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114: The Hidden Messages in Food with Teri Mosey


Teri Mosey, Ph.D., is an international speaker, wellness consultant, and author of The Hidden Messages in Food. She earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, master’s degree in exercise physiology, doctorate in holistic nutrition, and is a graduate of culinary studies. Her knowledge and expertise draws from the ancient teachings of traditional Chinese medicine, India’s chakra system to our most current understandings of mind-body physiology, and quantum physics. Teri’s intention is to inspire, educate, and support others toward becoming the best version of themselves.

Connect with Teri at https://www.terimosey.com.


Hey everybody, welcome to the show. I have a really interesting interview for you today. And I have been more and more fascinated, even after I did the show after we recorded than I was before. So who I’m talking to today is Terry Mosley. Now, she is an international speaker, a wellness consultant. She wrote a book called The hidden messages in food. And that’s what we’re going to talk about a bit today. She’s got her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, she’s got a master’s degree in physiology. She’s got a doctorate in holistic nutrition, and she’s a graduate of Culinary Studies. Her knowledge and expert draws, though from the ancient teachings of traditional Chinese medicine, Incas chakra system, to our most current understandings of Mind Body physiology and quantum physics. Alright, so it’s sort of a mouthful, but it’s like all the things, it’s all the things that I’m so interested in learning, right? I mean, we’ve got the Shockers in there, we’ve got nutrition in there, we’ve got quantum physics, her intention is to inspire, educate and support others towards becoming the best version of themselves. Now, I’m going to, I’m going to just go to the interview, but I, since the interview have gotten Terry’s book called The hidden messages in food. And when I first saw the cover of the book, that’s when I decided I wanted to interview her because it has like someone sitting there like in a meditative pose with the chakra system, you know, kind of highlighted on the cover. So right off I was like, are, you know, it like totally spoke to me, and I wanted to know more. So I got the book. And it’s I’ve just started it today. I’ve literally interviewed her like a few days ago, I ordered it amazon prime, I got it today. And I started reading, and it’s really good. So if you’ve been trying to lose weight, or you want to think about your weight differently, or you’re just curious about like, aligning the energy and thriving in your body, I think you’re gonna really like this interview. So thanks for listening. Let’s go to the show. Welcome to the art of living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake. And this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hey, everybody, welcome to the show today. I’m super excited for today’s show, y’all. I have my friend Terry mosey Hey, Terry. Hi, how are you? Hey, I’m so good. I’m so glad you’re here. All right. So you’ve written a book called The hidden messages in food? Use your relationship with food to unlock your true potential. And I’m super excited about this conversation. Well, I’ll tell you first, I was super excited about this conversation because the cover of her book y’all has a person sitting there with all the chakras, right? So I was like, ooh, I want to know what you have to say about all of this. So welcome to the show. Thanks for being here.

Thanks for having me. So tell me a little bit

about you about what you do. And about this book. I’m excited. I’m thinking I’ve already said it. I’m very excited. Okay, go.

The hidden messages in food is kind of like an East meets West nutrition book. And what I’m really doing is I’m introducing the reader to the holistic paradigm. And I’m just using food as a pathway to do that. So the thing is, is that when we start to look at food, we can use it, we pass the calorie counting, and the obsession with protein and those dreaded carbs that make us fat and all that mainstream scenario we have. And we can dig a little bit deeper and recognize that food not only impacts our physical body, it connects us to our energetic being. And it also brings our souls journey into the conversation. And what I do in the hidden messages in food is I teach you how to look at food more as a reflection of who you are, and how you’re living. So it becomes kind of a practice ground to not only heal from, say a physical ailment that you have, but also as a pathway for personal growth. Because when you start to look at your cravings, your aversions, even addictions that you may have, or even your beliefs around food or even how you eat food is a lot of messages about who you are as a person. You know, because if you ever really talk to someone about nutrition, and you say something that’s not aligned with what they do, they get really defensive, right? It’s because the way you eat is super personal because it’s a reflection of who you are. And what I would like to do is introduce to people a broader way to look at it. That’s a more inclusive worldview, which is the holistic worldview, about looking at food so that you’re going out of the calories and all the protein I want you to see food as not only helping us through a physical need, but also having an emotional tie as well. A soul message. And it’s a great way to expand the way that you live. I’m just using food and the kitchen to do so.

