082: Scripting To Design Your Big Life - Betsy Pake

082: Scripting To Design Your Big Life


Do you ever think that things should be a little easier? That maybe, just maybe, you aren’t seeing the open door and instead are killing yourself trying to climb up a wall? 

On today’s episode, I share a practice that can help shift your thinking, alert your brain to what opportunities to be aware of and help you begin to design and really LIVE your Big Life.   

This episode is great for anyone who would like to experience some changes in their life, someone who wants to experience more abundance than they already have or anyone who wishes things could be a little bit easier. 

Thanks for listening and sharing this episode with your friends! It means a lot to me when you love an episode that you share with others.

xo, Betsy

ps. Here’s that fateful day, in 2011, with the iPhone! 


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