050: Celebrating 50 Episodes & What's up for Season 2! - Betsy Pake

050: Celebrating 50 Episodes & What’s up for Season 2!


Holy Smokes!!  50 Episodes!

Join me as I get overly excited about all my past guest and share with you the future of The Art of Living Big!

It’s time for YOU to be part of the action, so join me inside The Live Big Lab by heading to www.LiveBigLab.com 

I can’t wait to get started on this next part of the journey with you!


I can’t even believe it’s been 50 episodes. So cool. Yay. Thank you guys for continuing to listen to be here with me on this journey. I’m super pumped, because today I’m going to share with you a little bit about what’s been happening behind the scenes when some of these interviews have taken place. And then what’s coming up? Um, yeah, what’s coming up for season two of the art of living big. All right, so let’s just talk about how much fun this has been. I am so so grateful. I’m grateful to all the people that listen every week and send me good feedback, those people that have gone on and taken the time to put a review on iTunes. So awesome. I don’t know that it matters to iTunes. But it matters to me. And so I appreciate that. And all the people that are in our awesome Facebook group, if you’re not in there, jump in, you can get to it. But just by going to s s lB community.com. It stands for start small, live big community.com or just head right to my website. And you’ll see I need community right there on the front page. So I am just so so pumped. Okay, so here’s what I want to do. I want to talk to you a little bit about what’s been happening with me sort of behind the scenes in terms of this podcast, and then what’s going to be coming up for season two. And I know you’re thinking like season two, what makes it Season Two? Well, just because it’s Episode 50, and I decided it would be Episode 50 would be season two. So it’s season two, I made the rules for that. I don’t know if that’s an official thing. But it’s going to be the start of season two. So this podcast has been so so much fun. And when I look back over the last 49 interviews, it’s really I can almost see the evolution of myself and the things I was interested in and wanting to explore further. And I’m so grateful to the guests that came on because we had some really, really, really kick ass guests. Can I say that word on the podcast? I don’t know. I’ve never done that before. Okay, we’re just going to keep going with it. But we have had some pretty cool guests. All right. So let’s I’m just scrolling through my phone looking at them. I mean, Dave Smith was the episode number two about how to live a healthier life. I mean, he and I are such good friends. Now. It’s so funny. I had Chelsey Densmore on from live your legend, which was somebody that I you know, watched from afar and admired and it was so cool to have her on. You know, I had Reni Curran who was an NFL football player. He’s an author now and a speaker, Colby Martin, who was the preacher that was an evangelical preacher and changed what his views were on homosexuality. And that was such an interesting book and such an interesting interview, just how somebody could open their mind and see a different way and be willing to see a different way. Just so cool. That interview with Heather flippo it’s that lots of people loved that interview and also with heather gray, that the Heather’s that Heather’s were were really great interviews. Oh, gosh, I’m just like scrolling. They’re also good. The EFT one with Bill double doval is that EFT is such a cool practice. And he does such an incredible job of explaining it in that interview. It’s interview number 17. Check that out. If you’ve had any kind of trauma or anything you just want to heal or get over with. I use EFT now, almost on the daily and I use it with my daughter to

