208: Talking to spirit guides; conversation with Trish E - Betsy Pake

208: Talking to spirit guides; conversation with Trish E


On today’s episode, I talk with my good friend Trish and her experience over her lifetime being able to connect to spirit and talk to people who have transitioned! I have tried for YEARS to get Trish on the show and I’m so excited she has finally decided now was the right time to share with you what it’s like to be someone who has this extrasensory ability. I ask her ALL the questions as we get into it on today’s show.

If you’d like to meet with Trish yourself, you can find access to her calendar (which you’ll hear I made her set up so you all could experience this too!) right here: https://TrishE.as.me/


Welcome to The Art of Living big podcast. My name is Betsy Pake, and I’m an author, speaker and a master mindset coach focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of your subconscious. This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hello fellow adventurers, welcome to today’s show. Okay. Can you hear the excitement in my voice? Because I have been wanting to do this show. I’m not even kidding. Two, maybe more than that years. So I am going to try you can come up so excited. You can hear my guest giggling, okay. So I’m going to try really hard to not talk too much, because I feel like I have so many things to say about this. But today on the show is very special, because my friend Trish is with us. Now I’m going to explain a little bit, but I just want to introduce Trish. Trish, you can say hello.

Hi. Hi, everyone. I’m so happy you’re here. How long have I been trying to get you to do this? Oh, a long time? Probably more than I would want to admit. But it’s true.

Yeah, like two and a half years, maybe maybe almost three years. So almost since the beginning of the show, I would say. So. Okay, so I’m gonna kind of describe this, you guys, this is the big deal. And Trisha is it. I’m so grateful that she’s come here to share this with us. Because here’s what’s the truth. Trish and I have known each other for years. And I’m going to explain that relationship. But we’ve known each other for a long time. And she has a very special gift


has helped me so much over the years. And I wanted to talk to her about it. So you guys could hear a little bit about it. And the cool thing right now is that she’s sort of opened up a little bit and is going to share this. Okay, so I’m kind of getting ahead of myself. And I’m doing the thing I said I wasn’t going to do which is like talk the whole time. So excited. Okay,

so Trish. Yeah.

Should I explain?

Like, would you like to isolate sort of what this is? Or do you want me to talk about how I found out what this is? Let’s talk about how you found out what this is. And also, I didn’t even say the most important part. Thank you for having me on the show.

Oh, yeah. Well, I mean, I’m so excited and honored that you came on.

Because this is like,

this is your first like, media exposure. Am I right?

You are right, correct.

It’s the first of many. Okay, so you guys, if you’ve been listening to the show for a while, if you’re new welcome. Yay. I’m so psyched that you’re here. I’m glad you’re here for this one. A few years ago, and I’ve talked about on the show how my daughter has been sick. Now I’ve known Trish. My daughter’s better now. But when she was sick. I have known Trish. I mean, how long have I known you 10 years by since

2011 2011 12.

So there’s math there. So what is that? 10 910 years. I’ve known her a long time. We used to work together. Okay. And Trish was the front. So we work together and we both worked remote. We’ve never lived in the same place. In fact, Trish, I think we’ve only met in real life maybe twice. Is that true?

I think that’s Yeah, that’s accurate. Yeah. Which is wild,

which is crazy. So once we stop, you know, when you work with people, you’re really close with them, and then you stop working with them. And then you’re not close with them. That’s not what happened here. Trisha and I have stayed really good friends. And really we’ve texted I mean, there have been times where we’ve texted or called, like talked more, like it’s been every day. And then there’s times where we would just connect like once a month, but we always just stayed close, right? Mm hmm. And Trisha is the kind of friend that always had the best gut. Do you know what I’m saying? Like, you’d be like, I need to what is your gut say? And she’d be like, Well, I think she know, she always has the best advice. And she just seemed to have this really calming thing about her, where if I had questions, or I was struggling with something, she’s the one I would want to call and I always felt better. And I always felt like she had something really, really wise to say. So when my daughter was sick a few years ago, I was really like doing a lot of soul searching. And this is the way I remember this Trish and you can you can correct me if your recollection of this is a little bit different. So okay, I was really like struggling and I was really talking to my mom and my grandmother a lot. You know, and if you’ve listened to the show for a while, you know, my mom passed away when I was young. And so, you know, really trying to connect like what do I do? How do I get through this and I felt really strongly at that time that I was getting like messages, I was hearing things. And so I was talking to Trish one day, and I almost hesitated because I was like, she’s gonna think I’m crazy. But I said, you know, this is what’s happening. And I feel like I’m hearing these messages. Like, I feel like things are happening and I’m getting these experiences. And Trish went, Okay, so you know, I talked to dead people, right?

And I was like, oui, oui, oui, oui, oui, oui, oui, why? And that’s really how you told me that.

And you were like, is that right? I don’t even remember. I don’t remember it.

But it’s interesting, because that’s not how I would describe it. Now. It’s not really that you talk to dead people. But that’s how you I remember you just saying it like that, which I think is kind of because you’re, you’re a lot of fun and silly, you know? So you were like, okay. So this is what they’re saying. And then you told me all the stuff that was like, Oh, my God, that’s exactly what I needed. Right. So what’s your view? What’s your recollection of all that?

