128: Breaking Down Your Wall of Jerico


Episode 128: Today on the show I talk about what is holding you back, what is your wall of Jerico? And once you know what the wall is, how can you break it down and head to your promised land?

We talk about it, breaking it down and talk about new ways to break down the walls in your own life.

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You’re listening to Episode 128 of The Art of Living big. Back in July, I did a series on the subconscious. So if you’re interested in checking that out, it started with Episode 116. And really rolling back, like what your limiting beliefs are, how to direct your subconscious, like all the things. Now, at that time, I had a lot of people that were really interested in diving deeper with this, and I did a live class called no limits. So I want to tell you just really quickly that we finished no limits, it was four classes, it was really a ton of fun. We did it once a week and dove into some of the NLP processes that can help you understand your life a little bit bit a little bit different. Now, when we did this, we kind of went through live and I recorded it, I got some really great feedback from the course and I got some some really good ideas for some group stuff that I’m going to do in the future. But one of the one of the pieces of feedback, I asked everybody to kind of let me know if they liked it if they didn’t like it, like what they liked and what they didn’t like. And the feedback I got was really incredible. And here’s why I want to share this with you, I decided that this information would be better off, like out into the open instead of me sort of hoarding it and only offering it at certain times of the year. So I’m gonna open it up and make it available. It’s called no limits. And if you go to my website, it’s just Betsy pake.com backslash, no limits, you’ll be able to purchase the recordings from that class. Now the feedback I got from this class was like this is not only giving you life changing information, but she’s giving it to you in a real life easy, applicable way. So often we aspire to something greater than our current state. But the sources we turn to seems so far ahead or so far out of reach, that the information we receive is never truly applied and processed. But not in the case with no limits. Here. It’s almost mind blowing how easy it could be, and how you never knew this information before. When it’s all done, you’re truly aware that the only thing standing in the way of what you want is you the tools are all in here. And they are all ready to use. Yay, thank you for that awesome feedback. But I wanted to share that with you guys. Because if you’re learning yearning for a little bit, something more and really, you want to get a jumpstart on 2019. Right. So you want to be already processing some of this stuff, so that by the time 2019 hits, you’re not like starting out to make changes, you’re already like moved past some of the junk, and you have real tools. So when new junk comes up, you can clear it. So part of no limits. We talk about like the subconscious, we do a whole class really diving deep into that stuff I haven’t talked about on the podcast. And then we do a past, a present and a future class. So three different classes. And I teach you actual tools to clear things in your past to process stuff as it’s coming up in your present, and then how to proceed into the future in a totally different way than you have before. So if any of this speaks to you and you’re interested in it, you can just go to my website Betsy Pake comm backslash, no limits, and you’ll be able to access the recorded course there. So I hope that that serves you if you feel called to it. But now on to the show. Welcome to the art of living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake. And this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hey, everybody, welcome to the show today. I have just gotten back from a trip, I took a extra long weekend with my husband and we went to New Orleans. If you’ve never been to New Orleans, it is really a fun trip. There’s a lot of history there. And a lot of fun, we went down for the Georgia football game. If you follow football and you saw the game, then you feel for me because it was a crushing. We thought we might get bit beat, but it was a little bit more than we want it. And you know what, in fact, I’m going to tell you this little story.

