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Harness The Power of Possibility So You Can Live Big!

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Through artful & inspiring storytelling Betsy Pake creates a safe space for you to examine who you are, who you are being and the stories we tell ourselves.  Every moment of Betsy’s keynote and workshop sparked reflection and tangible exercises to guide personal growth.
Emily Viner Head of Agency Growth & Development,
The Guardian Life Insurance Company

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Betsy appeals to all audiences and brings brain science into the conversation to explain how to move from "just fine" to a life that's AWEsome.
With magical stories (and science to back it up!) Betsy shares from the heart and audiences leave feeling expanded and excited for more!


Fine is unacceptable.

Creating a life of AWE in a world that's "just fine".

Is your organization or people inside it “just fine”?

Are sales “doing fine”?

Is excitement and morale “fine”?


In this keynote you’ll learn how to shift your focus from despair to fine to a life that’s AWEsome so that you can create a culture who dares to take risks and gets excited about the possibility that’s ahead.


Betsy goes through her steps of moving from despair to awesome using stories and brain science to provide both magic and proof for everyone in the audience.


This keynote will:

  • Shift company culture from accomplish to experience
  • Create space where risks are not adverse
  • Teach listeners to move from unconscious to conscious so their desires have more impact
  • Shift perspective to look for the magical and even create it in the every day
  • Open your ability to learn from anyone, at any age with the belief that lessons are all around us.
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