Yeah, that sounds about right. I remember, we would always have these conversations, and then you would ask me, my thoughts about it. And I think it just got to the point where we’re in just a moment of, I don’t know, safe, safe place to write. And it was, it was one of those things where I’m like, we’re good friends. I don’t she’s not going to judge me on this. I’m just going to tell her and it’s something that I’ve had my entire life. And quite frankly, I always thought people had this where they would hear from people on the other side or see them or feel them or smell them. And it was, you know, I guess I was probably in good, gosh, elementary school when I realized not everybody had this. So you were probably the I mean, there’s only a handful of people that were really aware. And not in kind of like, I’m just, yeah.

The gates have opened. So

yeah, I just, I do kind of remember that. Obviously, I don’t remember the specific specific content around it. But I do remember actually walking Josie, my dog. And I remember where I was when we had this conversation, but I don’t remember the specifics of what we discussed. But about right, I don’t need to but I

remember thinking like, how have I known her for seven years, and I didn’t know this?

Yeah, surprise. It was like you

were coming out of the closet. Sorry. I know. Right. And so

it was super interesting. Because at first I remember I felt like a little like, how do I not know this? How did she not tell me? And so then I was like, I remember asking you like, Why haven’t you told me and you were like, Betsy, I haven’t told anybody but my family. And like my really close tight knit circle of friends, you know, that have been around me live like they know. Right? So right. Tell me a little bit about that.

So like your parents, and like your sister, like they all know. And it’s something that’s really normal in your family, right and call Yeah, this is something that’s on my dad’s side of the family. And actually my godmother was what they called clairvoyance. And so it’s just kind of natural. And it’s something that’s always been in my family heritage, so to speak. And it was one of those things where it’s kind of elevated as I’ve gotten older. And I think one of the things that’s interesting about it is that I really tried to fight it, I tried to push it down so many different times in my life. And then when I would do that, it would come back almost stronger and more in my face, and at times, it was really overwhelming. And I just had to figure out kind of how to manage it. And it’s almost like dealing with, you know, humans here today and building boundaries and making sure that they’re not overstaying their welcome or draining your energy too much. So, it was kind of it’s been a long journey, but definitely an interesting one. So So let me ask you, I mean, interesting.

Yes, it is interesting. Okay. Let’s, so, so when. So first of all, it’s on your dad’s side. So in my mind, and this is just from my experience, right?


this had happened to me, it would have been my dad that would have thought I was nuts. Right. My mom probably would have been like, I get it. So but your dad wasn’t like that, because it was he was like exposed to this already. Right. So how old are you when it became apparent that you had what your aunt had?

Oh, gosh. Well, I would say early on. When I was very young, I mean, I was the stories that my parents relayed to me now. are more along the lines of my imaginary friend Susie. And one of my favorite stories is that one tip one day, I told my mom that it was Susie’s birthday. And so my mom calls my dad and says it’s Susie’s birthday. We need to celebrate. Let’s get her birthday cake. And my dad knows

your imaginary friend. So yeah,

quote, unquote, right? Yeah, yeah. And so my dad goes to the bakery to get a birthday cake. Because my parents are super fun. Yeah, celebratory like that. And my dad calls my mom, he’s like, now how do you spell Susie for the birthday cake? And they were like, Oh, we don’t really know, you know, whatever. So they came home, we celebrated to the birthday. And in my mind, it was all totally normal. Right? Right. Like Suzy was real. And then I think, like, when I was an early elementary school, I did push it down. And then towards later elementary school, like, I just remember seeing people and I would be in the car with my sister driving or, you know, with my parents somewhere and everything like, Oh, my gosh, do you see that little boy coming out of the woods, or walking along or car and, you know, they’re very specific looking. And that they’re, I would kind of describe more like a hologram experience. They’re grayed out. And sometimes, you know, depending on the amount of energy they have it, they’re able to showcase part of their bodies more than other parts. So it’s, it kind of depends on what I’m able to see based on how much energy that spirit has.

Okay, so I suppose

so you see people and you hear people.

So I see people, I hear people, I smell them mostly before they’re arriving mode. And listen. Yeah, well, it’s kind of interesting. A lot of times, it’s, you know, if the person was a smoker, or if they smoked a pipe, or certain perfume, or I just had one woman, an older Italian woman, and she was apparently known for her.

You know, spaghetti sauce smell. So I felt that prior to her coming, and I can always smell that before they arrived. Hmm, interesting. Okay. Okay, so all of that has been consistent your whole life. It’s just that it kind of gets got stronger as you get older. You got it. Mm hmm. So tell me when you were little, then it never freaked you out? Because it was all you knew.

Correct? Yes. Okay. And then I think as I got older, when it became stronger, and more, it became more overwhelming, because I would sit at home, you know, on my couch, trying to watch TV and I’d have a line going out my door of 30 people needing help. And

they come to you when they need something.

