085: A New Kind of 'To-do' List To Manifest Your Big Life - Betsy Pake

085: A New Kind of ‘To-do’ List To Manifest Your Big Life


This week I share a clarifying process for your desires and how to release your stress and anxiety about what’s to come.

It’s a new way to do your ‘to-do’ list and it has helped me tremendously this week as I’ve been sick.  I hope that it serves you too.

This episode is great for anyone who feels overwhelmed or wishes they could release the grip they feel on their future and perhaps some negative feelings surrounding what’s ahead. 

I hope that it serves you and gives you a new way to look at your life.


Welcome to the art of living day.

I’m your host, Betsy Pake. And this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hey, everybody, welcome to the show. All right. So I want to talk to you this week, about another way to help you narrow down your focus and identify your big life. And I kind of came upon this this past weekend, it’s been really helpful for me, so I wanted to share it with you. As I’m recording this, it has been so nice in Atlanta, like, I feel like spring is coming. So my windows are open.

And there are a lot of really, really loud

birds out there. So I’m not sure if you can hear them. But if you hear some squawking in the background, is me enjoying nature? Will I will I record this episode for you? Now, this week, I’ve been sick, my daughter has been sick for like a week and a half probably. And, you know, I feel like we keep hearing how everybody’s sick, right? I mean, everybody has the flu, we hear that on the news, like constantly. And so I kept saying, I’m not gonna get sick, because I don’t get sick. Other people could get sick around me, and I just never get sick. I kept saying that, and it was coming true. And now we talk on the show a lot about manifesting our reality. And so I felt like it was really important that I stay focused on my wellness, that I talk about how good I feel and how energetic I am and how I never get sick and how strong my immune system is. And so that’s what I did. But as my daughter started getting more and more sick, and she started to feel like her throat really hurt, I was like, oh, we’re gonna have to go to the doctor, if your throat really hurts, we’re gonna have to, we’re gonna have to see a doctor and make sure you don’t have strap or something else, right. And I felt like she just had a cold, so I wasn’t super concerned. But by Sunday afternoon, she was feeling really funky. So I said Monday morning, if you still don’t feel good, then I’m going to bring you to the doctor. So Monday morning came? You know, it was hard to tell like, are you just have a really bad cold? Or is it something else? And she’s a teenager. So I mean, you know, she can talk and explain how things are feeling. But it’s also still nice to get out of school when you’re a teenager, right? So I was trying to really identify like, Is she really sick. And so I said to her, I said these words, and I remember the words coming out of my mouth and feeling them so much. So I said to her, I don’t want to bring you to the doctor if you just have a cold. Because if we go to the doctor, we’re going to expose ourselves to all the germs at the doctor’s office, like all the other kids that are really, really sick. All the kids have the flu that are going to the doctors, we’re going to expose ourselves to those germs. So I don’t want to go to the doctor and expose ourselves if we don’t have to. But she was sick. And so we went to the doctor. And it was hours of me being at the doctor where I got sick now. I believe it’s because I told myself, as soon as you get exposed to those germs, you’re gonna get sick. But regardless of what the reason was, this week, I have been under the weather. So I’m actually feeling a little bit more up today. But I’ll probably get back in bed after I record this episode. So it’s been a bit of a break. This week. I’ve gotten extra help with things which has been really nice. And it made me kind of wonder if I needed a moment to slow down and the only way I could really get help and like ask for help where I felt okay asking for help as if I was actually sick. I don’t know. But here’s what came up this week is that because I was sick, I had to postpone several things. I had to cancel several appointments. I was supposed to be a guest on a podcast and that day, I mean, I was so stuffy and blowing my nose like it was just no way sneezing. And, and then Wednesday night last night, I was supposed to have host a webinar myself where I was going to do some coaching Wednesday night live that I really liked doing that and I just felt like I was not good. Like, you know, when your head’s like floating above your body, you know, so I was like, I can’t do it because it’s just not it’s not going to be right it didn’t feel like the right thing. And I try really hard to feel like to be aligned with whatever it is I’m going to do. So I had to cancel that like I was starting to feel really overwhelmed. My doctor had my my doctor my daughter had a doctor’s appointment that was important she went to and we had to cancel that and so there’s all these things and I was starting to feel yesterday morning like oh my gosh, I’m getting really behind like I have things now like the momentum of what I’ve been working towards isn’t going to be there and things are This isn’t good. Like I was starting to get that

panicky feeling.

And you know if you’ve ever felt behind or you felt like you were on vacation, and then you came back and you had a ton of stuff to do and I had I mean appointments to make and I mean my car light came on, you know where the had to go get service like there was just all these little things. Plus I didn’t feel good. And I really needed to get out and go get some medicine, right. So I was sitting there yesterday morning, and I was like, I have a to do list now, that feels really overwhelming. And the more and more time goes by, and I’m not doing things, the more things I’m adding to the list that were just things that I had already scheduled or already done that had to be re added to the list. Right? Okay, so you feel me, you know where I am. And so this is the, the process that I did, that actually was so, so helpful. And I want to share it with you. It’s Abraham process.

