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Jeneth Blackert is a business and career coach who helps you create the life you want to lead at The Real Raw You.

She uses a special process called ‘Access Consciousness’ to help people identify the things that are slowing them down.  You can find out more about her program and get her special offer to work with her and get her playbook right here.

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This podcast is brought to you by the infinite soul project. It’s an empowerment program to help you understand how powerful you are, how far you can reach and how much you deserve. You can find out more at infinite soul project calm. I started my morning like I usually do with an affirmation for the day. Today’s was I’m willing to see things differently. I’m willing to see love. I lit a little candle and I put it on my desk. And an hour or so later, when it went out. I lit another one. And I sat quiet for just a few minutes. I’m willing to see things differently. Later in the day, I did my podcast interview that you’re going to hear right now. And I’m so glad that I had the intention to be open, and to be willing to see things differently. My guest today is a celebrated business and career coach. She’s the founder of the real raw you. And she works with clients all over the country to help them find and live their true greatness. She has a really specific process in which she does this. And she’s going to demonstrate it by working with me a little bit on today’s podcast. I hope you find it as enlightening as I did. I hope that you can feel the shift in my thinking, and maybe be open enough to search for a shift in your own. Welcome to the art of living big. My name is Betsy Pake entrepreneur, author and personal success coach. This is the show that brings you stories and small ideas to help you live a big life. I hope this once a week podcast will inspire you, motivate you and encourage you to think differently about what could be possible for your life. Thanks for spending some time with me today. Now let’s go live big. All right, I have Janet blacker with me today. Jennifer, welcome to the show.

Hi, Betsy. So glad to be here.

I’m so glad that you’re here. Now tell everybody, I’m fascinated by you. There’s so much Awesome, cool stuff on your website. And I’ll make sure to link to that inside the show notes. But tell everyone that’s listening a little bit about you and what you do.

Yeah, well, I run the real raw you, you can find us online at real raw you.com. And what we do at the real value is we have truly created a movement that’s based on vibrant living, and being the radiant you that you truly are. Now I know that can sound simple, and it might sound like food. And it certainly does include that. But it also includes some of my work that I do with Access Consciousness. I’m an actual Access Consciousness facilitator, and work with people as on a facilitation type of basis to really get to, you know, the things that are slowing them down. I don’t like to say stop or stuck or uncover why they’re hiding as much as just like slowing them down, like keeping them from really living in the light, and living with this ease and the joy and glory that’s truly available. And today, I really hope to bring in some of the tools and processes that can help shift you guys really fast into living your light.

I love that. So okay, so one thing that you said earlier, was the vibrant living and I love that because many times we think vibrant living is about the food we eat or about our fitness, or about like the Instagram photos that we can post right? Totally.

And so about that, Betsy

Yeah, now well, right, right. Hey,

I do I show up. I do love a good Instagram photo though. I do have to say that. I do love that. But so but you’re taking a little bit different shift on it really. And you’re saying it’s actually um, higher awareness Really?

Well, I’m not saying that it’s this or that I’m saying it’s all of that and whatever lights you up is the light that you should follow. One of the tools within Access Consciousness is if it feels, you know, light and expanded within your body and your being that’s, you know, a little bit of that conscious guidance that you should choose and feel feels contracted and heavy and yucky, then you probably don’t want to choose that. And I often give the example you know, think about going to the beach with a brand new lover. Like does that feel light and expansive and then think about going to the beach and run a Family Retreat. Your family is and you know what feels lighter?

We we’ve stepped away a lot from using our emotions as I guide in those things. Don’t you think as a as a

I don’t call we don’t call it emotions. In my work. It really is sensing of awareness. perceiving awareness. And I think you’re right that more people have, you know, they’re just like, I just have to make this happen or just have to make money or they just have all these conclusions that they live by in their life. And my heart, my door, my movement here is about what would it take for us to drop the conclusions? Wake up each morning and ask what grand and glorious adventures await? And to start filling our day with more curiosity and question, instead of going into, well, this is what I do, and having kind of a not light approach to life.