I love this. Tell me what you mean by a souls journey. Like, explain to me more about that?

Sure. So, you know, it depends on what worldview you take. And the idea is that we’re here as a soul to have a human experience, to learn and to evolve. And when we start to look at food, and we start to look at the way that we’re operating, we can decide whether we want to choose a life governed by a state of love, or governed by a state of fear. And when we do that, that shifts the different type of life experiences that you’re going to have. And you can use your food to understand those universal life lessons, which goes back to the universal consciousness. And all that seems very wordy. It basically ties us back to our most current understanding of quantum physics, it brings us back to understanding that everything in life is connected. So when you think of your physical ailments, you think of your food choices, you think of your different emotions you experience, and even like the relationships and events you have, like, they’re all connected. And I want to teach you how to connect all those dots in your life. So that it makes sense. And then you know, what decisions to make moving forward. So it’s part of just connecting everything together. And that’s what your souls journey is all about, is getting to find as many answers as you can, and then learning how to live in a state of love.

Yeah, I love that a lot. Like we’ve we either have that choice, right to go towards fear and everything, everything that comes into our life, either there’s a fear answer, or there’s a love answer, and you get to choose every minute, you get to choose which direction you’re going. And so how does that tie in, like, if somebody’s listening, and they’re like, okay, and you and I were talking before, and I was explaining to you that I share all the things on the show. There’s not much people probably don’t know about me. But one of the things we were talking about is, as I have struggled over the past couple years, trying to get help with my daughter, have gained some weight. And I totally felt like that was, you know, my body’s attempt to become bigger to be seen. Right? So if somebody’s listening, and they’re like, well, I don’t know why I’ve gained weight, or I’ve always had this weight, like, What? How would they approach? How would they use this concept to begin to understand?

Sure, and that’s a great example. And it’s one that many people kind of struggle with, we all have at some point in our lives. And what that is, is about finding our sense of grounding, or feeling centered in our life. And it’s related to what is called a safety or survival needs. And it is correlated with the energies of what are called our root chakra. And what we’re doing there is we’re trying to find a sense of security, we also want to have a sense of belonging, we want to belong to something bigger than ourselves. And that’s why when we are not feeling safe, or we’re feeling like we’re struggling or work stressed out, because that has a lot to do with stress, which I’ll mention in a second. What do we do, we go to the beach, we go to the parks, we go out into nature, because Mother Earth is there to calm you, it literally down regulates your excessive electrical activity, it brings in a calming sensation, and it draws you down to allow you to feel a sense of belonging. So when we’re struggling with our weight, what is happening is we are starting to slow down our vibration, because we’re not just a physical body, right, we have to remember that everything is energy behind our physical body. And when we are not feeling safe, or we’re struggling, or we’re just stressed out, or life is just not going the way we want it to. We are going to subconsciously, we don’t always do it consciously. But we’re going to slow our energetic vibration. And when you slow your energetic vibration, it’s going to literally pull you down to the ground, it’s also going to allow you to retain more weight, because it’s heavy, and it’s pulling you towards the earth to ground you.

So is it almost like my subconscious was trying to ground me? And so decided to work with my body to make me heavier

to be more ugly? Yeah, exactly. Because sometimes we need things. So everything starts on that intangible, subconscious level. And then the last straw is our physical manifestation. So if you are physically gaining weight, and you see it, it’s already gone through your energy system. So you’ve already been given a few messages and clues that this was happening. And you kind of just, you know, kept plugging through because we’re fully functional and we just do what we need to to get the job done. But the body sends messages all the time. And then finally, it’s going to come up into your physical body enough that you’re going to go Oh, right. Yeah. ourselves saying where did that come from? And it didn’t just show up overnight. It’s there’s a lot of subtle messages and that’s part of bringing more awareness to you, and awareness to who you’re being and your everyday thoughts, as well as the emotional state that you carry. So it’s all about inviting in a heightened level of awareness into your, into your life. And when you do that, you’ll start to grab the messages quicker. And you won’t turn around and say, Oh, my God, where did this 40 pounds just come from? Right? There’s messages that can allow you to divert and make different choices or changes along that way.

So like, what kind of messages like what would that look like? Can you think of any examples? And can you make Can you tell me how to change my chakra alignment? So this just goes, I would like this to go away by tomorrow, Terry, thanks.

