know, exactly to control how much weight you actually lose in a week. But you can control what you do in a week.

Yes, that’s for sure. And I also say that every day when you are doing something, I always tell people that I learned this from someone else as well. I forgot who it was. But I always tell people to have to column in their notebook where they can write things they can they could control in a day and things they couldn’t control. So that way it puts in a perspective of like, I did all these things and I was able to control them so I feel good about myself but these things that it’s not under my control, so there’s no point on me Being over stressed about something that I can’t control. Right, right.

Yeah, I like that a lot.

Yeah, that’s what I tell everybody do that what I do on a daily basis as well, at the end of the day?

Yeah. So really, so we’ve covered a lot of stuff. So really, to find your why, to be able to chunk things down into smaller little bits, working on your mindset, focusing on the positive stuff, and only focusing on the things that you can control.


So thank you so much for being here today. This was really insightful. And I think that mindset carries over not just with fitness and your health, but can really, you know, go over into all different areas of your life once you know the skills to be able to keep going.

That’s for sure.

I think you’re gonna jump into our after show free Facebook group and answer any extra questions and share some more there. I’ll make sure that your website is linked in the show notes. But will we see you there? We’ll see you

Yeah, for sure. Of course.

All right. Awesome. Thank you so much for being here today. Susan,

thank you so much for having me. It was a pleasure talking to you.

Thanks for spending some time with me today. I’d like to hear what you think. So be sure to get in on the conversation at SS lB community.com. And of course, here’s a little message from my husband.

That’s it.


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