148: Mailbag with Laura Lea: Crystals, Boundaries, Negative people & Channeling


Episode 148: Today on the show I talk with my friend Laura Lea ( @lauralea.io) and answer mailbag questions.

We mention an episode on boundaries that I did with Heather Gray, that is episode 65.

We talk about Louise Hay; her book is You can heal your life.


You’re listening to Episode 148 of The Art of Living big. So with the holiday, I decided that I wasn’t going to do any podcasts. And then last week was the week of Christmas. And I ended up doing too, because I couldn’t get out of the flow right in the habit of doing a show. Well, then by like Friday afternoon, I was like sliding into lazy town.

And I meant to have an episode out on Monday. Now it is Wednesday morning at five o’clock in the morning, I am recording, because I’ve got to get back into my flow. So I got right into the whole holiday relaxing spirit. But here we are, for another episode. And I can’t believe we’re at 140. Okay, so I have two things for you before we get to the show.

The first is, I have a holiday present for you. I’m going to be giving away a one on one hypnosis session. So if you’ve ever been curious about that, you can listen, I did an episode on hypnosis. Gosh, I think it was Episode 121, which talks about like, what hypnosis is and what it isn’t. Anyway, if you would like to win, you can go to the show notes, we’ll have a link to it. But you can also go I’ll give you the URL. So it’s my website, but it’s backslash, giveaway, backslash, win 2019.

So I’ll put a link just because that’s kind of long, I couldn’t make it any shorter. That’s the way it was designed. So you can put in your email address, and I’m going to pick a winner next weekend. So go ahead and head over there and win you a hypnosis session, we can do it on anything if you want to do it on weight loss, or to quit smoking, or to just support any kind of goals that you have for 2019. So it’s gonna be fun. And I do it on zoom. So I do it on video conferencing.

So if you’re not in the Atlanta area, that is okay. We do it online anyway. So it actually works really well. And I have hypnotized people, you know, from the UK, from California from all over. So it doesn’t matter where you are. Okay. The other thing that I wanted to tell you was we are running the No Limits right now.

And when I say we, it’s me and my dogs because they are who I work with. And I find myself saying we we are running no limits. I talked about it in the last episode and about really changing the way you work with your subconscious. Here’s the deal. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about it. And I think people are trying to make a decision. And I totally get that. So here’s what I can tell you. of

the people that took it, there was about a dozen people that got into the last class, I think it was 13 people, and about three quarters of them filled out a questionnaire towards the end giving me their feedback. And every single one of them said they were very likely to recommend it to a friend, every single one of them very likely.

So I give you that. And then I also will say if you want to talk to me about it, go to my calendar, just go to Betsy pake.com, backslash apply. It’s gonna ask you like a couple coaching questions when you apply it. Don’t worry about that, fill them out if you want, but get on my calendar, and let’s just talk about it. I’m not gonna pressure you.

But I’m happy to talk to you, and just see if it’s a good fit for you. I think it’s amazing. And I have had a lot of fun reorganizing it for this session. So anyway, I leave you that. And now let’s go to the show. Welcome to the art of living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake. And this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hey, everybody, welcome to the show. All right.

So we’re back from the Christmas break. I’m excited to be here. I want to do like a recap of my favorite things from 2018. So, you know, if you’re a regular listener to the show, then maybe this will be interesting to you. And if you’re brand new, then you might be like, why do I care what her favorite things are, but hopefully there’ll be something there that actually supports you in your journey or makes you think a little bit differently.

So something that maybe you didn’t know about. So I am just going to dive right in to my 2018 recap podcast. Okay. So I am a big fan of reading. And I talk you know, I talk a lot I think I bring up the books I read and I’m looking over at my bookshelf I have so many books. In fact, I have so many that I have decided this year to start getting Kindle books simply because I want to be able to pack up and move To the beach.

