209: My Manifesting Power Sequence - Betsy Pake

209: My Manifesting Power Sequence


On today’s episode, I share my Manifesting Power Sequence, which is the sequence I bring my clients through to help them create their life with more ease and flow.

Spending more time in the NOW is the only way to influence the future but I find this can be difficult to put into action other than being mindful. On today’s show, I tell you how I do this with my step by step process to create your future right now.

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Welcome to The Art of Living big podcast. My name is Betsy Pake, and I’m an author, speaker, and a master mindset coach focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of your subconscious. This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hello fellow adventurers, welcome to today’s show. I’m happy to be here with you guys today. Last week, there was no show. I know, you guys really enjoyed that episode week before with Trish, and I’m so happy that I was able to bring her to you and share her with you. You know, this past couple weeks has been, you know, just like you guys a lot of energy and a lot of thoughts and things happening in the world. And I think for me, it was sort of a time of retreating and getting some things organized for myself and really figuring out, you know, the path that I’m on, personally, professionally, how I want to show up, you know, all of those things. And I think it’s always such a good time to when you feel the calling to really pause and look at how you’re moving forward. Because I think that what can happen is we get on the train,

and the train is moving down the tracks.

And then life can shift. And if you’re so focused on the tracks you’ve been on, you don’t realize that maybe there is a track, you could move to you know, that would bring more joy or happiness, or just be more fun. And so for me over the last few weeks, and if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me say that, that I was sort of pulling back a little bit just to really

look at those things

for myself. I had a lot of goals write for 2020, you guys probably did to write thoughts and ideas, and really like a map about how my journey was going to go over this year. And like all of you guys that just got really up ended. And especially because mine included a lot of travel. And so you know, all of that has been put on hold or changed or canceled, or, you know, just the just the path is different. And so I needed to take some time to really slow down and say, Alright, so now I’ve got to kind of relook at this take a look at what I want from 2020. Now, you know, with these current circumstances with what’s happening now how do I want this to go for me. And


it was really, I was needed, it was necessary. And so I appreciate the grace of me not showing up last week, and you still showing up today to listen. So what I wanted to talk about today is Well, two things. One is my husband has agreed to be on the show, we were actually going to record it last week, which is sort of how all that happened. But then with me retreating, and he got busy at work, he is working from home, and so still has a lot going on. That just didn’t really work out. But it’s awesome, because it gives us an opportunity to get some more questions in if you’re inside my facebook group. And you can find that by going to the art of living big.com. If you’re inside there, you saw that I made a post and a lot of you posted questions that you might have for him now. He has an idea that you would ask questions for me, and he would ask them to me, but I’m like I tell them everything already. I don’t know that there’s no questions. But if you have questions for me, you can absolutely send those in. But if you have questions for him, and here’s why I thought this would be fun is because my husband is an attorney, so very analytical, right? And I’m more of like the spiritual flow kind of gal. And so I hear from a lot of you about that, and how does that work, and you know, that your husband isn’t is super analytical and doesn’t believe in all of this stuff and how to really balance that. And so we got a lot, a lot of good questions sort of surrounding that topic, but any questions that you have just shoot them to us in an email, just send them to support at Betsy pake.com. And we will pull them all together. And I’m hoping we’ll be able to do that episode sometime this weekend. So, today I wanted to talk to you about my manifesting power sequence. This is a sequence that I really pull all of my clients through.

It is the sequence that That

is the basis of creating in the now. And I know there’s one particular elite coaching client that’s listening right now that’s like, Oh my gosh, she says this to me all the time. But the only place we have any impact is on the now. So although we like to like plan, right, I like to look at my 2020, what do I want from my 2020. But the reason to do that is so that I can be making changes in the right now,

the only thing I can really deal with is what’s coming up today, right? I can’t deal with what’s going to come up in two months or six months. And by deal with what’s coming up, what I mean is my emotion, the the physical manifestation, like the situations in my life, I cannot deal with anything down the road. Yes, I can plan I can buy a plane tickets, I can, like look forward to things, all of that. But what I’m talking about is when I’m truly creating my reality, the only way that I can create my future is in this moment right now. And so this is really the sequence that I pull my clients through, so that they are brought back to the now. So I created a download a workbook for you to kind of walk through this process on your own. And I’ll put the link in the show notes. But you can also just find it on my website on the front page, if you scroll all the way down, it’ll say grab my manifesting power sequence. So this sequence is really designed to bring you through a process to loop you back to the now and to heal, or shift or change or release anything that is in your way.


here’s how I look at this whole thing is that we are infinite beings, right? Everything is available to us. Right. And if that’s true, then that means that the only reason we don’t have all of the hopes and dreams and things that we want is because of something in us that’s holding us back.

So it is only the gates

that we are putting up that’s standing in our way, if we are unlimited beings, right? If we are source energy, right, then the only thing that stopping us from really achieving and showing up the way we want is all of our past programming, right? All of our beliefs and values, and what we think about that thing.

