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"The group sessions were really beneficial to me mentally, just to hear how others were experiencing their struggles and knowing I wasn’t alone was so great.
I feel like I’m ending this in such a good place. I wish I had done this program years ago! Thank you for giving me hope. I was really in a low point months ago and Im feeling so much different. Every week I started to feel shifts and started to understand how I want to live my life and it feels so much more intentional now."
Karen M.
"I gave myself permission to be what I always wanted to be through this program.
Navigate completely shifted my relationship!"
Lacey B.
"Betsy is truly a gift and I feel so blessed to have gotten to know her and work with her.
I’m a functional wellness coach and met Betsy through the world of online coaches. I was immediately drawn to her & knew she was someone I needed to follow & get to know and I’m so glad I followed that instinct. Betsy is so incredibly knowledgable and yet so down to earth & real at the same time. Like all of us, I’ve been through some difficult things in my life including my own health issues, losing my best friend to cancer, multiple miscarriages and then giving birth to micro-preemie triplets & leaving my career to stay home & care for them with very little help or support. And after I started my coaching business there was still some “stuff” getting in the way & keeping me stuck. Betsy gently & lovingly helped me identify & remove some pretty big blocks that were holding me back from being the person & coach I want to be and in growing the business and life that I want to have. I’m so grateful for her! If you’re feeling stuck in any area of your life, reach out & talk with Betsy. She’s amazing, the work she does is life-changing & she will feel like the incredibly wise, incredibly intuitive, supportive friend & guide you’ve always needed."
Heather P.
"If you’re reading this, you just might be walking the path I’ve been on for years…the seeker’s path, the quest for self-betterment, the search for a way out of a life that feels stagnant and short on hope.
If that’s true for you, congratulations! Your search ends here. You are in the very best hands with Betsy. What a relief, right?! You can finally shelve the self-help books, ditch the planners that promised to change your life, and rip up that elaborate plan for totally restructuring your life in the next 30 days. We both know how empty and pointless that stuff left us feeling after the initial shine wore off, anyway. Instead, get ready to meet yourself. Get ready to become more fully you. Embark on a journey that lets you come at your same old problems from an entirely different angle, in a way that doesn’t even feel like work. I can’t explain to you what Betsy does, but I can wholeheartedly tell you that it’s the best kind of magic. I can’t begin to describe what has happened in my life in the few short weeks we’ve been working together, but it has been utterly amazing. There have been dramatic shifts in my business, finances, family life, and of course, within me. I have been stuck in some of my problematic areas for years, and in the last two weeks I’ve been able to experience freedom and hope as those issues have crumbled and drifted away. What I thought was impossible has become my new reality! Betsy is a warm, funny and deeply gifted guide and I am so grateful to her for the massive and beautiful changes she has sparked in me. I cannot speak highly enough of her and her work. Thinking about working with her? Do it! Jump in! Your future self is thanking you already."
Karen H.
"I found Betsy through her podcast. She has such a positive, magnetic personality.
I had some stuff that I wanted to work through to feel un-stuck and I felt like she was someone would be really fun and knowledgeable to help me work through it. I am happy to report that Betsy helped me wiggle free and I now have direction and a sense of purpose rather than feeling like I am wandering aimlessly. I had so many amazing insights while working with Betsy. Our sessions were like spending time with your best friend but having it be solely focused on you. Betsy is so gifted with so many amazing tools. I highly recommend working with her if you are ready to move into that next phase in your life!"
Erin O.
"I can’t explain the transition I’ve gone through during my work with Betsy.
I heard her on a podcast, followed her podcast, followed her Facebook group, watched a few fb lives and knew that I needed to work with her. My goal to establish a business platform and launch myself from there was hijacked by a weekly uncovering of deeper issues that were blocking my success. Without hesitation, Betsy would help me understand what was happening and through my own tears, I could see the reality on the other side of the confusion. Betsy’s connection with the brain and understanding of the subconscious is a treasure trove of insight that everyone should be aware of. Now as I’m working through things, I understand what’s happening, how to shift my thinking and how to retrain my brain to work with me. I came away with far more than I every expected because I took responsibility for my experiences. I bought a transitional investment in me that will benefit my future success."
Brenda S.
"I first started listening to Betsy’s podcast, The Art of Living Big.