Exactly, exactly. And that’s part of the root chakra, we do. You know, it does involve some patience. But you know, the act of grounding and the root chakra, which is where the primer, primarily the issue of weight is, is related to your immunity. Okay, so there’s a chronic low grade inflammation going out inside your body. So we need to kind of shake that off a little bit. We also need to fix up your digestive system a little bit because we know way too much about the microbiome right now. And that plays a huge role in inflammation. So we need to kind of lower your immunity down, get it back where it needs to be, I need to calm your mind. Because when you are not grounded, our adrenal glands are up and going. So we’ve all heard of fight or flight guys, right? Like, it’s when you’re in fear, you’re in fight or flight mode. And behind that is fear. And what all that is doing is it’s messing around what’s called your HPA stress axis. And when that axis is all stressed around, then that means all different types of hormones are not doing their job well. So, you know, we had for a long time, we used to say, like bad things, I think people still do they talk bad about like cortisol, right? Like cortisol is a reason why I’m fat and all this stuff. And you know, cortisol certainly has a lot to do with stress. And one of the physical manifestations of stress is waking. However, cortisol also helps to metabolize our nutrients, it helps our cognitive function, it works with our immunity, so he’s not really the enemy. So I really like to always remind us that it’s never just one thing that is the cause. All of you works in a network, every aspect of you is connected. So we want to blame the on one thing and say it’s your fault. It’s that fault. That’s because I’m doing this one thing. And it’s not, it’s always going to be an accumulation of everything that’s going on. So what I would recommend in order to start shifting, if you are struggling with your weight, or you’re not feeling grounded, because that’s the underlying soul message, is to start to work on your immunity, to try to get some of that chronic inflammation gone, as well as start to calm your mind. And there’s two ways that you can do that. And you can start doing that today. Number one is to start to feed your microbiome, so that we can bring into an anti inflammatory effect. And I can share some of those favorite foods of our friendly bacteria, as well as start to create a daily meditation practice. Mm hmm. Yeah, those are the two number one healers that are going to help to shift the inflammation, the immunity, as well as calm your mind so that you can start to feel that level of grounding. And as you start to do that, and shift that HPA axis, as you start to shift your everyday thoughts, as you start to feel more comfortable in your own skin, the wheat will start to come off. Yeah, it’s not 1000 calories out

yet. You know, I’m a big meditator. And as we’re talking and as you’re saying all this stuff, and you know, I’m relating it to myself, just since it’s you and me talking, but I’m sure there’s lots of people listening to it, this is the same thing. I can almost I can almost pinpoint times where I feel like I’ve gained weight a little bit faster, like in this whole, like past two years where I’ve gained some weight. I can almost pinpoint those are the times where things were really hectic and I wasn’t meditating. And there will be times where I meditate to two and a half hours a day. Like that has been something that’s been really helpful for me. But when I haven’t, that’s actually and I can pinpoint it just because I know the stuff that was happening in my life in that time. Those are really the times where I feel like, you know, it was picking up picking up the pace, you know, and I joke and say, I’m an overachiever. And that’s why I don’t just gain two pounds. You know?

I like to go bigger go home. Exactly. Okay, so daily

meditation. And I think a lot of times people think, Oh, I gotta meditate for two and a half hours. But I mean, I’ve worked up to that over several years, but really, that can be simply as being, like mindful while you’re shaving your carrots, right? I mean, you can be doing every day, folding the laundry. are like just being mindful, right? You kind of get in that trancey Yes, you have something better go say, You guys can’t see, but I can see her face so much better. So there

are, there’s just so many different meditative practices. So everything you’re saying Absolutely, yes, correct. So different meditative practices elicit different responses in the body. So my, my suggestion would be yes, definitely do things mindfully. When you’re in the kitchen, cook mindfully, peel those carrots and only be peeling those carrots not running another, you know, dialogue through your head about something that you want to say to your spouse when they get home, because you’re angry about something, right, get in the present moment. So ironing, doing the laundry, shoveling snow, depending on where you live, you know, whatever you’re doing, doing just that, and fully keeping your presence, there is one way to start to calm. I would also recommend a seated mindful meditation, where you’re either watching your breath, have a one word affirmation, and and finding a way to to really draw yourself in and almost disconnect from your everyday life. Because I want you to be able to feel yourself as pure consciousness to the point that when you’re sitting there meditating, that you’re not aware of the room, you’re not aware of where you’re sitting, you’re not aware of that you’re have bills do you’re not aware that you’re supposed to go get detergent tomorrow at the store, you know, all those things are gone. And you’re just there. You don’t even feel your physical body. Because you’re just that tuned in. And that’s where we drop in brainwaves. And that’s where we connect to the universal consciousness. Yeah, not yet. The magic happens. Yeah, like, flute in your cork a little bit is what I call it.

