317: What is human design with Bree Kuryk - Betsy Pake

317: What is human design with Bree Kuryk


Betsy discusses human design with Bree Kuryk. Bree explains what human design is, how you can use it in different aspects of your life, and how she uses it to help awaken the creative potential in those who cross her path.  

Bree Kuryk is a 5/1 Splenic Projector, podcaster, certified human design and gene keys business coach, Certified Online Business Manager®, and beach lover. With over 15 years of marketing experience distilling all the online business best practices and trends into clearly-articulated strategies for clients of all sizes and industries, Bree has realized her passion for examining the deeper purpose behind different tactics to help you find the most aligned way to build your business by tapping into your own intuition.

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Welcome to the Art of Living big podcast. My name is Betsy pake. I’m an author, a speaker and a trainer of NLP and hypnotherapy. And I’m focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of the subconscious. This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hello, hi, everyone. Welcome to the Art of Living big if you’re new here, thanks so much for listening. I have a special guest today. You know how I like to do so. I have my friend Bree here. It’s Bree Couric and Bree is going to talk to us a little bit about something that I actually want to learn about. And that’s why I have had her on. So Bree, welcome to the show.

Hello, I’m so happy to be here.

Tell everybody a little bit about what you do. And I can’t wait to dive in because I have so many questions. So tell you and who you are and what you do.

Yep. So I’m Bree Couric, I am a the best way I can describe it is a marketing strategist, business strategist with who had I have over 15 years of marketing and business experience, who also absolutely loves and believes in building my business in a way that is very intuitive and very aligned. And the tool with which I use that in my own business, and even in my personal life is through human design, and also gene keys, which are related systems. I know most people if you’ve heard of one, you’ve probably heard of human design, but I use both of those tools. I have what is it

gene keys?

Yeah, Gene keys. Okay, so

I’ve never even heard of this. I mean, we’re excited now. So yeah, so is it this?

They’re not the same thing. Okay. No, no, you’re not jumping.

Okay, because I’m like, I’m getting I’m starting to hyperventilate. Okay, okay.

Yeah, I’ll give you the really quick lowdown. So they are different systems, but they’re related. So the person who created human design, so just even get into human design a little bit for those of you who are unfamiliar, Human Design is a system that is a combination of astrology, the Chinese eaching, the Indian chakra system. What am I missing? I told my shoot, oh, the Kabbalah system. The Kabbalah system. And it also has like modern, more like neuroscience and biomechanics, I’m sorry, biochemistry. And so it’s a combination of all of those things. But essentially, it is like a personality test. But it’s actually based on your birth time and date like astrology. And it tells you a lot of things about yourself, it helps you get in touch more with your intuition. So the person who I guess integrated all of these systems together into human design, one of his very early students that studied under him for decades, like a couple of decades, us that’s the kind of had a new like, download or trick like idea of this system. And that’s janky. So there are some things that relate, for example, if in human design, you have a certain gate that’s activated, that corresponds to in Jinkies, what is a key or like, called it a gin key, right? But they’re, they’re very different. So just to kind of explain how I use them separately. And as simple of terms as possible. To me, human design is really about learning how your energy relates to other people how your energy, like what, what your strengths are, what your gifts are, in terms of your energy, and how you internally, like how you use it internally, and how you use it in relation to people places, things. Jinkies on the other hand, is I love jinkies because it goes a lot deeper, and it’s a lot more like really digging into your own story and your own personal growth. So for each of those keys that you have in your chart, there’s there’s a story, there’s an archetype where you go from a shadow state into a gift, and then what’s called the city and those really, like, get you very deep. They you know, it helps you understand what you know, I use it a lot and actually marketing because it helps you understand your own story, your strengths and like you progress through something and jinkies called the golden path where there’s different, you know, different keys represent different things and you spend a lot of time contemplating them. So human design is kind of like, like a how to manual for your body and your energy, whereas jinkies is almost like a story of your own growth and evolution. Okay,

that’s helpful. Okay, so let’s start with the human design thing. Okay. Yes. So with human design, I tell the Human Design calculator or whatever, right. I tell him like where I was born. Is that right? Like the location and the time that I was born? Yes. Can I just tell you that my husband doesn’t know what time he was born and there’s nothing that irritates me more her back that he doesn’t know because I can’t put him into anything to compare it to me. Okay. But that’s a side story.