So if you listen to the show regularly, you know. So that’s part of my, like letting the universe know that I’m gonna be ready. And so I have actually cleaned out a bunch of my books, and I was putting them all away. And I started thinking like, a lot of these were really good and life changing. But I’ve got the information now. And I noticed too, that I was starting to, like read and not finish the books. And so I would get the information, I would be really excited about the book, and then it would sort of Peter off.

And so I had switched from books to kindle books, so that I would be streamlined. And then I’ve actually moved to audio books. And so I’ve been using Audible, which I’ve been using for years. And I would pick certain books, like if I was going on a trip, I like to listen to an entire book, like if I’m going on a trip. But I found that I wasn’t really wanting to read or I wasn’t finishing.

And so I decided I was going to make the switch to audiobooks and just see if that helped me, like actually complete listening or reading, you know, getting the information. And it did. And so I want to share with you some really good books that I’ve listened to, and some good books that I’ve read that I’ve actually finished reading. Okay, so there is a book that I read an actual book, and I read it at the beach this year.

And it’s called,

it’s by a woman named melody Beatty. And I’m going to put the link to all this stuff, I’m gonna have the link in the show notes. The book is called make miracles in 40 days turning what you have into what you want. I really liked this book, it’s really fast read, I read it, like I said at the beach, and like, finished it, I think in a day.

And so the whole idea of it, it is this whole new concept. She’s fascinating. And she has written several books on codependence, this book is like really about many times, I think with law of attraction, or with trying to be positive. I have found that when I try to be around people who are positive, that they don’t leave any space at all for feeling the other feelings. And the reason I really liked this book, is because it basically validated something that I had been thinking and gave me a tool to deal with it. So one of the things that I had been thinking is that, like, my other feelings are valid.

And if I’m feeling overwhelmed, or I’m feeling despair, or I’m feeling something else, constantly just going everything’s fine. It’s okay, I’m gonna focus on the positive, like really isn’t helpful. I need to validate myself and honor those feelings, and then deal with them and try to move to a higher space. And so I would get sometimes like in groups or, you know, like you join like a Facebook group written, it’s supposed to be high energy, but it felt like fake or inauthentic to me because it wasn’t speaking the truth.

Like To me, the real key to living a positive life is feeling all of your feelings and then being able to shift those feelings not ignoring the negative feelings or the uncomfortable feelings, but honoring them. And the lesson that it’s here to teach you and what it teaches you about yourself. So with all of that said, when I got this book, I actually bought the book like, I don’t know, like a couple months before I went to the beach thinking that will be a good one to read at the beach.

But I didn’t know how, what it was really about. Like I didn’t get it. She has a really incredible process. And this book is really good if you have a friend who also wants to shift their life to read it together and then do the exercises together because the exercise she has you do like I think works better with a partner. So I won’t tell you too much more but it is really fascinating and really interesting and really validating and I really can’t recommend that book more.

Okay, so that’s make miracles in 40 days. The other book that I want to recommend is a book called Lucky Bitch. And it’s by Denise Duffield Thomas. She goes by Denise DT on all of the Instagrams and all of the social medias and stuff. Okay, so she had this whole brand which I think she’s shifting a little bit now this book I think is actually like several years old.

But she I really like I’d heard about her for a while but I kind of resisted sometimes if people seem to have do I describe it. Okay, this is gonna sound really, she’s amazing and she’s got a multi million dollar business. But if people seem too much like they’re teaching the same thing as me I’m not interested because I don’t feel like I’m going to learn something new.

But I really did. And she has a manifested a really cool life. And she talks about, like how she manifested it in this book. So lucky, lucky bitch is about how she actually manifested this life where she travelled around the world. And she won this six month trip around the world, but she manifested it by using the law of attraction, and incredible action. And so I really like her. And I like her teachings. And, in fact, I read this book, like over the summer, but I’ve just kind of recently, like, picked

it back up and been like, I need to revisit some of that. And I went to her blog, and she’s got a lot of good blog posts. And I just think like, the way that she describes the action, because I really like, like, I’m a big law of attraction fan, but I like it. If it’s, I want it to make I want science, I want it to make sense to me. And I want action.

