Subconscious Genius - Betsy Pake

This two video training walks you through to a greater understanding of the subconscious mind so that you can ...

➡️ Gain an understanding of how your subconscious mind functions and more importantly… why!

➡️ Uncover the reason behind the patterns and triggers that appear in your life.

➡️ Get a peek into why those goals you’ve had for years haven’t come true yet… and what you need to do now to make them come true!

➡️ Learn how your beliefs are established and learn practical steps to align them in your favor.

Today for only $33 ($179 value)

These two classes are for you if:

➡️ You are intrigued and want to explore the vast subconscious mind!


➡️ You’ve held a desire to understand yourself as a profound level.


➡️ You’re on a journey of self-discovery and have reached a point where you’re ready to dive a bit deeper.


➡️ Perhaps you’ve been a listener of the podcast and are eager to further unravel your subconscious mind!

When you enroll you'll finally get to....

🧠 Uncover the origin of your results and learn strategies to achieve unprecedented goals.

🧠 Explore the profound influence your beliefs exert on the trajectory of your life.

🧠 Master the art of communicating with your subconscious to manifest your desires.

🧠 Delve into an explanation of brain wave states and gain insights from scientific studies that illuminate the extraordinary power of your mind.

🫶🏼 Plus a special bonus inside!



Yes! You have lifetime access to the material.

This is two trainings from The Alchemy of Self coursework (previously known as The Rise) The whole training is aprox. 1 hour of content.

This is a digital course without a live component.

Since this is a digital course no refunds are granted.