You know, it’s funny as my husband doesn’t know his time of birth, either because he was born in a different country where they didn’t put time on the birth certificates. And he has no way of getting that information, either. So that’s kind of a fun, that’s a fun thing we have in common.

makes me crazy, because then I’m like, Oh, I could talk to that astrologer. But I can’t, because she won’t really know. That’s so funny. So okay, so I put in my place of birth and my time, and it gives me this chart that looks kind of like a I mean, it doesn’t. It looks, it’s very unique, right? And how it looks. And it’s kind of like, you can correct me, but this is just how I remember it’s like, kind of like three circles on top of each other. And then there’s a lot of like, lines out to the side. And those are the gates, is that right?

Yeah, so there’s actually nine centers, nine, nine centers and each one rep. Each center roughly relates to like a chakra, although of course, there’s nine in human design, there’s only seven and the Indian chakra system that’s like a story for another day, how those relate. But it’s the seven centers, yes, and those are either activated or not activated, depending on the gates, which like you said, those are the lines in between. So you can see, you know, some of those lines go completely from one center to another or some you’ll see and like half lit up, yes, for lack of a better word. And so all of those things, the fun thing, and also, maybe sometimes the frustrating thing about human design is there are layers and layers and levels of information. And so you can get very deep, this is something I’ve personally had been studying for years, like at least five, six years by now, but I am always still learning more and more. But at the same time, if you’re new to this, if you’re just hearing about it, there’s great places where you can just get started. And you don’t have to necessarily know all the layers and you don’t have to know it all before you can start using it for yourself.

Okay? So when they look at it, it’s going to look like kind of like circles and lines, there’s a

lot of numbers, there’s a lot of circles, there’s there’s a lot there’s some arrows, there’s like, like,

there’s also like, right, I’m like this is when I so I also then I get like a there’s like a name, right? Because like I’m a generator.

Yeah. So that is I would say the easiest place to get started for someone that’s new as you have a type. So the beautiful thing about human design, which I forgot to mention in my overview is it is known as the science of differentiation. What it tells us is that we are all completely unique in our own, like 100%, we are one in seven or 8 billion, however many people are on the planet. So which is amazing, because you get to see how beautifully unique you are when you look at the type. So in your case, as a generator, that’s kind of the easiest way to get in. Because based on all the different combinations that there could possibly be, essentially, there’s five different types that you could fall into. And those kind of give you a great overview and a great starting point where there’s some quick things that you can learn and take away from so each of those types has something called a strategy, which is basically like how do you best interact with people places and things in the world? Like how should what is the best approach to that? Each type also has a what’s called a signature and a not self. Your signature is like, what’s your what’s your sign that you’re on the right track? So like what you know, and then the not self is the sign of what when something’s out of alignment. And so I love that like just as a starting point, it’s like, okay, you have a Northstar of how you should be acting your strategy. And you also have these key notes of like, okay, when this is happening, I know I’m on the right track and when I’m and it’s their emotion. So it’s like, kind of when I’m feeling like this, I’m on the right track. And when I’m feeling like this, this means I need to stop and reevaluate what is happening and figure out what is making me feel this way so that I can, you know, do less of that and more of what is the signature feeling?

Okay, okay, so this is kind of how I’m seeing it then. Because now I’m getting I’m getting a little clarity. I hope other people that are like, what in the heck are all? So like, with the astrology? I’m a Taurus, right? Like, that’s what we like, we know that when we’re little kids, right? Like I’m a Taurus. So that is like, I’m a generator. It’s kind of like the like how you would like when I’m on Instagram looking for memes about human design. I’m looking for the generator once and I’m looking for the tourists when I’m astrology. Right. So

you got it? Yeah. It’s like the it’s like the entry point. It’s the first thing that people learn about and the first thing I feel like you really get connection to right like you see Taurus things. You’re probably like, oh, yeah, that is me. When people see their type. They’re usually like, oh, yeah, that is me like or, you know, it kind of like, lights up things in their brain. Were like, oh, yeah, that’s me. Now I want to know more.

Yeah. And so really be Being able to understand this and to be able to understand like your generator and the different things that that means it is useful because it helps you to move through problems like what would you say? Why is it useful for me to know? Yeah,

I think, I think if I were to summarize it in a sentence, Human Design is a system that helps you connect to your intuition and use it to make the right decisions for you. It helps it gives you a system to kind of understand what you’re experiencing in the outer world or internally and it gives you a system to help you navigate, like, understand that and navigate it and make decisions and take action off of it.

Yes, yes. Okay. So I love this. So this is making a little bit more sense to me. So, because it’s really overwhelming, I was telling, I was telling you before we like started recording, like, I own many books. But I haven’t read them because like I opened it up and there’s like a lot of lines and circles and math. You know.