I love that. Okay, so, Alright, so let’s sort of start to unpack it, because I’m just trying to wrap my brain around as we’re talking. And we talked for just a few minutes beforehand, I didn’t want to talk too much, because I wanted to understand when everybody else was understanding, okay, so we’ve got this whole concept of vibrant living, which is really like a holistic look at every part of your life. Right? What am I right so far?

In a way, okay. You’re like,

no, that’s

correct me correct me. But so then, and then I want you to talk about what Access Consciousness really is. Because I’m, I’m, I’m trying to understand, but I think I’m getting hung up on my own, like thoughts about what I thought before we started talking. Do you know what I’m saying? So like, I’m bringing my own junk into it. And I want to let that go and listen to what you’ve got.

Okay, cool. So Access Consciousness, its motto. And mantra is getting you to know you. And it’s based on this sense of oneness and consciousness, where consciousness includes everything, and judges nothing. Mm hmm. And basically, what that means is, you know, we are here to play together. And if we are really open to play, without conclusionary judgment, not even like, you know, you know, there’s a difference between like, ooh, you look achy. And you think that in your head, versus just conclusionary judgment, like, this is how it works. That often leads to a conclusion. So this work is very much about the following the energy to open the door, to see what’s possible beyond this reality and beyond the conclusions of this reality, and an effort getting you to really know you. So now, I might have like, totally blown everyone’s mind. But let me take you back to some of the simplicity of this. Okay, good. For example, have you ever gone into a project, something brand new, and you slowed yourself down? Because you had a lot of what they call Miss reality fear? A lot of doubt, a lot of Oh, my gosh, should I even take this risk? This seems risky. Yet, there’s this something in your heart, there’s something in your being that I call your Knower, where you just know, like, you know, like, you know, that you just have to choose that project, or you just have to choose that way, despite what your logical mind says is very risky, is very scary. You know, and that you don’t know that it’s totally going to work out. But you do know, if you don’t choose it. You may regret it and 10 years. Yeah, yeah, we all have that intuitive Knower. Some of us have, you know, worked and refined it, grown it even more than others. And in this work, it really brings you in to know that Knower inside of you, so that you follow your knowing versus what you think that you have to do. It gets your logical thinker mind out of the way. And it gets those things like fear and doubt, you know, a little bit further away from you. I mean, you still perceive them or see them, but it really gets you back into what I like to call the isness of what really is.

Yeah, so that’s okay. So that’s fascinating, and I think probably everyone listening has that thing where there’s something you want to do, or there’s something you’ve always wanted to try. And that’s really, you know, for me on my own personal journey where I was like a year or so ago, where I someone actually said to me, like Betsy, do it or don’t do it, it’s okay. But just know that when you’re an old lady, like 80 years old laying in bed, and like looking at the end of your life, what will make you most comfortable? Like, would you be better, like knowing you tried and totally flopping? And go? And would you feel comfortable with that, or knowing you never, ever tried? And I think like, that’s sort of like that Knower. Right, that I knew there was something else. And I had to try to push that fear back a little bit, and get into the

process of it.

Right? Yeah. Well, and that, you know, and that’s just one little version of this, right. It’s also the version of the, you know, the husband and wife that fight a lot. And they feel like they need to get a divorce, but they can’t do it for the children. Mm hmm. And they don’t know how to navigate the question, to really know, you know, what would be the lightest solution here. There’s so many different ways that you can go about this work, so that it always comes back to, okay, this is what’s lightest, you know, sliders for us to stay together for our son. Or maybe it’s not like to do that, you know, it’s lighter, and it’s more honoring of me to work out a way to create a separation or create a divorce. And no matter where you are, or what’s going on in your life, there’s always a way, and I’ll show you some of the processing within this, to ask the question, to open the door to uncover and unearth some of the limiting conclusions or limiting lies, limit limiting limitations maybe that are keeping us from, you know, creating our lives in the way that we wish that there, they would be instead of what they aren’t.

And so if someone is hearing this and saying I need to go through that process, is it a, like a one to one coaching program? Or do you do it in groups? Or how does it get rolled out?