Like I want real life law of attraction. I don’t want you tell me to like go like, you know, put my feet in the grass and hope for the best. Like I want action. So that’s what I really like about her. So if you are that way, too, I think you’d really like her and her whole style. All right. The other book is a book that I listened to. So the other two I, I read, I listened to on a car ride.

And again, I don’t think this book is was out this year, maybe it was out this year. But it’s a book by Mel Robbins, you may have read it, but I’m sure if you haven’t read it, you’ve heard about it. But it’s called the five second rule. And it’s nothing new. But the way that she talks about it again, she’s one I sort of resisted because I was like, ah, I kind of teach that right.

Like I get it. I you know, I wrote a book called start small, live big, which I felt like the five second rule is basically that it’s starting small, but it’s really about getting going. And the way she she reads the book, and it’s really good listening to her. And it’s she doesn’t like the brain science stuff. And she’s done a lot of research.

And so it’s just fascinating. So if you kind of like that the five second rule, I think is really impactful, too. So those would be my three book recommendations for 2018. Okay, so podcasts, here are some podcasts that I love. And you know, I think that there’s a lot of people who are like, coaches like me or teachers of some sort. And they don’t want to share who their teachers are, which I find very odd.

But I have no problem sharing who my teachers are. So I want to give you a couple of options for podcasts that I listened to. And one is a woman named Catherine’s in Kedah and she has a podcast called manifestation babe. I had followed her Instagram, I will tell you that I go back and forth sometimes like I’ll follow people, and then I’ll unfollow them. If it’s if it’s like kind of triggering me I know that this is so I’m just being honest with you Like sometimes if like she goes to the beach a lot.

Okay, so I would get like, I can’t even see it. Right. So I would unfollow but then I would know that I had growth, because I would feel happy going back. Okay. But she always she’s young. She’s in her 20s. And, but just has just a lot of really good thoughts. Anyway, she has a podcast that she started. I think she started it this year, but it’s called manifestation babe is the name of the podcast. And it’s about your mindset, manifesting money. So she really focuses on money.

And it’s really fascinating and interesting. And the thing I really like about her is she does put things into like actionable stuff, right? So like stuff you could really do to move forward not just all about the woo but about really like taking action. So I really like that. The other podcasts that I really love is by a guy named Chris, Chris harder.

And the podcast is called for the love of money. Now, again, this is another money based mindset podcast, but I do believe that a lot of us sort of have I’m gonna say issues but hang ups I think as society as a whole has like some weird views about money and people that have money. You know, I know I have gone to look at like Sara Blakely who started Spanx, right.

And she’s a billionaire. And I will look at her like stories on Instagram and say, well, that must be nice, right? So that’s how I know I have an issue, right? Because she doesn’t she hasn’t done anything I can’t do and I know that may if that sounds far fetched to you. Then you also probably have some issues around like money and what’s possible? I know I do, right. So because even as I said that I thought, well, could I really do it, but I do believe that the only thing holding me back is my own brain.

So Chris harder has this for the love of money. And what he talks about is, you know, many times what we have implanted is that, you know, money is evil or money is greedy, people have money. But he talks about how, when good people have good money, they can do great things. And so it’s just like this really positive message. He has really good solo episodes where he talks about stuff, but also really good interviews, where he interviews people that are doing cool things like making a lot of money, and having a big impact on the world.

