016 Monday Morning Minute: How to keep your resolutions!


I’ve had such a great time doing this podcast over the past 3 months but what I realized was there were things I wanted to share too!  Which brings me to the Monday Morning Minute….. a solo round, if you will, where I share my thoughts on life and how to Start Small to Live Big!

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Welcome to The Art of Living big and my name is Betsy Pake entrepreneur, author and personal success coach. This is the show that brings you stories and small ideas to help you live a big life. I hope this once a week podcast will inspire you, motivate you and encourage you to think differently about what could be possible for your life. Thanks for spending some time with me today. Now let’s go live big. Hey, everybody, this is Betsy Pake. And I am usually the host of this podcast where I

interview other people. But what I realized over the last three months of doing this podcast was that there were things I wanted to share, too. And so for 2017, I’m going to start sharing some of those things in a quick Monday minute. So this is going to be the first episode and it’ll morph, we’ll see how it goes. The one thing I have learned over the last few years of being an entrepreneur is that you should just get started. And then you’ll figure out how things will get, you know, fall into place later on. All right. So it is January 2, which is actually really exciting. I’m a big fan of New Years, I’m a big fan of the beginning of each month, I’m a big fan of Mondays. So I really like being able to reset and regroup and rethink about things. And I know a lot of people start resolutions for New Year’s right. So that’s a big thing. To have new ideas. I know a lot of people use weight loss as their big thing for the new year. And, and really, I think a lot of people just want to change their life. And that’s the way that they can see the biggest impact is being able to change how they look or how they feel or how their clothes fit, or their lifestyle or their health. And so I wanted to share with you from my years of being a nutrition coach, but also just some other ideas of ways that will make a difference in your success or your failure for whatever your chosen resolution is. Alright. So if you’re listening to this, and it’s July, that’s okay. Because we can start at any time, we can start and recreate ourselves reinvent ourselves, it doesn’t have to be beginning of the year, it could be a Monday, it could be a Wednesday afternoon, I always tell my clients that the moment you decide to change is when it all begins. All right. So here here is are some of my ideas. And here are some of the things that I think really work and that I have seen work over and over again, with clients as they’re trying to make changes. So the first number one thing is, and you probably have guessed this is don’t start too big, start small. Because when you start to be you can start to set yourself up for failure. I would add, I have clients call me or reach out and they would say I want to start I’m going to quit smoking, I want to get off soda, I want to, you know, start exercising seven days a week, I think I have, you know, an hour and a half I can dedicate to that time, I’m going to start you know, cleaning up my diet, I’m going to do all these things all at once. And I would think like, Whoa, nobody could do that. Like even the people with the best of intentions, wouldn’t be able to sustain something like that. And so start really small, make it really reasonable ease yourself into it, you’ve probably heard the statistic that most people get off their resolutions, fall off the wagon, fail give up by the middle to the end of January. So it lasts about a month when you go crazy like that. And if you’re really looking to create a substantial change in your life, if you really want to create something new for your life, then it can take as long as it needs to take. So be kind to yourself, and give yourself an opportunity to just ease into it. Because that’s when you can start to detect what works, what doesn’t work. You can start to evaluate what makes you feel good and what doesn’t. You know, I went through a phase here recently where I thought I’m gonna get off dairy for a little bit. And so I just kind of eased myself off dairy to see how I felt. If I had just gone cold turkey and totally gotten off a dairy. I’m not sure if I would have recognized the patterns of how my body reacted to dairy. So go slow, ease yourself into it. The other thing is to remember that it’s the long haul, right? So we’re not going to be too hard on ourselves because I’m going to tell you some truth. Right now. You’re going to fail. There will be times on this journey if it’s really something worth doing where you’re going screw it up, you’re going to fail, something’s going to happen, your best of intentions won’t matter. It won’t go the way you think it’s going to go. And you know what? It’s okay. Because if you look at this whole process, as I’m learning, it’s a, this is like a science experiment, right? whatever it is you’re trying to change, all you’re doing is getting feedback. So feedback, feedback, feedback, you do something, it doesn’t work. That’s feedback. So now you can start to take all that in and really figure out your path. So think of this as a long haul. Think of every time that you fail that it’s okay. When I had my nutrition clients, that was the biggest thing I would know within two weeks if they were going to be successful on my program. And you know why? Because within two weeks, they always screwed up. And it was the people that called me or messaged me and said, Oh, my God, I totally screwed up. But, uh, got right back at it today. That was it that I knew as soon as I got that email, if it was an email that was like, I can’t do this. Oh, but if it was an email that said, I screwed up, and I got right back at it, but it’s okay, I got right back at it. That’s the attitude that you have to have. And anybody can have that attitude. It wasn’t a special person