So I go to a lot of the games and I go to a lot of the away games, my husband goes to like all the awake games. So he’s been to lots of different stadiums. And you know, it’s fun to get to go to different communities. And so many times people are like, like, thanks for coming to visit us, you know, like they get it that we’ve traveled to come there and all the things. So when we took this trip down to go to LSU you know, we knew that it was gonna be like there was tension, you know, because each team is very passionate. And I met some really nice people there. And in fact, I sat next to some people we were sort of in a LSU section, and we sat next to some super nice people and Anyway, it was really good. But like in any stadium and anytime there are people that are, you know, very passionate, say that. So it was interesting to me because I found myself like, here I am. I think I’m super Zen right? before the game even started, I could feel like the energy in that place. It’s super loud. They call it Death Valley, it was hotter than Death Valley, it was so hot. And people were super excited. It was super loud. So like the energy in the place, like I could feel it, I could really feel it. And I felt almost like anxiety. Like, I’m not playing the game. I kept thinking like, Why do I feel like this? And, you know, there were some people in front of us that were like, We were in kind of a front row of high tier in the stadium. But there was handicapped seats, like in front of us. So you could pull up with a wheelchair, but the people that were sitting there were not handicapped, they had just sold up that stadium, I guess. And so they were using those seats. So anyway, they love LSU. So it became super clear that they were very passionate. And it was a couple men and their young sons, and they were like, really into the heckling. And anyway, I found myself getting really sidetracked by it, like, where I almost couldn’t walk. And then as, as Georgia ended up getting behind, and more and more behind and they became louder and louder and more heckling. And, like really almost mean, right? I found myself getting like really focused on it and agitated. Here’s why I’m telling you all this. Last week, I did an episode, if you want to listen to that, if you haven’t already on, on, like understanding where other people come from, right. And I was using the whole political climate that we’re in right now. But I found myself going like use your tools like what would you tell somebody, the podcast, I had to use my own podcast, it was like I had created that podcast last week for myself so that I could remember, if I grew up in Baton Rouge, and this was my team, and this is how I experienced it. And this is what I found significance in, then I would probably be acting the same exact way. Right. And, you know, we ended up losing the game like it was terrible. We laughed there was like, you know, fans out in the parking lot with their loudspeakers. Like they had a tailgate with the microphone. And they were like yelling at us, like How’s it feel to be loser, you feel like all the things and I was like, my husband was fine. Like he was just like, just keep walking, just keep walking. But I was finding myself get like, where I wanted to go up and say to them, like, you can get significance from more like really like I wanted to go coach them. And it was so ridiculous. But it made me realize that when we are in a situation where it feels overwhelming, it’s really important to use our breath to slow down to remove myself. Now today, it’s been like three days, I feel totally different. Like, it’s almost seems funny to me that I was so upset.

So I share that with you only to say that here on the show. I do the podcasts for myself as much as for you. So that I can learn and remember this stuff, right? Because when we teach it and we share it, it becomes even more ingrained in who we are and how we operate. And so I’m definitely a real life situation where I was found myself having to use my own coaching tools, and found myself really struggling. Okay, so how does that even matter for today’s show? Here’s why. As I was we were driving and you know, it’s a long drive, we drove from Atlanta, to Louisiana. And, you know, I was just listening to different podcasts and audiobooks and like just reading stuff like googling stuff on the internet, like just trying to pass the time, my husband was listening to a lot of sports podcasts. And I was done with that. And I ended up being reminded of a story from the Bible. Now, I am not a organized religion person. I grew up Catholic, but I just want to say that so if you’re not, don’t worry. It is a story though, from the Bible. And I think that so many of the stories really can be applicable in maybe a different way than you think. So I think there’s so many lessons in it. And in fact, I think there’s a lot of lessons with law of attraction in there too. So the story that I was reminded of is the wall of Jericho. So I don’t know if you remember that, but the whole idea and I might get some of the little details wrong. So if you’re a real Bible study or then you’ll have to forgive me but the whole idea is that the Israelites were were trying to finally take over the promised land, right. So the very first first big city that they came to was a city called Jericho. And there were walls surrounding Jericho. And so they couldn’t get through until they had overcome these big walls. And so it was these big, huge stone walls, and they were tall and they were wide. And they were struggling trying to figure out how they were going to be able to come through it. So the whole idea was that nobody could go out and nobody could come in. And so the story goes, that the Lord comes down and says to Joshua, and I’m going to read it to you from this,