Like when you just float your cork and so nothing’s you’re not pushing it down anyway. Exactly.

Yeah. And if that’s hard to do it first, you start with five minutes. You can’t do it wrong. Every time that you’re practicing it. That’s why it’s called a meditation practice. Even spiritual gurus, you know, still have conversations in their head going, Oh, I really want tacos today while they’re meditating. Okay, yeah, because it’s just part of who we are as being human. You can also choose to go to a restorative yoga class, if you feel that you’re more of a person of movement, or you need to be around people. And it’s difficult in the beginning, that’s another way that you can start to create meditation in your life.

Okay, I like that a lot, too. Yeah. And you know, when I meditate, sometimes I’ll use a guided meditation. But in the beginning, especially, but now more often, I just turn on my sound machine. And just having that where I can concentrate on that white noise, like really helps me so that my mind isn’t going all over the place. Yeah. But I always tell people I work with, you know, it’s like riding a bike. When you ride a bike, you’re not going perfectly straight, you’re constantly shifting and coming back to the center shifting and coming back to the center. So tell me a little bit about feeding my bike microbiome. Because I think like our bodies are constantly I think we’re always doing what we think is, is coming back to center, right? We’re trying to help ourselves, I think,

do you agree with that?

So when you said we want to go into nature, and then when you talked about the microbiome, you know, there are different my microbiomes when I go to the beach, then if I go to the mountains, then if I am in my home, right? So I wonder if that’s like my body’s way of trying to remedy that by wanting me to get outside or get nature, right. Could that be too? Yeah, I mean, we are we have our own personal ecosystem. So you’re full of a whole lot of bacteria, you know, and you got this whole, like antibacterial world, but you are covered from head to toe and bacteria, and you have over four pounds of bacteria in your stomach. And it’s there for a reason. So you’re your own ecosystem, like

have your own fingerprints. It’s that unique to you. Yep. And you are then part of the ecosystem of everyone else in the universe. So yeah, being drawn into Mother Nature is is part of that because you are part of an ecosystem, and you are designed to be long to something bigger than yourself. And you know, when we start to look at the friendly bacteria, so they started the Human Microbiome Project, because they started realizing there’s some interesting things about what’s going on digestive system, we now know so much about the how the brain and the gut communicate, and how the gut actually is its own independent brain separate from our neocortex. And you know, so there’s just a lot of cool stuff happening in that our gut and our health of our gut is actually a reflection of our emotions. It’s a mirror Ooh. Yeah, because all that we actually create a whole lot of hormones and neurotransmitters inside our gut independent from our neocortex brain. So you You may have heard of serotonin. It’s our calming happiness molecule. Well, 90% of it is produced in your gut. So the happier your gut is, the happier your actually state of mind is. There’s this area. Yeah. And so and we know that the microbiome is one of the aspects that helps release serotonin, as well as other commonmark molecules like dopamine. Another one is called GABA. And these are the ones that help lessen that stress axis that I mentioned before. So yeah, connected, and it’s kind of neat. And you can start to feed your microbiome, the foods that it loves, so that it can stay populated. You can also introduce more diversity by taking in what’s called a probiotic, not in a pill form is a completely different scenario. But we can find ways to repopulate our microbiome and then feed it and not some of its favorite foods are raw garlic, bananas, raw red onions, dandelion greens. Those are some of their favorite actual foods to eat, where you can also start to take in some raw unpasteurized, fermented sauerkraut. Okay, yep. I’ve heard of that. Yep, kimchi, kimchi, apple cider vinegar, a tablespoon of like real apple cider vinegar. Right. It has that motherlode on the

bottom right. Like the good stuff. Yes. Yeah, right.

But just a tablespoon, don’t go chug in that stuff. And then now, and now a lot of different farms are naturally fermenting veggie. So you can get like beat crowd and carrot crowd, you know, so if you have like a different like palate preference, but just to forkfuls of that a day, and your microbiome is doing the dance.