It’s super intimidating. It, it’s taken me I think it’s one of those things like this is just the type of person that I am in general, like I love numbers. I love math. So for me like opening that book, or like starting to just go really deep into it came Maya. I was like, This is great. I saw it as a challenge. Oh, yeah. Yeah. For a lot of people. It’s not like that. And so for me honestly, like the biggest challenge or like goal, or of what I have is, to your point, like how do you take literally books like hundreds of pages of information and make it digestible? And like, why do I need to know this in the first place? So you’re asking, like, honestly, you’re asking really great questions. Because I think a lot of people struggle to understand, like, why is this important? Like, yeah, it’s cool to know, you know, what type you are just like, it’s cool to know you’re a tourist, but it’s like, what do you actually do with that information is just as important as Yeah, is knowing it?

Yes, totally. Totally. It’s funny, you say that you really like math. I, I went to Iceland back in, in February, March. And when I came back, my Alexa, I don’t want her to hear me. But when she actually asked me if I needed math questions answered, like she would have an asked a math question. Yeah, cuz I’m always asking like, what, seven times? I mean, like, and then I was like, Oh my God, all I use her for is maps. So when I was quiet for a month, she was like, Where’d You Go? Don’t you need

this is funny a story. could feel the judgment. I was like, shut

up. So anyway, I love that you love math, because then you can explain all this to us. This is perfect. Okay, so as I begin to know and and I think everybody, is there a place they can go to be able to find they’re like, what they are like I’m a generator to find and can you tell what the different types are? Do you remember off to

others? There’s five. Yeah, there’s five different types of your generator. There’s also a manifesting generator, and then there’s a manifester. There’s a projector, which is what I personally am, and then there’s a reflector. Oh, okay.

So it sounds very much like a personality type it

I would say yes, but actually, it’s it’s not really. I mean, it’s, I feel like there’s traits that people who are the same type might have in common, but I mean, at the same time, everyone who’s a Taurus isn’t going to be like outgoing, or I don’t know stop like that level of astrology. Or stubborn. Taurus. You’re stubborn. But I feel like there’s things like it’s almost like character traits that are perhaps, versus personality,

I guess. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Have you been thinking about becoming a coach, but you’re not sure where to start? Are you already a coach or a therapist and you really want new ways to help your clients transform? I want to invite you into the alchemy Institute. It’s a place where we create world class, board certified coaches, trained in nlp hypnosis, deep streaming, EFT and time techniques. With this knowledge, you can upgrade your business and create your life. Go at your own pace with our on demand trainings, or attend one of our live events. You can get more information at Betsy pake.com or head straight to the academy at the alchemy institute.co I’ll see you there. Okay, so is there a place where people could go to find out what their thing is? Yeah, there’s

some free yeah, there’s free sites. A couple that I recommend are my dot Human Design. Think I said my dot Human Design. Jovian archive, so spelled J Yo V i A n, and then archive.com What’s the other one? And that net up their whole chart, right? That’ll give them and it’s free. And I don’t even think you have to like give an email address. Like, it’s just something you can look it up. And those sites have other resources like, Okay, I found out I’m a projector like, what’s, give me the like? Yeah, 32nd overview, like I do have some of those resources as well. Okay. Yeah.

So tell me how you use this like in your business? Yes.

So there’s two big ways that I use it. Most of the clients that I use it with are looking to use it from a marketing and branding perspective. So that is where I actually lean a lot more into the gene keys, because that is like the deeper elements of things. The reason I love it, again, going back to human design engine keys somewhat are the science of differentiation. And in a world where like, online business is getting more and more saturated by the day, what helps people from a marketing and branding perspective is understanding what makes you unique or your business unique. Yeah. And so I really lean into that to help people pull out like, what are the gifts that make you unique? What are the gifts that you were given in this lifetime? And how does that? How do you incorporate that into your business? Or how do you like, tease that out through what you do in your business? The fun, like fun fact, which could send us down a whole other rabbit hole is you can pull a human design chart, of course, for you as a person, you can also pull human design charts for your business, you can pull you can look at

Yes, I think I’ve

heard this and astrologer sometimes do that. Yes. Whole. Yeah. And you

can even look, I mean, there’s so many different ways you can use it like so if you’re in a business where you’re in a partnership with someone else, you can look at like a connection chart and see, you know what your strengths are against the your partner. You can look at it if you have a small team their

birthday. Okay, go ahead. I’m still

okay. Yeah, I don’t blame you. Because I am too. I’m like, come on. Can’t you just figure it out? Right. He’s like, he’s like, I?