Well, I definitely have that one to one. But mostly we do groups, I have a, you know, a system called the playbook system, where it simply takes you through your different plays in life. Like it’s sort of like just a game that we play. And it starts with three, three questions. And it’s, and you all can write this down, it’s a desire, require and fire. And what it means is, you know, if if somebody would come to me and they’ve got a problem, or something they’ve identified as a problem, then I would, I might simply say, you know, we’ll, in a perfect world, what would you desire here? And then they, they’d open their door into, you know, well, I’d like this, this, this, this, this and all the magic around that. And so,

and then it’s like, sort of a big picture for their life?

Well, it could be, it could be per a situation. So if they’re launching a new project, I work with a lot of entrepreneurs, and if they’re launching a new project, you know, some of the navigation is even just getting them clear on what that actually is. So we might start them way out with what do you desire your life to be like in three years, and then move them back in from from that place. And that’s, you know, some often takes an hour to really get them not just into the head of what they think that vision would be, but to also get them into the energetics of in three years, you know, I’d have, you know, this kind of lifestyle. And this is what my family would be like, or Steam, like, you know, we’d really look at, okay, what’s the different here? Like, what’s different? Yeah, and from that different than we move the timeline in, and then usually about the one year mark is when I asked the require question, so all right, we’ve moved it into a year now. So what’s required Have you? And this is like no conclusion, they just go. And we just start brainstorming or writing a list of what would be required to move that forward to get to what they wish for in that three year mark. And now I do these in workshops. We’ve got a workshop, I think for the playbook system next September is all on the real raw use site, where it’s, it’s exactly that this specific way that I’m showing you, okay,

okay, so they do so they’ll do they do this live then like, so they go to a workshop, and then they actually go through in the same day, the desire and the require and not narrow it down.

But yeah, and then lastly, we get to fire. And that means two things, it means to like get the energy inside the heart, that heart fire, that igniting that creative fire to get that open. And there’s also the energies that are stopping you that you need to fire. So Betsy, can we play for a minute, I can show you some of the questions. Yeah, yeah, let’s do it. Okay, so is there something in your life that is moving too slow for you?

Yes. Do you want me to tell you what it is? I didn’t know if this?

Now I’m the real wrong girl. So if you I’d love i’d love it. If you did.

Yeah, yes. So I’ve been building this business, where I’d wrote a book. And you know, I’ve got my podcast, and I put out a lot of content that I think is good action stuff that can really help people. But I really want to speak more. And I get, like, small little speaking local speaking gigs, you know, every month, but that I feel like that process is just taking so long, and I can’t figure out, you know, I feel like there’ll be a tipping point or something will happen. And then I can really be on the path to the life I really want. But I feel like it’s just taking forever.

Okay, so

wherever you put this, your dream on a timeline, would you be willing to uncreate that?

Yes, yeah.

Yeah. Like, so first, there’s like these simple uncreation questions, right.

So and then,

it’s interesting, because when you just said that, would you be willing to agree, I felt some tension, you know, like, no, like, get out. I mean, like, where I was, like, well, and then I was like, Yeah, no, it’s okay. So I’m just, you know, if someone’s listening and playing along, like, that’s how I felt.

Yeah. And Okay, so here would be the the questions, we can go around this. I know, I’m really putting on the spot. Yeah,

it’s okay. I’m so open. I talk about all kinds of stuff on the show.

Okay. Awesome.

All right. So that? No,

tell me about that. What is that?

The, the, no, like, the I don’t want, I feel like I’m hanging on really closely to like this. To like a three year plan, where my life will be much, much, much different. My daughter will have graduated from high school in three years, three and a half years. And so, like, my plan is that my whole life is different by then, you know, my blue, you know, we’re my husband’s an attorney, and I want him to be able to work with me and I want us to be traveling all over and I want to, like everyday be feeling like I’m like really connecting and helping people, you know, like that. No, just that would just be such an incredible life to me.

Perfect. So everywhere where you’re holding on to that vision? Yeah. Would you be willing to let that go? I yes. Yes. I will. Just just for the moment. You can grab it back if you wish. Okay. Just because of that. Greater

Yeah, that was calming. Yeah.

