017 Use EFT to control your emotions: An interview with Bill Dovel - Betsy Pake

017 Use EFT to control your emotions: An interview with Bill Dovel


Bill Dovel is a Registered Nurse, and  one of 14 Pro EFT Master Practitioners on the planet. He has also trained in Gold Standard EFT and Clinical EFT.

For 19 years Bill  actively practiced  in hospital settings as a Psychiatric Registered Nurse. He ran Partial Hospitalization Programs in the Bay Area for much of his career. He emphasized the biopsychosocial model of treatment. That model emphasizes the whole person. Using a combination of Behavioral Biology with Cognitive Behavioral and Cognitive Interpersonal techniques, he saw very good success with the patients. With panic disorder, the Burns Cognitive Behavioral method eliminated the uncued panic attacks those patients were suffering from. The problem was that every other symptom the person suffered from kept coming back, but the panic attacks were gone for good. He spent 15 years looking for a system of techniques that would make positive changes that would last, for all the symptoms people suffer from, not just panic. He knew that a technique that changed the mind while simultaneously deeply involving the body biologically was the key. He even went as far as trying to combine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and yoga at the same time. None of those attempts were successful. Then he found EFT. Not only did it work better than anything he had ever seen, the positive changes were imprinted in the person in real time. This was just like the way trauma imprints in a person in bad situations, but in a positive way. From this point on, he began telling people, “I know what I want to do when I grow up.” He is now the owner of the Pro EFT Center, in Meridian Idaho, and practices Pro EFT full time.

He is passionate about behavioral biology and has spent many hours studying a wide range of disciplines. He believes in thinking outside the box. The best way to think outside the box is by learning the viewpoints from many different branches of science. When we view an issue from different perspectives, we can find better answers.  Find Bill’s website here: http://www.proeftcenter.com

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