And so I think it’s just super interesting. All right. Let’s see. Okay, so another one that I really love is this podcast called emergence. Now, it’s Derek right dal, and he has a book. I think it’s a book called him emergence. Yes, I have it. I’m looking at it. Now I’m looking like, it’s called emergence. So his podcast is called emergence, a revolutionary path for radical life change. You know, he’s in a really interesting dude, and has a lot of interesting philosophies just to rap about life and

really like how he sees the world. So he always shares a lesson. But it goes really deep. And it all kind of comes around where he is a really good storyteller and kind of weaves everything into a good story. He actually started out if I remember, right, as an actor in Hollywood, and just kind of found he wasn’t living, like authentically, he ended up having like a near death experience, and then kind of shifted the way he sees things. And so he shares that.

And I think if you like kind of diving into not the science part of stuff, but into more of like, the spiritual side of stuff, and like how to process things and how to see the world in a new way you would really like his podcast, and probably his book, too. Okay, so those are my three podcast recommendations manifestation, babe for the love of money and emergence with Derek right now. All right. So I do have a mantra for this, particularly gear for 2019 coming up.

So I want to share that with you too. And I don’t know if you are one that sets resolutions, or many times people will choose a word. If you’ve ever done the desire map with Danielle Laporte, that is a really great exercise to do if you are sort of like I wanted to do something this year, but I don’t know what and I don’t want to set the same goals that I always do. She kind of helps you come up with your core values in her book called The desire map.

And you might be really interested in that. That is one that I read several years ago, but I come back to it a lot. Anyway, in that whole process for me, this year, I decided that I’m, as I woke up on New Year’s Day, and something I felt like something was trying to emerge. I didn’t feel really happy. In fact, I came into my office and looked out the window and was really disappointed. It wasn’t the ocean. Like I was like, I think I thought I was gonna wake up.

And like 2019 was going to be magical. And I would suddenly be at the beach, right? So I had this moment where I like looked out the window, and I felt disappointed, even though I know it that that’s like ridiculous. Of course, I wasn’t gonna wake up and be living at the beach. But for whatever reason, that’s what happened.

And so I felt like there’s this constriction. And so something is trying to come through me. So I, when I decided something’s trying to come through me, that’s when I kind of felt it. And what I felt was No more waiting. You know, I’ve talked on this show off and on about everything that was happening this past year with my daughter and really the past like three years where she had been sick. But this year, it really got amped up and came to a beautiful conclusion where she’s doing amazing.

I couldn’t I could not have guessed or prayed for anything better than it is right now. It’s, it feels like a miracle. But there was a lot of despair. And because of that

process that we went through together, I got in a habit of putting things off and putting myself behind a lot of things and you probably do that too, right? You don’t need to have a sick child necessarily to have that be happening in your life. But it might be that you know, you just you put your job first or your spouse first door and in all of those things are okay unless it’s all the time and I realized that I was waiting, right so I was Wait, I’m gonna wait until this happens.

I’m gonna Wait, I want to go to the beach. And I know I keep bringing that one up. But it’s just one that comes, it must signify something bigger for me, right? Well, I think it signifies No more waiting is really what it is. So I’ve, there were times where I was like, I want to go to the beach, but it’s not a good time, or it’s not gonna work out, like the only times that I would go and really do stuff as if it was if somebody else wanted to go and do it, or, you know, I would help somebody else do something.

So, all of that to say that I felt like I was sort of losing myself and the kinds of things that I liked to do. And so as I looked out my front window, like this is not the ocean, I thought, and I heard, No more waiting. And so that is my little mantra for 2019. And I offer it to you, if you are waiting, if you have been waiting until you learn more.

If you’re waiting until you get better at something, if you’re waiting until you lose the weight. If you’re waiting until like you’re waiting and waiting and waiting until you get more guts or whatever you’re waiting for. then feel free to take my mantra of No more waiting. And you know, last night was when I got in bed.

I went over my day, and it was a mate, there were so many amazing things that ended up happening, aha moments and beautiful things that shifted for me that I was like, Holy moly, like, just having the mindset of, I’m not waiting, I’m not gonna wait. So you know, you’ll have things come into your mind.