Yeah, a lot of times, people when they come over to my house, fearful attach themselves to them. And then they’re in my house or I bring them you know, with me from going out to like, you know, Target or going to the grocery store. And then they know that I’m able to help them apparently, because they’ve told me that my light is so bright that I attract them. And then basically, they have a request for me. And I have to say probably in my late 20s it was super overwhelming because they would wake me up in the middle of the night. And it was scary at times like there were times where I flat could not sleep and

how would they wake you up

a lot of ways they would sit there and either tapped me on the shoulder. And like he was ugly

feel it or like yeah, crack. Yeah.

The the method that I don’t prefer is that they would shake my bed. Which I did not like if I was sleeping.

So like if I was in there when they did that, would I would I see it? Or is it just know that? Okay, yes, it’s like physically happening.

Yeah, there is and one of my houses I had this wall where all of my necklaces would hang. And I mean everybody knows I love a good statement necklace right always adds to an outfit.

Yeah, I do. I do know that. That was like one of the first things I noticed about you remember, I was like obsessed with your necklace.

I love it. Well, I’m trying to become more dainty about it. But anyhow, I have a whole side of my closet that’s dedicated to my jewelry and my necklaces. And so sometimes if I’m in my bedroom, I can hear them moving my necklaces, like against the wall and it depends. So it happens at that time to be a specific girl that was needing help just crossing to the other side but they can actually interact and intervene with a variety of ways. It’s just really what kind of energy they’re able to put out, so to speak. Okay, so it could be constant messages, it could be like pulling on your shirt, or, you know, turning off your light turning on your TV like random things when you’re not even by the remote or by the light out. Okay, yeah, light outlet.

I remember one of the first times when we were talking about this, and you were kind of explaining it to me, and I’m sure I asked a million questions because I was so mesmerized by this. And you were like, you know, when you go into the grocery store, and they have those big fans that blow so the flies don’t come in. You were like, I need one of those with sage, my front door. like nobody can come in. I was like, I remember be like that nice thing. Like, I could totally Imagine that. So, okay. So I want to make sure that we’re getting this right. So like you’re out and about, and they see your light, they kind of connect you and they know that they can help you. So it’s not necessarily, although it might be somebody related to somebody you know, it’s also just people that aren’t related to anyone you know, but they just noticed you as you’re out and about. You got it. A lot of times I’ll be out to dinner with my friends who have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes. And I’ve got somebody, you know, tapping on my shoulder who needs me to tell someone sitting in the restaurant, a message for them? Oh, my God. So do you do it?

It depends, honestly. I mean, I have done it on occasions, and it’s completely wild and random. And they’re like, I don’t even know why you’re approaching me. Like, off put. And then sometimes people just break down in tears. Oh, right. Yeah. Yeah. It’s, it’s heavy, isn’t it? Is it heavy? Yeah. I mean, it can be, I guess I just don’t know. Because it’s something that I’ve always had to deal with.

Right. And I’ve been talking to you before, and you’ve interrupted me and said, Hold up, I am supposed to tell you this, and they’re not gonna shut up till I tell you. And then you give me some thing. And then you’re like, Okay, let’s just go back. And then I’m like, I cannot continue to talk about shoes.

Right? It’s constant. For me. It’s just like, it’s a radio station that’s constantly playing. I’m constantly multitasking because I have, you know, people on the other side, always coming over and telling me the most random things to me. But it might be so important to someone like you who, you know, they just need to get this message through. And a lot of times, if I receive messages, and I’m not sure who it goes to, they will be so persistent. And continue to tell me that same message until I tell someone else or if I’m able to relay it specific to that person. And that’s probably what was happening, Betsy is that they were like she needs to hear X, Y and Z. And, you know, a lot of times I’m just like, I have to tell you, otherwise, they won’t leave me alone. Right. So so.

Okay, so. So then it’s like random people. But then also, I know there have been times where, well, there’s been a million times where we’ve just been talking and you’ve told me something. And then recently, I was like, I want you to just so I’m kind of jumping ahead. And so we’re gonna jump ahead, and then we’re gonna come back, okay. Okay. But I don’t know, maybe like, a month ago, or six weeks ago, I was like, I don’t want to have a conversation like a friend, I want to hire you. And I want you to just talk to me for an hour and talk to what you described at the time, was like talking to my guides. So I, at that time, you were like, I don’t do this for money. I don’t do this. And nobody knows I do this, and you did it for me. And I want to tell people about something that you said that you won’t remember, because she doesn’t remember what I remember, is true. And, and so I have you on the show today because I want other people to get the help that I got. And so I’ve, you’ve come but it’s been, you know, I’ve had to be persistent for a long time where you’re actually going to take a small handful of clients at a special price. If you know they come from this show, right? So I’m going to explain more of that later, you guys. And I’ll make sure there’s a link in the show notes. But so whatever it was six weeks ago or whatever. One of the things that you were telling me was that my guides were saying such and such. And I was like, I don’t know if that makes sense. And you were like they are telling me that they’re sending you a smell. And I literally was like there’s no like what are you talking about? There’s no smell and you were like there’s a smell They’re sending you some kind of scent. And I’m like, what kind of smell like a like food? Like, what is it? I’m smelling for like I was thinking like, and then you said it’s fragrant. She’s you know, you said, they’re laughing like they’ve been trying so hard to send you this fragrance. And as soon as you said that, I was like, Oh my god, I literally sat up in bed the night before I was falling asleep, and I smelled the most beautiful roses. Like I can’t. It was not even normal roses was like the most beautiful smell I’ve ever smelled, where I literally sat up in bed and was like, What is that? And I pulled up the doTERRA oils website on my phone to see if I could buy rose oil, because I was like, maybe it sounds like that that smelled so good. And it was way too expensive for me.