this old student Bible that I have. So it says, See, I have delivered Jericho into your hands, along with its King, and it’s fighting men. So here’s what they say to do. march around the city, once with the armed men do this for six days, has seven priests carry trumpets of RAM horns, in front of the ark, on the seventh day, march around the city seven times, with the priests blowing the trumpets. Okay, so he says, like, you have this big city that you have to get through to get to the promised land. So I want you to walk around the city with trumpets, and make a lot of noise, basically. So every day walk around once, and then the seventh day, walk around seven times. And then it goes on to say, when you hear them sound along, blast on the trumpets, have all the people give a loud shout, then the wall of the city will collapse. And the people will go up every man straight in. Okay. So when I heard that, I was like, I was reminded of that story. And then I was like, whoa, wait a minute, wait a minute. There’s a big, huge wall. And in order to get to the promised land, I have to walk around the wall. And I have to sound a trumpet, and then shout, and the wall will come down, and I can go through to the promised land. So it made me think about our lives. And what is keeping you from your promised land? What’s keeping you What’s your wall of Jericho. So we all have this wall, we all have this thing that keeps showing up in our life, right? It keeps coming up. It keeps showing up in different ways. Maybe it’s something at work where you’re constantly coming up against the same doesn’t matter where I work, there’s always this manager that’s up in my business, right? or it doesn’t matter. What I do, I always end up like, and what relationship I’m in, this always happens, or you know, whatever the thing is, I always have this creative idea. But once I get started, I get stuck. What’s your wall of Jericho? And what does it say to do is to use your words, right? To Use your words, to make noise to shout it to show what you really want. And then the wall will drop and you can walk through to the promised land. And so it when I heard the story, I started thinking about what my own Walls of Jericho are. Now, we all have, I’m going to assume we all have, I’m going to assume we all have many, because I can think of like three or four walls that I have things that I always run into. And I’m like, dang, like, when’s that thing going to go away? So I want to tell you about a little story about something that happened to me in New Orleans. And the reason I want to tell you is just because I think it makes more sense when you actually hear a story and then you go Oh, like that. I get that. So instead of me just saying listen to your words, listen to what’s happening in your head. So my wall of Jericho. So you’ve heard me talk on the show before. And I almost hate talking about this because I think it makes it a bigger deal than it really is. But it’s something a lot of people can relate to. It’s probably easier to talk to on my podcast than some of my other Walls of Jericho. So we’re gonna keep it easy and simple. Okay, so you’ve heard me talk about how the last couple years and I’m I’m 47. So the last couple years I’ve gained some weight. why I’ve tried to lose it. I can’t. I’ve talked to my intuition. It said I wasn’t ready. Like there’s all these things, right. And so my wall of Jericho is really that I’m just hanging on to this extra weight. It makes me feel a little uncomfortable. I don’t think it makes me thrive in the way that I could I don’t feel as good when I was a competitive working, working as a competitive weightlifter. When I owned my gym and working at that. And I was a competitive weightlifter, I felt a lot more energized. Now there’s a lot of other things in my life that probably are making me not quite as energized. Right? We all have challenges. But my wall of Jericho is this thing. And so, as I was thinking of this story, I was like what are my words? Like? Am I building that wall? Am I making the wall even stronger? By the words that I say am I walking around the wall every day seven times? I probably am and I’m blaring the trumpet of the thing that I don’t want, which is I don’t feel that good in my body. I don’t feel that good. You know, I, why? Why can’t I eat better what you know my jeans are tight, like, all those things. So I want you to think about your wall of Jericho, and how much you walk around the wall and talk about it in the way that you don’t want. Now, this is so obvious and simple. And I know I’ve talked about this