Yeah, so it’s really about,

it’s less like you were saying it’s less about, okay, my eating too many calories. I shouldn’t be eating this at this time. It’s really about grounding. It’s about being mindful, getting time every single day to float your cork in the meditation and adding in thinking about your gut health as you’re making choices. Right? Right. I love I love all of this. What about, let me ask you one other question. What about if you’ve been heavy your whole life? Like, as long as you can remember, you’ve been, you know, 350 pounds? Like, where would somebody? And I’ll tell them go get your book? Because I know we’ll learn a lot more. I’m excited to get it. But how? How, where would that person start? When they’re looking at all this? Like, is there one thing you could recommend that you would say, You know what? Look at that.

That’s a great question. And the thing is, is that we all have certain physical scenarios for different underlying reasons, right. So everybody who struggles with their weight doesn’t have the exact story. Everyone who has heart disease does not have the exact

stealing. It’s more about like, what’s going on in my subconscious, like how I’m making sense of the world, which is like, and what what’s happening in my gut, you think that’s more what’s important than the intake of my food.

I think what’s most important is to unravel our consciousness and where our perceptions, beliefs and thoughts lie. And we can impact on a physical level to initiate the healing process through the foods that we choose. But at the end of the day, our consciousness is always at the origin of every single life experience we have. So the things that we do early in our external world, whether we exercise, whether we sleep, well, the foods that we eat, are going to initiate the healing process. And I really emphasize the word initiate. But if we’re looking for long term, sustained change, and help, then we need to peel all the way back past the emotion all the way back to the consciousness and talk about what belief systems we carry. You know, that’s why a lot of people who even diet, gain the weight back in over a year, because a 75% of them doubt it’s really going to happen. Yeah. And they actually don’t believe that it’s really possible for them to have long term success.

Yeah, yeah, I totally believe that, that it comes down to our belief systems and what we think is possible for our lives. And really to get into that you might not even be consciously aware of it, right? So like, I could be sitting here with you thinking, This is my belief system, but maybe it’s not like maybe my belief system has been, by the time you get close to 50, you start gaining weight, right, like unconsciously. And so my body was like, oh, that could

be that is certainly a belief system that you can carry that I’m going to disease that my people Aaron tab. Yeah, I’m trying to gain weight at 50. Because like, I’m a woman, and then I’m gonna hit menopause. And that’s just what you do, and, and all those kind of things, which is just not true. But that is a belief system. And we have to be able to unravel and reflect about ourselves to recognize, what are the stories that we tell ourselves outwardly? Yeah, and what actually is our underlying belief system?


they’re not always the same. And whatever you physically manifest is a reflection of your actual belief

systems, right? The thing you don’t even realize right yet,

because that’s what the universe responds to the universe doesn’t respond to all the masks you wear in the world. And all the things you fake until you make it, it responds to you all the way back at your consciousness at your energetic level. Yeah. So if you want to know where it is, look what’s happening in your life. And then it’s not about saying, Look at all the things that are wrong with me. And I really want to make that clear. It’s more of just as a message like, Here I am in my life. This is what’s happening for me. Now I’m aware, what can I do to kind of shift things because it’s, it’s a choice? And what kind of fun things can I engage in in my life, to just divert my path, because we always can get back on our path, you can fall off hundreds of times, and it’s never too late. I’ve seen people change their lives at the age of 80. It does not mean that like, Oh, I didn’t do it in my 20s and my 30s I’m doomed. No, no, no, no, you can make changes in your life that impact the rest of your existence here, even at the age of 80.

Yeah, I love that. There’s so much we can learn from you, Terry, I would like you to just move to Atlanta, there’s the house for sale, right?

It’s too hot.

I need you to be my neighbor. Bring me some kimchi. So okay, so I want to let you go because I know that I only told you like this much time. But I have another question. If you’ll grant me a little bit more time. So of course, okay, so I think that already, we’ve got some really good, like perspective and some ideas. What can I learn from the Can you briefly explain like the chakra system and like, just help us understand what that is, if someone’s never heard of

that before?

