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question for you...

Do you want more but always seem to end back where you started?

I started my entrepreneurial journey by owning a CrossFit gym and coaching people on nutrition.


What I soon found was even the most disciplined athletes with big goals had trouble staying on plan and stepping into the champion version of themselves….
especially when there was a lot on the line.



Understanding the role our subconscious plays in our progression forward led me to dive deep into mind hacking for success.


Fast forward to today and I have watched many of my friends do a lot of work to create a life they love.


They have read all the books, they have watched all the videos, and even though they get momentum, somehow they always slip backwards.


They can see the success they want (and deserve) just out of reach and I watch as they toggle themselves back over and over, never being able to fully step into the identity of the amazing person they are striving to become.


The truth is, I know it doesn’t have to be this way. They don’t have to struggle as much, for as long and in the same way. There is another way.

the truth is...

If you don't change your patterns, everything will stay the same.

Sure we may have small, incremental up/leveling here and there, but in the end, year after year things will remain pretty constant. 


Because that’s what makes our subconscious happy. 


Consistency means we stay alive and our brains are designed for that. As someone who desires more in life,  you are designed for growth.


To make real change (the kind that sticks around!)  we have to get to the unconscious.

Ready to change your life ?

limited opportunities

These are the ways to
work with me directly...


Live Cocoon Day

I work one on one with a small number of clients every year in an intensive day long “Cocoon Day” here in Atlanta.

We focus on one area of your life (ex: Heath/Weight loss, Relationships, Finances, Career) and we redesign it in your unconscious from the ground up.


You leave at the end of the day and never look back… everything has shifted.


This is a powerful, life changing day for someone who has wasted enough time already and is ready to get to the good stuff.

*The best way to start*

The Alchemy Collective

A weekly practice of self growth and discovery. The Collective includes weekly date with your subconscious mind and access to an effective library of my courses.

Leverage your time for the most growth.


one on one

Deep Dives

Having trouble making a decision, feeling stuck or need someone to dig deep to ask you the questions you need to get to the root of your issue?

Have you worked with me before but need a tune up?  This is for you.
Two hours together to dive into what needs to be uncovered using NLP, Hypnotherapy and intuition.