Okay. What if it’s something so much bigger and so much greater than that? Which we willing to receive that? Yes. So anything that doesn’t allow that would you destroy and uncreate? Absolutely. Okay, take a breath. Okay, so now, this energy of like, Oh, it’s got to happen and I’m pushing and pushing. I’m pushing out a lot of content. How old were you when you first knew that energy?

The which energy the one of like energy.

Oh, come on. Faster, faster, faster.

When I was young, I mean, I think like probably the end of high school. I can remember. Like pushing for stuff. Like wanting time. To go by to get to someplace else.


Wizard time before that.

So I’m gonna say I’ve talked about this on the podcast. So this is nothing weird, but you might not know this, but my mom died in a car accident when I was in high school and I oddly don’t remember a lot. Like I feel like there was like this weird line in the sand. And so sometimes when people ask me questions, I can remember activities and things from before but I don’t remember my feelings from before

that. Okay, cool. We can discuss that after the phone after this call. Okay. Okay. What are you there? I can tell you what happened there though.


this energy of pushing, fighting, forcing to go forward, is that you? Or is it someone or something else?

I think it’s me. Yeah.

Okay, do you think it’s you? Truth is it?

Well, I there’s nobody else pushing.

We don’t have to identify it. I just want you to know from your Knower. Oh, okay.

Yeah, yeah, it’s me.

You’re sure.

I am sure.

Yeah. Something that you bought.

Yeah, you know, that’s it. Yeah, it. It might be something else. But I wouldn’t, but now that you said, right, yeah, that’s weird.

So, yeah, but just be with me with this. Okay. So, um, so are there other people in this reality that push and fight and hustle is one of the words that they’re using these days? Yeah. I hate that word. But


yeah. So everywhere where you’ve aligned to the agreed or resisted to and reacted to that energy? Would you be willing to destroy and uncreate it? Yes. Good. Take a breath.

Now, does your world feel a little lighter?

It does, oddly.

Weird, right? Right. Yeah. So this is the cool stuff that Access Consciousness offers is these kind of things. So okay, now what we can do with your with with us energy, now that we’ve opened the space, now we can go into more creative energy. So instead of going into clearing, clearing, clearing, we can go into Okay, so now that we’ve we’ve uncreated that. So I’m gonna ask you a couple more uncreate. And then we’ll look at some of the creative energies that we can bring into this project. Okay, a bit faster for you. Okay. So all the projections, expectations, separations, rejections and judgments that you’ve made about you, because you’ve concluded that things aren’t going fast enough. Would you be willing to uncreate those?

Yes. And I actually feel like, Yes, I want to like, whereas before, I didn’t feel as much. But yeah, cool.

Yeah. And the second piece is all the decisions, judgments, conclusions and computations you have about you. In regard to this. Would you be willing to uncreate?

I would be willing to do that. Yeah.

Cool. So take a breath. Okay, so now we’ve got, like this empty playground to create. So all the conclusions that you’ve made about how this has to work? Would you be willing to let that go?


yeah. Yeah. Because we get in these habits of this is what I think I have to do every day to build this.

And for people that are listening, this is really a kind of a weird thing that we’re doing. Because when we first started, I thought, like, yeah, I mean, I always play along, and I’m super open. So I’ll talk about anything. I’m not fearful of that. But I’m surprised how different I feel. And I almost feel like, I’m a little emotional. And, and also, like, I like I feel like I could jump for joy. Like I didn’t realize how bogged down I was like, by the perception of the hustle that I wasn’t hustling enough.



That’s kindness. Yeah. And this is the spaciousness that it offers is to get us to the space of, Hey, I’m here, and what’s possible now?

Yeah, so what’s possible now?


you desire more speaking in a in bigger formats, bigger platforms?

Yes. So

who? Let’s see.

So so and that energy, okay.

Yeah, I was just gonna say and that also is like scares me and feels really risky.