Absolutely. So the chakras are really fun. And when I first got into the energy systems, and I was introduced to them, I was like, wow, this makes so much of our lives makes sense. So basically, I’m going to kind of give you a little bit of a kind of a chain. So we have our consciousness where our mind and our awareness is, and that originates and starts to orchestrate everything that happens in our body. Our consciousness then orchestrates what’s called our subtle energy. You may have heard it called your lifeforce, your ci, your prana, if you want to be really scientific about it, quantum physics calls it your vital energy, okay, but there is an energy behind your physical being, and the consciousness is driving the car, okay? And what happens is this subtle energy then accumulates in energy centers inside the body that are at different energetic vibrations. And those are called your chakras. And we have seven main energy centers that vibrate at different energetic frequencies, that then stimulate biological processes because they are at that specific vibration. Okay, so everything that happens biologically inside our body is being stimulated by energy behind it. And the connection of those two are at these energy centers called chakras. Now, because these chakras go back to consciousness, and they are vibrating at a specific energetic frequency, they are also sharing a specific level of consciousness. So when we spoke about weight before and the act of grounding and the root chakra, that’s because the root chakra, and everything that’s combined with it, all the biological processes of our immunity are linked to the energetic vibration of consciousness at that level, which is about grounding. Do you see the connection so? Yeah, just notice to the chakras, which is the energy centers, which that helps to stimulate our biological systems. Yes. So they’re the they’re the the Midway to help us connect our mind and body to connect our energy and physicality.

I have done a guided meditation before where it was aligning the chakras. They might have been like a Joe dispenza meditation, and

I love I love him.

Yeah, he’s can be my other neighbor. We could all be so good. So he describes it as that They it’s almost like a waterfall going up like one is moving clockwise one is moving counterclockwise. So if you move the way up, it would be like the water could get its way up your body, right? So it actually, is it actually energy that is in movement like that gets all energy is moving, right?

Absolutely. It’s moving throughout your entire body. So there’s even meridians. Those are just the main centers, and then it branches out into meridian. So if you’ve heard of like acupuncture kind of things, right. And those meridians are bringing that energy to all of you, but they, but there’s concentrated areas that helped to organize it.

So what would it help people

as they’re beginning to understand their belief systems? And what’s really happening unconsciously? Would it help them when they’re in meditation to imagine these chakra centers? Like does that matter? If they’re like

focusing on them at all?

Would you say,

guess when you place a 10th, anything that you place attention on, that’s where your energy goes. So if you wanted to do a meditation and place your attention on the root chakra, when you are in the midst of working on grounding, you will draw more energy flow there. So yes, he does. Joe dispenza does do a meditation, I think he goes with blessings of the energy sponsors. Yeah,

that’s, that’s a good that. That’s a crazy, that’s great.

And I mean, you can easily get it on like iTunes or something. And, and that’s a nice way to introduce you to the energy centers. And Joe goes from a more a scientific perspective, too. So it helps to bridge the language between Western and Eastern worlds that sometimes can be challenging for many people to be introduced into that holistic worldview, right? Yeah,

yeah, I like that a lot. That’s a great meditation. This has been so extremely helpful. So your book is called the hidden messages in food, use your relationship with food to unlock your true potential. And I will make sure to link that and link to your website. So people can find more about you. It’s simply your name, which my website is also just my name. I’m always like, I’m very creative. It’s my name. But it’s it’s Terry mozi.com t Ri mosey.com. So if anybody wants to look you up without going to the show notes, they can do that. So thank you so much for being here and sharing so much of your wisdom with us. I appreciate it so much. Thank you

for having me. It’s been a pleasure.

Hey, everybody, before we go, I just wanted to remind you that I still have some spots open this month in my coaching program called the rise. This is really where I started to notice that my one on one coaching clients, we were sort of going over the same kinds of things for the first like four or five times that we met. And so I created a course that covers like all the things we go into belief systems and understanding yourself how to meditate, you know, breathing, mediumship, all the things. And then you also get the coaching. So I really tried to create this really powerful, transformative program. And if you’re interested in it, and you just want to understand how it works, or get my feedback on something, please head to my website, just go to the contact me page at Betsy pake.com. Send me a message, I’ll send you a link to my calendar and we can set up a time just to chat. If it’s not for you. That is okay. But maybe it is and maybe even on that call, I can help you get some perspective or shift to something new. So I look forward to talking with you. You guys. Have a good week and I’ll see you next time. Thanks so much for listening. Remember, you can find me all over social media at Betsy Pake and, as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

That’s it.


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