I’m gonna do Yeah. But yeah, yes, yeah, I totally. But there’s, there’s a lot of different ways. So like, when I think about, you know, there’s like the external in terms of like, how you market yourself and how you present yourself, like as a brand, or your business as a brand out to the world in a way that’s unique and emphasizes what your true gifts and strengths are. Yeah, and then on the other side, what I do with more, this is more of like a longer term client thing like so yeah, you know, something where it’s like marketing and branding, I can do it in more of like an intensive, where it’s like, here, here, here, here’s some action steps. I also do it from an operational perspective, which is more of the connection chart, or the small group type chart where you see what people’s strengths are. And it’s kind of like a longer term where, you know, it’s like team building, and, you know, and things like that. And also just operations like what makes sense for, you know, what is someone’s natural gifts and planning versus, like marketing versus, you know, you can kind of see that from a chart and build a business and a team around that.

And I can see this being really helpful, because many times like we we start a business, and then because we love to do the thing, right? So I love NLP, and that’s why I wanted to be an NLP coach, you know, and then you start and then you’re like, I’m not doing that much NLP, like mostly I’m like marketing or doing other, you know, customer service things or whatever it is. But having that as almost like a blueprint to say these are the areas you should focus on, this is where you should delegate, because sometimes we don’t know where to delegate. And that could be a way to actually, like, clear out the cobwebs in terms of like, where do I need to get clarity on what do I need to be doing and have somebody else doing?

Absolutely, absolutely. Yeah, it’s super fun. I mean, there’s so many rabbit holes, you could go down. But I think, to your point isn’t that the secret of like, the the unspoken about secret of online business is like you get in business to do the thing. But you’re often you need to figure out how to help people understand what you do and why you do it. And that is marketing. And, you know, in a world where like, NLP is your thing, but there’s also a lot of people who use NLP, how do you stand out? And how, like, how is what you do unique compared to others? And those are the things from a business perspective about how I like really get into jinkies and human design and help people figure that out. I mean, in a lot of ways, I feel like because and this came from, like, a personal experience of mine as well, was that, you know, as someone who had over like, you know, 15 years of corporate and agency marketing experience, like when I got into online business, I’m like, oh, yeah, I can do creative. Oh, yeah, I can do the operations. Yeah, I can do the tech. And by looking at my own design, I’m like, Oh, actually, like, Yes, I could do all those things. But what I’m gifted at is actually this narrow subsection of things. And it just helped me from a marketing perspective. It helped me build my business better because I’m like, Okay, this Is what I’m good at? What are the offers that I can have that are this versus trying to just be everything to everyone? And therefore you’re nothing to anyone? You know? Yes,

totally. So we’ve had this conversation a lot inside the alchemy Institute lately. And just about like, you know, if I were bringing my husband’s shirts to the cleaners, he’s an attorney. So if I were bringing his shirts to the clinic, which I would never He brings his own shirt. But if I were to do that, and I saw a cleaner that said, I clean shirts, I would be like, Okay, I could bring them there. But then if I saw one that says, We specialize in attorneys shirts, I would go to that one, even though I wouldn’t know why it was important to switch shirts. So like really being clear on who it is you really help and what you do. And I think a huge part of that is, is like, I’m going to say in this way, like, fully stepping into yourself. And I think that the human design could get you get connected with, we see so many things online, and we go, oh, I want to be like that, or I want to be like that. And we forget that the magic is really fully being ourselves and going inward and discovering who that is. And I think that this work could have actually helped someone sort of get read, you know, retouch with that.

Absolutely. And what you said just kind of reminded me of something. So in human design, like there’s different centers, and some people have them like colored and some people have them white, and those mean different things. But I will just say that there’s a good amount of the population, that being around others are having that influence of what you’re seeing on social media, or what your friends or business friends are doing, or all of those things like, those influence you in a big way. And so sometimes it’s a matter of just understanding what your design is, like, you know, it’s for the G center for those of you who know, human design that’s like, it’s basically your center of your identity and your direction in life. And so it, if you have that undefined, you’re very influenced by all the things that are around you. And you know, so when you’re getting to say you get into the energy, you’re on someone’s social media, and you’re like, wow, what they’re doing is awesome, I really admire this, I like their vibe, I like their energy, it’s like, you’re automatically going to identify with them and think you need to, like do that in your own business. Whereas the trick is, like, if you do have that undefined G center, it’s really important for you to like, take time through meditation, journaling, whatever your tool of choice is, but to like separate and, and state, like find time to be in your own energy so that you can identify what you know, it’s like, maybe take some inspiration, but then take that time in your own energy to really decide or understand is that best for you? Are you just like feeling that energy and identifying with that energy? Versus like, what actually is true for you?