But it never even occurred

to me when you were saying smell until you said fragrance. And then I was like, Oh my God. And then even though I believed it all before, at that moment, I was like that is way too random. To to get so specific, you know? And then the things you were telling me after I was like, Oh my God, that’s I’m doing that I’m going to do that.

That’s perfect. I needed

to know that. You know, I was like What, sir? Yeah, it was fascinating. So I feel like what you do can be so impactful for people. So tell us a little bit. Now let’s go back a little bit. So tell us a little bit about, like, you talk to people guide. So it’s not just like people that have passed over? It’s not just like random people at the grocery store.

Right? Yeah. So a lot of times, I mean, you know, I have a, I’m pretty lucky because I have a really fun group that have guys. And I have to say they have to be entertained.

From Well, you know,

I think I have a good time.

I think they’re completely entertained. And you know what, I have, like, such a wild fun life, I really do. I’m so lucky. And I think they have such a good sense of humor about it. So what happens is when, you know, I, I’m able to communicate with my guys, and they show me like a series of pictures, or they, you know, literally, I can hear that what they’re saying. And I’ll tell you, well, this is a direct quote. And it’s almost like it’s kind of a tag team scenario where I’m able to communicate with people on you know, your side. And they’re kind of communicating with my guides. And so we’re all kind of working together to kind of help provide the messages that you need at that time.


So you could get messages from my guides. Could you also get messages? And I just don’t remember now as we’re talking because of the

pressure of the recording. Like,

maybe you’ve gotten messages from my mom and my grandma, I feel like Yeah,

yeah, I have I just, that’s the thing is when I’m receiving messages, a lot of time the information is coming in so fast. That I don’t remember anything. And I know there have been a couple times where you have said to me, oh my gosh, Trish, you said this. And I’ll be like, I don’t remember saying that at all. Which makes me laugh.

Yes. Because I always like, Oh, good.

Right. That’s cool. Like I I don’t remember any of it, which I think is probably better. Right? And

yeah, I mean, again, overwhelming. It’s Yeah, yeah.

To remember all everybody’s stuff, and everybody. Everybody’s saying Yeah,

yeah, that’s true. Yeah. So what you’re asking me is, you know, I’m able to kind of relay their guidance based on real time information. And, you know, a lot of that can vary and change based off of people having free will. So it is really interesting.

What do people want to know? What do people need to know about their guides?

You know, I think the thing is, is that everybody has them, everybody has the ability to hear from them. But people are so busy and so consumed by what’s happening literally in front of them that they’re not even aware that their their guys are trying to communicate with them. And I think that’s probably the biggest message. I know. I think it’s, you know, just about, like, they’re so positive, and they’re just literally your biggest support system that you could ever imagine. And it’s really awesome. And I guess I’m really I am really lucky that I get to hear their enthusiasm and the amount of love that they have for everyone is so overwhelming and just fantastic. I wish everybody could feel that.

I know when when I’ve told you like good things that happen. You’ll always say Oh, thank you guys. Your guides? Oh,

yeah, I do. I do, don’t I? Yeah, I guess.

I always think and usually when I go to bed, I do think my guides and like you’ll tell me to ask them, ask them for your for their help, right?

Yeah, that’s right, because a lot of times, they’re there and they’re ready and they’re willing to help, but nobody really gives them their permission to intervene. And I think that’s huge too. So if you’re not aware that you can ask them, like how God helped me intervene, please, you know, whatever it might be, then they’re able to intervene. And a lot of times people don’t have that thought, thought based, I guess, or knowledge to ask for help. And I think they’re all out on their, you know, doing it alone, but they’re really not, you know, there’s legitimately like a team of five or six guys picking you up, moving you forward. And, you know, they say often, there’s no such thing as coincidence.

Are they dead people?

Your spirit guides? Yeah, yeah. So for me, I have a couple consistent ones. And then depending on what happens, or what time of life I’m in, they do rotate. So like an expert will come in for whatever you might be going through, it might be like a transition from, you know, school to the real world, or it might be a transition from losing your parents or losing your friends to having this spirit guy that’s actually knowledgeable in the transition that you’re going through. And they’re able to help you, you know, navigate that process easier than without them. Right. Yeah.