And so how we release how we get to become that unlimited being is really lifting those gates, right, releasing that stuff. Because when that’s released, then we expand, we can expand into this next thing. You know, you’ve probably heard me say this before, but I believe that our desires, like the wants, the dreams that we have, they aren’t coming from us. But they are coming through us that like Source Energy wants to experience in all different ways. And that’s what can we all have different dreams and goals. I mean, you’ve heard me talk about a beach house. We’re going to talk about that in the episode with my husband. But you’ve heard me talk about the beach house, the beach house I want is going to be different than the beach house somebody else wants, like someone else might want like a palatial mansion on the ocean. My vision is a little different, right? So even though it is like the same, it’s actually different. So source comes through us to have us experience in all different ways. The word desire means from the Father, right? That’s the root of that word from the Father, that desire that I’m getting, I believe is coming through me not not from me. And if it’s coming through me, then that means it’s available to me. And if it’s available to me, the only thing that’s stopping me is what I have decided on this physical plane. Right? Okay, so with that said, I’ve got to get in touch with how to shift this. And so the very first step is really getting in touch with that, what is it that you crave? And, you know, part of this is let’s take the beach house for an example. So part of it is like the beach house, like what does that look like? Or, you know, what kind of beach house or what kind of neighborhood is it in or, you know, what do I do there? Those kinds of things. But it’s also if I’m there, if I’m there at the beach house, and so now I’m at the beach house, looking through my own eyes, at this environment, what do I feel? But now that I’m here, what do I feel? What is it that I need? Here, right? And what do I see? Exactly? And, you know, when I do this exercise, I look around like actually turned my head and I go, What’s over there? What’s to my right, what’s to my left? Oh, I didn’t expect that a citronella candle, you know, so I, I get like, what is around me? What is this experience if it were happening right now? What is this experience like? And then the second thing is all right, what’s the story? Like? What’s the story? We have stories around everything? Right? There’s a story why we haven’t done this? Or why we haven’t done that? Or why we have done certain things or why we experience the world the way we do. So what is the story that brought you to where you are without the manifestation without the beach house, right? And those stories can be rooted in so much reality? You know, my story, part of my story is that my husband is an attorney, and he’s licensed in Georgia. Right, my daughter is here, she just started college. So like, I have, like reality reasons. Right? So what is the story there is more to my story, right? There’s, I could write, and I could write four pages, probably about the story. And here’s why that’s so important, is because sometimes the story is blind to us. Like, I know the reasons, the conscious reasons like that I just shared with you, there are a whole bunch of underlying stories around this, that have nothing to do with that. And I, if I’m going to go through this power sequence, I have to go through that, I have to go into that story. So you know, I wanted to move to the beach when I was in high school, and then in college, and then when I got out of college,

I didn’t have a child or a husband that was working in

a certain place. So there is a story underlying that write of what’s available to me. And what’s safe, right? I have a story about jobs being available in beach locations, right. So I have a lot of stories. So the second step of this power sequence, is really getting in touch with what that story is. And then the third step is to look and say, What do I need to release and heal and forgive? To remove that story from my awareness? Right? So what will allow me to move into the thing that I crave with ease? So now I’ve got my stories, but what in there would I need to release? You know, what I need to release the idea that, you know, that there’s no jobs at the beach, I don’t know, what I need to release the idea that beach houses are really expensive, the kind of house I would want to live in is so expensive, right? What I need to release the idea that, you know, I grew up in Vermont, in a little town, in the very top of the state of by the Canadian border. And I don’t know, maybe I have an idea about people that live at the beach, you know, maybe I have an idea. I and I don’t know, if you live at the beach, I’m not talking about you. But my father was very much like work hard, like work really hard. And maybe to me beaches, a vacation. And unconsciously, I cannot work hard at the beach. And so that would go against my values. So you see, now I have some subconscious programming that’s actually pushing me away from that. And that actually could be really true. I hadn’t thought of that until this moment, but going into our story, then we can look at our story and say, What do I need to release? That would be a story I would need to release, what would be something I would need to heal? Right? So maybe it’s I’m not good enough? like do I need to heal something in that? What do I need to forgive? Maybe I need to forgive my dad for instilling this like crazy work ethic that sometimes I feel like I’m a workaholic. It’s been something you’ve probably heard me talk about that I’m really working on, right to be able to learn to relax and to chill out. I always found the only place I could really do that was the beach, which I think is why I was so drawn to it. Because it gave me like a respite from that. But maybe there’s some forgiveness, right. I mean, he was just living his life. He had probably learned that from someone else. So could I forgive that. So really looking at your story around this and then pulling out the chunks, you know, pulling out the chunks of things that you can really, really release. Now, here is a step that I really I think this is a step everybody misses I think this is a really important. So the fourth step is creating a beyond frame. Now if you’ve listened to my free training my masterclass if you haven’t, that might be really helpful to you if you like all this stuff in your intellect learning about the subconscious and how it’s holding you back, you can get to that right on my my web page right on Betsy Pake calm right at the top, it’ll say take my free training. But in that training, I talked about this, it is the beyond frame. So this is I want to live at the beach, I want to have a beach house, I want to live there full time or part time or whatever it is, right? Whatever your craving is. If that is happening, if that I’m already there, then what’s next? Like, where do I go from there. And here’s why this is so important. Your subconscious is it’s a, it is like a computer program. And it’s just running. It doesn’t. It doesn’t say like, Oh, that’s he’s wanted this for so long. Let’s

help her.

