083: Transform your mindset workshop - Betsy Pake

083: Transform your mindset workshop


In this episode, I share with you a workshop I did this past week on your conscious brain and unconscious brain. We dive into how your unconscious (or subconscious or ‘fast thinking’ brain) gets programmed. 

In the episode, we dive into our regular patterns and how that fast thinking brain actually has a direct effect on if we are able to make changes, hit our goals and see things in a new way….. OR if we are TOTALLY unable to see things differently. 

Listen in to hear what I mean!  This episode is great for anyone who is struggling with change or wants to create something new in their life this year and wants to better understand the science of their brain to have the best chance to do that.  You can watch the video, instead of listen in on youtube.  

If you’d like to see the demonstration I talk about, head to the youtube video and go to 17:14! 

If you’d like to know more about The Infinite Soul Project and the special Masterclass, you can find all the details right here! Enrollment ends February 4th!


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Hi I’m Betsy and I’m a subconscious change expert.
By day you can find me digging deep into the unconscious beliefs and identity of my clients so they can move past self-sabotage and lack of confidence and gain traction in their career and life.

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