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An expert at transmutation, a practitioner capable of mystical transformation at the highest levels. A problem-solver; a life changer; an unlimited creator.

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Here, you’ll not only pick up powerful tools to bring real-deal transformation in the lives of others, but you’ll also hitch a ride on a radical journey of self-growth. This is your golden ticket, whether you’re dreaming of kickstarting a coaching gig, weaving it into your therapy toolkit, or taking the corporate world by storm.

This is your chance to Live Big, so get ready to change your own life while making a ripple in the lives around you!
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Our program creates world class coaches!

Therapists & Coaches

Supercharge your coaching or therapeutic practice with the tools we share.
Master the art of insightful communication, stoke the fires of motivation in your clients, and help them overcome self-imposed barriers.
Let's elevate your practice and empower your clients to realize their fullest potential!

Here's how your journey unfolds...

The journey to

Dive into transformation with the Alchemy Institute’s NLP Practitioner program. Not only will this journey empower you to spark change professionally, but you’ll also discover the magic to rewrite the story of your life and those around you—friends, family, and beyond, using one of the most enchanting personal development toolkits ever devised.

The Architect

Upon completing our Training, you’ll earn SIX certifications (if you wish to be certified) and give you the tools to propel you forward as a Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, Success and Life Coach, Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, TIME Techniques Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Deep Streaming Facilitator. With these tools, you’ll be poised to infuse your transformative expertise into the world. From there you may choose to transform yourself or charge clients for your empowering services.

learning redefined

Journey into a realm where physical distance holds no bounds – our NLP Practitioner Training is entirely online. From the cozy comfort of your home, you can choose to dive into live, interactive Zoom experiences, focusing on your chosen specialty.

It’s a chance for deeper exploration and a more personalized growth journey.

At the Alchemy Institute, we push the boundaries of the ordinary.