Coaching With Betsy


Life is not always exactly as we want it to be, and that’s okay. Contrast every day is good. But when you feel like you are thrust into a change you didn’t expect or want, or when you know it’s time to take the leap into something more for yourself, that’s when life becomes more difficult to navigate on your own.  

I work with people from all over the world, just like you, who are pushing their way through change and coming out renewed and more alive than they ever felt before!  

Change doesn’t have to end badly.

It can be the catalyst you need to find yourself, reinvent and become more.  

  • You need a new perspective. Someone who can ask the right questions for you to get to the answers that are already inside.
  • You need someone to show you the way, teaching you new strategies so you can tackle new challenges as they come.
  • You need someone to show you how to push outside your comfort zone and hold you accountable to do the work necessary to live the life you want.

I can help.


Betsy Pake – Transformational Coach

I’ve been through the hard stuff too. Through the death of my mother when I was in high school, through a divorce, single motherhood, career changes and finding myself again. I’ve been an entrepreneur, building and selling businesses and starting new. So, I know you don’t need another glorified goal setting program. 

Instead when you work with me:

  • Together we identify what’s next for you. How to proceed and what path will really lead you to the Big Life you so deserve.
  • We work together to achieve real breakthroughs in all areas of your life; your career, your friendships, relationships with your family & partner, and with yourself. Finding where you are stuck and helping you hear that small voice again that knows the path you should travel.
  • Thru the use of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Hypnotherapy (if desired)  and our discussions, you get a perspective shift and uncover your path in the way that speaks most to you.
  • We get into what it will take to change your behavior and your beliefs so you can feel your life at another level than you are living today.
  • Together, I’ll share techniques to help you reprogram, take your willpower out of the equation and put in systems that can help you succeed.

Love For Betsy

After a 45-minute phone call with Betsy – I took action toward a goal that had been lingering for years. With some thoughtful questioning and what seemed like plain talk, Betsy was able to get me to move forward. I didn’t feel like I was being coached, I felt like I was being led and encouraged. Thank you, Betsy, for helping me move toward what I want!  – Catia Holm, TEDx Speaker

“Thank you so much for our time chatting! Just thinking in a different way has TOTALLY changed my entire mood! My husband noticed too and I know this is just the beginning of my new journey! Even allowing myself to THINK about new things has been so freeing!”  -Mary Beth Hoopes

“Although I’ve known Betsy since our days together in college, it’s only been recently that I started working with her as I contemplated making a major move in my career. Betsy somehow knows how to get right to the heart of the matter and pick apart the issues that hold me back. What makes her extraordinary is not only the action-oriented advice she gives but also the way she truly listens during our conversations. Betsy is able to find the layers of meaning in what I say and knows how to use it to help me take the leaps of faith necessary to grow — both professionally and personally. I’m so glad I’m on this journey with Betsy!”  -Marie Rossiter

My qualifications

I am a master Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) coach. NLP is a program designed to impact the 3 most influential components in the human experience: Neurology, communication,  and programming. It’s basically understanding HOW you think!

I am certified in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and am a board certified hypnotherapist.  Additionally, I hold a degree in psychology from Castleton University.

After a 20 year career in sales, I created and sold several businesses and finally followed my bliss, created a popular podcast called The Art of Living Big & started helping others master their subconscious and build a life they love.

I’m the author of several books and programs that help people make substantial changes in their lives and begin to live more full, happy lives. I’ve started, bought and sold brick & mortar, as well as online businesses, and worked with others to help them achieve their career goals.

I’ve helped thousands of people make changes in their life, and I can help you too.

Cancellation policy:  If you decide to move forward and work with me, your payment for coaching as well as any online programs or offerings I have, are non-refundable. Make sure your decision is solid before you move forward in working with me. I am going ALL IN with you. I won’t hold anything back, I won’t cancel on you. I need you to do the same. Be committed, even when the work gets hard. Don’t give up. Hold yourself accountable. 

This is a 100% firm policy and it’s to help you make the best decision and to move forward with conviction in your life. 

Is Coaching Tax Deductible?   Your coaching investment may be tax deductible. In the United States, all expenses for continuing education undertaken to maintain and improve business and professional skills are tax deductible.  Check with your tax consultant or if you live outside the United States check with your local tax authority.(Treas. Reg. 1-162-5, Coughlin vs. Commissioner, 203F 2d 307).