She was helpful, intelligent, and down to earth. She was not preachy at all and that was a huge plus for me! After listening to her free training, I was invited to schedule a call with Betsy. I soon realized that I wanted to have more contact with her and learn from her. Betsy has so much knowledge and is continually learning to better help her clients. She is also extremely generous with her time and talents. She is so encouraging and genuinely wants the best life for everyone. She provides a new way of looking at your circumstances, helps you figure out your blocks and how to push through them, and then come out on the other side with the life of your dreams. You just have to believe in yourself, Betsy, and the process."
Lori A.
"I have known Betsy online for years through her podcast and community.
I was doing the personal work to make my dreams a reality- reading the personal development books, filling my mind and ears with positive messages, diving into therapy, and taking action. Yet there was something missing- I felt stuck and so confused. If I was doing all this work why wasn’t I seeing results? Enter Betsy. I joined The Rise after our call because she was able to pinpoint what was missing in 30 minutes time. Her intuition mixed with expertise was just what I needed. It was a big commitment yet I saw it as an investment in my future self. I’ve never regretted the decision. In 2 months of working with Betsy, I was able to bust through blocks, heal stories and wounds, create more momentum and action than I had in years, and KNOW in my soul where I was headed. Betsy is the perfect blend of science, spirit, intuition, and relatability that has allowed me to not only move closer to my dreams but to know that they’re achievable. With my whole heart, thank you Betsy."
Cindy H.
"Words can not express how grateful I am for the time I have spent with Betsy.
I’ve been a listener of her podcast and set up a breakthrough call to gain clarity and right away knew she was someone I needed to work with. The shifts I have made in such a short amount of time has been incredible. She is the best listener, the kindest soul and she somehow knows what I need to do and how to get me to the action. This takes particular skill and she has it. During the program I’ve achieved goals I’ve been wanting and thinking about for years and in such a short time she was able to clear things up that had been a problem for a long time. Working with Betsy has been life changing. It gives me so much hope and so much direction for the future!"
"Working with Betsy has definitely changed my perspective and outlook on my life and the future.
Her ability to zero in on the issue and guide you through a process of healing, has not only been energizing but also a relief. She is a very good listener, which is difficult to be and connected the dots for me in a way that I couldn’t see. Lastly, I never felt like just another client. If you are looking for a coach that is accessible whenever you need that extra input, Betsy is that coach."
Laura T.
"I have had Betsy as a life coach on and off for the past four years.
Her methods helped me cross the finish line of the grueling, 17-hour event Ironman triathlon. She helps me stand up for myself and my family and in my job. She has an uncanny ability to get right to the heart of the matter. It’s like her eyeballs and ears are scanning electron microscopes into the inner workings of my heart and soul. Meaning she sees very deeply into the problem and identifies patterns of problems developing before the naked Eye could ever see them! She is an incredibly gifted coach. She goes to bat and fights for her client’s tooth and nail. She has no problem calling you on your bullshit. And she has the best voice ever and is brilliant! If you are ready to stop wasting time, and make the most of this life that you have left here on earth, please do yourself a favor and run, not walk, to Betsy’s calendar and schedule a session to speak with her!"
Cindy S.
"If you’re looking to make shifts in your mindset and in your life in ways that you didn’t even realize you needed to, Betsy is your girl.
She and I worked together on my relationship with food, and the way she was able to easily elicit my ideal scenario from me and then uncover all of the stories I had about food so we could make it a reality was truly remarkable. However, Betsy’s gifts go beyond traditional NLP/hypnotherapy. I had done a ton of heavy regression, clearing and energy work on myself and there was more that needed to be done. I felt weepy and heavy, and like I really needed someone to be there for me to help me get through the rest. I reached out to Betsy and told her what I was working through. She dove in and found all of this sticky gross energy in my body and removed it. I went from feeling heavy, lonely, and weepy to feeling something lift off of me and finding ease and peace. Betsy knows how to marry the science of the mind with intuitive, energetic healing in a way that feels completely magical."
"Since working with you…something has certainly clicked into place.
I have felt more mature, more stable, happier than I’ve ever felt and other people in my life have noticed too! Thank you!"
"After just a 45-minute session with Betsy – I took action toward a goal that had been lingering for years.
With some thoughtful questioning and what seemed like plain talk, Betsy was able to get me to move forward. I didn’t feel like I was being coached, I felt like I was being led and encouraged. Thank you!"