the episode that had the most downloads by like trillions more than anything else was Episode Number 19, which was investigating A Course in Miracles with Mike Lemieux. You know, Mike has his whole tribe and I know he shared it. And so we got a lot of his awesome, you know, friends and followers to check out that episode. But really, that I can see as I looked through like that was really you know, where I was in my learning and reading A Course in Miracles. And that episode, he’s a very purist in a course in miracles. And so it was just so interesting to talk with him but I can almost see you know, I call it the woowoo for lack of a better word, but I can see like my shifting towards sharing more of what I really think about life and about how thoughts become things and you know, that’s something I kind of hid a little bit because I didn’t want to sound too woowoo and scare anybody off but as I’ve grown more and more in seen the profound effects that that’s had on my life. It’s been a whole lot more fun to kind of dive into that and share with people you know, I had I had a Jennifer blacker on, and she talked about she talked about Access Consciousness and I actually hired her after as a coach for a little bit and she helped me really establish some breakthroughs. If you go into my website and you just go to the shop page all the way at the bottom. So it’s Betsy pake.com backslash shop, she has like a free like little mini course there you can sign up for for free. But really her work really changed me. And then I had Pam grout on number 28 was Pam grout, who’s a New York Times bestselling author, again, this is getting into more of what you think about you bring about. And she wrote a book called Think and Grow Rich about gratitude. And we talked about that. And also, she has several books that are experiments. So if you like the law of attraction stuff, she’s got some and talks about it in this interview her her books on experiments with universe which are so fun. I mean, I’ve done so many of those. And they’re just really cool. Episode Number 31 was with a dare Kate’s who’s one of my very best friends and she has a company called first lead you. And it’s all about leading yourself first, you know, if you want to have better relationships with people, you know, draw a circle around yourself, and that everything within the circle is what you have to work on. So it’s not the people outside it’s it’s really you. And so she kind of brings it back to that and talks about some really cool things you can start doing right now. And then there was like the whole like nutrition series that I did with the vegetarianism, I had the juice guru on and that was just super interesting, because it was really like a exploration into maybe a different way of eating, adding more vegetables in your life, seeing how you can impact your health, not just your weight, it wasn’t about what you look like it was really about your long term health with that. So anyway, there have been so many Oh, and then we get right into the law of attraction with Kelly Cooper, Episode 39. That was one of my favorite ones. And then I got into the all the travel ones. I had Dan Elson on who just traveled the world, Episode 40, I had the girl in her van, who gave up everything and just took off in her van, which is super cool. And then I had Deborah finger Lowe, who was Episode 46, here just a few weeks ago, and she talks about adventure and just taking off and how you can bring more of that adventure and travel into your life in a really cool way. So anyway, all of those awesome episodes. And so now where are we right now? All right. So as I am recording this, it’s actually the middle of June. And I actually have not done an interview in quite a while I may have done one in the last month or so. But really a lot of those interviews I had in the can before my daughter even got out of school at the beginning of May, because I wanted to be able to be spontaneous over the summer, I didn’t want to have to have an interview lined up, where I had to alter my schedule, I really wanted to be able to take the summer off, and what was starting to happen. For me when I would schedule those interviews as I was starting to feel like it was very heavy. You know what I mean? Like, I tend to look at things in my life, is it light? Or is it heavy. And if it’s heavy, then I want to course correct, I want to figure out how I can kind of change the way I do that thing. So that it no longer becomes heavy. And what I was finding was that the interviews were being heavy, because I had to schedule them. And, you know, I was having some crappy internet issues. And so it was like this kind of an extra layer of stress of working through that. And I was finding that as I was interviewing people, I was wanting to share more, right? So I was wanting to, I felt like I was interrupting them, like I was talking more than they were and that didn’t feel good to me. I didn’t want to do that to the guests who gave their time to come. And I realized it meant that I had some more things to share. Now, when I look back on all the episodes, the number 19 with Mike Lemieux on a course in miracles, by far the most downloaded. But when I looked at the others, as I was trying to like get some data and see what people liked to listen to, I realized that the ones that also had quite a few downloads many more, were the solo rounds, really the ones where I was teaching something. And so you know, they’re a little bit shorter, I wasn’t sure if maybe that had something to do with it. But also there was something that you could learn that you could immediately put into effect in your life right off. And I really like that I consider myself a strategist, not really a coach, necessarily, although I’ve been in a coaching capacity in lots of different ways for the past 20 years, but really a strategist because I don’t just ask the right questions to help you come up with an idea of what direction you should go. I also want to be able to give you strategies that can help support that direction. Because if we’re not exposed to new things, we really don’t know where to go or how to proceed forward. And so I consider myself a strategist in that way. And when I share on stage and in my books, I tried to give real actionable