Yeah, I love that. Like, really, it’s a tool to get to understand yourself better? Yes, I always, I always talk with my clients just about being quiet and listening in, you know, that there’s so much that you can discover. And I think like every question that we have, like, I’m like, just just to say that I’ll say you’re not gonna like my answer. Be quiet and listen. But I do think that these are like active tools for those kinds of people that are like, I can’t just sit yet, you know, maybe I’ll be able to sit in a couple of weeks, like right now my mind is too active. And so then going through that, and, and, like having that experience where there’s something to do, yeah, like something to look at and understand and reflect back because we see what we what’s being reflected. Right?

Absolutely. And I think it’s just it’s one of those tools of awareness in a way too, because it’s like, if you know, you’re susceptible to kind of getting caught up and other people’s energy, it just gives you a level of awareness where you’re like, you know, this happened to me where it’s like, I was had a friend who was doing, you know, started this membership, and I’m like, Oh, maybe I want to start a membership. And this is great. And then I was like, I was halfway down the road of planning and like starting a launch plan and all these things. And I had this realization where I was like, Wait, do I actually want to do this? You know, I was like, and I was like, if I would have, you know, at the time, if I would have at least been like, had my process of like, knowing that I really need to have that like bubble around myself. And you know, whenever on whatever increment or whatever process that is like, I feel like I would have saved myself a little bit of work and yeah, and things like that. So it it definitely just kind of it almost gives you like, more efficiently connect to that intuition. It’s not that we can’t without it, but to me, I almost see it as like it just gives you like a highway. Yeah, it’s like the highway or it’s like cheat codes. If anyone’s a gamer. I’m not but I’ve heard that before. And it felt like it resonated with

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yes. I love that. Yeah, the cheat codes. I love it. Yeah. Okay. So tell everybody where they can find you and kind of what you do and how they can work with you or what that looks like. Yeah. So

for anyone just getting started or kind have tried to figure out how to how human design and their business marketing strategy works. I have a free workshop series. It’s called Human Design marketing strategy and business alignment. You can find it at Bri kirk.com. So br e kuryk.com/h. D marketing?

And we’ll put that link to that. Yeah.

That was like, did I say that right. And that’s a great place to get started. If the best place to just get you know, I talk about all things Marketing, Business and Human Design and Gene keys. So I have a few different ways to work with me if you’re someone who just is like, Yeah, I kind of understand this, but I just need some help. I have some questions. I do some things like a strategy session. It’s called the frequency and flow activation session. It’s just like one hour where you can ask whatever you want, we can just dive in on whatever you want. If you’re looking for something that’s more of a, like, step by step, integrating your human design into your marketing or your business, I do intensive so like, you know, three hour type intensives. And that’s, that’s pretty much that’s pretty much it. Yes.

I love it. It’s so good. Okay. Okay, so we will go to your website, and I’ll make sure it’s linked in the show notes. And then are you you’re on Instagram. Yeah,

I am on Instagram. It is at Bri Kirk. So br e KURYK.

Okay, cool. So if you guys listen to this episode, and you like it, screenshot tag, Bri tag me too, because you know, I like to give a shout out. And thank you so much for listening. And thank you so much for being here. Bri This was really fun. And now I feel like I kind of now I’m like, wait a minute. I’m diving in diving in. I love it. Yes. Thank

you so much. And if anyone I definitely love getting DMS and will reply to you personally, I love just you know, hearing that you enjoyed it or whatever. And thank you so much Betsy for having me on. This has been such a fun conversation. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in a while.

I’m glad you’re here. All right, everyone. I will see you guys all next week. I love you so much. Keep living big. And we’ll see you next time. Hey, thanks so much for listening to today’s show. And thank you for sharing the show with your friends. I love when you guys do that. I appreciate it so much. And thank you for leaving me a review on iTunes. I know that it matters because when I go to find a podcast, I always look to see what the reviews are. So it really means a lot to me that you take a minute to like figure out how to even make that happen. Now, if you want to find me find me on social media, I’m usually on Instagram, starting out on Tik Tok. It’s just my name. Betsy pake, and that’s my website to Betsy pake.com. And you can find out all about the work that I do. having me speak for an event that you might be helping to plan or getting trained inside my alchemy Institute. But to make it really easy, if you want me just shoot me a DM, shoot me a direct message on Instagram and I will be at your service. Thanks again for listening. And I will see you all next week.


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