It’s interesting. You know, I did an episode last year when I was at the beach, and it was like March, probably of 2019. And I went to the beach by myself, and just to meditate and heal. And, you know, I just needed that alone time. And I talked on that episode about how I felt so strongly that I met my guides, and I woke up in the middle of the night, and got, like some really clear messages. And they gave me these really clear messages. And I said, Oh, god, I’m gonna remember that. And I heard No, you won’t write it down. So I wrote it down. But there was one guide that I kept saying, I knew they were there. But I felt like they wouldn’t step forward. Like they wouldn’t show me that. And I was getting kind of mad. I just and again, I’m not you like I’m not, you know, but I can just I was getting this like feeling. And so I got kind of stern. Like, I want to know who that is. And I

felt breaking up on me. Okay. All right now. Oh, can you okay?

Everybody else could Yeah, there we

go. Okay, sorry. So no, it’s okay. So anyway, I was getting kind of annoyed, because I felt like there was this one guide that wasn’t like showing themselves. And finally I heard that’s your guide for like, when you transition? You know, like that’s okay. Yeah. And I remember being like, Okay, well, just go ahead and stay back this cool. It’s all good. Yeah.

Yeah, he’s like your body guard. He’s like, I got you, Betsy. Yeah. Don’t worry about it. I know, you

told you before about the Free Will we have free will. And so we have to ask for their help. And so I remember that night, you took the day, you told me that that night, I got in bed, and I talked to my to them. And I was like, You have the right to help me. And if I forget to give it to you out of the other times, just go ahead and like, do it.

I don’t know where to go, where to delegate? Because

what can we really give blanket permission? Or they need permission, like between every instance or every day?

Yeah, that’s a good question. And I think, I don’t know about you. But if something’s really heavy on my mind, it’s all I’m thinking about. So if that’s the case, I give them permission. And then they feel that energy, and they’re aware of your thought patterns. And they’re able to still be there intervening because you know, you’re feeding that energy. You’re almost manifesting it good or bad, right. And so they know that that’s where your focus is, and where to help and guide to do. So that’s a good question.

So you know, when you’re, when you’re walking around, and you’re seeing people like, Are people everywhere, like are there just people like in the park everywhere?

everywhere? Yeah. And you know, what’s so funny to me is that everybody’s like, Oh my gosh, I bet. cemeteries are the worst place ever. And I actually laugh because they’re kind of most peaceful. And I’ll tell you, where it’s really crazy is a funeral parlor home. But that is a scenario where I have the hardest time even walking in to that house or, you know, building or whatnot, because that’s where a lot of the spirits hang out, and they don’t know how to transition over to the other side. So why don’t they like I stopped in Yeah, some of them I think, you know, are they don’t want to leave, they had such a great life. So why would they pass over and transition? And then some of them are in shock that they’ve actually passed that they don’t even know that they’re not alive. Yeah. And

then like it was an int or something.

Yeah, exactly. Like if there was a sudden car accident, or just a sudden, like fluke of an accident. I think they’re just still in disbelief of that they’re actually dead.

So my mom died in a sudden accident. As she transitioned. Are she hanging out? I’ve never asked you that.

You know, that’s a good question. She actually is transition. I I want to say though, initially, she kind of hung around. Yeah. Why, like two and a half years, it took her a while to transition over and I want to say her dad is the one that kind of coax her over. Oh, I could see that. Yeah. saying, you know, it’s time you’ve done what you need to do. You know, you’re you’re no longer needed. Let’s transition, huh? Interesting. Yeah. That was definitely

Yeah, that’s interesting. So, you know, I remember my mom’s dad died when she was 18. He had cancer. And I remember her when we would go to church, and she would pray like when we got to church, she would pray that he was out of limbo, is what she would say, which I love that like thing, right? Yeah, is that maybe what Limbo is, is that like, time where you’re like not,

not yet where you’re kind of between worlds because there’s so much that’s happening in between dying and transitioning. And I think it’s such an interesting time, because it’s not a specified amount of time. You can take as long as you want. And then once you’re, you’ve transitioned over, you’re given like a special project, so to speak, to kind of help advance your soul, so that you can then be reincarnated to come back to Earth again, which is the ultimate goal.

So is that a lot of people don’t like want to transition? Because they don’t want to go through

like, I think I think I’m wearing like, Wait, let me

let me just say me, and then I’ll shut up. Because I know I’m talking a lot y’all because I guess

I don’t mind.

Like if somebody’s listening and their dad has died, like in the last year. And they’re wondering, oh, my God, is he stuck? Is he upset, like are busy? Do you know what I’m saying? Like?

I think a lot of time, they’re like working on what I call their special assignments. And there is there’s a lot of learning happening for them. Because now they have to figure out how to utilize their energy, how to collect energy, in order to be able to show signs to their loved ones. Mm hmm. And that requires so much effort. Yeah, that, you know, it’s really powerful. And when it comes through, and then when people miss it, it’s kind of disheartening, but it doesn’t, you know, they don’t give up hope they keep trying, which is, I think, pretty awesome about the human spirit, right. And, you know, and it depends on each person, and what their path looks like. But sometimes, you know, initially, they’re with the family, they’re there at the funeral home, they’re there, you know, at their burial there, they’re comforting their family, and then it becomes a time of, Okay, now I’ve been given this assignment, whatever that may be. And I haven’t had a lot of clarity around that. And then they, depending on how long that takes them, they actually are able to reincarnate, so to speak.

