324: Signs are all around us - Betsy Pake

324: Signs are all around us


This week on the show Betsy talks about her month of November and some special signs that she knew showed that we are always being supported. She explains how intuition can lead us to notice these signs and shares some things to contemplate for 2023.

Betsy also shares about a special “Beta” program she is running inside The Alchemy Institute that will change the way coaches operate in the world.


Welcome to the Art of Living big podcast. My name is Betsy pake. I’m an author, a speaker, and a trainer of NLP and hypnotherapy. And I’m focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of the subconscious. This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hello, welcome to the show. Hi, fellow adventurers. I’m excited you’re here, I have so many things to say, I think this is going to be like one of those coffee talk episodes, right. So like, go get your coffee, and then come back. Or I can go with you. And we’ll just pretend we’re at a, you’re at a coffee shop with a very chatty friend, because you can’t get a word in edgewise. But I have a lot of things that I want to tell you. I actually don’t have my coffee, I’ve left my my tea on the desk, and I’m hiding in the closet. Because the moment that I decide, the moment that I decide to start recording this podcast, it triggers something in the universe that tells every landscaper with a leaf blower to come right outside my building and start blowing leaves. So I am hiding in my closet. So I will not have my drink with me. But that’s okay, we’re going to do this anyway. Okay, so there’s just some things that I want to talk about that I want to catch you up on. The other thing, if you’ve been here for a while, you know that I record my episodes, three weeks in advance, this one isn’t this is three days in advance. So I just really wanted to be able to be way more spontaneous and sharing with you like real time. And so I’ve gone back to doing that. So that feels better. To me. One of the things that I’ve done, I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but one of the things I’m really shifting is really getting hyper aware of what how things make me feel, and then making the adjustments from there so that I’m always in a place where I am intentional about creating the positive energy that I want. So I’m here, I’m here, and it’s, it’s current, it is timely. Alright, so let’s, let’s just zoom right back to the beginning of the month. Okay, so I haven’t recorded an episode since the beginning of the month, because I was always three weeks ahead. So the beginning of November, I went to Sedona for the final class with my master NLP practitioners. So this was a really huge deal for me personally, I hope it was for them too. But it was really a culmination of many years of this training that I have been going through and then training to become an expert to be a trainer in NLP and EFT and hypnotherapy and all of those things that I talked about. And I and I teach inside the alchemy Institute. And so I have been working with these folks really for like a year, you know, they went through all of the, the NLP practitioner stuff. And then they all moved into Master Practitioner, we started working together in June, and we would meet up every week on Zoom. And then we did this weekend in Sedona, that was like a culmination of it. So there was a couple days of training, and then two days, where I have taught them my process for what I call what I call cocoon days, when you come into Atlanta, and you spend the day with me, we work on one thing for the whole entire time, so that we shift that on a very deep level of your unconscious mind, and then that thing becomes totally rearranged. And so they were coming to Sedona, to have that experience to have that huge shift themselves and then to provide the shift for somebody else. So this was like a huge deal. Because it wasn’t just like all of my training coming up to this, I’m teaching the highest level of NLP that you can be trained at. And so it was cool for me because it was like my first class, right going through the whole process with me. And it was cool for me because they were getting to have this huge transformation. And I was just so excited to be able to witness that and be part of that and then to celebrate when it was done. You know what I mean? to like, be there and, and be able to witness this new version of them that was stepping forward and it was amazing. But I want to tell you that as I was planning it, I had an Airbnb. And my