before, but it struck me different this time. And maybe it will for you too. And I want to tell you, I want to tell you the story. So I got that. That’s my wallet. Jericho when we’re in New Orleans, and we’re walking around now my husband was with, we were with another couple that my husband’s known forever, like since college, and they’re really fun and really nice. So we met up with them. And we’re walking around. And I had some drinks when we were in New Orleans, but I’m not like, like it. Like I want to feel good in the morning. So that’s not really my thing. So it was almost like I could see all these other people, not necessarily the people I was with, but like all these other people on Bourbon Street that are really partying hard, right? And I love people watching. So I found this really fascinating. And I found it fascinating, just like watching people, and like watching, like being an observer, right? And so as we’re walking, I’m a lot in my head, because it’s loud on Bourbon Street, people are drinking. So I’m a lot in my head thinking, and I’m being aware of my thoughts. And I’m starting to realize how much as I’m people watching. I’m comparing my wall of Jericho to them. So I’m comparing my, I’m sure I’m pretty short. I’m not pretty sure I am sure. I’m like just barely five feet. So like I’m comparing like, there’s tall people and skinny people. And I’m starting to notice people. So then I’m like, Okay, well, I’ll make this sort of like a fun thing. I’ll use my NLP. And I noticed this girl that was walking down Bourbon Street. Now she must have been 21 because she was walking down the street, like with a beer or whatever. But she looked young to me. And she was tall and lanky. You know, that kind of body type, tall and lanky. And she had on jeans that were like, she looked really comfortable. But her jeans were little like she was a little tall and lanky, and she had long hair. And like, I’m gonna guess like, she’s a runner, you know, I’m saying, so I’m watching her. And I’m noticing, I’m wondering, what does it feel like to be in that body? Like, I wonder what that feels like. And so I thought, well, I’m gonna try it on. We’re walking behind her for a long time. And so I’m going to just start walking like her. So I started to try to pace the,

like, pace, the way she was walking. And she was doing something a little odd with her arms, like her arms were kind of hanging, you know, so I tried that on. And pretty soon I was really walking like her and I got a feeling of what it was like to be in her body. And it was way different than the feeling of being in my body. Okay, so now I have this moment where I’m feeling what it feels like in a totally different way to be in a body. That’s totally different. Do you see how the wall of Jericho is starting to crumble a little bit, because now I have a different view on the wall, I have a different idea of what it feels like. So now my trumpet sound is a little bit different. Because I’m able to see this differently, I’m able to feel this in a totally new way. Alright, so we walk around, I find a couple other people, I try to walk like them. I’m sure by now my husband is like, What is she doing, but nobody said anything to me. So I just kept going with it because it was like my own little personal entertainment. All right, now fast forward to the next morning. The next morning, we go to breakfast. And this is what your subconscious is going to do. Now remember my subconscious and I’ve talked about this before, but my subconscious is going to show me things it’s going to serve up flashes of memory to help me close a loop. So my subconscious wants me to close a loop. It wants me to have like everything kind of tied up no loose ends. And so as I’m thinking about something and trying to noodle through something and trying to figure something else, it wants to help me because that’s all it is. It’s a helper. So it’s going to help me with whatever I’m thinking about. So if I’m walking around my wall of Jericho going you’re short and chunky and you don’t feel good in your D little is going to show me new memories that support that it’s going to go yes remember this time you felt like crap and your jeans. Remember this time, right? So but I changed that. I became this person that was tall and lanky. So now we’re at breakfast, we walked to breakfast. I’m remembering that I’m like sort of thinking about that now. Your subconscious is going to bring you these thoughts when you’re in a law. This is why when you’re in the shower, when you’re driving when you’re doing something mindless, you’ll have a flash of a memory from a long time ago. Right? Have you ever done that where you’re driving, maybe, and you get this flash of like this cringy thing you did, or you get this flash of like a moment that you had in a relationship that went bad, or whatever it is, you have this like moment. So I’m sitting with my husband, and we order breakfast in I think I might have even said this out loud. I wish, I wish that they had fruit, I would get like a big bowl of fruit. But I also know we have a long day. And so I’m like I don’t want in my head. I’m like, I don’t want to get fruit because if I get fruit, then we’re