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Well hey there! I’m so happy you found me and I’m excited to share with you all the ways we can get to know each other better!   This is the place where growth seekers come together to create a life they love.


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    For over 6 years I’ve shared each week stories and lessons that can help shift how you see situations in your life. It’s a little science and a little spirit that helps you see what could be possible for your life!

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    I mainly hang out here in my stories but I’ve been branching out to reels lately and you know… I’m getting the hang of it! Come find me and say hello!

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    Ready to create your Big Life?
    Here are some podcast episodes to start with.


    My journey of discovering myself didn’t happen in a flash or in an “awakening”, but more of an uncovering.
    A discovery.
    It happened out of necessity.

    I explain the code for this awakening  and how to apply it to your own life here.


    Inside I’ll teach you:

    • The reason your clients unconscious mind is working to keep them “stuck”!
    • Why the stories you tell yourself give you clues to your life.
    • How to communicate with the unconscious.


    Here’s the perfect layout to designing a project, plan or goal with the intention of expanding into something new and somewhere you’ve never been. It’s a process I do with my clients, and now I provide it here for you to follow along on your own!


    Here’s my most sought after meditation that helps you shift a belief and create your own reality… the way YOU want it!


    Want a super simple way to break down ANY problem; big or small? I created the C.H.A.S.E. Worksheet to map it out and make it so simple it would be bananas not to move forward!  Grab it here and get started!