Right? Yeah. So like people that you just see, like at the grocery store, is their family gone? Or they lost? Or they just looking for somebody to help them or it feels sad to me, but not

Yeah. Um, all of it. That seems like you know, there’s some really sad things and there’s some really like uplifting things, a lot of things do make me want to cry because it’s so overwhelming and powerful. And it just kind of depends on the moment, I guess. Yeah. It’s, you know, it’s hard to say I mean, there’s some really beautiful aspects. I got to see my brother in law’s father actually came to me the night that he was dying. And I was able to watch him walk to the light and I have to say it was probably one of the top five most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Just now he was so at peace, and he knew this was the right thing to do. And Just seeing him like, confidently walk towards that light like this is I was, you know, this is what I’ve been raised to do. This is what I’ve been, you know, working through my life, I’m prepared, I know what’s going to happen. And I can take so much better care of my family on this other side than I can in a hospital bed. And I think those are, you know, so sad, but yet so beautiful. Right, right. And then you have moments where it’s terrible, like they have died, and they don’t even realize that they’re dead. And they’re coming to me to ask them, like, what why people aren’t responding to them, or why they, you know, they need help with certain things. And sometimes it’s super overwhelming. And I have to say, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten really good at like I said earlier, just creating boundaries, and not allowing them to enter in my bedroom when I’m going to bed. Or, you know, like if they come to me, and they have a message. And it’s been a long day, I’ll say, you know what, I’m happy to hear your message. How about we schedule time for tomorrow at 9am? I’m just too tired right now. And that way they know like, okay, now she’s not ignoring me. Yeah, she’s not ignoring me. It’s going to be fine. And, you know, most of the time, they really do patiently wait here, but I have, you know, every house I go into, there’s people there that people don’t even know are there.

I mean, it’s, it’s so I know, it’s not weird to you, but it just sounds so crazy. Not easy, but like what you know, like wild are like, so, like, right now, in my room. Do I have people in here? I mean, I don’t know if you know, because you’re not in here. But like, what?

Yeah, definitely. It sounds like you’ve got three people. in there. Right now. We’re all listening to our podcasts or say,

I have a question isn’t one of them. Somebody that I don’t know.

I would say two of them or somebody you don’t know. One of them. Do you have like a book? Like a square? Ottoman? Yes. thing? Yeah. They’re sitting on that Indian style? Or is that how you would say that? I don’t even know. But yeah, yeah, I have cold. Yeah. So yeah,

this weird question. You might not know the answer. But I’ve been thinking, Well, we’ve been talking about a listeners dad who died. I don’t know, a year ago or within a year, something like that. Is he here?

Is he in your room with you? Yeah.

Yes. Because that’s what I was feeling

well, and he’s actually so grateful and so helpful, because you have helped her heal in ways that she didn’t even know where possible. And he’s actually guiding her to you because he knows that you can be that conduit, his word, not mine yet, to kind of help her get over the speed bump that she’s experiencing. And she is just so overwhelmed. It’s almost like Betsy, what he’s showing me is that you’re leaving her. You’ve got her by the hand, and she’s blindfolded. And you’re bringing her over the speed bump, but he’s also guiding you over that speed bump, right? Yeah. Yeah. It’s almost like he’s saying it’s like a train.

Yes. Okay. Yeah. So what about the person sitting on my pool? Like, is it Yes, yeah.

Yes, she’s kind of, I would say in her like, 20s.

She’s just sitting there patiently like, sitting Indian style with her hands on her lap. Just like nodding her head and just seems fun. Yeah, I think thoroughly enjoys your energy and your work. And it’s almost like that, the path that she wanted to take in her physical life, but didn’t have the opportunity. So she’s telling me she feels that she has such a great opportunity to shadow you. More and more so that when she comes back, she can basically be Betsy 2.0.

I like it uplevel me so

much. I’m all about people being better, be better be better. So so. So she’s not somebody that I knew then she’s just somebody that happened to come here. So is she all the time here or is just happen to be here today?

I’d say she’s there.

She’s saying only Monday through Friday, but she knows that you work on the weekends. But that’s not style. So she needs her time off on like you because you’re such a workhorse but yes, she is there quite a bit. Yeah, you must talk out loud at your desk when you’re brainstorming and doing things and it’s almost like she enjoys brainstorming with you. It’s kind of funny. Yeah, that’s fascinating.

Yeah, so so there can be people around us then that aren’t necessarily people that we even knew. But they’re just kind of in here,

but for our

good, or are there things that are for our detriment?

Yeah, for the most part, it’s for our good. Okay. I have to say, in my entire life, I’ve only come across one person that was not my favorite. And while it was completely threatening and scary, I felt safe in a weird way, because I knew that my guides had my back. And I told him, he had to leave. And it took a while. And he eventually did, but for the most part, yes, Mm hmm. Okay. Mm hmm. In the middle of the night, very much like the Grim Reaper, which is very daunting. Yeah. As a late 20 year old see something like that come into your house, in the middle of the night. And, you know, I quickly woke up and then was able to

basically have him carried out of my house.

