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Shift the goal from Motivation to Empowering!

Betsy has a unique ability to help you shift and see things in a way you never contemplated before. Betsy twists your take on change and your potential so that you can create life in a whole new way.

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Tapping into your unlimited potential:

Using our subconscious power to create exponential growth

If our unconscious mind is responsible for 95% of our actions and thoughts, then how do we really have free will?

Is our success capped by this invisible ceiling?


In this educational and inspiring talk, Betsy uncovers the nature of the subconscious mind and shares with you how to work within its power to create happiness and success in life, love and business.



Freedom & Possibility:


Taking where you’ve been to expand the potential of where you’re headed

In this engaging and transformative keynote, Betsy uses her own real-life experience to show how it’s possible to use our struggles and hardships to grow and become something more.
Harness the power of who you are right now to explode into a realm of new possibilities. Use past experiences as your secret weapon by engaging what is different about your experience over anyone else’s and instead of regret or ‘waiting until’ use the power of who are you are becoming in the now to empower yourself for something greater.


Upcoming events

The Rotary Club of Sugarloaf

Betsy will be speaking March 2021

Aligned and Unstoppable Podcast

Join Betsy with Emily Aarons in April on the Aligned and Unstoppable Podcast!

The Art of Living Big

Hear Betsy speak weekly on The Art of Living Big Podcast

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