husband was starting a new job and so he wasn’t going to be able to come with me. And so I’m To make a long story short, like a few weeks before, a few weeks before, I was talking to a friend of mine, who I really I have, I mean, I’ve talked to her. But you know, when I moved into the city, I feel like we just didn’t see each other as much. And she had a lot of things going on in her life. And I had a lot of things going on in my life. But it’s the kind of friend that you know, you don’t talk to for a while, but then you text every once in a while. And it’s like, no time has passed, you know, that kind of friend. And so she messaged me, or she called me for some reason we jumped on the phone. And I am telling you that I had this. I had this, this thing where I, as we were talking, I said, you should come with me to Sedona, I have this Airbnb, I have an extra bedroom, you could come and just use it as a home base, and just like, go and hike and do whatever and take like a week’s vacation. I already paid for the Airbnb. And she was like, Oh my God, yes. And like within 20 minutes, like had her plane ticket. And we were set to go. And I have this weird feeling after because I was like, not that I don’t love her or want her to go. But I was like, Why did I do that? Like, I hope this isn’t hard, because I’m going to be teaching and I don’t want you know, there’s this group has been together. And there is a system, a structure that happens within groups. And I didn’t want that to get disrupted. And I was like, I hope I didn’t like bite off more than I could chew. Do you know what I mean? I don’t want her to come and then feel like she’s in the like, not in the mix. Do you know what I mean? But she’s so friendly and fun. I was like, it’ll be fine. Like, I kind of dismissed myself. But I thought I invited her. It was a it wasn’t even it was how do I describe it came out like an almost as it was coming out. I was like, Oh, that’s a really good idea. But it was as I was having the idea it was coming out. It was almost like I was composed to say it. And you know, I talk a lot about following my intuition, you know, that I’ll follow that I’ll drive and if it says turn right, a turn, right. And if it says, Stop, I stop, you know, I try to play with it. With my with my intuition. What is my intuition telling me to do. And I have noticed now that the space between do this thing, and me doing the thing has become increasingly shorter, to almost where like, the intention happens, like where I feel the intention. And then like immediately, I’m taking the action of it before I consciously think through whether I should or not or how much time I have or any of that stuff. And so when that happened, I thought about it, actually, quite often afterwards, because I was like, that was a moment where my intention was coming through almost like as I was doing it, like, it felt different to me. But it didn’t think, you know, I didn’t think much about it after that. And, you know, it came into my awareness a couple times. But I was like, it’s fine. I just, I thought I was thinking about it more, because I was like, I hope it’s not uncomfortable or or it’s not hard because I’m trying to teach. So I was supposed to leave on a Wednesday morning. And we went to a football game in Florida. That weekend before it was like Halloween weekend. And as we were leaving the game on Saturday night, I got a text from my mother in law. And she said I’m trying to call Craig his dad’s in the hospital. And so we headed home in the morning and my husband headed up to North Carolina about nine hours away to be with his dad. And I was kind of waiting. And i i It was a moment where I was really torn because I wanted to be with him. Well, he was going through this hard thing, right of like is, you know, the worry of like, as is my father in law gonna be okay. And the worry of Craig being alone, you know, because that’s why you have a partner for hard things. And also being excited because I was going to finish this big thing. So it was like this push and pull of like, I’m both like joyful and worried and excited and apprehensive. Like I was this dynamic that felt like really disorienting. Honestly, like I felt like I was sort of like you know, when you’ve had too much caffeine, sort of like my nervous system was confused almost. And we can hold two things. You know, I say this all the time, like we can hold two emotions. One doesn’t discount the other doesn’t make the other less. Just because the excitement was there doesn’t mean the worry wasn’t there and vice versa.

