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Through artful & inspiring storytelling Betsy Pake creates a safe space for you to examine who you are, who you are being and the stories we tell ourselves.  Every moment of Betsy’s keynote and workshop sparked reflection and tangible exercises to guide personal growth.
Emily Viner Head of Agency Growth & Development,
The Guardian Life Insurance Company

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I was honored in the top 50 women public speakers list by Mic Drop Workshop!

Betsy appeals to all audiences and brings brain science into the conversation to explain how to move from "just fine" to a life that's AWEsome.
With magical stories (and science to back it up!) Betsy shares from the heart and audiences leave feeling expanded and excited for more!


Fine is unacceptable.

Creating a life of AWE in a world that's "just fine".

Is your organization or people inside it “just fine”?

Are sales “doing fine”?

Is excitement and morale “fine”?

In this keynote you’ll learn how to shift your focus from despair to fine to a life that’s AWEsome so that you can create a culture who dares to take risks and gets excited about the possibility that’s ahead.

Betsy goes through her steps of moving from despair to awesome using stories and brain science to provide both magic and proof for everyone in the audience.


  • Shift company culture from accomplish to experience
  • Create space where risks are not adverse
  • Teach listeners to move from unconscious to conscious so their desires have more impact
  • Shift perspective to look for the magical and even create it in the every day
  • Open your ability to learn from anyone, at any age with the belief that lessons are all around us.

Who you are is how you lead:

Cultivating an Identity of True Success

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of well intentioned leaders out there missing the mark.

People demand more.

They want to follow someone who not only has integrity but lives with intention and leads with authenticity. But how do we do this if we haven’t taken a hard look at our own limits and learned to define our strengths to raise the collective?

When leaders know where they’re going…in all areas of life…they show up with more joy, more hope, more humor and more compassion.

This is the new wave of leadership.

This is cultivating true success.


  • Letting go of “leadership” allows leaders to pave the way with value that others want to follow.
  • Develop an attitude of growth and expansion; creating a safe space for others to take big leaps.
  • Learn how to understand what is meaningful to you so you can motivate from a perspective of raising the tide for all.

creating your life from the inside out

Flip the switch and learn how to use your subconscious mind to create more of what you want with a lot more ease.

In this workshop students will learn a repeatable process to:

  • Understand the levels of the mind: from conscious to unconscious
  • Why the conscious mind is a “goal setter” and the unconscious mind is a “goal getter” and how to use that to their advantage.
  • Create a “vivid vision” turning a dream into a goal that their unconscious loves
  • Mind hacking tricks that create momentum (and what you’ve been doing that slows you down!)
  • Set the reality of the goal achieved in their unconscious mind with a short visualization exercise to wrap things up

Audience members have a chance to create during the workshop, ask questions, and leave feeling super excited for the possibility ahead.


get off the sales roller coaster: creating momentum that lasts

Creating momentum with a sales or fundraising team demands alignment with the beliefs of the individual or results will always be sporadic.

This workshop gives a primer to the subconscious minds, how our patterns create our actions and then we dive into individual money patterns and blocks. Understanding how to seek out sales “blocks” and disbeliefs begins with knowing what to look for and knowing WHY this is creating a wedge in your results. Once this is identified, we dive into how to create change internally so that your actions match your desires.

The easiest way to create change isn’t through behavior (goal setting) or environment (management), it’s made by changing beliefs and identity so that behaviors become different naturally. When this happens, there is less stress, more fun and a lot more possibility.


  • A better understanding of how mindset, subconscious patterns/habits impact their job performance.
  • Expand awareness of how everyday thinking impacts outcomes in performance.
  • A dive into an evaluation of their own personal money beliefs and tools to change those things.
  • A noticeable difference in how they feel about money, what they are able to perceive from donors and how they ask for bigger sales/larger giving.
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