Now. Like it just, it takes what you’ve what you have experienced in your life. It takes where you put your energy it takes where you put your focus, and it creates a hierarchy. And that’s how it shows you what’s available to you. That’s how it holds you back from things that it doesn’t want you to do. Because its whole goal is to keep you alive, basically, right? my subconscious is the thing that makes my heartbeat makes me breathe, things I don’t need to think about. And so my subconscious wants me to have loads of programs so that I don’t have to think about stuff that it just happens. I don’t, I don’t even think about going in and brushing my teeth. Like that’s just what I do. I go to the bathroom, and then I brushed my teeth. And if I did those in a different order, it would feel weird. Try it you guys like do that morning in a different routine, and it it throws you off, because your subconscious wants you to be in the same pattern. So here’s the thing, if I get the craving, if I get the thing that I want, well, then what within the world will end and you’ll die. You know, your subconscious needs to know will there is something after that. So that thing, as soon as you create what comes after that, and you create it in the same way as step one, like what does it feel like? What is it? What do you hear? What do you see what’s happening, then all of the sudden your craving goes root really close to you. Because it’s not so far fetched. There’s stuff after that, right. So what could be after the beach house, what could be after you lose 20 pounds, what could be after you find the romance that you want, what could be after you make the money you want what could be after you create a business that you want, like what comes next, get really clear on that. And you know, one of the things I do with my clients is we actually program that into your subconscious. And it’s so powerful because it relieves a bunch of brain head trash that has been showing up around that manifestation. And then the fifth step is to go in to that list on Step three, and release all that stuff. You know, release the things you need to release, heal the things you need to heal, forgive the people you need to forgive. Remove the parts of that story. And that is the part that you do in the now that is why it’s so important to be noticing what comes up for you. What are you thinking about the first thing in the morning?

What did you dream about?

When you’re driving to work or in the shower and you remember something, a situation from the past? That’s it. That’s what you go in. And he’ll, you know, so many times, and I’ve done a lot of graphics about around this story on my Instagram, but one of the questions that I get a lot of emails is like how do I even know where to start? Starting right now? What are you thinking about? Like what’s happening? What’s the story you’re telling yourself about today? That is the only place you can have an impact. And think about it if you have a goal or a manifestation for your future that you want this craving. And you’re thinking about this manifestation in the future. And then your next day, you’re thinking about it in the future. And then the next day, it’s in the future. It’s always in the future. It’s never in the now. And the only way to actually bring it to you is to start releasing the stuff that’s holding you back from it and that’s what you do in the now. And as you do that it’s almost like you’re pulling, pulling, pulling the railroad track throwing the tracks aside and the thing comes right at you. Right comes at you really quick. So, I want you to I want you to download this workbook. And go through each step, you know, there’s spaces to kind of write and set some time aside, you know, light a candle and get some good music. You know, just give yourself space to really think through this. I think if you’re like me, you work a lot on lists, and, you know, achievements and doing actions, right. And absolutely, we have to do actions. But to do the right actions, we have to get really clear what actually needs to be done, what needs to be released, what needs to be moved, because I believe, you know, when I look at this with my business, there are, as I released the head trash, right, I spent a long time, like really releasing the head trash around stuff. And everything then started to come at me, like with much more ease and flow, and it was easier for me to identify, like, that feels heavy, and that feels light, right. And so when we can start to release things, it starts to become easier which path to go on. You know, I talk a lot about alignment, like finding the path that feels aligned, taking aligned action. That’s different than just making lists of things you think you should do. Once you start releasing things, then the aligned action becomes really obvious, because you’re really in touch with how those emotions are showing up in your body and what’s going on. So I invite you to pause, spend some time this weekend, go through this manifesting power sequence and see if you can start to release

and speed up

so that you are getting more in the flow and you’re experiencing life in the now more joyfully, more easily. And feeling like you’re actually having some impact, bringing things to you that are so important to you, things that are given to you. So that is how I think you live a big life. Thank you all so much for being here. I appreciate you so much.

And I will see you all next

week. Thanks so much for listening today. Just a reminder, we’ll see you on Mondays and Thursdays. Now if you enjoyed this show, I would love it if you shared it with your friends. If you want to take a moment to leave us a review on iTunes.

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