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BE Different.

The only life coach training program that focuses on building the mindset of students who want to build or expand their business regardless of the economy.

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We are experts in the subconscious.

And we can teach you to be too. 

When you go through our programs, you not only learn the skills necessary to create life-changing transformation for others, but you yourself will go through a process of personal alchemy.

Join us.  You’re right on time.

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Update your skills and learn new ways to support your clients. Work from anywhere as you learn skills you can use live or over zoom. Create change from the inside out with more speed and efficiency.


This is THE only program you’ll need to learn everything to create life changing transformation that inspires clients to tell the world about you.
We cover all the basics through complex techniques so you feel prepared and ready for your new adventure.

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How Successful Therapists Get Tons of New Clients....
without dealing with the paperwork & stress that used to burn them out

Inside we’ll teach you:

  • Why getting more clients has less to do with where you live and MORE to do with your market.
  • The reason why change can be fast… even if you’ve been told it takes a long time.
  • How to avoid burnout without limiting the number of clients you serve.

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An expert at transmutation, a practitioner capable of mystical transformation at the highest levels. A problem-solver; a life changer; an unlimited creator.