Yeah. But yeah. So then the first place to go is it? Is it scary or exciting? Exciting? Yeah. So would you be willing to really acknowledge that you’re late? You’re like, just so excited about this that you just can’t wait?

Yes. Super excited. Yeah, I totally can’t wait.

Yeah, that that is the energy of it truly. But what what was happening was you are bogged down with all these other things. Yeah. Yep. Yeah.


if you could speak on any stage, do you know exactly who it would be?

Like, like, who I be talking to, or just like the type of person I’d be talking to? Because like, I don’t really have like a, I have sort of a picture in my head of it. But I don’t know who the audience is or where it is.

Should I identify that in my brain, necessarily, but we can go through the question to see if there’s actually more whispers of the future that you’re perceiving. Okay.


So, think of yourself on that stage. Presenting what you know, you would present.

Tell me about some of the

How does your body feel?

It’s weird, because I’m very short. And the first word that came into my mind was tall, which is sort of funny because I’m like five feet tall. But when I’m on that stage, apparently, I feel really tall.

Okay, so would you be acknowledge that you’re actually not a short person, but you’re like the big giant. That’s going to change many people’s lives?


yeah. Yeah. Anything says now that you take a breath. Okay, so this big giant that you’d be?

Are you currently being that?

Ooh, that’s good.


no, yeah. Okay. Now, if we get the vibration, like you have a moat, you have moments of it. Right? Yeah. What would it take for you to be more of that now? And, and more, and just truly fill up.

I think that as I’m thinking through, like, my day, and the things that I do, I wonder how often I cut myself short. Like, I think of something big and then I go Oh,

I thought because you’re

funny how, just like in our language, it comes out. Isn’t that weird? Yeah.

Yeah. Like, I wonder where I go. Oh, that’d be really cool. But not for me. Oh, that’d be super cool. I should try that button. That wouldn’t work.

Okay, cool. So, no, everywhere where you’re cutting yourself off? Yep. really having what you what you’re asking for what you’re perceiving is your true path. Would you be willing to uncreate all that? Yeah.

Yeah. Cool. Take a breath.

Yeah. And then. So then, this is where there would probably be if I was coaching you I’d probably say, you know, this is what you need to look at, in every area of your life. Yeah. Where you’re not being the giant, where you’re stopping yourself where you’re cutting yourself off where you’re too scared to cut yourself off.

It’s so interesting, what has come up even that tall thing is very weird to me. Because, you know, there have been a couple times in my life. I’m a big meditator. I meditate every day, sometimes twice a day. And there have been several times where I felt like and I googled this so I know it’s a thing it’s not just me being crazy. anyone listening this really happens where I felt like a giant person like a big Marshmallow Man. Yeah, and so it’s funny like in my being, I must be much bigger than I think I am. When I look in the mirror.

Well, aren’t you already know that you are. You’re Just not acknowledging it.

And so how do you go about the work to acknowledge it? Or is that something I want to learn inside

is very much? Well, and, you know, I do a course called visioneering. And that is the first principle that everyone learns is that energy of acknowledgement, but, and you’re getting it though you’re already starting to do it. Yeah. It’s, it’s like really just filling up and knowing, knowing that you are, because is, this is the separation that we have with ourselves, you know, we talk, you know, oneness in a lot of ways. But a lot of people don’t talk about oneness with ourself. Yeah, you know, and so this is when your Knower separates from the what I call your thinker, like, because you think that you’re short, because you look short in the mirror, and then you cut yourself off short, because you think, you know, I don’t know, yeah, you’re not worthy, or whatever. It happens for that situation. Right? Yeah. Good enough, right. All these. And if you really ask truth, you know, am I not good enough? Or truth? Am I not good enough for this? Or whatever the question might be, you’ll get Heck no.

Right? Yeah,

I am. You know, you know, your Knower knows, and it always lead you to what’s light.

And when you acknowledge what’s light,

then you are it.

When you don’t acknowledge it, you keep functioning as a finite being instead of an, you know, infinite. Great being. Yeah,

yeah. And this is work, I could see anybody benefiting from like, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got like a goal like I do. Or if you’ve got a goal, like, you know, finishing college, or you’ve got a goal, like raising great kids, like, whatever your big goal is, I could see this being so profoundly impactful.