But it really worked for me this week. And so I wanted to offer it up to you in case it might help you too. So I took a blank piece of paper, and I just drew a line down the middle. Now there are things that I really need to do. And there are also things that I need, that I was adding to my list of things that were really things that were just like, on my mind, do you know what I’m saying? So, I’m, like, I have some medicine here. But I really needed to get more medicine. And I have a friend that I meant to reach out to, and, um, I. So that was like, on my mind that I needed to reach out to that friend. And I had like little things that I needed to do around the house that I meant to do. And so those were kind of on my mind. And so I decided I needed to just get them all off my mind and make a list, right? So here’s what I did is I took a piece of paper and I wrote a line down the middle. And I wrote down the things I have to do today on one side, like the things I really have to do today. And then on the other side, I put the things I’d like the universe to do. So there’s things I’d like to do today. And then there’s things I’d like the universe to do. Now I had a list written so I just wrote everything to my brain dumped on another piece of paper. So I had this huge long list. And so I went through the list, and I started writing down the things that I wanted to do today. Now I did this not in like, these are the things I really have to do today like the like artificial because I think lots of times there’s artificial things that we think we have to do, right. But the things I really like the things I wanted to do, what are the things I wanted to do today. Now, I thought I could feel productive and make some of those appointments, call and make some of the appointments that I needed to make like for my car and for my kid. And all of those things like those sounded kind of fun to me, I could do those, it would make me feel productive. And I get them off my list. So I wrote those under the things I would do make appointments, reach out to some friends, I thought I could text some friends text some friends, right. So just to have that connection, I work from home. So that’s something that’s important to me. I wanted to get some exercise, like just get some movement in, you know, like, I’ve been kind of like in bed for so many days, even if that’s just like walking my dog up the street, my husband’s already warned me I’m not allowed to exercise, because I would go all out. So I’m like, just if I could just walk up the street, I think getting out in nature

might really help me.

So these are the things I put on my list of my to do list. Now. If you have a to do list in front of you, you’re probably looking

at your list going

oh my god, like getting out in nature is not on my to do I have like 3800 other things that I need to do before that. I totally get it but just hear me out. So on the other side things I’d like the universe to do. The on that side, I put the things that were causing me, like the worry, like I really need. One of the things that I wanted to do was that coaching call last night, right? And I wasn’t going to pitch anything or sell I don’t have anything to sell. I just want to be able to help people so they could see that I help them and then maybe if they know somebody that’s looking for a coach, they would refer me right so that I’m just in their consciousness. They’ve gotten help from me, they know I can help. And so that was on my mind that I have some spots for new coaching clients. So I just put that on the side for the universe. I’m not gonna worry about it universe Bring me a couple new coaching clients for next month. That’s what I wrote. You know, what I wrote on the side for the universe to do bring me medicine. I know isn’t that silly? Because you think like that, Betsy, you got to go out and get your own medicine. I know. Just bring me medicine, I put that I put heal of friendship because I have a friendship that I had a negative reaction with but like a where it was tense Last time we talked a week or so ago. So I was like heal that friendship. And you help take care of my daughter for the day, the universe. So I want to share with you kind of what happened and I The list goes on and on. I put a lot of things on the side of the universe, things that I was worried about things that I didn’t need to be worried about things that I thought were going to take action on my part but maybe it was just me being aligned and me doing the things that felt good to me that would actually bring Those things to me. So within moments of me writing, heal a friendship and I had that particular friend of mine, I got a text from that person. Hey, hope you’re having a good day I was thinking

about you.

We haven’t talked in a while, let me know when you have chance to catch up. So I was like, Oh my god, that was fast. So I was like, I’m gonna write down some more. So at that point, I was like, I’m gonna write down more things on this list. And so I wrote and wrote and wrote and one of the things I wrote was to bring me medicine now, I’m almost out of my Alka Seltzer cold medicine. So I thought I would really like some Alka Seltzer cold medicine now, yesterday was Valentine’s Day. And a couple hours later, my ex husband called, he said, How are you feeling? And I told him, he said, I’m gonna swing by because I have something for all of for Valentine’s Day. So he came in my friends. Do you know what he brought with him? For me? He brought Alka Seltzer cold. Yeah, true story. And he said, This always really works for me. And I was at the store getting her her card, and I saw it and I wanted to bring it to you. So thank you universe, the universe was doing its job. So today, I’ve added more things to the list for the universe, things that I want to have taken care of things that I don’t want to worry about. Now, it doesn’t mean I’m not going to do anything to affect those. Now, that was awesome that my ex husband is the Alka Seltzer and thought of me I don’t know. I guess, ex husbands. Think of their ex wives when they see Alka Seltzer putts. It made me go like what else? Because maybe the universe would take care of something by giving me a sign that that was the next right step for me. So it doesn’t mean the universe is just gonna, like have all these things happen for me. And I’m not going to have to do any work. No. But the universe might make something really clear that that’s the next right step for me. And many times, when I’m being quiet, and when you’re sick, you’re quiet much more often, right? You start to go, you start to get these little sparks, I call them like little sparks of of

aligned action, where you go, oh,

that would be a really good thing to do, or I hadn’t thought of that before. And when I look back on my list, it’s the things that I asked the universe to do. The sparks that I’m getting are things that are directly aligned to what I asked the universe to take care of. So I leave that with you today. Perhaps it’s something that you try. Grab your to do list. If you feel overwhelmed, write a line down the middle. On the left hand side are the things you’re going to do and just write the stuff that actually feels really good to you to do. And on the other side, the things you’d like the universe to do, and see how it goes. See if you’re able to manifest some goodness for yourself today. So thanks so much for listening. I hope that that serves you. May you live with some ease and joy today. And don’t forget you deserve to live a big life. Thanks so much for listening. Remember, you can find me all over social media at Betsy Pake. And,

as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

That’s it.

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