And so then we were, we were talking, what do I do and we both felt like I needed to go to Sedona I wanted to go, but also that I needed to, I have had eight people flying in from all over the country to join together for this big event, you know, and I invited my friend. So on Tuesday, my father in law actually went into hospice. And I flew out on Wednesday morning, and I told everybody what was going on that was in like, traveling with me, my friend, Cindy and another gal. And as we were pulling in to the Airbnb, I opened up my email to like, look, to find the code, you know how Airbnb is, we’ll have like the punch code thing to get in the building. Now, if you’ve been here for a little while, you might remember back in April, I went to stay with a friend of mine from high school. And her mom was in hospice and was passing away and she passed away in April. And it was my mom’s best friend. Okay, so if you’re new here, I’m sorry if this is a little confusing, but my mom died when I was in high school. So her best friend, it was even more important to me, right than just a friend’s mom, it was somebody I grew up with. And it was my mom’s best friend. So as I was, as I was opening up the email, and I started getting out of the car, searching for the email to get the code, I walked up to the front door, found the email, opened it up, and it was the date that she had died. And I’m telling you, I pressed in the code, oh, four to seven pound. And when I hit pound, my iWatch, buzzed. And I looked down, and it was from my husband, and he said, My dad died. And now, if you’ve been here for a while, you know, I just don’t believe there are coincidences. I believe all things happen for a purpose, I believe when we can start to really follow our intuition, we can be guided and even though that means will still experience hard things. Those hard things will be joined with comfort, with ease, and with like a feeling that you’re being supported. And so you know, I can’t speak for my husband and what he was experiencing in all of that, but for me, I knew that it was fine. Like I knew it was okay, because that date that I punched in was the date that Michelle had passed, and my sister’s birthday. And I just felt like it was all so connected, you know. And, and so I ended up making some adjustments to our schedule, so that I could leave a little bit early, so I could headed head home, my husband was going to drive all the way back to Atlanta, get me and we were going to turn around and drive all the way back to North Carolina. And so I condensed a couple of my training days into one and everybody was so flexible and amazing. But then, they had these two days where they had to do this work on each other. And they knew what they had to do. In fact, I didn’t have to teach during that time, I just had to be there if they had questions or whatever. And all of a sudden, I was like, I have my friend here. And I can leave. And she can be here to wrap things up. And to make sure everybody’s okay and to reach out with me if, to me if people have questions or need anything. It was like divine support, you know, that, that that moment that I had that thing where I was like, I need to invite her. And I just did almost like before I could even think about it. Although even if I thought about it, I probably would have turned out to be this incredible support system where I could relax, where I could go and say I can serve both places where my heart is, right I can be with the people inside the institute. And I can give them what they need. They didn’t suffer that was perfect. And I could also head back early so that I could be with Craig and celebrate the life of my father and it was just all such a really interesting combustion of situations and experiences and feelings and, and signs. You know, I’ve talked about this so much on the show, but there are so many signs in our lives and so many ways that we’re being guided when we start to open up to it, you know, if I if I hadn’t been practicing, and I do believe it is a practice of following my intuition, right taking those little leaps trusting it. I may have gotten the idea to invite my friend and then said, Ah, that’s too confusing. I don’t want to make her uncomfortable. What if something happens like, and I have to teach longer than I thought? Or do you know what I mean? Like, she’s gonna be bored or whatever. Like, all of those things may have come up. And I may have stopped what the universe, I believe was trying to put in place to allow me to do both things to allow me to be in the places where my heart wanted to be. And, you know, I think, for me, that was just such a profound experience in opening up to that trusting. And when I think about 2022, you know, as we’re rounding out the year, it’s what has made this year, so great for me, part of what it is, is that trusting of that, that following of that guidance, so that I never feel alone, and so that I always feel like, I have something to lean on and to, to, to, like a like almost like a, like a touch point. You know, as I make decisions or, like decide on big things that I want to do or take chances or risks, I feel as though I’m being intentionally guided. So, you know, this past year, I think that, as I’ve shifted really to making these to, to relying and relaxing into this intuition, I’ve shifted a lot of things in my business. And one of those things was intentionally to create a space where I had a lot more energy. And I believe that we get energy by doing the things that we really want to do. So one of the things that I want to just throw out to you is the idea that maybe noticing over the next month, right as we head into 2023, is to start to notice what actually gives you energy. And on the other side of that, what is taking away your energy. Now this can be a difficult to decipher, or hard to find if you’re not used to really paying attention to how you feel. So to kind of back up into that, I would ask you, how do you know when something’s giving you energy? And how do you know when something is depleting you. And when you know that you can start to shift and start to make decisions from a place that’s actually serving you that’s actually giving you energy. And then as you’re doing the things that you need to be doing, it can be actually building you up and making you feel a whole lot better. And when you feel better, I think it’s easier to listen in to those intentions, those, those little whispers that come in and be able to make, like really fun, exciting decisions for yourself. And I’m walking through this whole process this month, inside the collective. I don’t know if you guys know about this, because I didn’t have like a little blurb in the show about this before. But I just launched this this month in November. And it is the collective, it’s weekly dates with your unconscious mind, and access to all of my best courses. So it is a annual membership, where you come in every week, I mostly am live and teaching something moving towards something and then once a quarter we’re having like intensives. So like this month, every single week is going to be part of an intensive, where you could go back and read go through it every year right to be able to create the the experience that you’re really want to have next year. When I think about, like the end of the year. I know so many people on social media post stuff like this was the worst year like can this year be over? I can’t wait for this year to be done. And I feel like this was like my most favorite year. And you know what I’m really confident that actually next year, I’m going to say that to that next year is going to be the best year. You know how people say like, this is my year. This is my year. 2023 is my year, but 2022. That was my year too. It doesn’t mean bad things didn’t happen. I mean, I just told you a story about something awful that happened. And it means that we’re creating like intentionally creating. And I think this year over the last 1218 months, I realized more and more how much of a creator I can actually be in designing the life that I want to have. And so I’m going to walk through that components each week in the month of December. So you could join us and walk through that live we’ll do a q&a you get a 15 minute call with me. So join the collective it