ways that you can start to implement change in your life. That’s what you want. Okay, so all that. So as I’m looking at all these episodes, I’m realizing I want to be talking more, I want to be more in control of my schedule that feels lighter, I want to be able to be spontaneous over the summer and so to, to, you know, take some time to develop what’s coming next. And so it seems like now is a really good time to shift into what I’m calling season two, and season two is going to be episodes that are solely solo rounds. So there are going to be times where I’m just teaching, I may have a guest from time to time, but really, it’s going to be solo rounds where I’m sharing. And there’ll be about 20 to 30 minutes. And if you like what you’ve heard, and you want to explore more than you’re free to go and explore more, but if you want to deep dive with me, then you can jump into the lab. And what I developed, it’s called the live big lab, and you can find it by going to live big lab.com. Or you can text the word live big 2444999. And that will send you an email where you can get all the details on it. Okay, so the lab is really a deep dive, you listen to the podcast, you think that sounds really good, I really want to go in deeper. And I want a community that’s going in deeper to. So when you when you become a part of the lab, it’s really a place for you to experiment on these things and decide what works for you. When you log in, you’ll see course corresponding to the podcast, you’ll see more teaching, maybe you’ll see videos, depending on which week it is you’ll see downloads, worksheets, checklists, other things that help support what it is that you learned in the podcast. And then on the other side, there’s also going to be a free Facebook group, I’m sorry, it’s not free, it’s part of the lab. So the lab Facebook group, a private Facebook group, where you can actually plug in, become part of the community and help really build what this is. So I consider this right now the beta, right. So right now, if you get into the lab, it’s going to be really, really inexpensive, it’s going to be 1495 1495 a month, and you can listen to the podcast for free, that will always be free. But if you want to deep dive and you want to get into the private community 1495 I mean, gosh, that’s not even the cost of a cup of coffee a week, right. So to be able to deep dive, get the worksheets, a checklist, more videos, become part of the become part of that community. Now, if you’re listening to this episode, and it is a year from now, then when you get into the lab, you’re gonna see all kinds of stuff, right, you’re gonna see a year’s worth of content. But right now, there’s not a year’s worth of content each week will roll out new content. So that’s why it’s so inexpensive. But once you get in you’re in, so you don’t ever have to deal with a price increase. But then also, what I think is the really cool thing is that you guys are gonna be the ones that really helped shape the community, you guys are gonna be the ones that help kind of define where we go from here, what kinds of things the community does, you know, maybe we have masterminds in there, maybe we grow to have like a virtual lab where we can see each other and share or log on once a month, you know, so there’s going to be all these extra things in there that will be like specific for what you guys want. And if you’re in there, and you’re in the beta version, and you’re one of the early adopters of the lab, then you get to really help create that, which I think is really cool. Now also, once a month, we’re going to have a live video conference where you can jump on live, if you don’t want to show your face, you don’t have to, but You sure can. And we can really communicate. So I can ask you guys can ask questions, we can share more, we can dive into some specific area if you wanted to know more. So there’s going to be that live coaching component, which will be really cool too. And then once a quarter I’m going to have a guest on so somebody special that’s going to come in specifically to teach something just for you guys. So I’m really excited about the lab, I’m super pumped because I have wanted a chance to share more and communicate more with people. But not everybody is able either for time or money to be able to hire me as a coach full time. And I only take a certain number of coaching clients. So you know, at the moment while I’m recording this, I’m on a waitlist. And so I’ve had people I had someone reach out to me this morning and I had to say, you know right now I’m not taking anybody else. But you know, the lab is going to be opening and so that would be a great place for you to plug in in the meantime. So and in as I go through and I start taking people from the waitlist I’ll probably pull from the lab first. So anyway, that is how it’s gonna work. That’s how I’m going to choose to share my message. You’re all going to be part of the design and the culture. And I hope that this really is a place where people can really learn more really share what they’re learning, you know, it’s sort of like a safe hub where they can be in the lab and they can share stuff. And it’s going to be sort of like being in Vegas, you know, what happens in the lab stays in the lab, and a place where we can really grow and start to learn more about ourselves so that we really can start to expand and live the really big life that we all deserve to have. So thank you so much for listening to this episode of The Art of Living big. Remember to get on the list to get into the lab, you can text live big 2444 999. Or you can just jump right into live big lab.com. And that will give you all the details too. So we’re gonna open up the membership just for a short window and then we’re going to close it down while we work out the kinks with the beta people. And then we’ll open it back up. So jump in now while you can. And I’m so excited. You’re listening to this episode on a Tuesday. So tomorrow is a Wednesday and tomorrow is where you’ll start to see everything roll out you’ll be able to get into the lab and and really have this take off where you’ll start to see all of the deep dives in there. So thanks for listening and we will see you tomorrow.


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