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Hey There,

I’m Betsy Pake, I’m on a mission to help you turn your struggle into your greatest transformation.  There is a lot of joy ahead for you… come with me and lets go live big!

Let’s Be Friends:

New books on my nightstand for February!
What are you reading right now?
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Today marks 30 days caffeine free!(celebrating with some tea 🍵)
I gave up coffee, which was how I got most of my caffeine during the day for a few reasons; I wasn’t sleeping deeply enough so I was extremely tired during the day and because I didn’t like the idea of being addicted to something.
I had plans to do half caf for a week or so while I weaned but after one day I was done. I was so ready to let go of the chain that was keeping me stuck and robbing me of my dreams!
What is robbing you of your dreams?
Being exhausted?
Or social media stealing your time?
Or is hurt and anger keeping you from thriving?
Whatever it is I want to empower you to believe that you don’t have to live by the past but can shed these old ways of being and create something new!
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As you prepare for your week ahead, I want you to think about where you are resisting. Not only resisting the things you don't like in your day to day or things you want to change, but also resisting the things that you WANT.

It's can be pretty obvious to us what we don't want!

In fact, when I talk to people and ask what they want in their lives, one of the first things they tell me is all the things they don't like and want to change.

They are really out of touch with what they actually want.

I think this is where most people, and even most coaches, get this wrong. I believe most people also have a subconscious resistance around what they do want and this is why it keeps alluding them.
Maybe they have an unconscious pattern of believing they are not worthy, or that sort of thing is for "other people" (have you ever seen vacation pictures on Facebook and thought "must be nice!") Maybe they think they are too late, too old, too uneducated to actually be able to have what they want.

It could be they continue to see it as something in the future, so they are never able to reach it.

The fun (I think!) is in uncovering what lies yet undiscovered. What is floating just beneath the surface waiting for you to notice and shift it so you can bring what you want into your experience.
So pay attention today... see if you can find it!

I've got some spots on my calendar this week if you want some help with that! The link is in my bio.
This call is free and is for someone ready to make some shifts, done trying to do it alone and ready to make 2020 the best year of their lives! <3
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Happy Saturday!
I decided to kick off Saturdays with three random things I’ve been thinking about this week. I thought it would be a fun way to get to know everyone if you shared one with me too!
My three rando things for this week:
1. Your brain will try to tell you it misses the smell of coffee in a last ditch effort to get you to drink caffeine. This, and many other reasons, is why it's important to have your brain run your body and not the other way around.
2. I think everyone should hug more. And not the side hug. Hugs are so good for you, not just mentally but physically too. Hugs for everyone!
3. I'm not sure anymore about the effectiveness of the winter pedicure. Nobody sees it because I stuff my feet in shoes all winter long.... why spend the money? At least not every time I go get a mani... save your money ladies!
So tell me what random thought you've had this week! 👇🏼
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A little giggle for your day 🥳 ...

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