You’re like, Oh, I really like to do that. Well, if I’m not waiting, how do I take? I want, what do I do right now, what’s something I can do right this second that would move me towards that. And as I ended up, at the end of the day, I realized I had done so many things to push myself towards the beautiful outcome that I’d like to have in my life.

And it made my current life feel a whole lot better, which is exactly what I want. Because I just want to be happy in the now. And so I’m No more waiting is sort of my mantra for 2019. So if you have not created something for yourself, something to focus on or something to help you shift, or a goal or a resolution or whatever you want to call it.

You know, check out the desire map, borrow mine, and No more waiting, you can have it and, and and make this year become something a little bit bigger for you. Alright, so I have a couple movies for my greatest things of 2018. So I’m going to give you two movies, and both of them you’re going to be like this is really strange, Betsy, but I’m going to explain me, and then I’m going to give you my movie.

So I am I’m not a TV watcher, for whatever reason, like, you know, just over the years, like I often have said to my husband, like I could live my life without a TV like I wouldn’t even own a TV, let alone cable. But every once in a while I like to watch a movie or I have been trying to allow myself to chill out.

And sometimes reading felt like effort, right? And so I’m being able to that’s like an art I think to be able to like really just relax for a minute. And so, but when I would watch, I would say okay, like I’m gonna watch a certain TV show or whatever that people were talking about. I would get it would cut it would make me anxious.

And I don’t know, if you are aware that the flash of your TV screen the actual rate that it pulses it actually it physically hypnotizes you. And so I’m really aware and cautious of what I am watching when I’m allowing that hypnosis to take place. So you know, what kind of show am i watching? And what are the commercials that they have?

Because that’s what’s being implanted and, and that’s science. So that’s not just me being a little weirdo. Like, it’s hypnotizing me. So what do I want to implant in my brain? And I don’t want to implant in my brain like a show about like people cheating, or I don’t want to implant a show about like, with people being murdered, like my husband would, we’d start to watch a movie and I would just get up and I’d be like, I can’t watch this. And he’s like, Are you scared? No, I’m not scared is that I don’t want this implanted. So. So with that said, these are my two movies.

And you’re gonna be like, Are you kidding? Okay, I’m just gonna say it. trolls. Okay. So just hear me out. trolls is an amazing movie about taking responsibility for your life and finding the happiness. The music is good. The message is amazing. My my husband would laugh at me and my kid too. In fact, my daughter bought me a mug that was a trolls mug because I love the trolls so much. So many times. If something bad happens, I will go and I’ll be like, I’m just gonna watch a little bit of trolls. So it lifts me up.


if you don’t have kids, and so you’re not watching kid movies, I just want to offer that to you. And I also want to offer you another movie, which is cocoa. This one, this one is this one actually might have come out this year. But um, cocoa is a really beautiful movie. And it’s really got an incredible message to which I think is really timely for the times that we’re in politically and socially. But it’s beautiful to look at. And it’s one of those with a deeper message.

I did not mind being hypnotized by it. And I felt like the message that it was sending was really one of love and peace and one that I was okay being implanted. So, I offer you those two movies, trolls and Coco. And I’m telling you, if you have never seen them, you can thank me later. Okay. All right. So a couple of my favorite things that I don’t I’m not like a big shopper. But this year, I have purchased a couple splurges on myself, so I updated my iPad earlier this year.

So like earlier in the year, I don’t know like March or something. Apple came out with the new iPad that worked with the Apple Pencil. And so over the summer, I ended up buying the Apple Pencil. And so it is the I have the old Apple Pencil. So I know they just had a new one that came out. But the old one works with the new iPad.

So I don’t have the iPad Pro. The reason I tell you all this is because the iPad that I got is not very expensive. So like the Pro is like seven or 800 bucks, I think or more. This was like 399. Do you see what I’m saying? So I’m telling you that because I use this for everything, I use it all day long, there is an app that I have called good notes.