out and about and I’m hungry or I don’t have enough energy. I don’t want to be hungry today. And so I order, like what anybody would order a restaurant in New Orleans, like I get, like biscuits and eggs and bacon and all the things right. So our food comes and I start to eat it. And I actually think this doesn’t even taste that good to me. Now remember, I’m in this phase where I’m like really trying, trying to be aware of what I’m thinking and what I’m, what I’m what what’s going on in my brain. So I think like, this isn’t even that good? Why did I get this? And I got like, literally a woozy feeling. And I got teared up. My husband was like, What is wrong with you? I’m sure he thinks I’ve lost my ever loving mind. I got like woozy. And then I went, Oh my god, I just had an image of myself when I was four. I was four years old, and I was eating breakfast with my family. And we were at a hotel in Montreal, I grew up in Vermont. And so there were just very few times where we did any kind of traveling. But one thing that we did a couple times was go to Montreal and spend the night Okay, so I’m having this moment where I’m like in a restaurant, I can imagine it I’m on my knees in the chair, so that I can reach the table. And I’m ordered fruit everybody was eating and I ordered fruit because that’s what I wanted. And when it came, it was like a nasty bowl of fruit that had like kind of yucky melon. And so everybody in my family ate food that was like filling and I had fruit. And then I was hungry. And I was four and so I couldn’t go and get something else. And I had to wait until we ate lunch. And I felt really weak and yucky. And I remember walking around and having my hand up in the air like to hold my mom’s hand because I was so short and feeling like hungry and like I didn’t have enough energy. So I had this moment, what is my subconscious doing? It’s noticing what I’m screaming as I’m walking around my wall of Jericho, right. And it’s trying to help me by saying, This is why this is why you didn’t want to order fruit this morning. Because you think that if you are hungry, you’re four, and you won’t be able to go and get something else to eat. But here’s the reality. Once I noticed that, and I had like that woozy feeling, I noticed the memory. And I went, Oh my God. And so I said to myself, and I think I said it to my husband out loud. I’m not four, I could eat fruit. And if I get hungry, I could go and get something else. Well, I know that sounds like so obvious, right? But I had programmed and created a belief in my head. From the time I was four that I had to make sure if we were out or on vacation or doing something like that, that I had enough to eat so that I wasn’t feeling yucky later because I’d have no access. So it made me go do i do that at home? Do I do that at home. Right now. There’s a lot of other things going on in my life and life is really busy. Am I worried that if I don’t eat something big or something, you know, I say unhealthy, but you know like something with a ton of calories, that I’m going to be hungry and I’m going to be in a place that I cannot get other substance. Now, here’s why I’m telling you that story. It’s not because I need you to know myself when I was four you might not care. But your brain is doing the same exact thing but you may not notice. So I want you to recognize what your wall of Jericho is. Pick the one thing and go today tell your subconscious. today. This is my wall of Jericho and today I am going to notice everything that happens around that wall. subconscious show me make it obvious sometimes I say this I say subconscious I am slow. So cut. That’s probably not a good thing to say but sometimes I say that I say make it really obvious. So I know exactly what it is that I need to be aware of. And so it makes me a little woozy right before I have the thought I guess so. Find your wall of Jericho, identify it, tell your subconscious, you want to become aware of all of the sounds and all of this screaming that you’re making as you walk around your wall. And then I want you to start to notice those flashes, you’re gonna have those flashes. But I want you to not just push them aside so many times we have them and we don’t even hardly recognize it. But it is your brain trying to help you push down your wall so you can get to the promised land. So start to notice those flashes. It might be like you might even notice something but you’re like, wait, something just happened. Back it up. Just say I’m going in slow motion. I want to go back what was the image I had in my mind were their sounds were their smells were their noises and become aware of it once you become aware of it. You can put it into context in terms of your wall of Jericho. And you can start to make these changes in your life that start to move things in an easier direction, your path will become easier, it will become obvious what needs to shift and where you need to go. And your wall will crumble and you will be on to the promised land. And that is how you live a big life. Thanks for listening you guys. I’ll see you next week. And as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

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