that was able to do that. It’s just where they were in their thinking. So adjust your thinking. So that you know you’re going to have setbacks and failures, and you’re going to screw up and things aren’t going to go the way you want. And many times when I started journey for something new, I think this is what I want as my end result, right? So if you if you download my chase formula on my website, Betsy Pake calm, there’s a free downloadable called Chase, which is my my framework to be able to visualize and get to, from one point to the next point, right to get to where you want to go. And I always have people fill out this bottom portion of this form where you, you visualize what is, what’s the best outcome, what do I really want, but it never really ends up exactly how you want, you have to know where you’re going, right, you have to have an idea. But it never is how you think it’s going to be and that’s okay, because maybe it’s gonna be better. So go with the flow, be okay with setbacks and failures, just know that it’s information you’re taking in, and have a way to be testing your results. So have a way to evaluate have a way. So you know, is what I’m doing working. You know, I’ll tell the story. In my, in my book, I tell the story about I have a friend that is a pilot, and we were talking about if you flew a plane from LA to Atlanta where I live, but the nose was off by only 1%. After you go through that all the way across the country, by the time the plane got to the east coast, it would be in South Carolina. So just that little bit of shift over time, will throw you off course, now on the same aspect, it will make big changes to right. So if you’re starting to make little changes, it’s going to have a compound effect over the length of time. But I always like to have a way to evaluate so that once a week, I can look and go, you know, is what I did last week. Is that working? You know, did my the format of that podcast? Did that get more? listens? Did I get more feedback? Did I something I’m doing working? You know, if you’re trying to lose weight? Do I feel better? Do my clothes fit better? Do I feel clearer? Do I have more energy, like find the things that will be able to give you an evaluation so that you know what’s working and you can adjust? Now, the other thought that I’m going to leave you with two little thoughts. One is, the thing that helps me the most is when I’m trying to make a change in my life, or my behavior is I act as if. And so if I’m about to do something, I think, am I if I was the the super healthy person, if I was the the person that helped people, if I was the person that was the greatest wife, if I was the mom that was really in tune with her kid, what would they do? So what would that person do? And when I’m going to make a decision, I think like, is this what the supermom would do? Is this what the wife that is mindful of the husband? Is that how she would behave? And sometimes it’s helpful to find somebody. You know, when we’re kids, we all have like idols or heroes. And I think that’s okay, even as adults to say, you know, that’s somebody I really admire. That’s somebody that’s doing life the way I want to do. And when I’m about to make a decision, is that what they would do? And that helps me reset helps me recalibrate and go, I’m going to act as if I’m already that person. I’m going to act as if I’ve already reached my goals. I was talking to a girlfriend Gosh, like a year ago, but when she said this, I went Oh, My God, yeah. She said, I wish I could just be the weight I want to be. And then I would do everything I needed to do to stay at that weight. And I think that’s probably a feeling we’ve all had, if I could just hit my goals, I would do everything I needed to do to stay at that goal. But instead, act as if, act as if you’re already at that goal, and just go forward. And soon, you’ll find that you are at that goal, right? That you are living that life that you want to, that you want to live. And so as you move forward with all of your resolutions, and know that you’re gonna, you’ve got to start small, that you’re gonna make mistakes, you’re gonna fail, you’re gonna get off track and screwed up, you got to have a way to test those results. And you got to act as if you’re already the person that’s living that life. And I’ll tell you that when you start to do that, you’ll start to realize really, how limitless you are. And the last thing that I’ll leave you with, leave you with is just to remember that nothing. Nothing about your past has anything to do with your future. So nothing that went wrong. Last year, you you tried that this is the 19th time you’ve tried to diet, and it never worked. This is the fourth time you’ve tried to have good communication with your kid and it didn’t work. This is your your second marriage and the other didn’t work. It nothing matters. It’s all just feedback, right? So if there’s something that doesn’t support you, if there’s an idea that comes in your head, every time you go to have a conversation with your kid, you remember a bad conversation you had with your kid, or every time you go to date you think about all the times it didn’t work before you tried to change your life and you failed and went back to your old ways. That’s okay. Because that has nothing to do with what’s coming for you. If you can let that go. You’ll be able to get all the goodness that’s in front of you. And if you need help letting that go, then please try meditation, some guided meditation, does the world wonders. I wish everybody would just try that meditation and bring yourself back to who you really are. Because who you really are, is a limitless being with so much potential and so much goodness coming for the new year.


thanks for listening to my Monday morning. 12 minutes. But I look forward to spending this year with all of you. Thanks for spending some time with us today. Remember to jump in on that online community at SS lB community.com. And, as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

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