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Are you ready to prime your subconscious mind for the next level of happiness?

I started my entrepreneurial journey by owning a CrossFit gym
and coaching people on nutrition.

What I soon found was even the most disciplined athletes with big goals had trouble staying on plan and stepping into the champion version of themselves….
especially when there was a lot on the line.

Understanding the role our subconscious plays in our progression forward led me to dive deep into mind hacking for success.

Fast forward to today and I have watched many of my friends do a lot of work to create a life they love.

They have read all the books, they have watched all the videos, and even though they get momentum, somehow they always slip backwards.

They can see the success they want (and deserve) just out of reach and I watch as they toggle themselves back over and over, never being able to fully step into the identity of the amazing person they are striving to become.


I know this feeling because I’ve been there too. I’ve watched as I self-sabotaged in my own life, times where I felt really live and was having the impact I wanted to have in the world, and other times felt like clawing to get things to flow my way. 

It wasn’t my behavior that was the problem, 

it was how my unconscious programming was holding me back.  

When I stripped away all of the old stories and beliefs that weren’t serving me, it left the space for me to adopt the new identity that I needed to run toward my goals even faster.


95% of all of our actions, reactions, motivations and triggers are unconscious.

This means that while consciously you may be ready take your life to the next level, your subconscious may have reasons for keeping you stuck.

And if you never address these issues, you will remain stuck until:

*Something drastic happens to cause your subconscious mind to shift, like a death, bankruptcy or emergency in your life

Repetition, failing so many times your subconscious patterns begin to adapt.
(This can take so long and be so painful. Not an ideal option either.)

*Creating change by shifting your subconscious to Up/Level with mind hacking! The clear winner in my book. This can be fun, you can see YEARS of change happen in an afternoon and you feel empowered! 

The truth is, if we don’t change these patterns, everything will stay the same. 

Sure we may have small, incremental up/leveling here and there, but in the end, year after year things will remain pretty constant. 

Because that’s what makes our unconscious happy. 

Consistency means we stay alive and our brains are designed for that.  

As someone who desires a “big life”, you are designed for growth.

Let’s take the next step in your development. It’s time.

What if...

  • You could make HUGE shifts in how you think about, view and experience your life, finances, relationships, health or business?

  • Your momentum was ongoing because you had a mechanism to up/level each week?

  • You were able to identify your true resistance underneath your conscious awareness and shift it?

  • You noticed your actions were more powerful and aligned to your goals.

This is exactly the reason I created this program... because these "what if's" aren't hypothetical.
They are available to you.
When you do this work, your vibration on a subconscious level increases.
Things don't seem so hard.
You are in flow.

Meet Betsy

Hi, I’m Betsy. I’m a board certified trainer of:

  • NLP
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Success coaching
  • Time Techniques

I am also an Emotion Code Practioner.

I not only have all the training but I have a high level of intuitive instinct to help you uncover the blocks that are standing in your way to the next level of success. 

I’ve helped thousands with my books, podcast, and coaching over the past decade and I’m excited to help you too.


My superpower is being able to identify patterns that are holding you back and link these together to help you create swift change.

(I also make a beautiful poached egg!)

Betsy and her team are committed to a high level of continuing education, expansion and growth in their own lives, which helps them understand the power and specific needs of this work from a personal experience on a deep level. 


I want to help you Up/Level and change your mindset so I created this experience for you to
obtain a new standard of excellence for your life.

Who is this for?

Up/Leveled is for high achievers who understand the reason they aren’t getting everything they want is because there is something blocking their path unconsciously. 
They understand that they create their own reality. 
They have the strategy down, and know the last frontier is understanding how to “hack” their mindset to support their dreams.


You are going to experience some of the biggest shifts in your life during our time together.  

Although our focus will be on one area of your life, like health, relationships or finances,  so much overlaps in our subconscious minds, you need to be prepared to be Up/Leveled in other areas of your life as well.
  • Release negative emotions, many of which you are not even aware are holding you back
  • Access new lessons from your unconscious mind that will propel you forward faster than you expect
  • Release doubt and exponentially increase your confidence
  • Release the limiting beliefs standing in your way so you can watch yourself take off
  • Allow you to fully trust in your gut instincts so you can make decisions with less doubt
  • Embrace your worthiness for greatness and step into a powerful new identity that you choose

  • Release any hesitation around being seen as a leader and expert in your field.

Here's how it works (the deep details!)

During this 6 week intensive you will be guided with a hybrid approach to change that will help you 

upgrade your programming and mind hack your way to a new level of success.


A 6-8 hour experience where we dive deep to restructure everything about one area of your life (we can talk about this and decide) so that your deepest goals begin taking shape immediately. All problems and subconscious blocks can be categorized into one of six areas. Through an extensive interview process, we will identify what blocks are showing up for you and do the change work to shift those. Blocks may be things like negative emotions, limiting decisions, internal conflicts or even the strategy of how you do a particular problem.  When we have a clear understanding of what’s holding you back, we simply run the NLP processes to shift you forward.  Before our time together, you’ll be given a audio to listen to for several days to begin the change process before we even begin. You’ll also be given a simple test, using spiral dynamics, that will show us other unconscious blocks that we can identify and help you shift even faster.

Every other week you’ll receive a 30-min one-on-one NLP session via phone. During these calls we will be doing changework, which will get deeper and faster as your awareness grows.

NLP or Neurolinguistic Programming is the modality that shifts you from a subconscious level. These sessions are strategic and time efficient. You’ll fill out a form weekly two days before your appointment so we can prepare your session and be ready to help you shift. This is where you can bring issues or potential blocks that you are seeing in your every day life and we can blast through them.

Opposite of NLP sessions, you will get a customized hypnosis audio for you to create deeper shifts.

Hypnosis sessions are the best mind-hack, going deep to shift your identity and daily actions. We identify blocks and use the most common money blocks to help you remove your barriers layer by layer.

You’ll receive specific audios from us based on what we uncover in your NLP sessions throughout the month.

Every up/leveling you receive will be applicable to your life immediately because it’s based on your current needs in the program.


Your transformation can begin immediately.

If you’re still reading, you know it’s not just strategy anymore.

You know that you need to up/level what you’re thinking about on a subconscious level.  

You’ve probably tried a lot of other things and you’ve come to the awareness that its time.
It’s time to dig into this work.

 It’s time to make these shifts and make them permanent. 

It’s time to have an expert guide you so that change can be swift. 




Ready to get started?
It's simply $5,500 for the 6 week intensive of being Up/Leveled.

Ready to get Up/Leveled?

Join now and get a complete Up/Leveled experience 


Can I ask a few questions before I commit? 

Absolutely. You can email me at support@betsypake.com and we can set up a time to chat.

Do you have other testimonials?

Yes! You can see many of my testimonials here.

I’m not sure I can be hypnotized.

Everyone can be hypnotized. In fact, you go through the hypnosis brain wave state daily when you fall asleep, and when you wake up.  We even go into hypnosis at times during the day to allow our brain to rest (ever daydream?!) it’s so natural, you are totally in control 100% of the time and will come out of hypnosis refreshed like you’ve had a good power nap.