And I used to write to my intuition every day I every time I would take a class online or I would learn something or I would read a book, I would write it in a notebook. And if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen like I have piles and boxes of notebooks of all my stuff, which is great, because then I can go back and reference it.

And it’s really helpful. But if I’m trying to become mobile, and I want to be able to just jet down to the beach to work for a few weeks, and I need something that I have written, I want to have it. And so in side good notes, I can create as many notebooks as I want. And the wonderful thing is I can add pages or delete pages, which is an issue with my actual notebooks, physical notebooks, I have my calendar on there. I take all my notes for all my coaching clients on there.

So it’s all secure. Like this is it’s a beautiful thing. So I offer this to you, in case you’ve been, like maybe looking at the iPad, or looking at these are, this is just one of my very favorite things. So the iPad and the Apple Pencil along with good notes. And then I also have an app that I really love on here. And it’s called procreate. And this is an app where you can draw.

And so one of the things that I have done this year, since I’m not a big TV person was I joined Skillshare and I took a bunch of iPad classes on like procreate of doing art and watercolors on procreate. It’s a drawing app. And I also got like, coloring pages and I used procreate to color digitally. And so it was like a good like relaxing thing where I could listen to a book on Audible, and I could color and so it kept like my hands busy and my eyes busy and I could be listening.

That way. I wasn’t only listening when I was in the car, right? Because that’s normally where I would listen. So I offer those things to you just in case you’re looking for something like that, or you’ve been looking into it. Okay. So, healing. So I’ve had some profound healing episodes this year that I wanted to share with you. One is an episode 100 and I think it’s 122 Yeah. 122 I talked with a woman named Audrey Wentz about removing my heart wall. So I had worked with her to remove my heart wall.

Now you can listen to that episode to understand more, but it is the emotion code and body code that she works with. There is a movie about that on Gaia, if you’re interested in that.

But here’s the weird thing is I like stuff that I understand the scientific basis for it. And with her, you know she said to me, You don’t really understand how electricity works, but we just you know, we use it and she was like there is a reason This works, but I don’t, you know, we don’t have to understand what it is we can just use the energy.

So I’m gonna be honest with you at first I was a little bit like, Okay, well, I would like to know how it worked. I’d like to know there’s some, like science behind how it works. Because it’s, it felt very odd to me, like we literally talked on the phone, she would use, she would use muscle testing to identify places where I was being held back or emotions that were not processed, she would identify the emotions, and then she would process them for me. So all of that my mike analytical self thinks like that is.

That’s a little odd, right? So I did, I did a removal of the heart wall with her. And after that episode aired, I actually kept working with her. And I worked with her every week for several months. And it is the one thing that I’m going to start again, I stopped like, I don’t know, it was like, maybe November or something like we were done.

But I’m going to start that every week. I don’t know how it works, or really what it does, like how it does it, but it shifted things, I could see things differently and things that held me back before. Also, I had some weird, you know how you know how you’ll have an interaction with somebody. And then like years later, you’re still sort of thinking about it.

And I had several things like that, like, just in like relationships with people that didn’t end well, or a mentor that I was like, kind of angry at. And she released those things. And I literally didn’t think about them again, like maybe till just now. And I’m telling you this. So it was it was immediate. And so, um, so yeah, so I offer that to you. And I’ll make sure all this stuff is linked in the show notes. But Audrey was sort of amazing. And I have sent several people to her. And they’ve all had like incredible, amazing transformations. Um, and I would tell you their stories if I had asked them permission, but amazing transformations.

The other thing that has really changed my life this year is you know, hypnosis and I am hypnotherapy certified. I’m a board certified hypnotherapist. But I did that because I was hypnotized. And it was so profound. So if you have never tried that, it is really something to try can help shift a belief that you have, it can change what you believe is your identity.