But other than that, I would say, everybody is just so joyful, and so pleasant, and really so light hearted, because we have no concept of time. They have no concept of like stress. Right? Anything? No pain, right? I mean, no pain, no pain. Yeah. And so I think it’s lovely to be able to have that outlook. And that’s just something that they want us to have here on Earth. So I think that’s why they’re so vocal with me and telling, you know, whoever, they come across these certain messages, right, yeah, I feel like it’s what they need at that time.

Yeah, that’s fascinating. Okay, so how do you keep your energy clear of all of this? I mean, it’s got to be a lot going on, right?

Yeah, it’s, I mean, I have good days and bad days. Right? Right. Um, most of the time, it’s through meditation. I do ask my guides to help clear out my aura every night before I go to bed, or if I’m in the shower, I would imagine like the, the water hitting the top of my head, kind of like, white gold, like cleaning out my energy, because that’s the worst is when somebody is able to court to you. And it just drains you. tremendously. Yeah. So you know, and I always asked my guides to come and help and be present. And, you know, kind of protects me from taking on too much. Right? Yeah. So it depends on the day, it depends on the moment, but and who you’re who you’re gonna contact with, right? So sometimes it can be completely exhausting. And it can zap my energy, like you want to believe I call them a little an energy vampires. Yes. And they will, will that me for a couple days? And I think it’s about I’m kind of, I become super protective of my output of energy, if that makes sense. Yeah. And it’s something that I’ve learned over the years, which I’m grateful for. Because, you know, when you’re younger, you’re always outputting this energy for things that don’t even matter. So it’s really helped me to kind of fine tune where I spend my energy. Yeah, that’s so important. You know? Yeah, yeah. Talk to me

about you said something earlier. And then I probably interrupted you, I forget. But

you said there are no coincidences. Mm hmm. Tell me right.

Yeah, a lot of things. You know, that happened. People will be like, Well, isn’t that coincidental? But the funny thing is, is they always laugh and they’re like, there’s no such thing as coincidences. So

when we see the things so like, I was trying to decide if I was going to leave la when I was at my training and all this stuff was starting with the Coronavirus. My big thing. I have several things with my mom. Like, you know, things. One of them is chickens. And so as I was walking down the hall at a hotel by the airport in LA, I looked into one of the offices and they had chickens all over the place.

Like real chicken.

No, no, no.

Yeah, no, like, like little stat, you

know, like little metal here. Okay. Yeah. Awesome. And

I’ve really that’s a sign that what I’m, yeah, I take it as a sign that like, I’m on what I’m thinking is on the right path. You know, like I’m thinking I need to go and that’s my confirmation that yes, I’m ready. Yeah.

Yeah, that’s exactly it. It’s almost like, you know, they’re giving you kind of like, a come hither, like you’re on the right path. Keep going. You know, don’t don’t take This. It’s not to be flippant, it’s very serious. Everything in this world, essentially, is, it happens when it’s supposed to happen. So if you can assign, I mean, that is huge number one, that you’re even even able to recognize it. And I think secondly, again, it’s no coincidence. It’s your guides telling you to follow me. You’ve got this Come on. Right, right, you know, pay attention. So, yeah, I just have never believed in coincidences. And they always make me giggle. Because I’ll be like, well, they’re right again, or Okay, I guess I’m going this way. Instead, today, you know, and it’s just kind of a fun reminder that we’re not in this alone. And they’re here to help, you know, so. Yeah. And they’re even like, rudia they’re rooting for us, right? Yeah, they’re our best cheerleaders ever. So? Yeah, I just, there’s no such thing as coincidences. If you ever come upon something, and you’re like, oh, that was coincidental. No, it was planned. What about

bad things happen? where you’re like, Oh, my God, I thought that was gonna happen. And then it did.

Yeah, sometimes, though. I think it’s, that’s the fear base that they talk about, and how you’re able to add energy to that fear, rally. Terrible scenario,

right? Because like, I would say, your subconscious is looking for ways to make that happen, because that’s where your energy was going.

Yeah, right. Yeah. And they do talk a lot about that. And, you know, people I come in contact with that ask me questions, a lot of it is because they have so much fear around a certain area. And unfortunately, you’re just manifesting it, because again, that’s something that you’re focusing on, right. And it’s literally something you wake up to in the middle of the night, and you wake up to in the morning, and it’s exactly where your mind jumps to. So I think fear, unfortunately, is something that can really manifest things pretty quickly. Yeah.

So can you like, I’m gonna use the term my, my little, my air quotes are up, but can you? Can you like, read yourself?

I wish unfortunately, now, there’s been times in my life, where they’ll say, don’t go there, or stop, or think before you go. And I have listened to that. And I’ve been grateful for listening name to that. And then there’s been times where I hear them say, Oh, my gosh, you better do this. And I kind of disregarded and then sure enough, it happens. Right? Right. Right. You don’t want to happen. So I’m not able to read things for myself, which is kind of frustrating because it comes so easily for others. And like I can easily identify things within your energy realm. No problem. I don’t want to try. Yeah, go ahead. Just gonna

say well, you, you and I have talked before because we’re friends, right. So we were talking and you’ll be like, you’ll say to me like, Betsy, what’s your gut say? And yeah, if there was a kid at a birthday party, and you were like, I want you to put together my nutritional menu for next week.