Yeah, well, it’s so freaking cool. You know, and with a playbook system, we’re now you know, working with people so that they can use the playbook system, which is very, which is just a bunch of simple questions. If you guys want I can get in Betsy, I can give you a link so that you can get them out.

Yeah, like out.

But it’s like $111 course. And it’s just, like, take some through, you know, these simple, simple questions to get clear. And to really know that how to fill up and, you know, get real and raw with themselves.

That’s awesome. Only 111 bucks.

You know, this is the little system. This is just the entry.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,

yeah. But it’s, um,

but to get to get you started and to start, like thinking that way. Because I do believe that once you start a process of changing the way you think, if you are conscious of it, it’ll start you’ll start seeing more and more and more and more right of the shift.

Oh, my God, well, so have you ever had like, wow, that showed up like magic?

Yeah, for a necessity.

That would be this, when it’s like magic. And that, you know, and that’s what, you know, kind of happens had happened with my life. Like when I had both been bogging along, kind of in the land that you are with a lot of force and a lot of fight, a lot of, it’s going to happen, I’m going to make it happen. Doggone it, you know, and, and then this, this work entered into my life, kind of, with me, continuing to seek and look. And when it did, that was my first year that I kind of surrendered. And we also made 1.2 million that year. Wow. There were some things that I had to change because to do that, it took a lot of my own personal time. So in the last five years, I’ve reorganized everything so that it’s not all me. And I’ve really got time and space to be with my clients and see my clients instead of me constantly, you know, making sure the team is doing everything and and all these moving parts. But it was as if magic happened, because, you know, my vision at the beginning of that year Was, gosh, if we just make 300,000 this year, I will be a static. And then when we got, you know, to the impact that we had gotten to it was just like all it was like what? Wait, what? Yeah. And we had found a way that we could leverage, you know, numbers, basically. And

yeah, yeah. And I really love that. And I have heard that from people. I feel like that’s one of the things I’ve been hearing recently is like, when I just when I surrendered when I like, just let things flow, when I just got joyful about what I was doing at that moment, instead of worrying about what was going to be, you know, what was going to be accomplished. It changed the vision, and it changed the feeling. And when the feeling changed, the outcome started to change.

Right, right. And one of those, well, we don’t use feelings, but it’s the perceiving that you are the giant, and then being the giant. Yeah. Right. So that’s one of one of yours. Like, that’s one of the first shifts that you get to play with, right. So big awareness that you get to start with, right, yeah, yeah, I like that. They’ll be it and what will happen is, instead of doing small things, you’re gonna start doing bigger things.


yeah. Yeah, yeah. Fun.

This super awesome. Thank you so much. This was really interesting to me. Now, people can find you at your website. And I’ll make sure to link that in there. And then, and we I didn’t ask you this before, but we have an online community. It’s at SS lb. community that stands for start small, live big community. And and people can jump in there. And typically, my guests will jump in there and answer any questions or, you know, post links to their, you know, their website or their products or whatever it is, however, they can help people. Would you be willing to jump in there with us? Absolutely. Absolutely. Okay, awesome. Well, thank you so much for being here with me today. This was really fascinating. And I feel like we’ve just touched on the very tip of really so much more to learn.

Oh, my gosh, I mean, it’s miles deep, right. Yeah. And then at the same time, you can get so far with just those simply simple questions.

Yeah. Yeah. I love these. I hope everybody you know, everyone listening, do your questions. And if you feel like sharing, share them inside the community, because I would love to hear what other people are coming up with, as you know, their thing. Like I identified that thing about being sure like, that was really that’s really fascinating to me that came out just by relaxing into the questions.

Yeah, yeah. It’s so funny how things will will happen like that. And it’s just, it’s magic.

It is magic.

Well, cool. Well, thank you so much for being here. I appreciate you coming on the art of living big.

Thank you, Betsy.

Thanks for spending some time with us today. Remember to jump in on that online community at SS lB community.com. And, as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

That’s it.

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