And you know, I talk a lot about identity and how that how that works and and how that is what creates your life. And so this is a really fast way to get into your subconscious and start to shift those things. And again, I’m doing the free hypnosis the giveaway. So if you want to check that out and just try it for yourself. So you might as well enter you might win and who knows. So, okay. And then my last thing that I’m going to share is like a girly thing. So I’m not a big huge makeup person.

Most of all, I think because I work from home. But also like even when I worked in corporate America, I would wear makeup, but I’m not like the glamour person. Okay, there’s just not like who I am. I wish I was a little girly. Or maybe I need to connect a little bit with my feminine and I might explore that and then I’ll share it with you on the show.

But I found some really amazing makeup. So I want to tell you about it even though it feels almost silly for me to share that, um, years ago, like when my daughter was little I started following this blogger named Cara and she would have she had really good like makeup videos. And again, I’m not a makeup video watcher but for whatever reason I must have found her like on Pinterest or something and it was just she was interesting to watch.

So I started following her her blog was called mask Cara mascara because her name is Cara. Anyway, this year, I found this woman on Instagram, who had really good hair and she was a hairdresser. So she would do like these hair tutorials. Okay, so just follow me here. This is how I got to this.

So I started following her and then she started talking about this makeup that she sells and so it’s sold like, you know, sort of like Mary Kay right. So you have to be a distributor or whatever. But she is a hairdresser and makeup artist and she sells mascara. And so I was like oh my god is that the mascara that I used to follow?

And in fact it is and my I’m you know, I’m 47 I think my 48 No, I think I’m 47 you guys, yes, I’m 47 I’ll be 48 in a couple months, but my skin sometime gets sorted. Like what weirdly dry now and like weirdly dry like in patches, like, I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or what, but, um, this makeup blends so good, it’s super fast, and they have like these special brushes, I’m gonna link all to it. And I’m gonna link to harmony, the woman that got the good hair that I bought it from, or bought it through, just so you can kind of know.

So, um, it The colors are really good. And how it works is you buy the little she’ll color match you harmony will color match you and you buy the little colors, you get this magnetic palette, and then you buy the colors and they’re magnets, and they stick in. So when they’re out, you don’t have like this palette that’s only has one color that you use, do you know what I mean.

And then you have all the other ones that are unused, you only buy the stuff you’re going to use, and you only buy the colors that she color matches for you. And so the whole idea is that it’s like this creamy stuff, and you brush it on. So it’s a cream based makeup with this really cool brush. It blends amazing.

And it makes me look like made up without making me look like I have makeup on. So I have like some brown spots on my skin and stuff like that. And it covers all that. So anyway, I’m sharing that with you, because that is definitely one of my most favorite things. And I’m going to link also to the brush that I use because I totally believe that the brush makes a difference.

So the blush that comes with it can also be used on your lips. Like it’s all just really great. So I am going to link to all of that. Okay, so final my final thing that I love for 2018 is this quote that I heard. And I’m going to explain it a little bit. Here’s the quote.

Okay, wait, I’m going to tell you

how, yeah, okay, I’m going to tell you the quote, The quote is, nothing will ever feed the poverty of your soul. So, no shopping, no food, no mindless TV watching, no relationships, no hooking up with people to make yourself feel good.

Nothing will ever feed the poverty of your soul. And so if there is something in your life that you feel like you wished was different, how are you feeding that and until you heal that within your soul, you will never find peace, and you will never find something that will fill the hole. So do the healing. Listen to yourself. Pay attention to your intuition and honor who you are. Because 2019 can be the greatest year you’ve ever had, simply because you’re focused in someplace new. And next year, you could have your favorite

list for 2019.

Thank you guys so much for listening. Thanks for being here with me in 2018. I’m really pumped for what’s in store. And I’m grateful. so grateful. I know there are so many different podcasts that you could be listening to. And

I’m honored truly that you’re here with me today.

So thanks so much. And I’ll see you guys next week. And as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

That’s it.


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