You’re like, what’s your gut feeling? Like? Well, let me let me see. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I know. I’ll say I’m not you. But I’ll try. You know,

I know. But you’re, you’re you’re learning, you’re evolving. You’re doing such a great job and your gut feeling is significant. And I think if people could really figure out and trust their gut, it would be so much more fruitful, essentially, you know? Yeah. But a lot of times people doubt their gut, when their gut is what’s what’s actually guiding them. What’s their guides, guiding them, so they need to listen to it.

Right. Yeah.

Well, I think, and I’ve kept you so long. This is like the world’s longest podcast, but I could ask you more questions for like, three more hours. So maybe I’ll have you come into the Facebook group sometime live or something. I can talk you until I see how many years it takes me to get you to do that.

So but what

would people like as we close up? What is something that they would need to know? That would be helpful for them on their path? Hmm.

What do they need to know?

Yeah, like about all of this?

Like, what’s the thing I would really need to know about this? Not like, not like,

what are the guides saying they need to know but like,

Is there something that you can think of? And if you can’t, that’s okay. I don’t mean to put you on

the spot.

Now. At the beginning, you guys she was like, What are you gonna ask me? And I’m like, I don’t know.

Like the best prepper right for what? Wow, yeah. Um

Yeah, I just I think that, you know, basically they’re saying that you just need to love more. You need to trust the process. And it’s, it’s life is meant to be fun and enjoyable. And they’re really trying to help each and every one of us to kind of lighten up. Find the silly things in life. Find the things that make your life, laugh and try not to focus on the negativity. I mean, we have so much negativity happening right now.

Yeah, what is it? What do they think about

like, right now? Why is all this happening? Why are we all at Corona?

Well, it’s been interesting. I’ve been kind of meditating on it myself, because I’m, I was so perplexed that it’s been such a huge pandemic, yet, it really wasn’t discussed. And I think what I’ve learned is that the reason why it really wasn’t something that was pinpointed for me is because it was affecting everyone. It wasn’t affecting someone individually. And you know, I think they’re just literally almost kind of like, so patient, so calm, so at peace, because they’re hopeful. And this is going to be a new normal, and it’s okay. And it’s going to feel a little awkward, but everything in the beginning feels a little awkward. So Right, right. Yeah, they’re just they just keep saying you just have to trust the process. As painful and as fun as that can be. Right? Yeah. And it’s sometimes it’s just, there’s moments where it’s easier to do that than others. And, you know, we’ll get through this. I’ll, I don’t know, it’s been kind of wild for me from that perspective of, right. Yeah.

Never. Cuz there’s a lot of energy just in the world. I mean, I’m not even you in this aspect. And I have felt like the energy of it all, you know, like, it’s just

felt. And what’s interesting is, Yeah, I would agree, it’s almost like the spirits are kind of like, everybody is just at peace. Everybody is on pause. It’s almost like they’re just taking a step back. And kind of reflecting internally about what’s important, and what’s closest to them. And what’s you know, it’s kind of readjusting our priorities is what they’re saying. Right? Yeah, I think can be good. Right? Yeah. Yeah, for sure.

Thank you so much for finally coming on. So now, if people do so this is a new thing. So you guys got to be patient, because I’m kind of throwing her out there. I literally made Trish get an online calendar. She was like, I don’t use digital calendar. I’m like we do now.

So I’m gonna put the link I’m learning, right?

I’m gonna put the link to your calendar, where you’re going to open up a few spots for people. So if they would like to hire you to do a reading, it’s something that you’ve obviously been doing your whole life, but you’re willing to do for people that you don’t know, at this point, guys, I’ve made you work gonna, like kind of see how that goes, right? I mean, definitely, you’ve got this gift. And I just feel like people need I know for me, like when I was like, I need to hire you. And so you’re just going to do that for an hour. Um, I still have to Venmo you.

I’m when I’m around, like, you got

to collect money up front. Except for me, you got so

so like, in all of that this is sort of like a new frontier with the whole digital calendar, all of that. But people can go there and they can schedule some time and talk to you for an hour right. And you’ll share what you hear Yeah, their guides and kind of just see what comes up

and what, right come with your questions. And I’ll be able to, with your permission or their permission, connect into their energy and their guides and you know, find out what intuitive messages that they have for them. Yeah. Awesome.

Thank you so much for coming on. Trish. Thanks. That’s, uh, you’re the best. I have fun. I love you. Oh, do you would I told you you would.

Thanks so much for listening today. Just a reminder, we’ll see you on Mondays and Thursdays. Now if you enjoyed this show, I would love it if you shared it with your friends. If you want to take a moment to leave us a review on iTunes. Take a quick screenshot before you hit submit and email it over to us at support at Betsy Pake calm, and we will send you a special audio hypnosis to help you overcome a limiting belief. Thanks so much and I’ll see you next week.


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