About me - Betsy Pake

I'm so glad you are here!

Hey friend!

I’m Betsy

*Ocean obsessed

*Probably hanging out with my dogs


*Deep thinker

I want you to live the
Big Life you deserve!

I Believe...

You are whole already.

Many times when people come to work with me they feel “broken”.  I don’t believe that’s true! I see you as whole already and I want you to see what I see.

You should spend time...

with people deeply rooted in your success. People who make you feel alive and unafraid to share who you are becoming as well as who you already are. 

Rules for life:

Read good books and drink good coffee. (sometimes decaf!)


I’m the coach that focuses on subconscious change so shifting can be easy!

I want to show you how all your past experiences were exactly what you needed to grow into where you are meant to be. That when you stop resisting these experiences and instead USE THEM, is when you can create what you’ve been craving.



It's time to experience

how incredibly powerful you are

It's time to connect

with the highest version of you


Your story


It’s time to use your story

to create your incredible future

When you do all that it will lead to...

More confidence

More clarity

More joy

My work is my love letter

and rally cry to everyone out there who wants to feel unlimited but just hasn't known how.


Meet Betsy

Betsy Pake is a subconscious change expert known for creating such substantial shifts her clients say their lives have never been the same.

Board-certified as a Master NLP practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, and Master Success Coach, Betsy digs deep into the subconscious patterns and beliefs of her clients helping them to create a new identity and live a life they’ve never dared live before.
Best selling author, speaker, and host of the popular podcast, The Art of Living Big, Betsy creates opportunities to shift your mindset and change your life. For Betsy, helping people see what could be possible for their life is a high honor and she’s thrilled to share with the thousands who interact with her every week.

My superpower is being able to identify patterns that are holding you back and link these together to help you create swift change.

(I also make a beautiful poached egg!)

I believe we are all here on a soul’s journey to learn and grow and sometimes that growth shows up in painful ways.

When my mom died, I was 16 and everything changed. As I grew and continued to make decisions that kept me safe from hurt, but separated from true connection, I watched relationships fail and watched my focus become on achievement and success yet I never really felt fulfilled. Throwing myself on the couch early one morning, I asked out loud “Is this it?” and so began the self discovery needed to heal, become connected back to myself and create a life that felt like home.


Betsy helps you do the change work needed for you to become an unlimited version of YOU!


Things I've written.....

Become a nutrition ninja

This book was written in 2015 when I had just sold my CrossFit Gym, South Hall CrossFit, and was working exclusively with athletes and nutrition coaching. I was a competitive weightlifter and in the book I share the methods I used to make weight and compete, winning a bronze medal, in the Pan American Masters Olympic Style Weightlifting competition.

Start small live big

We all have our own “big life” within us, but sometimes, everyday life takes over. Even if we’ve made changes in the past, we tend to slip back into what we know. How do you make changes in your relationships, your career, your health, or even your finances when life is already moving so fast? Start Small Live Big gives you the framework for identifying which changes will have the biggest impact, how to make those changes happen, and the key to staying on track long term.

Meet the team


Matt Rothert

Clarity coach

Matt is one of the voices on the other side of the clarity calls, helping you get understanding and focus in your direction forward.
Location: California

Hidden Talent: I can juggle!
Favorite Song:  Three Little Birds by Bob Marley
Ideal Sunday:  Waking up with Chelsea and my boys, 4 and 1, in bed, making banana pancakes. And spending the rest of the day at the beach for swimming, surfing and building sandcastles. I’d finish up the day by teaching a yoga class!




Krisit might be virtual but she keeps things running for our group and is the best with hard questions and keeping everything rolling forward and calm!

Location: Georgia

Hidden Talent: Guitar Hero Champion!  Before I got married and had a family, I could easily spend hours on end playing it all by myself!  I actually beat the original game on the Hard level and got pretty far into the Expert level before dropping off!
Favorite Song: (I always ask myself this question and it’s so hard b/c my greatest love in life is music!!) The Man Who Sold the World (the Nirvana version, not the original)!
Ideal Sunday:  Hanging out with the family (my husband, our two kids, and our pug, Gus) and our neighbor friends in the front yard, watching the kids play, and drinking cold Tropicalia (our favorite locally brewed IPA)!


Email virtuoso

Lauren is who you hear from when you email in to support!

Location: Georgia
Hidden talent: I can get along with just about anyone!
Favorite song: Man by Taylor Swift
Ideal Sunday: Starbucks while sitting on a big porch with friends for most of the day. I’d be done with classes for the semester and just chillin’!



Graphics and material

Mark is the genius behind graphics and materials for coaching clients!


Location: Laguna province, Philippines

Hidden talent: Playing guitar
Favorite song: I don’t have a specific favorite song in mind, but I am into pop-rock and acoustic genre!
Ideal Sunday: spending quality time with my family and loved ones!

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