is going to be the main way to work with me in 2023. And anything else that I do will be funneled through the people in the collective first and then out to everybody else. Okay, I have one more thing to tell you. One more thing, and this one is kind of timely. So if you’re if you’re listening like me months from now, still check in because you never know what’s going on. But I went out, I was on the airplane on my way to, on my way to Sedona I got this whole download, I’m gonna call it a really, really great idea that felt so good that I decided we were going to shift a huge part of the program inside the alchemy Institute to accommodate this. So bear with me, because this is a little bit of a commercial, but it is timely, because you could get in on a beta version of what we’re doing. So I want to test it out, I’m only going to let 12 people in. So we’re only doing a dozen people. And there’s already a couple people that took the spots. But here’s what it is, inside the alchemy Institute, that is my training program where I train you to be a life coach, if you’re not a life coach, you could learn everything you’d need to know. And if you are, or you are a therapist, you could get new skills so that you don’t have to use the insurance system that you could actually learn the skills to be to additional skills to help your coaching business. Okay. So here’s what I see happen all the time, is that people complete a coaching program. And then they really struggle, right. They’re trying to build their coaching practice, but they’re not having a lot of luck. And a lot of coaching programs work to solve this by giving people all this marketing support. I think this is a huge flaw in the system. Because the wet the times over the last decade that I’ve been a coach that I have up leveled or made more money or built my business or felt really good about my business, were the times where I had done, where I had had a mindset shift. It wasn’t because I got some new marketing idea. Because even the best marketing ideas in the planet won’t work. If your heads not right about what you’re doing. And I’m telling you, especially if you’ve never been an entrepreneur, there’s a lot that can happen to make you go sideways. So inside the Institute for this beta version, we’re actually partnering you with a coach a one on one coach. So you get one on one coaching throughout the six months that you’re gonna move through the program. So you’re gonna move through the program, you’re gonna get one on one coaching, they will help you with all the blocks, the things that are holding you back. And there’ll be monthly hypnosis and groups and really cool stuff. The cool part is that the coaches that I’m using are the coaches that I’ve trained, the people that have gone through my Master Practitioner program. And so this is like, just like the perfect combination of them using their skills. And the institute people not only clearing blocks that are holding them back, but also getting to experience the NLP processes that they are learning. And it it, it’s so mind blowing to me that there’s no other program out there that does this. And so we’re going to do it. So I’ve got 12 spots. So this would be awesome for you, if you are a therapist, and you want to get coaching skills, if you are a coach already, and you want to expand your skills, or if you want to be a coach, here’s the other thing it’s great for is personal development, if you decide like I want to go through this, and I want to learn all this, so I can do it to myself. And then you also have thought about having a coach, you could get both at an insane, amazing deal, because it is this beta process. So if you’re interested in this, you know, find me on social media, DM me, send me an email at at support at Betsy pake.com. Just go to the institute page, you can go to my website up at the very top in the menu. If you go to Betsy pake.com There will be a little drop down it’ll say learn NLP at the top. And it’ll bring you to the alchemy Institute dot C O, which is the website for the institute. So let me know if you have questions. If you message me, I have a special deal for you. So message me to get the special coupon code and join me for the beta. All right, I’m really excited. I’m really excited. Okay, so here’s what you got to know moving forward for this month. My thoughts before we hit 2023. As you take a look at this year, I want you to ask yourself, what gives me the most energy and what takes my energy away and see if you can start to use that to consciously create what you want to create in 2023. This has been an amazing year, and I can’t wait to see what 2023 brings and I would love to have you closer to me while we do that. All right. I will see you next week. I love you so much. I hope you have an amazing week and I will talk to you soon. Bye. Hey, thanks so much for listening to today’s show. And thank you for sharing the show with your friends. I love when you guys do that, I appreciate it so much. And thank you for leaving me a review on iTunes. I know that it matters because when I go to find a podcast, I always look to see what the reviews are. So it really means a lot to me that you take a minute to like figure out how to even make that happen. Now, if you want to find me find me on social media, I’m usually on Instagram, starting out on Tik Tok. It’s just my name. Betsy pake, and that’s my website to Betsy pake.com. And you can find out all about the work that I do having me speak for an event that you might be hoping to plan or getting trained inside my alchemy Institute. But to make it really easy, if you want me just shoot me a DM shoot me a direct message on Instagram and I will be at your service. Thanks again for listening. And I will see you all next week.


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